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School in Henan province were found by charge charge hundreds of Yuan after

School in Henan province were found by charge: charge hundreds of Yuan after ten, used to reward good students

NET exposure of receipts issued Harbin sky high priced fish that customer my boss

Beijing authorities wide nets on February 27, according to voice of the news vertical and horizontal reports, recently, the online revelations said, North of yanjin, Henan Xinxiang scores ten students of the class of the school 200-500 fees charged, used to reward students with good grades. Tan school notification messages among parents and receipt, the receipt issued by the school, receiving only "fee" in two words. After a number of parents visiting the school in protest. Charging standard charge response due to the school the school is a private school charging standards determined by the school's Board of Directors.

School in Henan province were found by charge: charge hundreds of Yuan after ten, used to reward good students

Vertical and horizontal reviews: schools may appear to motivate students to learn, contrary to the original intention of teaching. Compared to public schools, private schools charged space is larger, however, the basic concept of imparting knowledge and educating people in both public schools and private schools, must not be alienated. As the money-driven practices of student test scores, are at absurd values passed to the students: the most important things in the school, and either score or money. However, if schools and teachers know only staring at the students ' scores, it is only a petal, and did not see the entire flower if students know only stared at the money, money will stain the children the whole Outlook on life. Left or right, is a source of great sorrow.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

New version of war and peace Russian epic British small words

New version of ' war and peace ', Russian epic British small words?

BBC version of ' war and peace '. Lili·zhanmusi (Lily James) played the heroine "Natasha" (Natasha Rostova)

Perennial TV series in the UK probably has a preset--BBC production is quality assurance. Experience tells us that across the good friends have always been willing to make efforts, especially in the classic adaptation of the area two brushes. To believe that what is seen the BBC version of pride and prejudice, little dorrit, Jane Eyre, and miniseries such as Tess of the d urbervilles people will agree, only BBC produced versions is the one that fits the original temperament, and is always hard to overcome classic. Counting 2015 years of British and American drama

However, the good friends "classic adaptations" of this brand was hit in the war and peace on a new play.

New version of ' war and peace ', Russian epic British small words?

Napoleon in the BBC version of ' war and peace '.

Perhaps have Shakespeare, Jane Austen and Charles Dickens adaptations it too many times, smacks of BBC to avoid the same old stuff, new target thoon about Russia's epic masterpiece war and peace on. Good friends with a rare set of six lengths, about a "Russian" and "epic" unrelated story, its plot with a word that is--on "Doll" and "his" how engagement huihun wedding divorce under the rule of the Tsar. Faced with such a tone, please add damage by up to 100,000.

Then said the Opera experience. Even if you could look at a pile of pure BBC-white face speaks cockney his lines and not jump scene, scenes that Miss friends hate married, noble son of mercy the bridge above you absolutely every minute barrier across the Victorian love statement. The only difference is that the BBC uses speed and rhythm with no transitions to show the Russia people in love and change automatic seamless handover under two conditions. Rot writers must also be gentlemanly etiquette of suffocation bad, once controlled national vodka grew up, the heart was strong to not work. Silly white sweet female slave known wild male to decide to abandon love and eloped vows of marriage with only a few lines, "a look at pregnancy" is no longer a dream.

Snow in Siberia in order to put on a Jane Austen-style love dramas, writers are also broken hearts. In addition to the woman was not in place dance at his uncle's, and took her fiance outside walking in the snow, the producers spared the play "to go to Russia." Noble gestures are like Buckingham Palace the King dinner, even occasionally come up with his name, also without impeding the audience thought they were watching the Downton. However these efforts apparently also insufficient to build one Russian version of "Victoria times of love", to achieved this a target, screenwriter said with Napoleon students surgery no pressure--pro-rate 600,000 Army invasion Russian of small took only out mirror has once, is for from male a to male eight of all male nobles role are provides has countless times therapy more love injury, and escape responsibility of opportunities.

Not like home and pregnant wife to do? --The army play;

Seduce the fiancee others fear reprisal do? --The army play;

To test his girlfriend really loves me? --The army play;

Falling in love with someone's wife is not happy to do? --The army play;

Girlfriend's love makes me want to slowly do? --The army play;

Wife was wearing a green cap, not hesitating to do? --The army play!

New version of ' war and peace ', Russian epic British small words?

Musi·nuodun plays Prince Andrei bolkonsky. Photograph: BBC

Screenwriter: rot do you really come from, still hasn't forgotten when war between Britain and France, and so don't really consider Napoleon students feel good? Somebody else somehow to Franco-Russian war was hard, finish this fight will abdicate were exiled, how can you Leng let Napoleon's death became the battlefield of the success of certain background? Bullying is not kind to the dead yo.

Bullied students of Napoleon, who told him was the aggressor. Weng a noble old man strives for progress when people ask, you take him on behalf of the implantation of no lower limit on the Russian Customs rot advertising is going on? Teachers didn't teach you to respect it?

Studios as an island people, can not understand how vast powers is a feeling. Support Ong so hard to build up the Franco-Russian war of Russian social turmoil change "Grand" picture, specializes in fine hands of the rotten State of the producers, whether I also become nobility you I Lennon Lennon British small statement. While the photographer to use dark and slowly to show the original weight of the camera, but beautiful picture is clearly a deep core of national spirit in Russia. Like the leading actor in the play frequently hesitant and trembling of the dialogue, intended to reflect the Russian national restrained the national temperament, but you look at it like a satire upon the language ability of the Russian people is grim. Show lost English polished white stage, tall if the BBC can use all kinds of crappy way to interpret the British under the logic of Tsarist Russia.

New version of ' war and peace ', Russian epic British small words?

Slip with the BBC not 1:30 however, even Excel at one rhythm control does not manage to pass the exam. Each of the top four extension leads not only to the original account of messy, failed to hold on to the thread on the Franco-Russian war few roles for women and men the fate of traction, resulting in anomalies abrupt emotional changes between roles. Even as a romance, is often no transforms scenes somehow. English Russian nobleman of the lens seems to be some pent-up sorrow, they are cramped and unable to express, like puppets was holding the line, always trembling of his behavior and speech. Didn't know BBC handle no, or this is the European continent has always been understanding of the Russian national. In short, Natasha at my uncle's House for the entire play in a tipsy dance pieces, that made me feel like it is in a Russian TV show.

Reminiscent of the classic adaptation of once upon a time the BBC version and had to take a good friend on the shoulder and a word of advice: brother, also is back to kick your cold rice, Northwest of drinking too much will make you stupid.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Harbin sky high fish released CCTV recording of the police the police had known

According to news sources, after a conflict between the two sides, police soon reached wild fishing village on the North Shore restaurants. Chen said, as the two sides begin is a female member of the cause of father shop before hand. So, the two sides mainly focused on whether needs to apologize to the old man, the police could retain the full video, and whether or not the police spoke to legal procedures, and so on.

Jiangsu tourists released the police recording

Harbin sky-high fish released CCTV recording of the police: the police had known both hands

Police: first, do you need a punishment procedures of public security organs, this is the first sentence. The second sentence, in relation to you about weight issues, or say that you the consumer disputes, needed no police action.

Police: then the 3rd, you are in consultation, or ask our public security organs ... ...

Chen: police comrades, comrades police, first, as to the weight problem, documents issued only in his subject, no way.

Police: is not no way, you can go to court, you can go to the Court.

Chen: If this program, and I can't say every day wasted on you, right? This is too complicated. The second one, I personally think that you see on the monitor, that is, after all, fifty or sixty, seventy or eighty-year old man, old man on this side, one old man (hand), I have (say), video for the prosecution (), I hope you put this video preservation.

Police: pushing movements, I see it, by pushing. Workers with severe burns in Yunnan province family

Chen: there is. Will not admit it or not, I was definitely there. Absolutely, but this is how are being pushed, as you can see.

Police: see, see, and you said, you said you want to do?

Chen told the police give opinion in the hope that the two parties negotiate.

Police: holiday, roughly as we looked at it, strict punishment procedures of public security organs in this way, you both are pretty passive, not to say that our store (penalty), because we have to punish program ... ...

Do not ask for, do not ask, we look at behavior, and results.

Chen: it is necessary to go with our elders to apologize (program), down, how much should we eat, a lot of our money, pay pay.

Police: that is, you're going to ask this to your old rude have to apologize.

Chen said, as the two sides who first move, is the focus of the debate, two conflicting versions.

Policeman: you are a waiter here, people there has requested, staff of you older people are not polite.

Chen: when you see the counter monitor, it was hitting my head.

Police: ultimately to FA, so I just kept asking you, do you need punishment procedures of public security organs? Today, if the public security organ began sanction proceedings, rather than in accordance with the conciliation procedure, whether you not Chinese new year Chinese new year, whether tourists, our penalties are not finished? Now, your party or the other, I just didn't look too wide on the road, but mainly I probably looked at it, and the other, they waiter was also there, according to our procedures, and be punished, interesting? Big feast? Penalties on our side there is no fine said.

Who first move? Investigation team has not yet released the full video

Chen recognize manipulative behavior on both sides, he said, is the store first hands-on, so hopefully the store to an apology and, in addition, Chen said they did not know why the police repeatedly mentioned punishment procedures, what is this mean? Chen hopes the group can publish complete video. But the investigation team is still not released to reporters.

"Wild fishing village on the North Shore" restaurant is located in the famous tourist attraction of Harbin, only five minutes drive from the world of ice and snow. Main reception to experience snow and ice during the winter months the world's tourists. Restaurant reviews through a query platform mentioned in the program yesterday, reporters found many customers of Harbin "wild fishing village on the North Shore," there is discontent, was repeatedly mentioned in reviews was the tour guide taxi driver pulled over and questioned store scams.

Harbin sky-high fish released CCTV recording of the police: the police had known both hands

Investigation teams and stores, said Terre prices. Chen also admitted that he knew in advance the price of fish, so does price mean fish prices reasonable? Look at Mr CHAN that night Bill. Yarrow wok Braised price 2,981 pounds, middle part of the fish Pan 2,981 pounds, middle of sturgeon fish pans 3,981 pounds, what the most expensive 3,981 pounds of sturgeon fish fish?

Also called sturgeon Huso sturgeon fish, is one of the sturgeon. Mainly produced in Heilongjiang waters, generally weighing 50~100 kg, maximum of up to 1000 kilograms, is a large predatory fish. Huso long life, the body, eat more, strength, King of freshwater fish of the name. In 1998 the United Nations cites the sturgeon Huso is evaluated as endangered species. Although it is classified as an endangered species, Huso can also be bought? If the pricing is how much? City of Fuyuan County, Heilongjiang province is rich in sturgeon, Huso and was designated as the "Township of the Chinese sturgeon Acipenser fish."

Reporters visiting Heilongjiang main origins of sturgeon fish

17th, the reporters came to Fuyuan, Fuyuan County, Heilongjiang province, aquatic products Bureau under the sturgeon breeding of sturgeon fish aquaculture co., Ltd. Staff told us that annual production at more than 100 tons of sturgeon fish here, in Heilongjiang province, the sturgeon fish wholesalers to purchase here, so this is a sturgeon fish in Heilongjiang province-level wholesale Center. Enter sturgeon overwintering fish farms, thousands of sturgeon in water-filled pool uniform feed, farm owner Wang Hongbo told reporters that commercial sturgeon fish is divided into pure wild sturgeon fish cage culture sturgeon fish and two, and their costs are not the same.

Farm officials Wang Hongbo introduce, in their natural habitat in the wild, it grows slowly, feeding is not very regular. Grow up wild sturgeon fish meat is more compact, and taste very good. Color difference color a little lighter in the wild, farmed a little bit deeper. Because of the slow growth cycle of wild sturgeon fish price is relatively expensive, the market price of seventy or eighty bucks a pound, cage culture of sturgeon fish also require manpower, farmed sturgeon fish prices of up to ten pounds 25 pounds, ten pounds more than 30 yuan per kg.

Reporters learned that sturgeon fish market price is not affected by factors such as seasonal and holiday volatility. From the primary wholesale market to the secondary wholesale market catty fare is around 5 dollars.

Harbin sky-high fish released CCTV recording of the police: the police had known both hands

Wang Hongbo introduced the price based on the annual catch of wild sturgeon fish, catches a little, low production, price is likely to reach 150 yuan per kg-180 yuan per kg. First-price distribution of seventy or eighty bucks a pound, two-level distribution is 120 Yuan per kg-130 Yuan per kg, which is wild sturgeon fish unit price.

Experts say wild sturgeon fish not belonging to the protection of animals

Reporters in Fuyuan County's largest fisheries market visits found that wild sturgeon fish stock price high, secondary wholesale market vendors, the majority of farmed sturgeon fish. Sell at approximately 25 to 35 Yuan per kg, whether it is wild or farmed sites plus freight cost is likely to increase. Some netizens questioned wild sturgeon fish are protected animals, to this reporter consulted with wildlife experts.

Northeast forestry University wildlife Professor Yu Hongxuan: sturgeon fish is not part of our nation's wildlife protection list in a fish, but it has been included in the Red Book of endangered animals in China, is an endangered species, but not to protect the animals. Trading and sale of wild animals is strictly forbidden, but endangered animals and not strictly forbidden.

Fish rarely by inclusion of animal protection, and several are in the plateau region, like Heilongjiang, no. Mountain Witch is a second-class protected animals, the Chinese sturgeon is the national level protected animal. Almost no fish in Heilongjiang to protect animals.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Listed domestic abuse shelters in Chengdu next month adult men suffering domestic

Listed domestic abuse shelters in Chengdu next month, adult men suffering domestic abuse to seek asylum

Women's rights protection centre of the room.

March 1, People's Republic of China anti-domestic violence law will be implemented, around the provisions can be used alone or relying on assisting organizations to set up temporary shelters, temporary living assistance to victims of domestic violence. Chengdu business news reporter, February 14, Chengdu municipal Bureau is currently joint municipal women's Federation, prepared jointly in the city administration set up "domestic violence shelters", both sides are stepping up to discuss specific suggestions, and most will soon be officially launched early next month.

City Civil Affairs Bureau, the relevant parties, as victims of domestic violence, "safety island", domestic violence shelters, I will be included in the scope of asylum for victims of domestic violence, provide a temporary shelter for them.

Reporter visits: subsistence is very warm

On February 14, the Chengdu commercial daily, rescue, reporters visited the management station. Management at wind along the 33rd standing at the gate, in addition to "rescue station, Chengdu, Chengdu city women's rights relief centres" 5 brand, but added a new future here will be: domestic violence shelter in Chengdu city.

"Soon, the most complete listing as soon as early next month. "Members of councils and the municipal women's Federation official told Chengdu business newspaper.

Chengdu business daily Reporter visits a special room set up for the women's Rights Centre, bedroom, replete with psychological counseling room, activities such as, bedding in the room clean and tidy, decorated with trees and walls painted toy Panda and the table to create a warm feeling. According to reports, after domestic abuse shelters listed in the future, corresponding alterations to the rescue stations will make use of existing facilities, as a center of refuge, "as victims of domestic violence seeking asylum here, just want to make them feel at home. "

Object open: adult males may also seek asylum Scalpers said Spring Festival tickets artifact

Introduced City Civil Affairs Bureau, shelter victims of domestic violence was that personal safety is at risk, nowhere to live, such as temporary difficulties, require minors seeking asylum and asylum aid relief adult victims. Women seeking asylum aid needs the care of minor children can be taken while applying for asylum.

"Our principle is ' a minor priority. "The introduction of municipal aid station, refuges for minors to be in dedicated areas for relief. Young underage victims, also will arrange for professional social workers or someone to accompany and care can be arranged as needed after their emotional stability to a loving foster home. It is worth mentioning that, asylum is not confined to women, children and the elderly, "If there are adult men suffering domestic abuse, can seek asylum. "

Shelter hours: a maximum of 10 days to provide referral services for victims

"According to rescue practices and provisions, aid management agency asylum aid adult victims generally does not exceed 10 days. "Public councils introduced, special needs report need to be extended. Victims can be escorted by public security organs, women's federations and other relevant departments, can also take the initiative to seek shelter asylum, Center needed accommodations and other interim relief.

"But shelters are temporary, the most important thing is the principle of social participation, mobilization guide a variety of social forces, and referral services to victims provided. "According to reports, after the asylum, and coordinate with relevant departments and social assistance agencies, provide legal assistance to eligible victims, marriage and family disputes, employment assistance, medical assistance, psychological rehabilitation and referral services.

If required to leave the Center, you can submit a written application, indicate reason for leaving, left, by relatives and friends of victims to take back or by local village (neighborhood) committees, grassroots women's federations to escort home. Other guardian, close relative to take the lead of underage victims, the public security organs or village (neighborhood) Committee to confirm its identity, underage victims aid management agencies can be referred to their care, and written transfer formalities, "it is also strengthening the physical protection of victims. "

News links

Established for nearly 3 years, cold Florida anti-domestic violence shelter

March 2013, dazhou city, the establishment of the domestic violence shelters, nearly three years ago. Yesterday, the Chengdu commercial daily news reporter learned from the Centre, the three-year period, not many asylum-seekers. Rescue station official told reporters in dazhou city, anti-domestic violence shelters set up in the last three years, to come to those people who seek asylum only for digit, rooms are empty most of the time.

In this regard, the head of the call after the domestic violence against women or children, not because of "domestic shame should not be published" choose to bear, should be brave and speak out, and to seek help from shelters and women's federations.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Taiwan earthquake in Kaohsiung people praying in the rain

On February 11, the Taiwan earthquake in Kaohsiung the 6th day, charity night in Victoria Crown building collapsed near the site of the Temple of heaven square "peace prayer meetings", may it be copolymer goodness, out of grief for the affected folks wish, pray for Tainan. New Tan Daming Xinhua photo

Taiwan earthquake in Kaohsiung people praying in the rain

On February 11, the Taiwan earthquake in Kaohsiung the 6th day, charity night in Victoria Crown building collapsed near the site of the Temple of heaven square "peace prayer meetings", may it be copolymer goodness, out of grief for the affected folks wish, pray for Tainan. New Tan Daming Xinhua photo

Taiwan earthquake in Kaohsiung people praying in the rain

Prayer meetings. New Tan Daming Xinhua photo

Taiwan earthquake in Kaohsiung people praying in the rain

Prayer meetings. New Tan Daming Xinhua photo

Taiwan earthquake in Kaohsiung people praying in the rain

Prayer meetings. New Tan Daming Xinhua photo

Taiwan earthquake in Kaohsiung people praying in the rain

The evening of February 11, Tainan City began to rain, temperatures plunge, rescue more difficult, but search and rescue operations continued. Taiwan 6th magnitude 6.4 earthquake in Kaohsiung, which collapsed the dimensional Dragon building in Tainan the hardest, 60 people have died, 62 were lost to be saved. New Tan Daming Xinhua photo Smog in Beijing under traffic scene

Taiwan earthquake in Kaohsiung people praying in the rain

Earthquake rescue operation. New Tan Daming Xinhua photo