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69 CHAN Vanessa retired from the University of Hong Kong I am a journalist I

On September 1, 2016, as new students enter the Hong Kong University's journalism and Media Studies Center (Journalism and Media Studies Centre, referred to as JMSC), they will no longer see the foot of the short hair black, wind the "little old lady".

On August 31, is CHAN, Vanessa (Ying Chan) on the last day of the University of Hong Kong. In celebration of her formal retirement, JMSC specifically held a farewell party in it, named "a Celebration of Journalism with Ying Chan".

69, CHAN, Vanessa retired from the University of Hong Kong: I am a journalist, I have is credibility

CHAN, Vanessa (Ying Chan)

Two months ago, the society of publishers in Asia (SOPA) grant CHAN, Vanessa annual "honor member" title, in recognition of her lifetime achievement in journalism and outstanding contributions.

The news veteran's "legends" have no medal to show: as the first United States the Chinese mainstream media reporters, she had because of reported smuggling tragedy was "snakehead gangs" a reward to kill, had exposed the KMT senior officials political funding scandal are being sued for slander.

Leave the news line, she devoted the financial media journalism education contrasts with their Mainland counterparts is always optimism. She founded the JMSC, 1 Assistant 2-room development to the present worldwide – more than 100 a year more than half of graduates are international students.

SOPA Awards speech, CHAN, Vanessa said, today more than at any time in the past in need of good news, and the good news has always been her first love, "we live in an age of uncertainty ... ... But the good news could not be stopped. No one can stop thinking and writing across physical boundaries. "

"No sector of the Center"

18 years ago, CHAN, Vanessa returned to Hong Kong from New York starting at the JMSC, she thought she was up for two or three years. "Hong Kong's retirement age is 60 years old, can be extended to 65 years old, and then I got 69! "CHAN, Vanessa tells the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), waiting for this day for a long time. With that, she laughed.

69, CHAN, Vanessa retired from the University of Hong Kong: I am a journalist, I have is credibility

JMSC students to CHAN, Vanessa poster "gift" to mark 18 years she founded the JMSC course. Menz

As early as at the beginning of April 2016, when released by the newly appointed Director, CHAN, Vanessa and an older colleague about a "retirement party". But people who know her say she was absolutely "back over".

In early May, surging news seen in Hong Kong when CHAN, Vanessa, small semester just ended, she had to report to the school Office from time to time, busy changed student assignment, report their work, receive visitors.

Coinciding with a mainland media coming to visit, would like to invite her to a visiting Professor, asking politely, "you should have plenty of time after retirement? "

CHAN, Vanessa immediately threw up shouting, "no!" You ask them (Assistant), I get more and more busy? "Its crazy and the final exam high school girls is no different. This "no age" is generally referred to by her students and colleagues.

"Along the way" along the "capital"? Investment in digital media? Surging when journalists confirm with CHAN, Vanessa, she smiled and noncommittal, "plans are there, but it's hard to tell. Those are very small. "She only identified and preparatory work had started, is a collection of memoirs, nature's thought comments.

The mainland media when communicating with CHAN, Vanessa, words full of internationalization, double anxiety of journalism education in the era of new media:

"Journalism has developed rapidly on the Mainland, our course content and industry-lagging increasingly isolated";

"Monitoring of public opinion still using traditional telephone access, the teacher is very anxious";

"Journalism education should reflect the international character of the city, what Hong Kong can learn from? "


69, CHAN, Vanessa retired from the University of Hong Kong: I am a journalist, I have is credibility

On August 31, 2016, the Hong Kong University journalism and Media Studies Centre CHAN, Vanessa on the last day of the University of Hong Kong.

CHAN, Vanessa JMSC response Hong Kong experience, lowered his voice and several times with quipped, "we are a small unit", and not without admiration, "you so much resources, developing so fast, too many things that can be done. "

Exchanges in the Center Hall. This British-style three-story red brick building, the Hong Kong University age, in the relief of the mountain campus, enjoys a leafy, fountain ripples.

Baiyusui brick walls, unexpected grafting the youngest discipline in school at the beginning of the new century, into a multimedia news inclusive education "experiment". It doesn't even say "Department", but merely called journalism and Media Studies Centre. This is founder CHAN, Vanessa's "smart".

"Administrative good operation of the Centre, you can avoid a lot of trivial, such as meetings, evaluation procedures. "CHAN, Vanessa and journalists talk about the surging development, still with the excitement and glory of the entrepreneur," you can't get inside in large organizations, innovation, but good innovation from the brink. "

In July 1998, CHAN, Vanessa has been in Colombia visiting professor at the school of journalism at the University for two years. When Hong Kong's senior leadership she wanted to be a news item, she immediately put forward some suggestions: be professional (Professional), and not purely theoretical; international, this is our big advantage first from master class held on, facing the news industry has to take, and then gradually admitted undergraduate and doctoral. These points form the basis of the JMSC framework different from the Chinese University of Hong Kong School of journalism and academic qualities.

In January 2000, established JMSC, CHAN, Vanessa as the Center Director. Its most notable characteristic is "no sector", a fusion of media from the outset, breaking the traditional news faculty news, radio, television, communication, advertising, and other professional barriers. Until 2013, the Columbia School of journalism into a graduate students regardless of major.

"Each Department Director, Fusion media do? Resource allocation, who who served, we have no such problem. "CHAN, Vanessa, frankly.

JMSC has required students to take "double major" (double degree). "1+1" structure of discipline, in addition to the regular basic subjects such as politics, sociology, economics, most respected CHAN, Vanessa is a minor in computer science. Many teachers of the JMSC public health, computer engineering interdisciplinary background.

"Forever on startup"

CHAN, Vanessa said, development of the JMSC is "no baggage," more important is to focus on, "we focus our limited resources on the training of talents in information, no public relations major (major), but Interestingly our students go out to do public relations, communication, business is good. "

69, CHAN, Vanessa retired from the University of Hong Kong: I am a journalist, I have is credibility

A Celebration of Journalism with Ying Chan farewell party on August 31 at Loke Yew Hall, the University of Hong Kong, more than 300 JMSC students and alumni to participate in, do not forget to discuss "innovation and the future of journalism". Menz

Out from the JMSC students, in the media industry for more than half, in journalism schools have very high rates. CHAN, Vanessa not only for the large Office proud of young journalists from international news agencies, also clapped for new entrepreneurs to success: the student Michelle Yuan, she founded a wedding website, this year's Forbes Asia magazine "30 under 30 young leaders (30 under 30)".

"You're a good reporter, you can do anything. "CHAN, Vanessa on students of development is has emboldened, in she seems, news education of core skills--independent thinking, and processing complex information, and in the English level, and content making, and oriented public spread and so on--is not variable of, just technology, and tool platform constantly update," told story of method variable has, but you also is as wrote story, seeking really realistic seeking beauty, keep himself of style. "

Development and future of the news industry, CHAN, Vanessa has always been a positive person. Actually, she also has enough of capital: 16 years Qian, JMSC on has taught training blog writing tool, job is wrote wiki Wikipedia; at least 5 years Qian taught data Visual of news; in recent years also opened media venture class, let students in making content outside also to master technology, and commercial, and market; now JMSC students learning of object including 360 degrees panorama camera, and no machine airlines took, also has latest of AR, and VR technology......

Media people Li Zixin CHAN, Vanessa's character is classified as "journalist personality": herself on new technologies has a strong sense of curiosity and study spiritual--iPhone, Macbook, micro-blogging, micro-, which had just started scattered public numbers, CHAN, Vanessa began to observe.

"Wan-ying, inclusive vision of the mind, professional people. Her embrace of new media, is very rare in her generation. "The FT Chinese network Editor, journalism professor Zhang Lifen surging told journalists, when many news people are rather wary of new media when fear, may CHAN, Vanessa is Asia's first journalism college to see new media potential and prospects of the forerunner, and soon introduced traditional news education.

They met together to discuss most is the new media and journalistic professionalism. Today, CHAN, Vanessa looking farther, on the future of university education: the nature of university education is to train professionals, or the personality? Internet education as an open knowledge acquisition system, the University will lose its worth?

"She stayed in College for more than 10 years, such criticism. At her age, she thought of openness surprised me. "Zhang Lifen said.

Along with these thoughts, and from June 2013, the JMSC continuously test water Mu (MOOC), pioneer of distance education in Hong Kong and Asia.

"Now in journalism skills require more and more, technology is developing so fast, no matter which school to meet all the, (related field) teacher come when your professor is not possible, you have to ' trap ' the world. "Surging CHAN, Vanessa told journalists.

In early April this year, build MOOC JMSC independent platform, to join hands in Google News lab launch a five-week news of the data basis of the MU class, attracted more than 120 countries and more than 4000 people registration.

Lecturer respectively, Permanent Mission of United States, and Thailand, China, Hong Kong and other places, some of them are graduates of the JMSC, the press has become a veteran in the field. They complete interactive teaching through video recording, Internet Forum.

"We are startup (startup), always innovative, because journalism is changing, to meet the challenge. "CHAN, Vanessa said," I have only one small building, I want to use my brain, my way. Education is the most important resource is people, including teachers, students, and friends around, these resources can be mobilized. To do one thing well, breaking the habit, not without breaking. "


CHAN, Vanessa, and revolves around a "big international corps."

Especially in 2003 by Li Ka-Shing of invited reform Shantou University news education Shi, CHAN, Vanessa extended range Rover has United States CBS (Colombia broadcast company) Qian News Deputy President, and "60 minutes" Qian producer Peter Herford, international famous field reporter Peter Arnet, a international top reporter composition teachers, more sent students reporter mission overseas internship, reported United States President election, and South Africa World Cup, major event, makes industry and academic attention.

CHAN, Vanessa's Assistant Li Zixin said that Shantou's geographical and cultural aspects of disadvantage, but played the "good cards".

CHAN, Vanessa for this is "gentle winds and light clouds." The two "Peter" is the lowering of the Arnet, even after seeing the job through email sent out my resume. "Good people have common values and ideals, know that you are really doing things rather than pointing, no more talking about it. "

But behind this there is no lack of courage. Different from the flexible employment system in Hong Kong, journalism schools recruit teachers qualified in the Mainland for a long time and paper, light professional experience, CHAN, Vanessa insisted on "breaking the myth of Dr, respect the professionalism of the industry, does not make them second-class citizens."

In March 2007, the Shantou University Yangtze River of journalism and communication, school of journalism school in the country's first integrated media lab. Director Hu Lu feng has "cross-media" said after 20 has been involved in record production, music publishing, science and technology, broadcasting, film and animation production.

At an international workshop, he happened to meet a "typing fast Lady", but soon later never class myself is from what University she was recruited to Shantou, "that's enough frenzied! Then do some crazy things on it! "Memories of lufeng, surging to journalists, opened such as programming, movies, language laboratory, and many other" unprecedented "courses, in addition to the standard" Apple computer ", students use 4K super high definition movie cameras even the envy of the industry.

Peter Herford surging told journalists that "entrepreneurship" at the beginning, he and unanimous support to the practice of CHAN, Vanessa, international standards of education and multimedia technology. "She is an energetic worker, an idea a minute, quickly moved to the next topic, someone else needs to keep up with her train of thought. Having problems to solve, many people lacked creativity, fear of action, but she was like a ray of light flashed from the darkness of the cave. "

Every few days to Shantou, and Hong Kong between run, also has countless of International Conference Exchange, more bit friends described CHAN, Vanessa "super long standby", often midnight two or three points also in sent mail, let young are beats; she also has magic of "charging range" capacity, sometimes in one talk in, she quietly playing up has sleepy, but a blink and Vim to catch has conversation, called "seamless convergence".

CHAN, Vanessa in the industry has a "Typhoon Ying (Ying hurricane)" said. Best evidence perhaps of Shantou University Yangtze River news and communication teachers reported academic integrity issues, she decided to resign after only 5 minutes.

In October 2013, she also has publicly issued a question the new President candidate in Hong Kong "didn't know anything about China", University of Hong Kong "not retreat in front of responsibility in the age of" not afraid to set foot on the cusp.

"China is the biggest story"

"I was a journalist, I have nothing, I have is my credibility. "This sentence of CHAN, Vanessa, Nanfang media group, the former Deputy Editor in Chief Jiang Yi-memory.

69, CHAN, Vanessa retired from the University of Hong Kong: I am a journalist, I have is credibility

University of Hong Kong

In late December 1997, Jiang Yiping when I first saw CHAN, Vanessa, she just left the first ranks of journalists, United States Media Research Center as a researcher of the Foundation. She talked about his former club, the New York Daily News dedicated 32 version did the previous day, Princess Diana on the cover the two little princes first Christmas without her mother and harrumphs, "it was an abuse of the public media! "

Public media, CHAN, Vanessa vocal also has sharp.

South China Morning Post senior reporter maijun in Shantou Dahe JMSC schooling in Hong Kong, in memory of him, CHAN, Vanessa news stories rarely speak up in class, but the spirit that inspired go hand in hand, "from a young age she began focusing on public issues and the public interest, has retained a sense of Justice, a sense of history and a sense of participation. "

This concern has been extended to journalism education. 2003 JMSC established China's media studies program, the famous journalist Qian gang, Director of the project. For many years, a group of Chinese scholars and senior media person invited to the JMSC for short-term visitors, lectures.

JMSC Office corridors, a row of display Windows hangs in the head, and the editing and publishing of books. "In the past more than 10 years, JMSC is between the Mainland and Hong Kong, an OASIS to discuss the news, what is worth remembering. "Zhang Lifen said.

Li Zixin said CHAN, Vanessa in advancing in the course of journalism, journalism in the Mainland provide help many young journalists, "planted a lot of seeds", who would have become the backbone of journalism.

CHAN, Vanessa surging told journalists, "I knew right from the start, Center for development, journalism education and inseparable from the Mainland, it is our resources and commitment, but also our challenge. As soon as I have the opportunity to go to the Mainland to make friends, I'm going to be honest. "

Zou Sicong JMSC graduates have seen many Hong Kong senior media person, thinking and political understanding of the media ", only prison, failed to keep up with the times," but CHAN, Vanessa is different, "she said media attention on the Mainland and the Mainland is very deep, she always emphasizes professionalism, focus on what you have done, not said what. "

CHAN, Vanessa is like saying, "China is the biggest story." Where is the best story in China? Her answer was "at the bottom". "China's social transition, a lot of conflict, grief, joy or ' Chinese go ' influence is so big, many Chinese stories on the outside, in the whole world. "

So she often worried students, "go out! "

"Once the reporter, a journalist"

Covering China (China), CHAN, Vanessa is master on the last course in Hong Kong. Just graduated from HKU JMSC Shen Zhefan remembers, in class, he tells a story of educated youth returned home unable to integrate into the local community, CHAN, Vanessa said excitedly, or you fly next week to do this problem, I can't find the edit, and channels to express. Let Shen Zhefan turned to check the flight time.

69, CHAN, Vanessa retired from the University of Hong Kong: I am a journalist, I have is credibility

Hong Kong media described CHAN, Vanessa "iron shoulders stylus." The South China Morning Post cartoon cartoonist Harry Harrison as painted by CHAN, Vanessa "riders portraits", is also the farewell gift from JMSC students. Menz

Most of the time, CHAN, Vanessa unsparing. Students are most afraid of hearing her say, "What's the story? Where are your stories? "

Class app group, CHAN, Vanessa sometimes send a link, just like classes, and called on everyone to "do the story." Students accustomed to CHAN, Vanessa's "push", often silent, no one answered, but from that point on the bottom pulls out a journalist should have a sense of urgency.

Every graduation season, students have come to her advice, CHAN, Vanessa always encouraged them, and some help starting a resume directly. Maijun remembers, always harsh standards she seems to be "lowered his request" and "news offer first began to do, instead of focusing is the field of newspapers, television, the Internet or what, but not married, don't like change." She always emphasizes, "is important to learn and build your portfolio. "

"According to" is the word most students when it comes to CHAN, Vanessa. Zou Sicong memories, CHAN, Vanessa knows he likes reading, seeing him often said, "not just from reading to reading, to be translated into action"; another girl who likes to make movies, also recommended that she not only films, but to read to learn more. "She will focus on seeing the shortage, and then push you with professional level. "Zou Sicong said.

"She looked into your eyes, always mild kind, but it reveals a stream of edge and determined, let your unconscious as be reassured, anxiety and bad mood instantly slow down. "A Shantou University students once wrote on the Internet," Thanks Dean, chicken soup for the chicken blood, went through the same years, dedicated to King. "

JMSC students Zhang Qianye impressed by CHAN, Vanessa that sentence, saying, "Once a journalist, always a journalist. (reporter, a journalist)," "she applies this standard to the teaching at all levels. "

In a review article, Zhang Qianye recalled twice got criticized for lack of professional experience.

Once on Facebook, are incensed about an event, Zhang Qianye forwarded a number of related articles, comments are also very emotional, directed to the thinking that the "cause". CHAN, Vanessa sees followers asked her whether the facts of, and immediately makes her a moment.

And on another occasion she posted on social networks is a photo of a State official. After CHAN, Vanessa asks her, "have you ever seen a photo of real journalists will send its own officials? "Although Zhang Qianye has left the media industry, but it reminded her of" fleeting glimpse of his childish ".

Zhang Lifen is a former Hong Kong University visiting professor at the JMSC, his students see there precious information seeking and career aspirations, "the call of duty and ideals of professionalism is essential to journalists, professional training of University students in Hong Kong reflects the good news and public education. "

After graduation, maijun, and Zou Sicong and CHAN, Vanessa continued to maintain contact with teachers, students and friends. She will ask students to do what topics and advisory recommendations on vocational students will continue to be confused. Her analysis is always according to the students ' characteristics, calm, and very practical.

"Good teachers on students ' attention and education are not terminated with the end of the graduation ceremony of the. "Zhang Qianye wrote.

(Thanks to Hu Pan, assistance from Menz interviewed for this article) Lei Zheng Fu jail sounds crimes denies leaking