Wednesday, November 9, 2016

New Zoo area larger than the city of Lanzhou ecological Council denied that

In early August this year, Lanzhou Zoo's relocation plan is made public and Lanzhou, according to local media reports, the new Zoo planning area features ten ecological water system, top ten camping base, Rose Hall, hunting areas, recreation areas, and so on.

One of the "hunt" of animal protection organizations raised concerns.

Recently, the "save the performing animals" project volunteers sent a letter to the municipal administration of ecological construction in Lanzhou (hereinafter "ecology, Lanzhou City Council"), calls for the suspension "human hunting". Subsequent ecological responses of Lanzhou said the new Zoo planning and without human hunting ground.

The afternoon of November 9, surging to ecology, Lanzhou City Council news (www.thepaper.CN) sent a report "on the hunting ground of public opinion" replies, new Safari Park within the project planning of Lanzhou city "without human hunting ground planning."

New Zoo area larger than the city of Lanzhou, ecological Council denied that human hunting New Zoo area larger than the city of Lanzhou, ecological Council denied that human hunting

The afternoon of November 9, ecological construction in Lanzhou to surge back from news of the authority file.

The afternoon of 9th, ecology, Lanzhou City Council parks (Parks Department) surging a Director surnamed Yang told the press, the Government had approved 270 sq km planned area is used to build a new Wildlife Park, "bigger than the main city of Lanzhou area."

She said approval at that time, "get the task was flustered, don't know how to do the job", while the game concept, is idea for specific planning in Council of different cases, "may be a word you were mentioned in my discussion of the phrase".

Yang also introduced by the Director, after ECO Council has never released official information on the planning of zoos, there cannot be any planning on hunting ground.

Lanzhou ecological Council denied artificial hunting plan

New Zoo construction of artificial hunting, eco-9th in Lanzhou city in response to the surging News said: "in the context of project planning, based on relevant laws and regulations of the State and the principle of protection of animals, no human hunting ground plan. "

The reply also made clear, will be built for the Wildlife Park in Lanzhou "set of animal protection and breeding, disease diagnosis and treatment, education, travel and tourism as one of the animal protection bases, training bases and watch the tourist base of popular science. "Which does not mention the hunting area of planning.

Introduced in this reply, wildlife parks located in the District of Lanzhou, gaolan County, of Lanzhou junction in yongdeng County, about 270 square kilometers of the total area. At present, the Lanzhou city ecological planning and Design Bureau had commissioned a third party units, complete the Zoo after the related conceptual planning and detailed construction plan will be submitted to the approval of the municipal government.

Earlier in August, ecological, media reports from the Council was informed that the "artificial game plan", November 9, for park management, ecological Bureau Director surnamed Yang at the Park explained that, when approved, station "get task flustered, don't know how to do the job." Artificial game concept is differing ideas on specific planning in the Bureau's case, "may be a word you were mentioned in my discussion of the phrase".

On August 3, 2016, the Lanzhou morning post had reported that the newspaper from the ecology Bureau, Lanzhou city, Lanzhou municipal party Committee chaired a Conference on August 1 in gaolan County he Zhen, park planning and construction in Lanzhou recent briefing on proposed Wildlife Park in Lanzhou in Lanzhou area and Lanzhou, gaolan County, between the old city of nine he Zhen.

The report said, according to the plan, new Safari Park of Lanzhou City intends to rely on the construction of Green Park Wildlife Zoo, a project, build the first core area of Safari, including birds, water birds, meat and 12 functional areas such as primates. At the northern end of the region, near the area where building Safari second core area around two core are arranged top ten eco-system, top ten camping base, Rose Hall, hunting areas, recreation areas, ecological farms, such as outward bound camp.

These media reports, in particular the "hunting grounds," said animal protection organization "save the performing animals" in late October sent a letter to the ecological Council in Lanzhou, require the disclosure of information, and called for the halt "human hunting".

In early November, the organization received municipal Bureau of ecological responses are: in the new Safari Park project "no human hunting plan."

Expert: the hunt field and Zoo features contrary to

Zoo and hunting can work together? Experts said hunting fields and functionality is totally contrary to the Zoo.

Sun Quanhui, senior scientific advisor of the World Organisation for animal protection Association says if you set Safari Zoo, will completely contrary to nature conservation and the zoo itself the function of education, "passed to the public, in particular children and what kind of information? Advocate killing animals? "

"Currently, the Zoo has been from the earliest shows, watch, science gradually turned to conservation and education, and pay more attention to the protection of wildlife, as well as respect for animal life, so, if you want to include hunting features in the Zoo, is a concept of regression, and contrary to the trend of development of civilization. "Sun Quanhui said. A middle school teacher in Shanxi province AA

Researcher, Institute of Zoology of Shaanxi Province Wu Xiaomin told the word news, Zoo and game host and two sets of procedures and approaches to management are independent of each other: the Director of the Zoo is the forestry and construction sectors, while hunting is forestry and public security departments, the latter requirements more stringent than the former.

In addition, both involve completely different kinds of animals.

Wu Xiaomin introduction, Zoo animals from different places, and hunting hunt animals, generic local resource is rich in or in the vicinity of farming, a large number of animals.

If you build the two, Wu Xiaomin considered inappropriate, "I haven't seen the Zoo and hunting ground for common building situations. "

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Shijiazhuang responses to environmental monitoring stations near the closed

Xinhua, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Party Committee propaganda Department official micro-blog on November 5, media governance, institution road muck car mount problems, Xinhua district, the District Government attaches, quickly obliged 57 Street Office for rectification.

Is ordered 57 street offices to remove roadblocks and restore traffic.

Sinotrans is the muck main channel b was given University Road, vehicle loading, fast speed, violation, accident prone, tissue Chengguan, traffic police and other departments to strengthen the institution of joint law enforcement efforts along the road, to investigate and punish illegal transport of waste trucks and other heavy vehicles, regulating traffic order, to protect the students, residents along travel safety.

Three is the study taking a slow and long-term measures such as traffic law enforcement system, solving residents too quickly, noise nuisance, the road leaving behind serious problems. Won t inform the Commission for discipline inspection

Four is sent to investigate things through to further processing.

The night of November 4, all three check points have been removed, traffic police, city departments have started joint law enforcement, xuefu road traffic order.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Video the deflagration fire in Tangshan a woman 6 jumped onlookers shouted don

On November 1, a "women's fire jumped from the balcony" video in a fermentation on Twitter. Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from Tangshan, caofeidian district information Office confirmed that the incident in city of caofeidian district Tanghai Town youth, allegedly because a gas explosion caused residential fires, the woman fell injured in the escape process before they were taken to hospital for medical treatment. Destructive of the procuratorial daily newspaper

Residential property owners shoot two short video shows, a fire in the high-rise residential building 6, a woman suspected of being forced to balconies, residents kept downstairs shouted "don't jump." Meanwhile, flames spread to the balcony, down the woman leapt from a balcony, fall on the ground, residents gave a scream downstairs.

Residential property owners surging Mr Lee told the news of the incident, the burning city of caofeidian district of Tanghai Town youth community, women are 6 floors of one household. About 1 o'clock in the afternoon the same day, gas explosion set off a fire inside the House the woman, trapped on the balcony, in the process of escaping attempted to jump to the opposite drain, but missed the final fall. "Fortunately, fall is building buffer when a few times, or people in danger. "

Caofeidian, Tangshan City Government Press Office informed the evening of 1st November 1, 2016 13:06 P.M., city of caofeidian district Tanghai Town youth a household gas explosion occurred, no death, exploding in the fire has been put out. Exploding customer-one woman fell injured in the escape, has been admitted to hospital for treatment.

Reported that after initial investigation, suspected gas leakage caused explosion. At present, the district, the District Government has set up a leading group for disposal, organize relevant departments to rehabilitation treatment and follow-up will be published.