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Forbidden city and out of the APP which invite you to see the Emperor s fashion

Simply by a of the dress the Emperor in the Qing dynasty of the APP, you can see the Emperor's "fashion show".

On September 28, the cultural and creative experience in the forbidden city Palace Museum opening of the Dong Chang Fang. Digital Palace Museum of cultural and creative products series which APP iPad applications are released in the same period of the dress the Emperor in the Qing dynasty.

The application is the "forbidden city produced" the 7th series APP works. In this application, you can see the dress, Kyrgyzstan clothes, dressed in uniforms or, Rong Fu, clothing line, casual the six different functions, with a distinctive dress the emperor.

Kyrgyzstan suits

System of systems access to court dress

Equipped with detailed analysis on application by Emperor costumes "dynamic catalogue" Emperor's "fashion show", the audience can understand the court system clearly clothing system.

Introduce National Palace Museum Director Shan jixiang, National Palace Museum collections more than 180,000 pieces of embroidery class (set), which includes a large number of emperors in the Qing dynasty during the ceremony, sacrifice, xunxing crowns for different occasions such as wear dress, robe, forged piece of accessories and semi-finished products for the study of dress the Emperor in the Qing dynasty material connotation, art, decoration, clothing structure, providing abundant information. In Qianlong compilation of house painting in the Royal ritual schema, for Qing emperor costume pictures have detailed systems, this specification schema "resemble closely, minute insanity issue and correct" emperor with imperial records throughout the apparel of wearing the dress, reflection, for later access to the Qing dynasty dress worn specification provides a very reliable picture and text information. In addition, the Qing dynasty court painters granted production of clothing samples and also provides a high degree of realism of the Qing court painting on clothing production process, wear and other important information.

Clothing line

Featured iPad application of the dress the Emperor in the Qing dynasty palace hid the Qing dynasty costume and accessories, court representative collection of painting, and many other categories, based on the costumes, implements, weapons and other artifacts of academic research results, show Royal in the Qing dynasty Manchu fusion system, allowing viewers to zero distance to appreciate the traditional embroidery process works.

Application of costumes included in the traditional hand-painted designs, HD pictures and detailed process flow diagram, in particular the use of stereoscopic apparel models show, together with the full interactive experience to the touch, easy to audiences is more intuitive, understanding Crown service system in Qing dynasty. In addition to appreciate the craftsmanship and details of the clothing itself, who made clothes for the Emperor, do, a suit, how much money, how to wear. Curious question to these people, are able to find the answer.

In addition, while supporting the launch of the Emperor's clothes series Notebook Kit includes many highlights in this application, an omni-directional interaction with the consumer.

Worth noting is that in some Palace dramas right now, there are many flaws not in line with the system, such as the Emperor wore formal dresses in garden tours and so on. Log on with the iPad App Store, search for "dress the Emperor in the Qing dynasty" or the "National Palace Museum" to download the application for free, watching the Emperor "fashion show", but also developed a discernment Palace opera costumes worn pair of "eyes".

Military clothing

"The Palace Museum cultural home"

In addition to the Emperor watch online fashion show, visitors can "culture Palace home".

National Palace Museum Director Shan jixiang, presented at the opening ceremony, cultural and creative experience is the National Palace Museum in the creative industries in recent years progressive, innovative showcase of the results achieved. National Palace Museum cultural and creative experience in product display, culture, design and other aspects of "force", in addition to showcasing and marketing National Palace Museum research and development of cultural and creative products, but also to provide an atmosphere of elegant, vivid and rich traditional culture, let viewers access to forbidden city culture here focused on "experience".

Cultural and creative experience by Shan jixiang, the Imperial Palace known as the forbidden city "the last Hall." This used to be the Museum's offices and shops, once-hyped "Palace of noodles" is from here. Today, it is divided into the Silk Museum, the costume Museum, Museum of life, image gallery, wooden Pavilion, ceramics Museum, exhibition hall and purple 8 features such as banning Court exhibition halls.

Wood Art Gallery

"We are not for profit purposes. "Shan jixiang said 8 space is referred to as the cultural and creative experience. "The last 1 years, the National Palace Museum shops unreasonably takes up regulation on the one hand, on the other hand you want to take full advantage of the forbidden city in the fringes. This is a reuse, is to let the audience before leaving the Palace, can taste the forbidden city culture in a warm, comfortable environment. "

8 exhibition halls, the most important feature of all exhibits are Tibetan cultural relics from the forbidden city to extract elements, their fusion theme development of tourist souvenirs. Every Palace culture souvenirs, specifically within one month will be equipped with "Note cards", the equivalent of a card to facilitate more people know the story behind it.

Recent hot shiqu exhibition is also being developed. Palace will be the five cattle into a 3D version. This painting is Hwang's masterpiece in the Tang dynasty, one of China's top ten famous pictures handed down. Today, the flat screen stereo, five Bronze cow sculpture decoration lifelike, cow head to eat grass, before a cow looking back and a cow looking back licking tongue, ox slowly, Niu Jing Ke to get itchy.

Silk Museum

Among them, the "too Shang Huang" series of selected portraits of the emperors and Princess, with modern pop art as a new form, used in mobile phones, pencils, water bottles and other daily supplies, was Princess out of the Palace by the Emperor and imperial culture into public life.

"December flower Cup" was inspired by the National Palace Museum collection of the blue and white flower pattern Cup in December. These cups are decorated with 12 female flora elements, a total of four kinds of glaze, showing 12 women take the grace of God. A total of 12, painted respectively 12 female flora flower pattern, meaning taking nature as teacher, return to the rustic elegance of a better life.

According to the introduction, entered the business is renewed every two years, will test its performance. Businesses will improve in a month each product's origins, craft, cultural meaning behind the story, audiences can really appreciate culture.

Living museum

Shan jixiang, introduction, National Palace Museum, the world's largest and most rich collection, one of the most famous museums, has more than 15 million visitors each year to receive the audience, always enter the audience tends to be concentrated in the central axis of the Palace area, and ignore the distribution of cultural spaces on either side of the central axis.

He pointed out that under Palace protection master plan, the Palace open area from 30% in 2002, increased to 65% this year. After all the planning, the National Palace Museum is open to the public area of the 85% of the total area. This year, the Meridian Gate goose wings floor gallery, Tsz Palace sculpture Gallery, life Kang Gong original display, Keats Palace Garden, Po yun Lou's Palace Museum of history exhibition, Dong Hua men ancient architecture Museum, port number after the Museum opened, a unique cultural charm, attract more viewers to the axis split, will effectively change the overly concentrated on the central axis of the audience. Academic and moral side right It depends on your

Shan jixiang, introduced, the National Palace Museum will continue on the remaining fragmented corner "start", equipped with show different sides of the forbidden city culture. Such as the South walls of the "South", is a palace where stored waste, is also the largest city coffers. At present here planned for warehouse-style of Ming and Qing dynasty furniture showroom, show the Palace more than 4,000 pieces of furniture storage, storage process. In addition, under the Eastern wall of the former garden open to the audience, into stone artifacts exhibition park, Donghua gate stereo enriched the contents of ancient architecture Museum; cultural relics Protection Center of science and technology after the completion of the West walls, open to the audience so that people understand the scientific process of cultural relics repair and craftsmanship.

Exhibition Hall

JMedia no authentic Sha snacks in China

Photo: CFP

Author: Zhao Xinyu

It is said that Lanzhou hand-extended noodles per family impacted within 50 metres of a snack, Sha, both China's rapidly-expanding beverage brands, who is Lake Overlord? In April 2015, the birthplace of Lanzhou hand-extended noodles official delegations coming to Fujian shaxian County of Qinghai Hualong Hui autonomous organizations learn from investigation "development and branding of shaxian snacks."

Snacks do have enough confidence, Sha: Qinghai Hualong people elsewhere to Lanzhou ramen Museum, began in the early 1980 's and snacks until 1991, Sha in Fuzhou Street appearances, after a few years out of Fujian, the real things to the country since 2000, today, in Beijing alone, hang, Sha snacks signboard shop over 1500.

Sha County Government also appears to have enough confidence to tell visitors to preach: shaxian County in 1997 on the establishment of a special "snack industry leading Group Office", and began hosting "Sha snack culture Festival", Sha snacks come from behind, they even look forward to Sha snacks listed eventually.

Lanzhou, people liked to say that all the Chinese people eat noodles is not authentic, but authentic people opened snacks, Sha, Sha authentic? Exclusive new restaurant layout new transformation

What is authentic, Sha snacks

In May 2015, snacks, Sha Zhang Xin, Director of the Office to the media said: "authentic Sha shop most often do is ' old four ', namely flat meat, stew, steamed dumplings and noodles. "He said this is to attack those banner Sha snacks in Beijing, was not included in the official background Sha snack Association to manage the hundreds of copycat store, say their product localization, even selling the capital popular rice bowls, with no shadow, Sha.

Today's "Sha four treasures"

Although Sha Beijing snacks provided Braised chicken Bento, but snack Office Director's summary of the classic menu, Sha, Sha, or be able to obtain most Diners agree. However, in 1996, Sha Sha County magistrate Liu Daoqi mentioned in an article list of snacks is another: a flat series of meat, tofu, beef, biscuits.

You read that right, the standards of 20 years ago, Sha snacks, didn't most famous noodles, steamed dumplings, more on top of that, still comes a sesame seed.

Again ahead dates back, we will see a more strange of Sha snacks listing: at main praised flat meat and tofu of Sha County pour OK, up to is let outsiders understanding can't they tofu "raw, and cooked eat are can" of fun, but in Sha snacks of birthplace Xia Maozhen--if here is most authentic words, those snacks of name and we familiar of Sha snacks without detached:

Rice irrigation and pig intestines, rice irrigation lung, fried tofu ... ... And unique xiamao Shao Mai--it was sweet shaomai filling, fermented bread as the main material, with lard, seaweed, sugar, fine plus Orange bread and crushed peanuts. Just by looking at the name, you'll find these things seems to be difficult to be accepted by all the Chinese people.

Repeated in the snack menu, Sha, Sha bian meat: looks like a plain wonton little difference because the meat knife chopping with a bat named after the beating

2007 is local Government put Sha snacks business standardization as "Sha snacks industry development of heavy in the of heavy work" to caught of a years, when published of Sha Yearbook in the included has a article "snacks do" wrote of a article Sha snacks main dish type of articles, listed has flat food, and taro package, and tofu pills, and Shao Mai (salt sour spicy taste unlimited) and meters frozen, inside still no general people familiar of mix surface, and stew tank, and steamed dumplings.

In order to facilitate people across the country to promote authentic snacks, Sha, Sha published a book by the local Party Secretary of the Sha Chi Qiuna preface snack stories for flat food, fried snails, curd balls, taro ... ... 20 snacks are equipped with at least one "folk tale", noodles and dumplings did not benefit from this treatment.

Book contains a "Sha Peng snack treat soldiers" story, because it is difficult to find level figures like Marshal Peng Dehuai for snacks, Sha blessing, so the story of Peng Dehuai in 12 local food at this dinner altogether, is a pity, even though such wholesale opportunities, still couple of noodles, steamed dumplings.

Sha Government of "norms", although James snack standards, but more authentic than Sha snack menus all over the country, but they then know too slow but still good at mending-Sha-people across the country have formed after snack stereotype, time righting procedure:

Today Sha County Government website "Sha snack" pages, "Sha noodles" has been placed at the forefront, it was pushing the official rice frozen skin, tofu balls into the second page of the list. However, the "Sha noodles" is still not being recognized as "famous Chinese snack".

Sha County Government website "Sha snacks" page is the first page, and click on pictures you can see "Sha noodles" is not included in the noted Chinese snacks, but topped the list. "Rice frozen skin", "hearts tofu" does not appear on the first page

Why is pasta dumplings

If snacks, Sha Sha can effectively regulate the national snack, people probably wouldn't see Sha snack bar near the doorway, snacks, Sha, China history of war, in fact, Sha was a snack "not authentic."

The late 1990 's, foreigners exposed to snacks, Sha has become flat meat, noodles, stew and dumplings this four things, Sha in the supremacy of tofu, leaving counties, Sha, Sha no traces in the snack. Flat meat, noodles, stew and dumplings are traditional foods in Fuzhou.

1999 Sha snack menu

As early as during the Republic of China, Fuzhou sells flat meat, broth, noodles, meat, onion, meat pie, not in the dish, and the sale of or lo mei shops, known as "soup noodle shop" from a business point of view, clear noodle soup store than in shaxian County in the early 90 's snack bar is closer to today's "authentic Sha snacks."

Reform and opening up, foreign brands crowding out the traditional size of market, Sha Fuzhou did not make food beauty alone, Shang Gan Zhen in Minhou County, Fuzhou City, the famous shanggan heart flat meat noodles shop known as the century-old, still in Fuzhou City and shaxian snack tit-for-tat, grabbed a flat meat, half of the noodles.

Dumplings don't have to tell you, the stew is almost essential cooking utensils in Fuzhou in the past. Even during the great famine in 1961, enamel factory in Fuzhou have "yield a large number of jobs, stew pots, dishes and bowls and other products" in the media, specifically refers to the stew, showing its place in Fuzhou food.

Today, the stew still occupies a place in Fuzhou cuisine

Stew the content at least at the beginning of the Reformation established in: lamb stew, pork stew, chicken and mushroom stew, pig's Trotter stew pot, but earlier Fuzhou snack bar is always used the stew with noodles for breakfast. Stew Riga used in Chinese medicine, or at least popular in the early 80 's.

Sha snack wars era of Fuzhou at an early age, dry powder, char kway Teow, wire, fishing, such as Fujian delicacies and flat meat, noodles, stew and dumplings. Besides dumplings, late 90 early 21st century Sha snacks also sell dumplings-the dumplings steamed dumplings, available with the Fujian snacks brands on the market power of "Harbin dumplings" competitive dislocation.

Snack out of Fujian, Sha, Sha snack menu will automatically go through a screening, char kway Teow, wire, fishing and other unfamiliar snacks outside of Fujian were directly eliminated, conversion to a common form of noodles, fans left in the menu. Flat meat, noodles, stew and dumplings were constantly hardening.

Sha snacks all over the country to retain the "old four-like" of course. Three of the four samples are already passing the national snack:

Beijing Sesame Noodles, scallion oil noodles in Shanghai, Chengdu has flowered garlic chili oil noodles ... ... Taste lighter Sha Lo Mein is not hard to find intersections. From Jilin, Henan, Sichuan from Tianjin, steamed dumplings are not much different from around the country. Flat meat when Sha snacks out of Fujian, have voluntarily changed its name for the ravioli.

Spicy Sesame Noodles, leek oil, onion oil noodles

The stew was hard to pop in the North, behind the but it is incomparable: Cantonese people pay attention to soup, as well as Hong Kong people, Hong Kong films have appeared in "I'll give you x soup to replenish the body." In the early 21st century Sha snacks guide the country, Hong Kong movie influence on Chinese not Sha County Government, is to add up all the Fujian media cannot be compared.

If you are too "old four" too monotonous, menus with local popular dish is Sha snack things often do. Around 2004, Fuzhou, Sha snack bar there sell gift Thunder, even for cooking more profitable, enough gas available in the store will give priority to cooking.

Snacks dominate rivers and Lakes

Snacks, Sha Director emphasizes authentic Sha snacks are "old four" is easy to understand: If Braised Chicken Rice has been popular, it is sure to be the standard across China, Sha snacks, which ultimately force the Sha on the official website of the Government posthumously awarded its "authentic".

Braised Chicken with rice

If we believe the official, Sha Sha snacks to the country's biggest drivers, it is difficult to explain, "snack" why the country would accept "Sha snacks" unresponsive, when they carefully packaged Sha authentic tapas terrible lag, visible on the outside, Sha snack development of diaphragm and strange.

We are already familiar with official power, Sha Sha snack conquest, driven by China's legend, but in local CE, Sha other snacks rise also folklore version:

In August 1992, shaxian County experienced a "it would" collapse triggered by a severe financial crisis. Among the xiamao town "would be" the most serious, official statistics, "" boom, the town has more than 1000 people carrying bedding out creditors, Fuzhou became 300 miles away where most run away from people, operates a snack bar to be these people preferred to live, so have the earliest Sha snacks, xiamao town, shaxian snack originated.

Sha snacks after the Fujian gradually make a name and size, only the official "snack". Sha in the snack market in Fujian province, between 1999-2000 accidents decline, revenues declined at 20%-30%. Sha officials noted immediately from a food problem.

Xiamao town development leading group for it in the snack industry xiamao snack pointed out in a letter from the owner, advantage is that the quality of employees, Sha snacks low, snack bars are small, low quality, not McDonald's, KFC, "comfortable operating environment and food hygiene, good taste" of strong competition.

However, this seems in line with the classical management tutorial conclusion was a mockery of the market, more than 10 years later, snack store, health, services, Sha did not see change, but vigorous growth, expanded to every part of the country. If not is not registered with the Association, Sha store, store numbers and turnover have also found several times.

Now "ubiquitous" Sha snack store

More importantly, as the "culinary nationalism" the rise of fast food almost dare not show in Sha snacks "good taste": the famous Michelin restaurant Western food, also in oral jokes are becoming "just plates big" noodles, Sha.

In this changing world, Sha County Government is a little bit difficult. What they can do, but food network who sincerely praise of Sha Wen, famous network with the song loyal in the same column, on their website, if they are positive publicity for Sha snacks.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Guo Boquan was removed from Shaanxi Provincial Department of civil affairs post

Photo: network

The morning of September 30, 12 session of the 22nd meeting of the Standing Committee in Xian, Shaanxi Province, closed. According to network news in the West, the Conference decided to removed from Guo Boquan, Director of Shaanxi Provincial Department of civil affairs post.

On September 28, the 12 session of the 22nd meeting of the Standing Committee in Xian, Shaanxi Province, was opened. Lou qinjian, was Governor of Shaanxi drew attention to the appointment of the Director of the provincial Civil Affairs Department Zhao Zhengcai, provincial Feng Lijun, Director of the Office of human resources and social security position statement made in plenary meeting. Lou qinjian, drew attention to Guo Boquan removed from the provincial Department of Civil Affairs Office.

Public information, Guo Boquan is Lok Ma's former Vice President of China's Central Military Commission Guo boxiong four younger brothers.

Earlier this year, Shaanxi Province Department of Civil Affairs of Shaanxi Provincial Committee inspection group feedback makes Guo Boquan opinion concerned about the illegal diversion of funds. Chen Zuo er talk about the plight of Hong Kong

From March to April this year, Shaanxi Provincial Committee inspection group on the Home Office to carry out special inspections. In May, the feedback special inspection group visits, pointing out that construction of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of civil affairs in "disaster relief Center in Shaanxi Province" change project, the construction of housing, Office-level leading cadres ' housing area, and misappropriation of relief funds of nearly 90 million Yuan and other issues.

Meanwhile, inspection group also pointed out that the party mainly responsible for the first responsibility of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of civil affairs is not in place, and so on.

Visit feedback shortly after the Commission's mouthpiece, focus all shame and exposure to the Shaanxi Provincial Department of civil affairs.

Afterwards, Guo Boquan said to stick open, through "back-to-back", "face to face", the real work at home "Spotlight", the Omni-directional receiving inspection group to check the steering. Check out in Shaanxi Province Department of Civil Affairs Web site, reporters found that Guo Boquan last public event in luochuan research home work.

Guo Boquan, now 54, has over 33 years of experience in the political road started in their hometown of liquan, Shaanxi Province, between 33 and never left home in Shaanxi Province, while serving in binxian County, rivers and reservoirs in Shaanxi Province Communist Party Secretary of the authority, the weinan municipal Committee, Vice Mayor of Shaanxi people's Air Defense Office (civil defence) party and many other positions.

Guo Boquan character history:

Liquan, Shaanxi Province in March 1983 to February 1992, when the new credit bureau account;

In February 1992 to September 1995, stacks, liquan, Shaanxi Province town of armed officers, Dr Wu, Deputy Director of the Office;

Zhaozhen, liquan, Shaanxi Province in September 1995 to April 1996, Mayor;

Zhaozhen, liquan, Shaanxi Province in April 1996 to April 1998, Secretary of the Presidency of the national people's Congress (period: from September 1994 to July 1997 in the people's Liberation Army Xian army Academy of military command major);

From April 1998 to October 2000, liquan, Shaanxi Province, Director of the construction Bureau, Communist Party Secretary;

From October 2000 to February 2002, liquan, Shaanxi Province, the Deputy County magistrate;

From February 2002 to November 2002 in binxian County, Shaanxi Province, Deputy Secretary of the County party Committee (duration: from August 2000 to December 2002 at the Central Party school correspondence education administration learn);

From November 2002 to February 2006 in binxian County, Shaanxi Province, Deputy Secretary of the County party Committee, County magistrate;

Administration of rivers and reservoirs from February 2006 to March 2008, Shaanxi Province (province of Weihe River Basin Authority) Party Secretary;

Shaanxi Provincial national defense mobilization Commission in March 2008 to July 2009, people's Air Defense Office (provincial Office of civil air defense) and party member, Deputy Director;

From June 2009 to March 2010, weinan city, the Deputy Mayor and Municipal Government Committee Member;

In March 2010, Communist Party members of the weinan municipal Committee, Vice Mayor of Shenzhen Municipal Government.

In February 2013, Director of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, Party Secretary of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee member.

In August 2014, Party Secretary of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of civil affairs.

On September 28, 2015, the 12 session of the 22nd meeting of the Standing Committee in Xian, Shaanxi Province, was opened. Lou qinjian, drew attention to Guo Boquan removed from the provincial Department of Civil Affairs Office.

Dujiangyan city new bridal chamber see upstairs downstairs

September 13 in dujiangyan, Sichuan province, community owners Mr JI in the decoration of new House, found the ceiling in the horizontal continuous sand residue, wall ceiling type 3 centimeters remains after sediment residue cannot refresh the PuTTY. Contact Mr JI had to worry staying upstairs tenants, secondary bedroom ceilings throughout the floor out, pouring concrete again. Talmadge Liaoning farmers killed by bus awarded two sacks

September 13 in dujiangyan, Sichuan province, community owners Mr JI in the decoration of new House, found the ceiling in the horizontal continuous sand residue, wall ceiling type 3 centimeters remains after sediment residue cannot refresh the PuTTY. Contact Mr JI had to worry staying upstairs tenants, secondary bedroom ceilings throughout the floor out, pouring concrete again. Talmadge

In the subsequent construction of JI have been found, the ceiling of the room are like dregs of the decoration work stalled.

Second bedroom ceiling have been typing 3 cm deep, sand residue, not refresh the PuTTY. Owner says, if you don't knock off the sand residue, chandelier hanging instability.

Upstairs and downstairs the two owners began to doubt the quality of housing floor. They find a residential property, developers, contractors and local construction quality supervision station of the Commission. After more than a month of negotiations, the developers agreed to two owners of each family 25,000 yuan in compensation, and floor of the owners that are empty, heavy water mud.

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Child abuse by the Nanjing adoptive mother to suicide during the trial were

On September 29, watched "child abuse by the Nanjing" boys foster mother arrested for the crime of intentional injury case trial continues today, because the defendant Li Zhengqin lose in court, the hue and cry, which interrupted the trial twice. 11 o'clock in the morning, hearing, the presiding judge announced that due to attempted suicide Li Zhengqin, approved by the Director, decide to arrest Li Zhengqin. @ Court of Nanjing Pukou News Photos

On September 29, watched "child abuse by the Nanjing" boys foster mother arrested for the crime of intentional injury case trial continues today, because the defendant Li Zhengqin lose in court, the hue and cry, which interrupted the trial twice. 11 o'clock in the morning, hearing, the presiding judge announced that due to attempted suicide Li Zhengqin, approved by the Director, decide to arrest Li Zhengqin.

During the hearing, due to Li Zhengqin extremely agitated, shouting and crying, shouting no justice, trials cannot function properly, the presiding judge called a recess. Trial resumes, prosecutors continue to burden of proof, show physician Advisory Board of Director of the Jiangsu provincial people's Procuratorate Law of witness testimony, consultation, Conference records, because Li Zhengqin tilt, the hue and cry, which interrupted the trial, the presiding judge called a recess.

11 o'clock in the morning, hearing, the presiding judge announced: Li Zhengqin refuses direct from the presiding judge in the Court to loud, and admonished according to law by the courts, Li Zhengqin during recess trying to bang in the detention room, collegiate, Li Zhengqin acts of attempted suicide, with the approval of the President of the Court, decide to arrest Li Zhengqin.

28th court trial, the prosecution of this case is the General domestic violence or a deliberate crime, child injury whether sustained minor injuries as well as defendant and whether the child has a legal adoption focus, such as debate. Cases has been to nearly 10 points to end at night, lasted about 10 hours. Defendant Li Zhengqin admitted having the child in court, but the prosecution alleged crime of intentional injury, she does not recognize.

Expert testimony for minor injuries to the public security organ level, Li Zhengqin said in court the defendant did not accept, saying the identification program has serious problems, including criminal cases without expert testimony that detention, for expert testimony, it is not to the scene and only a forensic scene on injury, Li Zhengqin court applications (injury) and identification. Forged without children proved that defendant Li Zhengqin denies, saying the proof does not know.

"Spanking does not appropriate, if the Court judge me to be guilty, I will serious efforts to educate the baby, not because it's relaxed education. But if I was sentenced, I lost, not even my social security, may not bring babies. I am guilty, how to face the baby, how to teach him. "Li Zhengqin choked up several times in court.

Background: in April this year, a group of Nanjing high-tech boys were beaten by mother's photos triggered attention of many Internet users. Photo shows a boy on the back, arms, legs, covered with scars, swollen feet high. Police identified on March 31 at 17 o'clock, boy's application of an outstanding mother Lee assigned homework, by Lee scratch Harrow, skip beat and feet, resulting in large area using hands, feet, back signs of redness. The forensic identification has become slightly injured.

Letv sky high commercial logic behind copyright

In Hong Kong, announced the purchase of Premier League rights, September 24, then released its latest Super TV.

Have always claimed to make money with services not only lower than the production cost, and cancelled the "hardware + Member" binding sales model, users will be free to choose to buy bare-metal or a contract.

Not only that, considered expanding the Hong Kong market, buying the Premier League rights, announced the Super TV will also be listed in Hong Kong, in Hong Kong also launched a free trial LETV set-top box, the pay-television market in Hong Kong has a mature premise, music playing so is also spelled.

Letv bid copyright, and below-cost pricing, so burn the logic behind what?

Price around (bare metal):


The Mainland of China (September 29)

Hong Kong, China (late October)

United States (4th quarter)

Over 3 Max65

Is $ 8,499



Over 3 X55 Pro

Is $ 5,499



Over 3 X55

3,699 CNY



Over 3 X50

Is $ 3,499



Over 3 X43

Is $ 1,899



Over 3 X40

Is $ 1,699



Linear growth will bring about the exponential growth of the number of users of commercial value

New President Liang June said: "music video, the most important thing is to get enough users. This is called for in the pattern of the Internet. "

Because the Internet services, different users of the business models are fundamentally different. Growth of the number of users is likely to be linear, but get the commercial value of these users may be exponential growth, even when the number of users, a growing number of times, once thought little of the emergence of new business models will change with it.

In addition, in rapid circles with a massive number of users at the same time, leaving competitors breathing space or less, this will put great pressure on the opponent.

User is important, so where did the money come from? Minor official referred to in the previous article, TV plus large royalties to be paid by mainly from cash prior to Jia Yue Ting-financed loans and corporate financing.

Recent news, TV plus refinancing unconditionally by the SFC by 4.8 billion yuan, of which 4 billion yuan will be used for library construction.

In addition, hardware sales model, said Liang June "we dare to low cost pricing is the core factor of what we can rely on the ecology of their respective income arising from the bottom, to make up for the loss of the hardware. "

Liang June mentioned, Le Super TV sales only, although more than 2 million units, less than six big TV brands 7 million or 8 million sales in China, but TV plus TV angles, multiple latitudes of income already is the highest in the industry, even is several times larger than six.

Liang June an example, currently held by just switch of the TV advertising sales revenues of more than 10 million a month, while 70% renewal rates, which is more than six brands combined monthly income, and more.

In addition, indeed one of the most easy to cash in the gaming industry, has long been coveted for a long time.

Capital markets have been hoarding games copyright, "TV + game" or future direction How did a virus that affected almost all iPhone

In addition to buying large quantities of copyright, film and television, events, more popular among the young, as well as games. National husband take command served as the CEO of Panda TV, also signed the master broadcast Angelababy. The battle flag, betta game broadcast platform such as an anchor, and even annual salary could reach millions. Letv will play live in the future?

Liang June's answer is Yes. First of all, depending on the Super TV has always been high in hardware configuration, which is game maker Cup of. Letv has claimed that TV plus video-game is basically the first partner.

Therefore, the latest release of Super TV also did a great deal of change in the EUI, broken down by application and content to users, will appear in the future-oriented custom desktop applications and games. May appear on the desktop, and in the game live, also together with application integration interface, to provide users with additional services.

In the future, Super TV's position will not only be watching video, playing games, but a consumer interaction scenario, this scenario once formed, its commercial value is enormous.

In fact, as early as the end of July this year, and music video television was used at ChinaJoy, and also in a lot of games room placing Super TV, hoping to experience business owners of these games and see if super good to replace tens of thousands of gaming machines to attract customers. "So all this action behind our game strategy is very important. "Liang June said.

Letv claimed in terms of big-screen game downloads and activity has been the first, but Chinese games market is emerging, just listed along with the impact of the PSP and XBox, gaming market over the past five years, China will likely have a lot of variables.

Therefore, there are already a lot of jaws of capital is supporting many small game developer to purchase the past run only on a console game copyright, for follow-up on Android development. Haven't seen this game listed, but the market has been the capital and gaming operators in participating and doing all kinds of reserves

Liang June revealed that music is constantly with content developers behind some major game manufacturers to be closer to console gaming experience. Meanwhile, letv also launched the PSP and Xbox games.

But Xbox sales in China is not ideal, there were even rumors Xbox will withdraw from the Chinese market, or again in a new way. Liang June said China's market demand for game consoles are not strong mainly due to the long-term policies of the past causes, but when close games when the host of the TV itself, many users will the audience from video into "video + game" users.

But so far, television's performance as a whole especially the GPU's performance has not met performance of XBOX GPU, although the music video is the first in An Zhuoping initiation of promotional games on the platform, but because the game for processor performance requirements are very high, so depending on the current sense of the game is not 1080p, but 720p.

But according to estimates, in less than two years, ROM performance can host used to play games on consoles. As the ROM capacity increases, will appear in the next video game console and TV two in one product.

China finished with 30% market share, several countries have already planted more than 600 multi-CDN node

It is worth mentioning that, Liang June before the bombast, said Le scored 30% in the domestic market share.

In an interview after the meeting, Liang June again: "traditional television markets, first in quite a long time, have been 17-18%, and dier、San、SI、Wu、liuming are in 10%. But the Internet eco-characteristics of spread and fans will bring together users with strong sex, so in the future the Chinese TV market, hopes to win over 30% shares. "

Liang June said the biggest difference is that Internet companies and traditional companies, Internet companies, only the first name can be a single, the second can only eat porridge, the third hard to save his life.

Therefore, letv will burn, burn money selling hardware, burn the money users and with the advancement of technology, TV + game Le video capture 30%, two in one product is bound to become a powerful weapon in the TV market.

In addition to the domestic market and foreign market already layout.

Letv Super TV has not officially announced that enter the United States market, but in a year or two ago as has been in the United States buy servers, reserved bandwidth. Music video by new communications and marketing General Manager Ren Guanjun said: "music video in the world already has more than 600 more CDN nodes, before the hardware into the service, it is very difficult to reproduce other TV manufacturers. "

In addition, champion said, and also reserves a large number of overseas copyrights, because of the secrecy involved not to be disclosed. In Hong Kong, including the copyright in the Premier League, regarded as a cash-strapped companies have bought at sky-high prices, a lot of people think letv will own "play dead", even in the music video also has some controversy, "but the copyright on the music as it will burst out of the entire eco-system by other manufacturers can't handle value. "

Chief entertainment officer, exclusive articles and may not be reproduced without authorization!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Hu Wu Lei I grew up watching you play

Hu, Wang Kai, and Mintao Liu, and Yijun Liu, and Yanyan Zhang, Dong Jin, and Wang OU, and Wang Hong, Sun Meng good ... ... list of the pretender, and the village take part in play instead of two or three days, every day many times. Besides and the pretender, a all stars to a "fall in love through the Millennium", the picks lists also hides a lot of egg-liquorice character.

Don't believe me? Hold it! Tell me! Words!

These people following infarction, may call you destroy! Tong! Year!

1, the pretenders of love through the Millennium

From shooting time, bang in the spy drama, drama picks before the pretender, but beat 70-year anniversary of the victory of the latter was broadcast ahead of this node. This does not, gives audiences the impression becomes out of four across the back to 1800 years ago.

Ming became the first jiekesu in the play, picks the top, world of Unicorn wit Mei Changsu ↓ ↓

Brother Ming Lou became long hair fluttering sauce picks GE Lin Chen. "GE main daily" travel, medicine cannot be stopped, teasing down ↓

"Tomorrow, I'm just a servant," Eric Aug Re, Jing Wang, became man and second ↓ ↓

Ming Jia sister mirror at the top of the food chain, Jing Wang, became the mother of dead wives ↓ ↓

Ming dedicated manicurist Wang Manchun, became a Counsellor of King Yu Qin-like weak ↓ charm than the Wang, Director of makeup.

Spicy ningguo Hou Xieyu, instructors Wang Tianfeng ↓ ↓

Mrs Sue became wife-Li Yang Chang Tse Princess ↓

Military Commission forestry staff became the steward of Su Zhai Li gang ↓ ↓

76th filled the small agent Zhu Hui Yin, static concubines Odalisque crayons, Oh no, a small new ↓ ↓

In addition to the characters ' various cross, also details a cross in the original novel:

In the Picks list, Wang Mei Changsu reputation had a nickname: Viper. (Sun and moon • Lou lay, wood gun ... ... )

Mei Changsu self-deprecation is a Scorpion with a smile. (Tomorrow: How did you know I was going into the Commission, know my code? )

2, static wives into Xie Yu?!

In 2000, the ningguo Hou Xieyu Yijun Liu, and the wives and cool the Baiji Mintao Liu made a strange tales of men and ghosts of love.

Long Synopsis:

Beautiful, clever ghost Nie Xiaoqian serve ghosts basking wit and intellectual life to seduce Ning caichen, only two dark sincerity, mutual admiration ... ...

Ning caichen face value is not too low that year. It's no wonder that Xie Yu mansion now called Nanjing! Country! Hou! House! Xie Yu's wife, Princess Yanyan Zhang to a God replied: "so tender! "

Static wives played by cool small Qian da beginning meimei.

Later style mutation, the script became the dominating woman fall in love with me, Xiao Qian Ning mining Minister, fell directly. Read static wives couldn't look soft, cool ... ...

P.S. Mei Changsu/ming, Zhai Zhi Yi yan Ning caichen, Xiao Qian was significant power-power this time.

3, 77 and is the son of Ning caichen Yin Zhiping Zhu?

Attention! Your friends "spoiler King" coming soon, did not want to be a spoiler's friend Skip to the 4th part.

When it comes to Xie Yu, you have to mention the Princess Yanyan Zhang. Send a private Duke and Princess ↓

I see the pretender when they mess up, the Dr, Daming Lake is not that Gung noise red 77?

In those days, 2001 edition of the martial arts legend Julia 77 is also rare in Gu Long's novels ' unpopular female first. Bai feifei Wang yan face value in this costume drama reached its zenith, before Julia 77 appearances aside, set all kinds of abuse. While the audience was the evaluation of the role of Julia 77 is: pie face, at first sight, Tiger Tiger.

No contrast, no harm. Even play 77 Zhu's mother, beauty Li Meiniang never pulled one city. (The author has been unable to understand why the merry King in love with her at that time ... ... )

But of the pretender, Julia 77 becomes beautiful. Ming Jin Yun set wedding dress look ↓ ↓

The Picks list is a bright/shining with maternal calmness of temperament.

Princess ningguo Hou Hechang had a son named Xiao Jingrui, second is list Prince of langya. Away from the Court, irrespective of disputes.

Haofeng Cheng, who plays Jing Rui, actually has another identity is Zhang jizhong of the gods carved xialv Zhen Zhibing (yin Zhiping of the novel). Yes, that is his "fairy sisters" l to rape ... ... Haofeng Cheng Yin Zhiping by tianya netizens as history's most handsome. (Do you three? )

Subsequently to the middle-aged version of it and put a pinch of goatee.

Time is yanruyu to some people, but a butcher knife to some people. Putting face value on, in the list of langya, 77 and is the son of Ning caichen Yin Zhiping Zhu, this too! Contrary to! And! !

Fortunately, Xiao Jingrui not Xie Yu birth, his life, Mei Changsu buried under a pawn.

4, Orient House in Port-au-Prince Xiao Jingxuan – Sun art

Each claimed the first play has a fat fighting MIN Port-au-Prince, and mostly can tell at a glance that section of the build. The dead stupid list of Port-au-Prince of langya, Hou instrumental only ningguo ↓

But you know, the Prince Adan brother when her oratorio face values from drizzly rain no less deeply Yu Shuhuan, long legs and Dufy--Coeur d ' Alene Howe!

You proud, such as Ping ping dream brother, the daring declaration from one of the three Musketeers ↓ ↓

To the Changsha became such a ↓

Bang a bit, then to the village could not bear to look ... ... Exactly what did you do? "Face"

5, Yu Wang Xiao Jinghuan – Victor Huang

I was looking at the arms to vanquish viewers who grew up. When you see this than a bolt of cloth long originator, for 118 sets of costume dramas, owners do not want it.

Victor Huang plays villains all women into rhyme's younger brother, cheer, and Ping Jiang Yun-Princess, played a couple, soon to be Yu's brother killed and pick up lunch. Two forged feud, essentially arranged marriage 100 years or marriage.

Zhihou, Victor Huang did not hit, the most common entertainment headlines on that day, it should be with Annie gossip time. Their "affair" became Annie divorce with Harlem's outburst.

Today, Yi and Qin to remarry, when cheer of carelessness is no secret, became right in one's hand, all of the Picks list report.

6, Jing Xiao Jingyan-Wang-Wang

The Pretender of the picks lists the eyes of his ... ... This autumn and winter, he contracted for the small screen.

Strictly speaking, "Buffalo Jing" the Prince in the Picks list is not supporting, but men and two of the duly completed. In the pretender, he played "a servant" Eric Aug Re, became one of the show's highlights. Loucheng, and Su Jing, is a micro-blogging, micro-credit, b station hot search terms. Netizens brain hole, and even the village has no rival in the list of roles, and is also composed of CP, Dong Jin was also to another aspect of the drama of the Dongfang Shuo.

Even in last year's annual conscience show was taken of the Peiping no fighting Liu Ye's brother, Mike, Wang is not as tall as today's discussion. Who would have imagined that in 2008 that made Chen Jiaming of the ugly Wudi, now transformed into the idol/strength!

7, Lin is my brother, say moles?

Lin Shu said here, is not played by Hu GE Mei Changsu, small – but 12 years ago, Zhang Zhehan. Ominous/fire people brimming with talent that year, but now can only rely on the stove and had to hide it from her best friend, recalls killing tears ... ...

Results people last year in the razor-sharp in kernel architect, playing a Huan Meng Jin Renbin removal. Expression is also a bunch of ↓ said moles?

And the voices of the picks lists square head, crush on Mei Changsu spy feather ↓

Was actually the sharp kernel architect lunch bucket of shoes desperately seeking Lady Murong month! Don't know what Fan Datong that Satsuki has a crush for many years who is Jin Renbin, how ... ...

8, the little brother, I grew up watching you play

To say most of the picks lists of people who may have several options, but most cute is definitely his ... ... Small Fei Liu Wu Lei, born in 1999. Korea took a cool Japanese film of the

Mind is not enough powers to gather together.

Too little text, selling MoE filling. Background boards, intercepted a deeply weird aunt Fei Liu di (inward) column ... ...

Hu said that seeing his ponytail, thinking when the small and unfettered.

In fact, Wu Lei and Hu's fate, or ten years ago, that of the young generals. By virtue of the Paladin of Li xiaoyao in a corner for a while without two of hu song, who plays Yang Liulang ↓ ↓

Wu Lei is little Rokuro ↓ ↓

At that time, Wu Lei also fan Feng mingqi, the gods of the mountain. Daji and small us ↓

Along with a small us head went to the young generals Conference ↓ see this picture, aunts, do you have the nerve to sue streaming?

Uncle MOE of saying the Picks list, Oh no, and major General Chen long is also Hu in the young generals of the five, the show along with Peter HO, Peng ... ...

In another show of the blade in the game of life and death, Fei Liu Neon Tetras Huang Princess Liu Tao is a bit past lives Karma ↓ fancam, stills are sprouting da.

My sword! Look at this little eyes, original has a small drop of gas ... ... Your friend "endearingly King" rolled off.

Network in the play the xianjian Inn this year, Wu Lei Li xiaoyao was really running to play ... ... But the gu Jian legends Tan + the painting style of the TKS is zehui Shi?

Model and the mother of the gods carved xialv Xiao yang is a bit like ↓

Fei Liu, why spoil you this know Sue brother, because he is your good friend father Yang kang Ah!

When Hu hold of small dolls, now able to wall: boom! The world is huge, Wu Lei in the end!

And picks list tells of is, disease disgruntled of Guo Jing with small guard Dr had down to Jinling, in Zhu 77 of son Yin Zhiping of referral Xia, live into has Ning caichen of home, in generals of help Xia various upgrade playing blame, waste off boss first, you Howe, and boss second, cheer, foster Nie Xiaoqian of son Chen Jiaming Dang Shang emperor of story, full end.

Depth of poor performance to the firm Chinese cannot bear is for adjustment

Photo: CFP

Nearly 10 years working in Shiseido Wang Qi (a pseudonym), recent personnel changes, specifically, her job was to lower the basic salary will also be reduced. And she had the same experience of Shiseido's staff has more than 100 people, some of them chose to leave. For a Japan company, such adjustments are very rare.

Wang is going through, the organizational structure of the firm earlier this year was adjusted. After entering China 34, Shiseido began massive infrastructure adjustments--which are also very rare.

Major adjustments behind, is the headquarters of the company have lost patience with the poor performance of the market in China. Shiseido reported 2014 Shiseido's sales in China up to 114.8 billion yen (about 6.061 billion yuan), up 2.9% from 2013. Although sales still rose slightly, but compared to l ' 7.7%, amore Pacific 44% and Shanghai jahwa 19.8% growth, the results are really bad. And cosmetics companies, China was still being defined as emerging markets, compared to European and American markets, should have a higher growth rate.

To rebuild the Chinese market, Shiseido began top down organizational structure, personnel turnover is the first step. January 2015, Shiseido Taiwan firm Managing Director, China area manager Gao Yemao reassignment in March, Japan headquarters, "China business" business and marketing functions move to Shiseido (China) investment company limited; in April, the company has appointed German Ralph Ahrbeck for Shiseido, Chief Representative in China.

Executives in place, store sales focus growth into their first year of work, and for adjustment of the sales staff was put on the agenda.

In August this year, Wang was notified by the company and revoked her brand's regional Executive Manager position, new position equal to her former subordinate positions.

Including the popular cosmetics sector affected by the adjustment of its Za Ke's, the United States, pedicle and CS channels (cosmetic stores) UARA, Yee lisier brand and the artist haze. Department of high-end cosmetics, including SHISEIDO, IPSA, CLE de Peau (de Peau Beaut Cl é é) and other brands not listed the sales adjustment.

The past, Shiseido sales broken down by brands, each brand has its own sales director and team, each brand has its own regional and channel of distribution. Wang's brand in the Chinese market as a whole is divided geographically into six regions, 16 offices, heads of offices similar to Operations Manager, the Executive Manager responsible for all channels of the brand in the region. Further to the clothing line CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo

Now Shiseido sales by region, channel of distribution, the national market is divided into North, South, East and West of the four regions, each region sets Regional Director, unified leadership in the region, all business models across all brands, all channels, and manage business development agents in the district.

In each region, based on the percentage of business, geographic distribution and development potential, and is divided into different areas. Set up in each region a regional sales manager, centralized management of all brands, channels and business models in the area of operation and service of all agents.

Business team within the region will be divided according to two business models: a Shiseido cosmetic store business model pioneered in China, the other is a counter model. When journalists accept interface, Gao Yemao said, these two models would better meet the needs of various channels so as to promote the development of business.

Such Division to eliminate a number of brands merging of duplicate posts, involving more than 100 people, they were transferred or demoted a pay cut, was also being laid off. Wang is one of demotion with pay cut.

This will directly affect the Terminal sales, and increase 20% the number of people this year to focus most on the Terminal sales. After all, in China, Shiseido's brands not everyone has enough sales to support all channel sales personnel.

Wang Qi could understand "brand to the Mall fought for position will have more advantages", because sometimes in the same channel, Shiseido brand will appear with its fighting quality competition of the counter. But what she doesn't understand is, the newly appointed Director of sales to head of regional sales, many of them recruited from the outside, most of which are from companies such as l ' Oréal, and "even the new job title is reference to the l ' Oréal".

Gao Yemao denied the airborne was deliberate, and personnel adjustment will not bring change to the sales requirements, counter sales-oriented, like l ' Oréal, promotional activities, and the arrival of the huge market of the company's employees, will bring about some changes.

Sometimes, the change will also bring some trouble. For example, Wang said, late August early September, new sales manager was copying at l ' Oréal, marketing experience, Za has launched a "Add 19 to mask" activities, but died early as most shops do not have conditions to rush to hit 80 percent active.

Za brand with the cooperative model for the distribution of the Mall, shopping mall directly to the brand to buy goods, carried out by the management and sale of goods, the "product code" (that is, a bar code correspond to one item). Therefore, the "Add 19 to mask" activities that require the store set up a code to receive this 19, in the distribution line is difficult to work. But l ' Oréal to outlet mall as a way to counter a code to the final revenue settlement, such promotions without additional barcode support.

In fact, not only is the market in China, in the past few years, Shiseido's operations as a whole are caught in a quagmire of anemic growth. Lack of enthusiasm for marketing of the company, and large organization and Japan complicated hierarchy of the company reporting the company's decision-making and slower, slowing sales forced it to take reform measures.

In 2014, the Shiseido hired external managers 60 Masahiko Uotani, which is considered the biggest adventure in the current reform, you know, since 1872, the helm of the company has always been from internal training and Japan enterprises, it is also a tradition. Subsequently, Europe and form style was brought into this Japan company, a growing number of external managers to join. In the past year, Schwarzkopf before international Vice President of marketing for subsidiary Osiao, the former Estee Lauder regional VP Asia Pacific General Manager, Flavio Cotti before United States President and Senior Vice President of North America have joined the company.

At that time, Masahiko Uotani firm's main problem is that "no to changing market, consumer value and respond fast enough to the purchase." Subsequently, he reorganized the corporate structure, redesign of products from research and development to commercial processes, increased marketing costs and the permissions granted to each operating area for more. Meanwhile, he also stressed the importance of business and travel retail market.

Than 10% of l ' Oréal over sales marketing spending, Shiseido does too little bang for marketing especially advertising. According to Gao Yemao introduction, marketing costs about 8% per cent of total sales before, and this proportion will greatly increase, this figure may be higher than usual this year from 30% to 50%.

And l ' Oréal put big advertising marketing and meeting the needs of segments play different, Shiseido has been the high coverage of the channel close to the market and consumers, but with more and more competitors to follow up, coupled with slowing retail itself, in addition to increased investment in new channels such as e-commerce, Shiseido, more needs to be done for these brands to find their location.

In terms of product development, l ' Oréal tend to proceed from consumers, for a particular market segment to launch new brands or products, Shiseido is more based on a specific channel to develop new brands.

UARA store channel, the brand for two or three cities in China, and Shiseido launched the brand in order to occupy the low end products in the market.

Due to lack of advertising support, the recommended brands rely on dealers ' counter sales, compared to product performance, dealers are more concerned about this type of product pricing, rebates and sales materials support.

Now, with Chinese brands store channel increased inputs, UARA products space is now being squeezed, more cruel is that if you give a good sales policies, the dealer may choose to abandon the UARA sales directly.

Past consumer research also need to be replaced with a new refreshed brand for consumer categories. Gao Yemao Office combed the company's brand in China, survey of nearly 5,300 Chinese consumers. Different according to age, income, education and other classification methods, Shiseido to consumers from the "emotional" classification. Finally, divided into 12 categories of customers, similar to the chic, elegant, and willing to, product composition and other such descriptions, and sales in the Chinese market itself more than 20 kinds of products to fill in the blanks, in all aspects of development, marketing, sales and better closer to the consumer.

For example, SHISEIDO, Gao Yemao hope this emotional selling brand falls on "from Japan, modern, high technology" in order to attract young people pursuing fashion and products. According to the emotional needs, SHISEIDO needs to upgrade the existing position to attract younger consumers.

Fill in the process, Gao Yemao said he also found some market. For example, categories like beauty care and cosmetics market is developing rapidly in China, Shiseido also has the brand, but not to China, such as NARS.

For a veteran cosmetic companies, this is a little bit too "belated awareness". Makeup is an important source of impetus to the development of China's cosmetics market, 2014, China's cosmetic market research and development Outlook report data show that cosmetic markets in recent years to achieve a growth rate of nearly 50%. Shiseido's rivals have targeted this market potential for development, not only of l ' Oréal, Estee Lauder, amore Pacific traditional cosmetics company increased marketing spending, even UNIQLO, muji, and Tom Ford this kind of "lay" on China's cosmetic market you want to share.

NARS firm acquired in 2000 is the professional make-up brand, although not to enter the Chinese mainland market, but already has a good reputation, many Chinese consumers through Taobao, overseas purchase, travel to Japan to buy this particular brand of product. But in the face of such a consumer demand, Gao Yemao only gave "we are already assessing the feasibility of NARS was introduced into China, probably in a year or two later," expectations.

Shiseido seems to prefer the first plays on the existing products in the Chinese market. Gao Yemao said, in order to adapt to market changes and changes in consumer demand, the local production in China, products for the China market, will shorten the development cycle. Previously, Shiseido China's new product development cycle at more than one year. Now, with the use of research and Development Center in Shanghai, as well as more local research and development personnel to join, in addition to special types such as whiten, sunscreen products, other product development time is expected to be controlled within a year.

According to Masahiko Uotani 2020 business objectives released at the end of last year, Shiseido plans to income and operating profit before 2020 respectively exceeded 1 trillion yen (about 52.8 billion yuan) and 100 billion yen (about 5.28 billion yuan), China's target of 200 billion yen (about 10.56 billion yuan), the compound average growth rate of 9%. Gao Yemao, his primary goal is to drive sales growth in the first year, all of the reforms is to this objective.

But these adjustment measures can really help him achieve goals, has yet to be observed.

China s steel exports this year or the first break billion tons

Photo: CFP

As the world's largest crude steel producer, China is using "along the way" policy of Dongfeng, speed up the local market is digesting capacity turn to overseas.

Customs data show that Chinese exports in 2014 of 93.78 million tons of steel, up jumped 50%, hit a record high. In January-August this year, China exported 71.87 million tons of steel, an increase of 26.5%.

China iron and steel Association Vice President Wang Liqun recently said publicly that China's steel product exports could exceed 100 million tons this year. This is the first time China's steel exports exceeded 100 million tons.

Lange steel information center director Wang Guoqing told interface journalist, currently yield is generally 94%, or 1 ton produced 9.4 million tons of steel billet, according to this calculation, exports 100 million tons of steel, you need at least crude steel consumption of 106 million tons.

This year, China's crude steel production of about 830 million-850 million tons, about 12% crude steel production was digested by overseas markets, "it will no doubt help to alleviate oversupply of domestic tensions. "Wang Guoqing said.

Interface journalists according to Chinese enterprises Federation and China entrepreneurs Association 2015 China top 500 list released statistics, a top 13 (Chongqing iron and steel, jisco hongxing, Hangzhou iron and steel shares 3 year report does not set out in the relevant circumstances, it is not included in the statistics) listed steel exports in the first half and found that, its export revenue totaled 25.273 billion yuan, for 8% per cent of total revenues.

Despite the increase in steel exports due to high prices, steel companies earn money instead.

First half of the year, angang steel (000898. SZ) export revenues of 4 billion yuan, the share of total revenue for 13.8%, two indexes are the first domestic, exported 1.37 million tons of steel, an increase of 290,000 tons and export revenues fell 3.78%.

Baosteel (600019. SH) is no exception, exported 1.147 million tons of steel in the first half, more than 88,000 tonnes last year, export revenues fell 15.3%. Liuzhou iron and steel (601003. SH) decline to 62.27%.

In contrast, export revenues increased by only 3 per cent, which southern steel shares (600282. SH) 87.63% is the highest growth, maanshan iron and steel shares (600808. SH) and Hebei iron and steel (000709.SZ) are 48.68% and 13.86% respectively.

Insiders questioned said China's steel exports are "extensive export", mostly low-value products, lack of competitiveness. China iron and steel Association Deputy Secretary-General, the China metallurgical industry planning and Research Institute President Li Xin did not agree.

"China's export products most though were low value-added products, but the market itself includes high, middle and low gear, there's a market for the product is a good product. "Li Xin said on the interface, under the global market downturn, China's steel exports also bucked upward," shows the quality of Chinese products is good, price is good, service is good, this is a competitive ". Is expected to rank among the world's top three

However, China's steel exports will always remain high, also questioned in the industry. Li Xin believes that trade frictions are the biggest challenges.

Lange steel information research center to screen journalists tracking data shows that in 2014, from 14 countries and regions launched 21 trade remedy investigations against Chinese steel products, 5 on safeguards, countervailing 1, anti-circumvention 1, 12 anti-dumping, countervailing (anti-dumping, anti-subsidy) 2.

The momentum is growing. First 9 months of this year, overseas Chinese steel products trade remedy investigations launched by as many as 29 in the anti-dumping investigation of 22, anti-subsidy investigation 1, "double reverse" investigation of 3, anti-circumvention investigation 3.

To China iron and steel trade remedy investigations launched by countries, more than half of China's top ten steel export countries.

In January-August this year, China's steel export top followed by Korea, and Viet Nam, the Philippines, and Thailand, Indonesia, India, and Malaysia, and Singapore and the United States, and Turkey, a total of 35.94 million tons of steel, China imported, accounting for half of China's total export volume. Of them, Thailand, and India, and Malaysia and the United States, and Turkey and other countries have trade remedy investigations to the Chinese steel products.

"Chinese steel companies cannot get together on the same market. "Said Li Xinchuang, China's steel exports remain largely concentrated in Southeast Asia, Europe and a few countries should be further spread," multi-channel, "policy.

Closely linked to local customers is steel attack required course for overseas markets. "Must be set up in the local Chinese brands, win customers, let them cry for Chinese enterprises, which is conducive to overseas trade remedy investigations against China. "Li Xinchuang said.

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Rare LG V10 top the second screen dual front facing camera

A few days ago, a V10 LG new machine Ministry network license, statistics show this is a cell phone supports dual SIM card, dual 4G. Now, online V10 renders out features, on top of a second screen, front camera seems to have two.

Strip at the top of the screen display, topped with a few application icons like Samsung Galaxy Note Edge side of the screen and quick switch. In addition, the left side of the display there are two things similar to the front-facing camera, meaning nameless. Configuration does not catch the eye, black technology yet? In fact, it is more likely low.

The machine will be officially unveiled on October 1, interested friends may wish to look at. Science and technology post drops 100 million

Shanghai intends to study car outside the ring to a congestion charge deputies

Shanghai, waiting for the traffic lights to the car during the rush. Xu Xiaolin surge information

Traffic congestion charge "drifting", Shanghai examined the object or will be the first outside the locked car.

A few days ago, the Shanghai Municipal People's Congress Fei Li Kang "from other provinces and cities charge licence within the motor vehicle into the outer ring urban road congestion fees" representatives, has the Shanghai traffic authority responded positively in the sectors of: next, departments concerned will "congestion fee" put on the agenda of research.

Deputies: collecting congestion fees reflect a fair and reasonable

Mr Zhang, who lives in Baoshan district, Shanghai synchronize upgrades when some time ago to buy a new car license plates, deprecated use licence in Shanghai, Henan on licence before because he felt today in Shanghai from the car more and more inconvenient. Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) in an interview with reporters found that few people have the same ideas and practices.

"Shanghai needs Haina, Shanghai needs a big heart, but this international metropolis of resources and energy and road capacity is limited, Shanghai should proceed from reality, from the point of view of sustainable development, not a loss. "The Shanghai Municipal People's Congress Fei Li-Kang said.

Kang Li Fei, Shanghai Road and endurance is limited, taking total control of the Municipal Government of Shanghai's private car licence quota measures, mainly to ease road congestion. In order to "avoid" bid for the high cost of licences, many car buyers flocking to other provinces and cities on the card in Shanghai, so much so that a large number of car all year round in Shanghai on the road outside. Li Fei Kang believes that this great auction gets licence in Shanghai at a high price of bidders is unfair.

Kang Li Fei said he was not opposed to other provinces and cities driving motor vehicles on urban road in Shanghai, but since the Shanghai introduction of measures to limit total car plate auction, is to suppress the rapid growth of motor vehicles in Shanghai, alleviating traffic congestion, take paid licence. Provinces and cities outside of motor vehicles licence (especially household and holders of a residence permit personnel vehicle in the outer provinces) should be paid using roads, should also be a corresponding restrictions.

Plum Kang in "on foreign provinces licence mobile car into outside link within charged urban road hold blocking fee" representative views in the recommends, provincial city licence of mobile vehicles into Shanghai outside link within, allows two days within not charged road hold blocking fee; outside provinces licence of motor vehicle vehicles into outside link within, continuous driving or Park, to third days up should charged daily 100 Yuan (provisional) road hold blocking fee. Sand industry confer long term attention in the

Kang Li Fei said that these initiatives will significantly reduce the number of provinces and cities outside driving licence in Shanghai, would ease road congestion in urban area in Shanghai, which also reflect a fair and reasonable.

City traffic Commission response: research policy and pricing feasibility

Recommendations for Kang Li Fei, Shanghai Jiao Tong Wei presented "solutions" response.

According to the Shanghai traffic authority introduced in Shanghai totaled 3.04 million vehicles, foreign brand cars in city traffic for a long time has to 900,000 to 1 million vehicles, according to traffic congestion index found that, outside the licensed vehicles has become a prominent contradiction aggravated traffic jams in Shanghai. Despite the new measures introduced a high limit, but there is still room for further assessment if the effect of easing the traffic congestion are not up to, further measures will be taken.

Shanghai traffic Authority said, on charges of "congestion fee" proposal is the use of price mechanisms to regulate the city during peak traffic flow, a initiative to ease congestion, practice foreign cities, Beijing, Guangzhou and other cities has also carried out research.

Shanghai Jiao Tong Wei said, the next step, it will "congestion fee" put on the agenda of research on actively in conjunction with city authorities to carry out study of traffic congestion charge, further charging congestion fees in foreign countries to relieve the traffic pressure of, study the feasibility of policy and billing, pricing and other means.

The Shanghai Public Security Bureau said Fei Li Kang, representatives from other provinces and cities charge licence within the motor vehicle into the outer ring urban road congestion charge proposal for effective control of the other provinces the number plate motor vehicle travel, ease the vehicle total to play a positive role. Suggest that the municipal transportation authority in the process of formulating relevant policies and measures, synchronous consider long-term within outer ring road in Shanghai and other provinces the number plate car travel problems, and billing, charges and other technical means to conduct an in-depth study.

XI Jinping and his wife to visit the 90 minutes at Microsoft and gates also

Photo Source: Xinhua

United States 3:15 P.M. local time on September 23, President XI Jinping attended the Sino-US technology Titans gathered in the Internet Forum, along with wife Peng Liyuan also visited Microsoft headquarters. Microsoft satiya·Nadela, founder Bill Gates and his wife, Chief Executive and Chairman, accompanied Thompson, full access for up to 90 minutes.

"It takes longer than expected. "Microsoft Senior Vice President, greater China Chairman and CEO He Lefu (Ralph Haupter) then accepted interface journalists by video link, said in an interview. He and Microsoft Corp in the global Executive Vice President Qi Lu, Microsoft Executive Vice President Harry Shum as members of the welcoming team.

XI Jinping and his wife arrived, first by Satya on Microsoft's overall situation and Harry Shum demonstrates Microsoft's innovation and technology, and briefed XI on the Microsoft ecosystem, and CTE (China technology ecosystem) influence on China's industry. XI Jinping, also provide appropriate feedback to Microsoft.

He Lefu believes that XI's interest in high-tech show very much, there is a strong will shown you wish to use Microsoft's technology and innovation to drive the development of the economy as a whole.

Microsoft to show XI two technologies. A data visualization-related, display devices from the Surface of the newest hardware Hub of the company. Second is Microsoft HoloLens holographic glasses, augmented reality tools. During the XI Jinping and his wife were also hands-on.

Interface journalists understand that Microsoft data visualization technology now commercially available, but in terms of HoloLens holographic glasses, "we show the process design and medical scenarios, there are no commercial applications. "He Lefu said that according to the customer's usage and needs in the future, what kind of applications need to overlay to realize the commercialization of this technology.

He Lefu said XI Jinping and his wife Melinda Gates had a closed-door meeting of 4 people, but no one knows what they are talking about.

XI's visit is of unusual significance for Microsoft.

Microsoft hopes the visit to further enhance relations between China and the bridge. "It's not just Microsoft, is important to many companies, so we will do our best to promote the two national exchanges and cooperation, to make our contribution. "He Lefu said addition is to reflect Microsoft's commitment to the Chinese market, which is committed to innovation with China enterprises.

Microsoft did use concrete actions to show their attitude.

September 22-23rd, Microsoft has with the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai New Media Limited (hereinafter referred to as the Oriental Pearl TV Tower), the China electronics technology group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as CETC), violet shares, Baidu signed the cooperation agreement. Each item indicate that the company and the Chinese Government and enterprise cooperation is becoming more and more intensive.

As both strategy cooperation of another important part, East Pearl will deployment large by century interconnected operation of Office 365 cloud Office set, building cover all employees of unified tube control identity validation platform, and unified cloud mail platform, and unified communication platform, and unified portal and the based schema and unified shipped dimension monitoring platform, to achieved remote collaboration, and rates communication, and file shared, efficient convenient of function, help East Pearl optimization internal operation management, full upgrade enterprise productivity.

This isn't the first time Microsoft and the Oriental Pearl, after Microsoft game console Xbox One to enter China, also have a direct relationship with the Oriental Pearl. Over the next year, He Lefu interface reporters will also further investment plans to launch more than 20 new games.

Microsoft are mainly for the Chinese market in partnership with CETC's professional customers in the security, privacy and specific requirements for data management, and operating system technologies and services available to them. In addition, Microsoft Office 365 services to violet.

If cooperation with the CETC and violet, Oriental Pearl, show Microsoft is committed to addressing the concerns of the Chinese Government network security issues in good faith, cooperation with Baidu could explain a company become more open.

On September 23, Microsoft Windows 10 Microsoft announced that Baidu will become the Chinese market Edge browser's default home page and search engine. This also means that in the Chinese market, and Microsoft's own Bing will face further reduction of the market share.

"This decision was made, mostly for Chinese users with a better search experience. We are glad to see, through this partnership by Baidu's search functionality for more users. "He Lefu explained.

During a visit at the end of XI Jinping photo together with the CEO and overseas including China, and made a more formal speech. In this speech, he told Microsoft in the Chinese market over the past 20 years development has affirmed the contributions from and. For Internet and IT industries, XI Jinping believes Microsoft could attract more foreign enterprises to come to China on the one hand, on the other hand can play a better role in promoting development of local companies.

Interface journalists also learned, just two days before the visit, Microsoft and the Governors of eight or nine players from China in Smart City, cloud services development are discussed. Local urban cooperation, China will also provide more opportunities for the development of the company in China. Griffin

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Goldman Sachs CEO Blake Fei Enli lymphatic cancer successors guessing

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein. Photo: CFP

Forbes magazine reported that in a statement on Tuesday morning to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission Web site (SEC) and in a memo sent to employees, Goldman (Goldman Sachs), Chairman and Chief Executive Lloyd Blankfein (Lloyd Blankfein) publicly announced that he was suffering from lymphatic cancer, but he describes his symptoms "extremely easy to cure."

The illness "cure"

"Lucky is that I suffer from this type of lymphoma belongs to the high cure rate, the doctor and I think I very sure cure. "Mr Blankfein said in a statement.

According to the unnamed sources around, Blankfein has continued this summer weeks of not feeling well. Meanwhile, the Wall Street barons who looks thin a lot.

According to the New York Times reported, in order to take control of their illness, Mr Blankfein has to consult the doctor. Monday afternoon, he finally received a diagnosis.

A unauthorized Goldman employees said this publicly, Blankfein diagnosed about 7 o'clock the same evening, he and the 20 members of the Management Committee of Goldman Sachs embarked on secret talks, and also members of the Management Committee of Goldman's most senior executives.

Mr Blankfein is widely considered to be suffering from Lymphoma in the industry rate is higher. Under the United States National Cancer Institute (National Cancer Institute) data, lymphatic cancer in the United States the most common type of blood cancer. Figures show that the United States of all cases of cancer diagnosed last year, about 5% about 80,000 cases were lymphomas.

Typically, the disease originating in the body's lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is part of the body's immune system, lymphatic parts of tumors can be divided into huoqijimu Lymphoma (Hodgkin Lymphoma) and non-huoqijimu's Lymphoma (Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma).

According to Bloomberg, huoqijimu lymphoma is one more "easy cure" category, each year in the United States probably claimed the lives of 5,000 people. Treatment conditions have been significantly improved in the past 50 years, almost 90% huoqijimu Lymphoma patients can live at least five years after diagnosis. In patients with non-huoqijimu's lymphoma is more common in more "lethal", about 38,000 deaths per year.

Blankfein did not disclose in a statement he was suffering from what type of lymphoma.

Legendary life

Cancer will no doubt be Blankfein faced new challenges, the financial giant's life basically called the Horatio Alger (Horatio Alger) the reality version of the novel. He is a native New Yorker, family – his father was a postman and his mother was a receptionist – even if born in Brooklyn neighborhoods for low-income families, from an early age can only be educated in public schools, he was admitted to Harvard Law School, and rely on schools to provide scholarships and other financial aid to complete their studies. Chengdu private finance 70 finance guarantee agency

According to the New York Times reported, joining Jay company (J. Aron and Company), he worked as a lawyer, Jay company subsequently annexed by Goldman in its subsidiaries. At Goldman Sachs, he was at first a gold salesman and later became joint head of the trading desk at Goldman Sachs, the former Goldman Sachs Chairman Henry Paulson (Henry Paulson) his work.

In 2006, Paulson left Goldman Sachs to become United States after Treasury, Blankfein took over his job. In any of these years, he led Goldman Sachs a smooth transition in the subprime mortgage crisis, in a rapidly changing financial world, steadily.

Sell gold starting from decades past, he is already the Wall Street giants, and became "the legality of gay marriage" on social issues, such as "voice" that can have a social impact of "big men".

In recent years the Goldman Imperial guardian plays an increasingly important role in public, often appearing all over the country, with local politicians to promote the company's charitable activities.

Today, the battle with cancer for its legendary life experiences another pen. In an open letter, Mr Blankfein played down the treatment of lymphatic cancer needs to overcome difficulties.

"In this world, each day there are countless people who are fighting cancer. I will learn from their experience in the treatment. "He said," I feel motivated, and look forward to start treatment as soon as possible. "

Second cancer, the Wall Street investment bank CEO

Now 61, Lloyd Blankfein, Wall Street's first at the helm of the Investment Bank during the CEO announced that she was suffering from cancer. Bloomberg reported that in July 2014, the JPMorgan Chase (JPMorgan Chase) Chief Executive Jamie Dimon (Jamie Dimon) said, suffering from throat cancer, he began radiation treatment at hospital. Two executives announced the illness similar to the way Mr Dimon also claimed that her cancer was "curable".

During the treatment, Mr Dimon still active over the CEO position, and keep up the sick with similar work rhythm. In December last year, the JPMorgan Chase executives told company employees in New York, said doctors have been completely unable to detect any cancer cells in his body. "I hope my friend Lloyd as soon as possible, completely healed. "Damon said," including me, his family and friends will give him lots of love and support and I pray for him and his family. "

The New York Times reported, have lent a helping hand to Goldman during the financial crisis and help them ride out the storm "Warren" Warren Buffett (Warren Buffett) also expressed his best wishes for old Blankfein. Buffett himself was diagnosed with prostate cancer in April 2012, and announced in September of that year he completed chemotherapy.

Who is the successor

Forbes magazine reported that Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein said in the next few months he will be in New York to accept chemotherapy. He got his doctor's recommendations during the course of treatment, still works. However, previously scheduled travel trip could be canceled--on this issue he has and its Board of Directors was discussed, the Board of Directors expressed support for his decision.

According to the financial times of London reported, although it was currently Wall Street investment banks, in one of the longest serving CEO, Blankfein still has confided to colleagues that he was not anxious to leave. Helm of Goldman Sachs Blankfein has stepped into its Nineth year, under his leadership, Goldman Sachs, recover from the impact of the financial crisis step by step, extending its position as one of the world's top investment banks.

Recently, Mr Blankfein is committed to promoting the company into "technocratic", he launched an instant messaging service platform Symphony to Bloomberg (Bloomberg) built-in communication systems challenge and went on a hiring technical talent.

Mr Blankfein said, hopes about Goldman's return on equity was steady at 10%, and will consider the transition to the other hands decision.

However, news of cancer if disclosed, concerned about Goldman's future will be more closely. Analysts and investors have long been in doubt, around who's next CEO Blankfein's most powerful person? Now, the problem is even more urgent.

According to the New York Times reported that several of the internal sources requested anonymity, possible successors at present has been focused on a small group of Goldman Sachs executives.

If Blankfein, retiring in the near future, the most likely successor is his Deputy--the company's Chief Operating Officer (COO) Gary Cohen (Gary Cohn). Since 2006, Cohen has served as the President of the company, he is six years younger than the incumbent CEO, once described by the industry as Goldman Sachs Empire "Prince Charles" – have been waiting for the "throne" of the "Crown Prince".

Status in Cohen zhixia of has full generation more young of Goldman management layer, which including the company of Chief Financial Officer hawei·shiwaci (Harvey Schwartz), he had is the company of trading competent; also including investment banking sector of joint competent David • by Luo door (David m. Solomon), he had long-term engaged in do city business; also has Deputy Chairman, and Goldman European business joint head maikeer·she wood (Michael Sherwood), He competition was long believed to be a strong candidate for CEO.

There has also been discussion within the group, joint head of trading pabuluo·salamei (Pablo Salame) since investment banks play an important role in the inner most core business, also has the potential to be the new CEO of the future candidate.

However, the financial times said, the competition is mainly between the Gary Cohen and hawei·shiwaci. On Monday morning, when Blankfein has just learned that he had cancer and had to cancel at the company during a panel discussion in the evening, was assigned to attend on his behalf were Gary Cohen, who had to change itineraries, came all the way from Singapore to fly back to New York.

Portalis partnership (Portales Partners) analyst baoluo·guerbeige (Paul Gulberg) also said in a telephone interview: "Mr Blankfein was clearly a great business leaders, but Gary Cohen closest to him as a person, has been sitting too long ' reserve bench '. For any one individual or a company, and this (cancer Blankfein) is a sad thing, but from a business point of view, I think that Goldman Sachs can successfully cross this hurdle. "

According to the New York Times reported, people talk the next at the helm of the Investment Bank is not the first time. Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan's Chief Executive, announced his cancer last year has led to many speculations. Several JPMorgan executives are leaving earlier, about who his successor Mr Dimon's position was also questionable.

Bloomberg News reported that CEO Lloyd Blankfein reported illness on 11:26 A.M. (New York time), Goldman Sachs shares fell 2.8% to $ 178.28 per share.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ali travel future of real data and financial warfare

Photo: Getty Images Courier prices Six private express delivery companies

In the coming national day holidays, or if you go to Beijing Happy Valley Shenzhen overseas Chinese city, you can feel the "scenic spot of the future" prototype.

Wants to into "future scenic", visitors can ahead of a days in Ali travel "to Ah" client for appointment, appointment success Hou will get a II dimension code, to has scenic door can directly sweep code Park, not needed again addition queued tickets or for votes, and tickets money will in visitors brush code Park Hou 24 hours automatically from paid treasure account in the deduction, not need again addition implementation any operation. If Sesame credit score of 600 points.

Meanwhile, visitors to scenic spots can be consumed in use Alipay in the scenic, and can open the "go" or Taobao clients find the location of facilities, attractions and so on.

"Want to be able to co-operate with the scenic, and there is more innovation in consumer services. "Ali Li Shaohua, President of travel on September 22 in Shenzhen overseas Chinese town" area in the future, "the ceremony said. In his view, traditional tourism industry pain points such as lack of transparency, queue, and change can be solved by technical means.

This isn't the first time Ali Baba playing the "future" of the concept. Until then, Alibaba has already made "future hotel" "airport of the future" and "Hospital of the future". These so-called "future services" ants with Alibaba gold clothing, and more specifically is a super App and its Alipay has much to do.

Last May, released the PayPal wallet is named "Hospital of the future" program. Under this program, PayPal wallet opens its platform to medical institutions in the future, including account systems, mobile platforms, payment and financial solutions, data platform, to help hospitals in the age of the mobile Internet becomes more efficient.

In June this year, Ali announced strategic relationships and Shanghai Airport group, prepared to use PayPal wallet to create "airport of the future". Consumption within the airport, even the surrounding business district, mainly Shanghai Disneyland will access PayPal wallet, tried to PayPal into a one-stop flight services platform.

In September this year, Marriott International announced that will be its first in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong to 10 hotels in first to access PayPal service. First stage-live "credit" products, creditworthy consumers, after booking when you check in, you can deposit directly admitted, when you check out you can also queue-free card direct from the store, the price pays the valuable account is automatically debited.

"The tourism industry is very competitive, the original business model more through a Commission model, in terms of market competition more often take the form of a price war, leading tourism industry's overall low gross margins. Starting from two years ago, many OTA firms have begun to start a financial business, traveling behind the development of the industry is at the financial level of the game. "Mango NET Vice President Ye Qiaochun journalist said on the interface.

Since last year, OTA constantly in financial operations with the stakes. Ctrip was established as early as 2013, the Financial Division. Jingdong become passers-cow's largest shareholder last year launched the "Beijing East white", and the way the bull announced on September 18 that became the first online travel business with Fund sales business qualifications. Go and flashing white launch "flower" consumer financial products, peace Bank cooperation and push for inclusive financial products.

And if the development of financial business, it must involve a great deal of data collection and analysis, this is where he has always emphasized and attaches importance to the DT (Data Technology).

"The future value chain finance can be used upstream and downstream data to traders. Value-added services through financial means to build new business models, the benefits of this approach is, first light, the second is the relatively high barriers to competition, unlike the previous OTA only needs to make some adjustments in the price to. "Ye Qiaochun said.

In October last year, Alibaba official's aviation Division was upgraded to air brigades group, "Taobao travel" upgraded to a new independent brand "go". Since then, Ali did more than with ctrip and where OTA price war, more reach for the upstream industry chain, take advantage of the platform and data to form differentiation.

Formally established in "go" before September, Alibaba Group announced to 2.81 billion strategic investment in the nation's largest information services based on information, holds 15% shares, while the company frequently. In April this year, Shi Ji information announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary of focus information technology limited to about 43 million Yuan to subscribe Galasys PLC 20% shares in the company. Galasys PLC is the theme park software and systems integrators.

Under the leadership of Ali, so a lot of strategic investment.

Under the traditional model of competition, each link in the pre-sale, and sale of tourism enterprises compete competition, but for consumers to book the real concern to enjoy tourism products is relatively small. Regardless of whether OTA or to Ah, area of distribution channels, the reality is that these online travel business-led development area under the line, and the area under the line of low degree of information always exists, consumer lines experienced service has not improved.

"OTA's innovation in the travel industry in the past has focused on buying links, in a true offline experience of innovation is rare. In terms of area the navigation alone, still many opportunities, consumers still many pain points in this regard. "Ye Qiaochun said.

And more importantly, getting around areas where markets have become the major OTA competing, trying to seize the flow inlet, more driving frequency is low, but sales per customer transaction more medium to long term tourism products. Join chenghewanda has huge investment and travel.

2015 issued according to iResearch, China online tourism industry research report, China's online travel market around 2014 to reach 11.07 billion yuan, of which, with travel to 15.8% shares in the market first, almost equal to the sum of the second and third share.

"Ali on travel data and platform has its advantages, but traditional OTA platform has its own characteristics, patterns of online travel industry has not settled. "Powerhouse consulting Chief Analyst Wei Changren journalists told interface.

During the on-site visit "area in the future", the China Tourism Academy Associate Professor Yang Yanfeng told journalists told interface: "scenic spot of the future" implementation is still relatively limited, map navigation is not very clear, data overlay is not very good, there are a lot of details to continue to deepen.