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Report of the Chinese Academy of Sciences genetically modified crops in China

According to the China Science News, December 30, 2015, recently, transgenic science lectures at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of siyuan floor Auditorium. The report, by the Institute of personnel and communication Council jointly organized. Former Deputy Xu Zhihong, President of Peking University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the China Science Editor-in-Chief Zhu respectively with the Chinese science bulletin entitled the audience of China's agricultural development challenges and GM crops the interpretation of Yellow River carp, popular science reports. Auspices of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, communications Secretary Zhou Dejin lecture.

In a speech, Xu Zhihong has responded to the current GM dispute many of the topics in the field. For example, Americans eat genetically modified foods, European GM take "zero tolerance" attitude, whether GM crops would damage the immune system or cause cancer, transgenic breeding is contrary to the nature of biological evolution, GM was demonized the truth behind.

It is understood that the global transgenic crop acreage has increased from 1.7 million hectares in 1996 to 2014 of 181.5 million hectares, an increase of more than 100 times. "In recent years, the crop starts to slow down the industrialization of biological breeding process. "Xu Zhihong said China is one of the global lead in the research of agricultural bio-breeding, transgenic crop area in the international forefront. "However, as in ' GM safety ' by many complex factors and check on the issue, more than 10 years, in addition to cotton, not an important industrialization of transgenic crop research is approved. "

Xu Zhihong said that because of stalled on an important advance of transgenic crops in China, not only in the levels of development and the United States the gap widened again, and the growth rate fell to Brazil, and India after developing countries.

Zhu details the scientific principle and wide application of GM technology, and recalled its team to develop genetically engineered the arduous course of Yellow River carp, and the United States of genetically modified salmon listed case depth analysis and reflection.

"As long as it is to undergo a rigorous scientific assessment of genetically modified products, national approval, security is not a problem, the risks can be prevented and controlled. "Zhu noted that genetically modified products from research to market needed after 6 road link, there is no food has such stringent approval requirements. "We have to work through continuous science, let more people know about genetically modified food, understand what is genetically modified. " Kunming dismount village impasse Qiu he initiated

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NET exposure of Shaoxing play 20 times and pour the wine for the elderly after

NET exposure of Shaoxing play 20 times and pour the wine for the elderly after the insults, police said the both non-relatives

In elderly man caught in the liquid in the bottle. Video screenshot

On December 28, a name as "Shaoxing after the beaten woman, caught in the head wine insult" video in the Internet sensation, has fueled outrage.

On December 29, shengzhou, Shaoxing city, Zhejiang Province Public Security Bureau political Department staff told the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), shengzhou City Public Security Bureau investigation and handling of the men beat the old man is, initially confirmed the attacker and victim, non-kinship between the two. The staff member said, hit men and the elderly are at present has not been found, police are trying to find.

Network video shows a man lying on the ground, next to a young man wearing glasses foot kick elderly, during the old man tried to get up, but repeatedly kicked while they were. Duration 1 minute 55 seconds of video, men kicking old people at least 20 times, last but also took a bottle of beer from a companion, after drinking a bottle of liquid cream in the elderly. Videos with a few people laughing loud, suspected perpetrators of several companions.

After the incident, some netizens said the man and the old man knew, or family relationships. However, this was denied by the police.

December 29, singer @ Jacky through its verified Twitter account, forwarding network attacker information.

The morning of 29th, @ Shaoxing police forwarded @ Jacky weibo said at present shengzhou City Public Security Bureau has been involved in the investigation.

NET exposure of Shaoxing play 20 times and pour the wine for the elderly after the insults, police said the both non-relatives

Shengzhou City Public Security Bureau that will be based on the facts of the case, firmly dealt with according to law, and for the first time informed of case progress.

Subsequently, shengzhou City Public Security Bureau through its official micro-blog post "12.28 video" event press release, received about network communication after a man assaulted elderly video reports, shengzhou City Public Security Bureau immediately launched an investigation. Currently identified video covers events in Chong ren town, shengzhou, the public security organs will be based on the facts of the case, firmly dealt with according to law, and for the first time informed of case progress. Shenmu auxiliary police escaped the villagers

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Shandong pingyi gypsum mine collapse in progress 10 pit trapping 19 location

Shandong pingyi gypsum mine collapse in progress: 10 pit, trapping 19 location identification

25th 7:56, Bao Tai Zhen Yu Rong trading company, located in pingyi County gypsum mine collapse occurred. Xinhua News Agency

CCTV news client message, December 25, 7:56 A.M., pingyi County, linyi city, Shandong province, a gypsum mine collapse occurred. There were 29 people underground when the incident, 4 people had a pit rescued trapped personnel were rescued as of 19:07, and 6 were successful up one after another, the remaining 19 trapped workers confirmed location.

According to another Xinhua report, December 25 7:56, Bao Tai Zhen Yu Rong trading company, located in pingyi County gypsum mine collapse occurred. News from pingyi County concerned, accidents may be thrown near a disused gypsum mine of goaf collapsed. At that time, the national seismic network of official Micro-Blog said, China earthquake networks official determination: December 25 in pingyi County, linyi city, Shandong province 07:56 (collapse) (corrected) (35.5 degrees north latitude and 117.7 degrees East longitude) 4-magnitude earthquake focal depths 0-kilometer. Huang Shan Furong Valley drowning accident in

11:41, national seismic network official Twitter announced that, after careful analysis, and site conditions, determine the event non-natural earthquakes, triggered by the collapse of vibration corresponds to magnitude 4 earthquake. Earthquake was underground cave collapse, large landslides or the top of the mine collapse caused the earthquake, scope and the potential effects are usually small, speed or time depth at 0 km.

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Decided Mr death why the ashes spreading a strait


On January 20, 1977, the 80 year old former national government officials decided in Taiwan published Testament:

Following the late President Chiang Kai-shek for 47 years, served as Director of ordnance, Transport Minister, the Defense Minister. Lai Jianggong pure trusts must reach a difficult task. Zhiyu, unforgettable.

Associates of the ordnance Department, Ministry of communications and the Ministry of defence, did not avoid hard, work hard, and very admirable. More than any Defense Secretary, often visited the frontline and army officers and soldiers for death, through thick and thin, deep friendship with the Japanese TV drama series, now farewell, perceived infinite grief. Tu Sweden speech citing Wang zhihuan verse looks

More than just material wealth, just books. But most have been destroyed by bingxian. This existing on military subjects, grant armed forces University, philosophy, history, mathematics, physics, astronomy and other disciplines, grant Taiwan University research libraries. No surplus to posterity, but forgot to serve the family.

After the death of cremation. Any diaoji or ceremonies shall be held nor fuzeng receiving relatives and friends. Young and fly ashes by the eldest son Fei SA gold sea, flew his first Vice President Chen and Jiang Gongzhi lingqin cemetery, final salute.

Wills people decided to

Witnesses: Gao Kuiyuan


At the time, is still in the cold war between East and West, not out of a State of war across the Taiwan Strait, mainland China also didn't get out of the "cultural revolution" shadow and thought patterns of class struggle, policy explicitly vowed to Taiwan "must liberate Taiwan"; Taiwan KMT regimes in mind of "recovering the Mainland", "three principles of reunification of China." This note and the public will also embody the cloud era.

On July 8, 1993, decided to death from pancreatic cancer in Taiwan died, 95 years. His eldest son, Yu Yang and has been long in the tooth, not plane, but still follow the wills on July 11 will be father and mother's ashes in the Taiwan Strait. That it has been seen in the media across the Taiwan Strait, and Kinmen military specializes in publishing the CD.

Decided to (1897~1993), Shaoxing. Zeng Guofan's great-grandson outside, Yu Mingyi's eldest son. In 1918, graduated from Saint John's University. In 1922 by the United States at Harvard University, a doctor of philosophy degree. Backward Germany Berlin University. He studied in the European cousin of Chen Yin-Ke, Fu called "China's most promising two seeds of reading." Decided to ballistics experts, former Government military general staff officer, general staff Chief Secretary, Ambassador to German Embassy commercial attache. In 1933, Director-General of Department of military ordnance. In 1944, Vice Minister of the army and the. In 1946, Minister of communications, u use Committee members. Around 1946 translation contact between Chiang Kai-shek and Marshall, is one of the members of the Group of three, in negotiations with the Communist Party of China. Taiwan Hou in 1951 and served "us aid application Committee" Vice and "Embassy" consultants. In 1954, the "Ministry of defence" Minister. 1965 full-time "Executive Yuan" Political Affairs Committee. In 1966, he was hired as the "Presidential Palace" Senior Minister.

Decided Mr death: why the ashes spreading a strait

In 1947, the Minister decided to address the national navigation administration Conference podium.

Decided to advocate one China and opposing Taiwan independence. He and Chiang Ching-kuo are sons and relatives. Lifetime books, books a lot. Like Beijing Opera. In February 1993, converted to Buddhism, Dharma name "net-d". In his later years decided to concern about cross-strait relations. He spoke to said they hope cross-strait peace, don't turn on. Said, are reluctant to see the people who fought the resumption of hostilities, because the war can only lead to disaster, is no good for everybody.

In mainland China, decided to name after disappearing for nearly 20 years, was brought up once again. Celebration of People's Republic of China is an important event in recognition of the 50 anniversary of the establishment of "two bombs and one satellite" 23 outstanding scientists have made huge contributions. At the ceremony, alumni lead scientist Qian said in his speech: "... ... Today, we can produce such a report card, predecessor to special Thanksgiving and miss three sages, the first is decided. Such as the presence of Alumni Ren Xinmin, Tu Shoue, and Yao Xiangbin, and Sun jiadong, and Huang Weilu, and Xu Lanru, and Shen Zhenggong and Xie guangxuan are in the arsenal and decided to research institutions or funding to send overseas-educated talent...... "party and State leaders present here were greeted with warm applause. (6th 76 volumes of the biography)

On September 3, 2015, the 70 anniversary of the victory of the Chinese people, the Xinhua News Agency published a message the decided the statue built in Chengdu of Sichuan Museum, news:

Has decided to make important contributions to defence science and technology industry cause uniform during the war statue completed 2nd building Sichuan Museum in Chengdu, placed some ashes buried beneath the statue, who read books and other artifacts on display in the Museum exhibition.


The 70 anniversary of the victory, and relatives decided to choose built to commemorate the war theme Museum placed the ashes and statue to honor people with lofty ideals to contribute for our country and nation.

Decided to nieces, Master Chen's daughter, Chen Liu asks inaugurated the statue on behalf of the relatives, said that, after much thought, uncle in Taiwan died, but he missed home and loved ones, to make these few ashes buried city, shall comply with his wish. (,, Yu Dawei Chengdou Xinhuanet Chengdou September 2-reporter Justin Tong. )

Careful readers might ask, previously did not wrote to the Taiwan Strait decided to sprinkle ashes, this small part of the ashes come from, including which stories experienced twists and, finally, why has buried building Sichuan Museum in DaYi?

Decided Mr death: why the ashes spreading a strait

Jin Menrong Park decided to Memorial


This market a lot of rumors or false. November 6, 2015, the author was Chen Liu to ask the teacher on the phone, record their story profile, shenkan and passed her. Can clear things on this phone? On November 13, should flow to ask the teacher, at the invitation of author visits, got her three sister beauty her teacher was also present. We did not greet, straight to the point. Origin of the stream to ask the teacher to say it:

Uncle decided on July 8, 1993. The uncle had three sons, the eldest son of yanghe, second son, Franciscan, youngest son Xiaoji. At that time, only young and from the United States back to Taiwan for the funeral, Xiaoji in the United States, with his brother Francis ill. Young and old, cannot fly a plane. His ship, the uncle and aunt's ashes off the coast of Kinmen. This thing Taiwan newspaper, recorded, Kinmen made discs.

My cousin Peng Hongyuan, is the granddaughter of Yu Mingyi, a Peking University Professor Yu Dazhen (I say six Second cousin) daughter, retired professor of Central Academy of fine arts. That year, she should be in Hualien Tzu Chi will visit at the invitation of Taiwan, Taipei, she went first to visit his uncle decided. During the work received a phone call that Uncle is dying. When she arrived back in Taipei decided to have died, the funeral presided over by the military, she was not able to be present. But she saw one thing: big cousin Yang and for disease in the United States leave a little father's younger brother, Xiaoji ashes and the Sari as a memento of affection--this is who it. Peng Hongyuan says, "leave Taiwan before going to the Grand Hotel to see Yang and his brother, he took out a small box with four uncle and a small amount of ashes and part of the relic, he said to take the ashes and the Sari back to the United States to small Chai. "In this way, the uncle's ashes, with the" three principles of reunification of China, "with little boxes and envelopes across the ocean to the United States, cousin Yu Xiaoji hands.

Is 20 years past. Third sister yan's son, beauty in the United States in 2013 when she went to United States to visit relatives, also visited his cousin Xiao JI. Xiao JI asked her uncle's ashes home to me. Xiaoji, now 83, individuals living alone, because of diabetes complications, Visual acuity, renal damage in failing health, call dialing requires somebody else do it for them.

In this way, decided to ashes go to Chen Liu again, to ask the teacher to hand. Perhaps this is meant to be. She and uncle decided Aunt Chen Xinwu, fate –

After the war, my parents returned to Tsinghua University in Beijing, my sister Xiao Peng attached Middle School of Nanjing Jinling women's high school, usually live at the weekend decided to go home. Parents had three sons, no daughters. Niece, as gu, Gu parents took our sister as their daughter. Pizza House Bay Ministry dormitory housing conditions had improved considerably, and uncle books are spread out, not only the walls of the study is, aisle tightly arranged shelves filled. Uncle came home, the greatest interest is reading, he went wide. In addition, he loved the Opera, like all drama and music, often with him let me listen to "Madame Butterfly" and "Carmen" were typical. He also asked me to learn, I have not forgotten Uncle still wore the old cotton during the winter holidays, taught me to read George Bernard Shaw's plays, funny words, he quite appreciate or laugh from time to time. I asked him if he liked comedy or tragedy? He told me would like to see comedy, because the are too many tragedies in life. Sometimes fine every night, uncle will be installed at the residence on a small terrace on the third floor a telescope, it is interesting to observe celestial bodies, also called us to watch, and explain the constellation, but unfortunately I was not interested in, trying to slip away. Uncle often chat with me, encouraged me to sacrifice life-saving Red Cross, made my a medical determination. I miss that time, Miss them.

Decided Mr death: why the ashes spreading a strait

Decided to couple

At first, decided the death, ashes scattered to the sea, cremated some of the relics were enshrined at the Golden Gate Memorial. Stream to ask the teacher visited Kinmen visit. She told to the author:

On October 18, 2012, and the three girls rate Juniors, 7 from Xiamen to Kinmen, made a special trip to visit Rong Yuan decided the Memorial, that is our wish for many years, entrusted by cousin Yu Xiaoji. Others in the United States, old and sick in this life is not easy going. Memorial Hall exhibits relics of Uncle decided to many things really. But the main show in 1949, he went to Taiwan after the story. In our view, his greatest achievement was in middle age, that is, during the war, positive development of military industry, against Japan invaders contribution. I am ignorant, history international, including European and American countries, evaluation of a general historical position is mainly based on his contribution to the nation. When I mention this, not revisited after Jin Menrong Park, with or without context is not known.

Make up

Decided to self-evaluation "half of army horse, half man." Military career, "12 years of shooting ranges, ten years of battle; front half iron back half of war. "Forequarters referred to Japanese war 12 years; the second refers to the nationalist-Communist civil war ten years. Concerning the latter, on both sides of the expression, which agree with each other.

In 1994, Jin Menrong, Park decided to Memorial's Zhi-Ming wrote: "Director of ordnance during research and development of weapons, light uniform weapon caliber. Junxing of the war, the factory has been working westward, fighting for eight years, millions of military bullets privation, power of Mr. Setting research institutes, training, become a State. "

September 3, 2015, Xinhua News Agency article reports: "decided under the human-type, dominant design and good performance were the reform of the ' official ' firearms such as rifles, military development and management system established, trained a group of military talents, laying of China's military technology and development are far-reaching. "(" Decided the statue built in Chengdu of Sichuan Museum, Chengdu, September 2, Xinhua reporter Justin Tong. )

Decided I recall:

Weapons made of iron. From the beginning of the war, I take over the ordnance Department, supervising the national arsenal, guns and ammunition, for a period of about 12 years. The war, battles, and every day, no time, no and no. Intellectually, the situation no matter how negative, no one complained about "ammunition no!" before Nanjing fell to the Japanese in particular, all arsenal had been forced to take to move to the Southwest. Fight hard back very hard and my steering arsenal moved westward, is "an orderly retreat, the Division away."

As decided in the Mainland's niece, Chen Liu asked to be open-minded, and have been thinking about how to make up for the regret. She said:

I have always had a lump, Memorial Hall of Kinmen decided not enough to express all his life. He was born in Shaoxing, work for the longest time, contributed most of the war is in Chongqing, but I don't know that there is no Memorial. And think my built in Chengdu DaYi an ren Zhen chuan Museum.

Building Museum main show in modern history, especially before and after the World War II history; exhibits and exhibits are more objective, both between the Kuomintang and reflect. So, I think, on my things here can be referred to the building Museum storage reservoirs. This year commemorating 70 anniversary of the victory of the war would be the most suitable opportunity. I delivered part of Xiao JI the ashes and the Sari wrapping paper and envelopes to fan jianchuan. He said as the exhibits to illustrate its authenticity. End of June and I signed an agreement with Mr Fan jianchuan. Although signed with fan jianchuan, Sichuan overseas Friendship Association has been supporting, that is to get official answers. Fan jianchuan, a high work efficiency. Store ashes graves did a solid, waterproof treatment also did well. Solid concrete slabs placed on the grave. Above the statue is expert in the Art Academy under the guidance of her cousin Peng Hongyuan finished, shaped the uniform like Uncle midlife, hand scrolls, is his "half of army horse, half man" story. August 15, at 11 o'clock in the morning the uncle's ashes placed, participants are limited to relatives in Chengdu children and Mr Fan jianchuan. September 2, at 10 o'clock in the morning, uncle statue unveiling ceremony was held, some in the domestic rate of Yu's relatives, our sister younger and Mr Fan jianchuan and interested parties participated.

According to the media reports of the day: September 2, decided the statue completed and family memorial ceremony at the Sichuan Museum under construction. Sichuan overseas Friendship Association Deputy Chairman Nie Wenqiang, Ling Wen, Vice President of Chengdu overseas Friendship Association Chen Xiaolin, Ding Zhaojing, DaYi County Government Deputy County and other interested parties attended the ceremony of the official semi-official.

Decided Mr death: why the ashes spreading a strait

Chengdu DaYi, decided to build the Museum statue


Taiwan's generation, are sentimentally attached to the Mainland. Even "both Chiang Kai-shek" coffin is only temporary residence in cihu. Yu you-ren's poems of the author of a look homeward: "bury me on the highest mountain top, and my hometown home is not visible, and never forget. ... ... "In this regard, Chen Liu asked a lot. She said:

Ashes of Uncle, and aunt (we call her aunt) Chen Xinwu bury Lushan's story.

On October 9, 1981, nine died at Tri-Service General Hospital in Taipei. During the final, cousin Yu Xiaoji snipped a lock of hair from my mother, brought back to the United States, as a memento. In 2003 I went to United States to participate in the golden girl Alumni Association of North America, as well as a aims to visit Xiaoji, when his eyes are bad, you can still see a little, now completely blind. He wants my hair back nine, and was buried in Hangzhou next to the tomb of my grandparents and uncle. [Dai completed Note: in 1925, Chen San-Li's nine West Lake Creek Arch Hill is selected as wife and eldest son of Chen shizeng's grave. 1937 second Sino-Japanese war, original 85 years of age are reluctant to post false, and died of hunger strike. After the war, clan held the coffin from Beijing to Chen JIU XI Arch Hill, and his wife is buried. Now the cemetery for the Hangzhou municipal heritage conservation. ] For various reasons to do so. So, I asked Xiao JI, after nine hair gray buried in Jiujiang Lushan Botanical Garden, in my parents ' ashes next to the cemetery.

Nine sisters and my mother love. 1951 mother Tang 筼 in Guangzhou used to compose a poem, entitled: "send nine sister g c 2nd after the great cold and rainy", a poem that goes: "ACEs up rain mist across the wild Tang, residual Mei Liu long, to Gatlinburg. When you talk about the West window night, renshouheqing two slim. " War refugees in Hong Kong, the mother had entrusted by nine, taking care of her three children. Demobilization of the victory early, my sister Xiaopeng middle school in Nanjing, nine is our guardian. Whenever there are difficulties, mothers turn to nine. Such as: father treat eye surgery is not successful, the hospital to return home early, depression, insomnia, eating less, mother called me to write nine relief to the Chongqing, nine went to Chengdu to sit bedside for father's guidance. Besides, our native to Jiangxi province, Lushan Botanical Garden founder Chen, fenghuai cousin, is the son of Uncle Chen shizeng. Lushan Botanical Garden belongs to the Academy of Sciences system, also belong to Jiujiang, Jiangxi, local condominium. In 2004, the third sister Mei yan and her granddaughter to bury nine hair next to the tomb of the parents, a touch of soul together with my parents bed, when is their aspirations.

After 1986, which restored the mini three links, uncle for the homeland and in the letters to my old friend Miss, often asking some old ordnance Department in Chongqing that year. So, my cousin, disposal of ashes selection of homes buried building Sichuan Museum in Chengdu DaYi, I do not consider it contrary to his uncle's wishes.

Decided Mr death: why the ashes spreading a strait

Chen Liu seeking interviews. Dai June photography

More than

Consultation on resettlement decided the remaining ashes, city do not only say, write or light light trace, low profile. Taiwan media have reported in detail. It happened, and to ask the teacher to say:

The matter, Taiwan I on June 8, 2015 only informed Lin Guangmei (former Taiwan University Library). She was the uncle of mine in his later years, Kinmen decided to Memorial Hall, was built under the guidance of her. Built at the beginning by the Taiwan "military" force management are vested in Golden Gate Park. I wrote to her and asked for help collecting relics, Sichuan Museum under construction. Her brother Lin Bowen is a journalist working for the China Times, need to know news, in the United States said in a report.

Titled decided the war relics that will be landed, reported, wrote:

History Master Chen Yin-que's big daughter Chen Liu recently revealed that the city, China's largest private museum, built near the Sichuan Museum, Chengdu, Sichuan, in the series the war "battle Museum", the set up counters show Director of ordnance during the war, decided to use the items, described Yu's life and display body statue of Yu. Chen Liu now lives in Chengdu are also revealed, she decided her uncle a little ashes and Sari donated to build the Museum.

Defence Science and technology industry of innovation

Chiang Kai-shek in Taiwan appointed by the tumultuous years decided to become "Defense Minister" reasons, in addition to the temporary addition to strongly recommend, because Yu served as 12 years Director of ordnance, remarkable to Arsenal moving westward inland, the arms supply privation. And in his study in Germany during the absorption of military and industry knowledge, innovative Defence Science and technology industry. The war victory, China had 18 arsenal across the Southwest province. Later decided to taste his life: "first half of wrought iron, the rest of war" refers to the era of the war are responsible for ordnance production auspices of the era of confrontation across the Taiwan Strait defense of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu. At the Chiang Kai-shek's mouth, decided to be a "geek", does not work in offices, does not see the document, all day to run to the Golden Gate, Golden Gate Bank to several military aircraft at low altitude observation Communist troops deployed until Chiang called him "not again!"

Graduate of Saint John's University in Shanghai decided, he United States, is Harvard's three Chinese students have obtained PhD in mathematical logic, the other two are ren and Hao. While at Harvard, Yu got a scholarship, also at Harvard's cousin Chen yinke's restaurant. Yu and Chen yinque's feelings very well, Yu Xiaochen 7. Chen's sister Chen Xinwu growing old, never married, Chen decided to "marry" several times, Yu finally agreed. Married young Yu Fangji (deceased), Yu Xiaoji (now living in Washington, her eyes become blind). Yu from Harvard funding went to Berlin University to study abroad during his Germany piano teacher (a married woman) gave birth to a son, named Yu Yang.

Yu Yang and childhood are taken care of by Chen Xinwu, Yu Yang and when the air force during the war, more than 30 times with the machine playing experience was also wounded. Yu Yang and married many times, last wife was the daughter of the Chiang Jiang Xiaozhang, Yu Zu gave birth to a son, and decided to grandnephew of Yu zhengsheng peers. Yu Yang and died in California in May 2010. ……

Peace collection of war

After 1949, Yu Chen two things that do not meet again. Wife Yu Chen Xinwu 1981 died, Yu died in 1993, 95 years. Yu will have the eldest son Yu Yang and himself fly to scatter his ashes in the Taiwan Strait, young and old, and unable to fly, but still as it will spread the ashes in the Taiwan Strait, but retain some of the ashes and the Sari, his youngest brother Yu Xiaoji custody. Xiao JI ashes in 2013, the trustee and the Sari to Chen Liu, and want her to handle.


Chen Liu asked, Chen Xiaopeng, Chen Meiyan three sisters in March 2013 and finally achieve the aspirations for many years, visits the island, decided to adopted daughter, Chiang Ching-kuo Memorial 7-member preparatory Director Lin Guangmei take them pay decided to couple the Wenzhou Street residence where she lived that year (in fact, NTU President Fu sinian's dormitory, Mrs Yu Da Fu 綵 decided sister) and the road home (of the Navy Guest House).

Chen Liu, who is now 86 ask around there is no cultural relics decided, is turning to Lin Guangmei. But Lin Guangmei said she had saved her Yu cultural relics to the island decided to Memorial Hall. May Memorial Hall of Lin Guangmei and Golden Gate decided to communicate, see if you can transfer or lend a few pieces of cultural relics to build museums, so that fan jianchuan who love history to achieve its "peace, collection of war; in the future, collector of historical" Albatron ambition. (Lin Bowen of the decided war relics will land, Taiwan's China Times on June 17, 2015)

This is a detailed report, but still left unrecognized regrets. Stream to ask the teacher said:

Overall this article is objective, but two points are still not accurate, one is "Yu from Harvard funding went to Berlin University to study abroad during his Germany piano teacher (a married woman) gave birth to a son, named Yu Yang and". Facts are decided and a young Germany girls, gave birth to a son, not a married woman. But parents disapprove of her daughter marrying the girl in China. At that time, my father was studying at the University of Berlin, he and his cousin decided to close their seven-year age gap. My father no matter the housework won't take care of the children, but still with a two or three year old Yang and returned to China, rather than by plane instead of by ship, left dozens of days at sea, and one can imagine its difficult. Second, "Yu Yang and multiple marriage" is not accurate. Yu Yang and married for the first time in Nanjing, the woman is the overseas Chinese, invited guests at home; the second Lady is a stewardess, and finally Jiang Xiaozhang. This is a digression.

(Cited in the oral history, Dai June interview, November 13, 2015, Chen Liu asked teacher in residence, and review. )

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Insurance risk capital introduced internal control standards 5th in bursts of

Set access control, QQ, record check families account, China insurance regulatory Commission to regulate insurance company deals also spell it!

On December 15, the China insurance regulatory Commission released guidelines on internal control of insurance funds (referred to as guidelines), provisions for internal control of insurance investment to make more.

Recently, the motive of life life, Sunshine insurance and other insurance business placards in a row over more than 10 listed companies, and an "uproar". Sigh insurance companies in the market, "trenches" at the same time, more questioned said the move could lead to risks as a result of liquidity risk.

On December 11, the CIRC has issued a Declaration on strengthening of asset allocation matters related to the prudential supervision of insurance companies notice (short notice), are not in conformity with the relevant asset allocation risk liquidity risk insurance companies do troubleshooting,

Bursts of two articles in the China insurance regulatory Commission on 5th relating to risk capital investment, in the view of market participants, regulators or intended to tighten insurance enterprises to invest.

Judging from the file contents of the guidelines, focusing on specific areas of investment of insurance funds construction of internal control, including segregation of duties and authorization, investment research and decision-making, investment Executive, investment management and other key aspects of internal control standards and requirements, and investment in bank deposits, fixed-income investments, stocks and stock mutual funds investing in three main categories of assets key to the establishment of specific rules.

According to the latest data, outstanding funds reached 10,606,164,000,000 yuan in insurance industry. With bank deposits 2,418,910,000,000, 22.81% per cent bond 3,712,067,000,000, 35% per cent for all asset classes most; stocks and securities investment fund 1,486,368,000,000, 14.02% per cent; other investment (including real estate, derivatives etc) 2,988,819,000,000, 28.17% per cent.

It is worth mentioning that, the China insurance regulatory Commission has specified an existing regulation of stock investment, such as equities asset allocation in the field of risk, insider trading and transportation risks and other issues of interest. Shares referred to in guideline, refers to the insurance sector investment public offering and listing for trading of stocks and targeted non-public offering of shares of listed companies, stock funds is 80% per cent of the Fund's assets invested in stock funds.

Specifically, the guidelines on transactions made on several operational requirements, and strengthening supervision.

For example its provides insurance institutions in for stock and the stock type fund investment of implementation Shi, should established full of concentrated trading management system, strictly isolation investment decision and trading implementation; on concentrated trading room implemented access management, on trading room fixed phone, and network communications, implementation trading time within monitoring, on MSN, and QQ, and micro-letter, various rates communications tool and e-mail should implementation full monitoring and left marks, and retained above communications information and data five years above ; Stock investment with insurance agencies shall establish personnel and immediate family members of a stock account filing system, guard against operation risks and moral hazard.

More important is that the guidelines requiring insurance institutions to establish a monitoring and control mechanism on insider trading, tunneling and price manipulation and other violations to focus on monitoring revealed that the investment was a high percentage of shares of listed companies, trading price exception, frequent trades or the number of transactions is large, it shall provide for timely disclosure and reporting information. Why the first tier cities in place Kings the main

To prevent tunneling to guide insurance agencies are required under according to the nature of account, or a combination, is equipped with private equity investment manager, prevent acts such as the upper tray, reverse between accounts, and expressly waive the placing transaction approval authority mechanism.

In addition, compared with the relevant provisions and guidelines not only strengthened the supervision of internal control of the use of insurance funds, and insurance agencies to engage an independent third party audit organizations carry out special audit for internal control management of insurance funds.

The CIRC also said that the next step, in total, on the basis of the framework of the guidelines will be based on market and regulatory needs, have been issued for real estate, insurance, asset management, equity investments, foreign investments, derivatives and other investments supporting application guidelines, continuously enrich and improve the standards of internal control system and the utilization of insurance funds.

The guidelines will be officially implemented January 1, 2016.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

National Theatre Moranbong Orchestra performances in Beijing North Korea abruptly

National Theatre: Moranbong Orchestra performances in Beijing North Korea abruptly cancelled for unknown reasons

On December 12, about 12 o'clock noon, Beijing, North Peony peak the band members with their luggage and musical instruments left the hotel to the airport by bus. Dongfang IC Deputies called Shanghai high speed fees are abolished

According to the Japan current affairs News Agency and TV Asahi and other media reported on December 12, originally scheduled in Beijing on the same day the North Korean women's team of the National Centre for overseas tours for the first time "the Peony peak band" members, suddenly appeared in the Beijing Capital International Airport, China, returned by airplane to North Korea. Surging News (www.thepaper.CN), call the national theatre was informed that the evening's show has been canceled for the next two days.

According to the staff of the National Grand Theater in Beijing said they were notified on the 12th day, abolishing the Moranbong Orchestra is 3 days show for reasons unknown.

12th, social media exposed photos of suspected Moranbong Orchestra appeared at the capital airport. Journalists at the airport in the surging Web inquiry found that afternoon had a Korean Airlines (flight number JS152) aircraft in the 16:07 flight to Pyongyang.

Moranbong Orchestra is hand-selected by North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-UN, is North Korea's famous Orchestra. In the 12th, Korea, the JoongAng daily reported that, because of the rapid growth in demand for tickets for the performances, so the authorities extended the time of agreement, originally scheduled for three days to five days.

Reported under the previous arrangements, the performance limit ordinary people to be held in the Beijing National Grand Theater admission is closed for receiving the invitation-only performances. Chinese media had previously reported that initially received an invitation program for 2000.

Public information, Korean State Chorus feats once belonging to the North Korean people's army mission of Concerto, and in 1992 was awarded the "feats". The choir has concentrated a large number of North Korea's top creators, singer and performer, representative tracks of the song of General Kim Jong-Il, the thousands of miles of military-first revolution, etc.

Moranbong Orchestra is the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-UN in 2012 to the formation, composed of 21 members, the Orchestra has now become a household name, represents the Repertoire of the study, the hymn of the motherland. Performed the Peony peak band to perform for the first time after its establishment. In October this year at the 70 anniversary of the founding of the Korean workers party, merit National choir and the Moranbong Orchestra performances were held.

"Moranbong Orchestra aims at promoting China-DPRK friendship, and promoting cultural and artistic exchanges between the two peoples. "The United Kingdom, the Daily Telegraph 9th quoted analysts as saying.

The JoongAng Ilbo reported, 9th, performances from the station when visiting China in Pyongyang, North Korea ranks fifth in the party's Labor Party Secretary Ki South Pyongyang station farewell in person. This is Kim Jong-UN himself ordered the establishment of Moranbong Orchestra orchestras are not unrelated. July 2012 of Kim's first year in Office held the Orchestra's performances, live performances and his wife Li Xue lady appeared in public for the first time.

Hua Chunying, a spokesman for China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs on December 9 at a regular press conference, said that "North Korea is China's neighbor, we are willing to continuously develop China-DPRK friendly relations, in line with the interests of both countries and is conducive to regional peace and stability. We have always believed that various forms of exchanges and cooperation among countries, and is conducive to enhancing mutual understanding and friendship between the peoples. "

Monday, December 7, 2015

JMedia SFC members on how to get registration system reform of China

Photo: vision China

Reforms in China the case is more complex, and the ups and downs of the stock market has just experienced an unprecedented, and added some uncertainty to the reform. At this critical moment, first thing we do is pool reform consensus, register without delay the timing of reforms, not rigidly adhere to the so-called prerequisite, but is regarded as an important part of the reform of these preconditions, be synchronized push forward.

Registration reform process after the initial state and transition state and the end state in three stages, not to end state as a frame of reference to understand the work of the first two phases. Registered key to the success of the reform, that transitional measures changes in direction and frequency of change. If transitional measures change much, beyond the affordability of the market, reforms have the potential to frustrate. So, a good registration system reform programme, is the denial of approval system is, certainly, change has not changed.

Registration system reform to fit the situation, such as combining the principles of medicine and patients case can have a good prescription. The basic system is a managed market economy of our country, registration reforms need to obey basic system, registration system still needs to take appropriate control practices such as issuing rhythm, consistent with the macro-control, reduced economic and market volatility.

18 session announced stock offering registration system reform, on the enthusiastic response of the securities market. But reform should go from here? Awareness of the difference in the community. Was raised from registration system reform is "strict, loose tube and hard" to "lenient, strict management, easy out" change, some people suggested that a rigorous review of the registration system. Experience from abroad, is not exactly the same in each country, the core is based on national conditions, established in line with the market development stage of the registration system.

Prerequisites for reform should not be overemphasized

Often hear complaints, China's securities market is still immature, the legal environment is not ideal, approved under the emerging "green earth", "classic mountains and rivers", "wanfushengke" and other malignant cases of fraud issues. They believe that currently does not have the conditions for implementation of the registration system, worried that registration would make the stock market more disorder, led to a disaster.

There is a popular view, registration requires a sound legal system, excellent spirit of contract markets three prerequisite conditions for, the rule of law, are indispensable. This condition of registration reform, is from the new institutionalism in sociology scholar w Richard Scott's theory is deduced. In his view, the system includes regulatory, normative and cultural-cognitive, such as three basic elements. Regulation sex elements including Constitution, and legal, official system, registered business need more complete of legal system; normative elements including custom, and habits, informal system, registered business need market participation party accountability of contract spirit; culture-cognitive sex elements just subjective of faith, is was perception for objective of, and outside is individual action who of symbol system, registered business need and free market phase match of rule of law concept. According to Scott's three elements of systems theory, in the legal system, the spirit of contract, the concept of the rule of law all cases without full implementation of the registration system, even with the securities legislative, regulatory and judicial sectors, it is difficult to achieve equality on the rule of law and the protection of investors ' interests, lack access to system stability, legitimacy and adherents, even causing market disorder. Chinese entrepreneurs Liu innuendo Ali no protection

However, Scott's three elements of systems theory has its limitations, its three basic elements are not boundary clear of three separate, but "from certain basic elements supported by the system, with the passage of time and changes in the environment will be another basic element to maintain." This suggests that conditions of registration system reform, in theory, is not the absolute truth. Addition, world around implementation registered business of beginning provides has colorful of picture: United States is in 1933 launched registered business of, at enterprise fraud issued of situation also compared more; Korea in 1998 launched registered business Shi, Enterprise independent listed of wishes has compared strong has; China Taiwan is in securities exchange accumulated has years audit experience of based Shang, Yu 1993 will regulatory sector of by case audit business to supervision mechanism, and Yu 2012 further to record business. These practices show that dogmatic insistence that registration system reform "conditions", or overemphasize the precondition for reform, would be "his mark".

In particular is that the concept of legal system and the spirit of contract and the rule of law is highly market-oriented basic feature, which is difficult to natural development of approval system, as not impossible to learn swimming. Registration system reform discussion of the basic logic is that prior to the learn to swim is not water, but the problem is, you're not into, how is it possible to learn how to swim, as Lenin put it, "to learn to swim, you have to water."

So, not only can not overemphasize the prerequisite of registration reform, but also registered these preconditions should be viewed as an important part of the reform, and registration system reform push forward. These prerequisites should be an integral part of registration reform, through system reform has been registered. Can't wait for our legal system, the spirit of contract, rule of law and other factors have pushed reform of registration or registered only after the reforms to develop and perfect the legal system and the spirit of contract, the rule of law. In addition, the registration system and the legal system, the concept of the spirit of contract, the rule of law, and a relationship. Improve the legal system, the concept of the spirit of contract, the rule of law, can guarantee smooth implementation of the registration system, registration system reform itself also can promote the legal system and the spirit of contract, the development and improvement of the rule of law.

Reforms in China the case is more complex, and the ups and downs of the stock market has just experienced an unprecedented, and added some uncertainty to the reform. In this key moments, first worth we do of May is condensed reform consensus, thin considerations registered business on China Securities market order of real effect, discussion how makes China capital markets became more with attraction of products, attract local and international entrepreneurs like consumers as willing to using it, to on whole social is economic of, eventually conducive to social development, and not stuck Yu so-called of premise conditions, delays registered business reform of timing.

Not approved a total negation of

Register with some preconditions to synchronize push forward the reform, is a systems engineering, specific process necessarily hierarchical sequential progression. In accordance with the general law of development, registration system reform can be expected after the initial state, the transition state and the final State in three stages. How to properly evaluate approved during the transition period, a phased reform initiatives, to achieve a smooth transition, is the registration system is an important element of the reform.

On approved business (including previously of approval business), currently community criticism views compared more, antibody up, main reflected in two a aspects: a is issued audit system efficiency lower, issued audit by needed time more long, audit results has larger of uncertainty; II is approved business on market mechanism of damage, including market pricing mechanism failure, and intermediary institutions role weakening, and market produced reverse eliminated and delay has more level market system of construction,.

However, we should note that since the implementation of approval system, the number of listed companies has nearly 3,000, the listed company's performance as a whole, growth, many financial indicators continued to grow, 2014-vested in the shareholders of the parent company net profits of listed companies total 2.44 trillion yuan, size and annual market value of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges trading volume were the highest in the world. There is reason to believe, approval system in China under the market is orderly. It's hard for me to imagine, if you release a market disorder, the securities market will be maintained for such a long period of rapid growth and achieved so much. Weber on capitalism and economic development relies on the order of insight worthy of our consideration, 2009 Nobel economics prize was awarded to the new institutional economics should also give us inspiration.

At least from the perspective of Economics, in a no rules of order in the market, people are unable to work effectively, lack of effective rules of order in a society, people find it difficult to long-term and effective cooperation, thus creating huge wealth, though may in the short run. Of course, this is just a logical reasoning, but it is a matter of reasoning, which is related to our registration system to approve much adjustment, at some level, which is a matter of market parties the meaning of many years of accumulated experience.

Therefore, the registration system reform should not be a mere negation, or completely abandoned, but negative contains positive, approval of business experience and the lessons learned process, reflect the approval system has both innovation and inheritance, make the distribution system more mature, more stereotypes. Many people are concerned that the registration system cannot effectively prevent the issuer fraud, leading to the protection of investors as well as the approval system. But practice shows that securities regulators to find false in your application, the approval system and cannot effectively prevent fraud. From an economic point of view, feasible approach is to increase the penalties for fraud after efforts, often difficult to implement because of the prior screening of high costs. However, the approval system useful in auditing methods, personally think can be inherited in the registration system, such as through logical analysis made to the filings of the issuer a reasonable doubt, and doubt has also asked the Publisher until the issuer disclosures clear and complete disclosure in the prospectus.

In this sense, the registration to approved terms, is a negative, but it's not a purely negative, but certainly negative, which can bring great changes and developments, and reasonable to inherit. Registered key to the success of the reform, that transitional measures changes in direction and frequency of change. If you change too much, beyond the affordability of the market reforms may fail. So, a good registration system reform programme, should be approved based on the negative is, certainly, is changing the system.

Cannot copy the market experience of developed countries

Domestic public opinion to the ultimate state of registration (that is, developed countries to mainstream registration) as a frame of reference to understand, understand the country is to promote registration of reform. There is a belief that in the near future: administrative regulation issued the rhythm of practice greatly distort the balance of supply and demand of the stock market, is not in line with international practice, must eliminate these distortions in the registration system reform. This brought great pressure to the secondary market.

But the problem is, from a macro perspective, equity financing is an important part of social financing, and the total amount of Community financing is an important part of financial regulation. Early in 2010 end of central economic workshop on proposed "keep reasonable of social financing scale", January 30, 2011 Bank announced of 2010 fourth quarter currency policy implementation report further proposed, "in macro-control in the need more focused on currency total of expected guide role, more focused on from social financing total of angle to measure financial on economic of support efforts, to keep reasonable of social financing scale, strengthened market configuration resources function, further improve economic development of within health power. "The basic system is a managed market economy of our country, registration reform subject to the basic system. From this point of view, as long as the social needs of financial macro-control, moderate pace of stock issue management is essential. In order to better serve the real economy, register reforms are indispensable, however, in order to reduce the economic and market turmoil, registration system reform and China's macro-control should be coherent, it certainly is an inevitable requirement. As to the basic economic system of society is the United States's full market economy as well, might as well managed market economies in East Asia, there is no conclusion, the 1997 Asian financial crisis in 2007 and the United States are two examples of the financial crisis.

To see that registration abroad has a long history, their experience cannot be exhausted on all market orders of knowledge and theory, because the distribution system from a summary of practical experience, registration of summarize the experience in developed country markets is not "one size fits all" truths. Moreover, the meaning of a registered business in developed countries itself constantly evolving depending on social development. If fails to recognize the foreign registration system is a set of practices in our country there must be limitations, copy the foreign experience at our practice is often counter-productive, this frame of observation results of securities market in China is often accused of reform in China is not complete or dismiss false reform, but difficult to put forward constructive views.

In this sense, only summary in the system innovation of our own successes, can reveal the distribution market the path to the root of the current problem, solve, may also find that some of the experience of Western society does not provide, or have not yet formed the theoretical stuff, and make their own contributions on the market order. As the combined principles of medicine and patients case, get in the prescription is the same.

Comrade DENG Xiaoping once pointed out: "our modernization must proceed from China's actual. Both revolution and construction must learn from the experience of foreign countries. However, simply copy other countries ' experiences, models of other countries, has not been successful. We had a lot of lessons in this regard. "Since the last century 80 's, those who copy the Western theory of countries undergoing transition, general economic stagnation and social unrest, the people suffer, yet difficult to stabilize. Reforms in China, should learn from it, understanding intrinsic characteristics and problems of China market, rooted in the approval system lesson, errors to avoid dogmatism. Path of reforms in China to have such confidence, theoretical system of confidence and confidence.

Of course, when it comes to market in China may be a special order, is a foreign experience is also not covered by the order, is not to say that it is absolutely in order, cannot be cured, more rigid and myth.

The achievements of the reform is the result of action by the parties

Approval system is somewhere between approval and registration of a distribution system, can be infinitely close to approval system, also can be infinitely close to the registration system. In recent years, regulators repeatedly revised and improved audit rule, however, if the rule does not perform well, even if market-oriented distribution system, might still be in the name of the approval system and approval system in practice. Conversely, if approved by the strict implementation of the current system of issuing rules and registration system of distance may not be so far away.

Distribution rules are universal, enforcement of rules against a particular issuer, applies the general rule to a particular issue, is accomplished by the interpretation of the rules, because the issuer's situation is different. Therefore, the interpretation of the rules is often indispensable link in the issue. But was often out here, the specific interpretation of the rules, is closely related to personal rule concept. The concept of an actor if you have registered, then he will not only according to the provisions of rules, but according to the spirit of registration to determine how a particular situation accurately interpret and implement this rule.

Therefore, the registration system reform, the move to improve on specific rules, also in the transition effort, which is particularly important during the transition period. If there are no rules, the transition is empty, that is, no content, no object. Similarly, if there is no concept of personal transformation system is blind, meaning that has no direction, do not know how to use. Core elements involved in the transition are securities regulators through the self-revolution, limited review powers, limited audit responsibilities, bringing the rise of market forces.

Why special emphasis on regulatory change? This is because, many years of planned economy leading the authorities are accustomed to everything, for regulatory acts blindly optimistic, that regulation was motivated by integrity, is essentially good, sceptical about the market, that issuers and intermediaries are motivated by self-interest. The reality is that regulatory authorities as representative of the country, in the face of temptation to rent, there are opportunistic and will not rule out the use of their centers of power, dominance, and intends to expand regulatory powers in the implementation rules, and the monitor loses reliability. Moreover, regulators, as a collection of individual people, in an environment of uncertainty, can only understand and obtain certain types of information, and other information in a State of ignorance, face "rational ignorance" and "the information paradox", and so on. Therefore, Government action may also unreasonable, as the North (1981) says: "the State is the key to economic growth, however the country is artificial the root cause of the recession. "In the stock market, if market failure, regulators can be regulated and supervisory misconduct, markets could do nothing. Therefore, register in advance in the process of reform, the primary problem is constrained regulatory boundaries, the regulators, issuers, investors and intermediaries in the same plane, who might have done better to whom tasks, constraint regulatory authority boundaries and bring regulatory initiative is equally important, dialectical unity.

Order registration reforms, gradually formed in the market, is a new concept under the guidance of people, their behavior changes between expectations and behaviors of running; it was not an individual person's intellect or insight of what can be done, and takes time for gods. Recalling China's reform, starting from the rural household contract responsibility system, which is a spontaneous action of Xiaogang village, fengyang County 18 farmers. Years after Xiaogang village of fengyang, chuxiandiqu, Anhui Province, until the country and changed the organization system and rural land property right system and its deep impact, the scale of giant, Jane, good effect is unparalleled. They are a game changer, set up a new system, breaking the old order. As Hayek on individualism: the true and the false, says: "the many rules and regulations for human achievement, has been produced without the plan and guidelines, and the role being played. "He also 18th century thinker yadang·fugesen was quoted as saying:" the State is incidental, it really is the result of human action, rather than the result of design. "I personally think that, where the" State "can be replaced for the system, order, law, marketing, and so on.

From this perspective, emphasis on top-design at the same time, the practical meaning of the stones should not be overlooked. Progressive registration of progressive reforms, no one can design a complete programme, but they must go through a step, the next programme, it's like touching a stone covered step, also found a piece of stone. How about a piece of stone, we don't know, a bad conclusion. However, if you don't give a touch stone hand, and he will never pass. Registration reform will insist on fording the correct methodology, advance in the explore.

(The author of Luke Eagles Porc full-time members of the Commission)

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sinopec business leaders did not report the relatives without removal

Recently, the Sinopec party issued the ban on relatives of leaders in business to do business with China's petrochemical business regulations requires all units directly under the broad masses of party members and leaders in strict compliance. Leaders covering the company and its holding company and affiliated enterprises, (a) Deputy section-level and above (including personnel enjoy appropriate treatment).

The provision states that, no relatives of leaders in business to do business with China's petrochemical business, or the formation of competition, or the existence of other acts against China petrochemical interests. Main including: led personnel relatives in country (border) both inside and outside registered of company, and enterprise, and China petrochemical occurred business between; led personnel relatives holds its equity of non-listed company, and enterprise, and China petrochemical occurred business between; led personnel Zhijian using terms mutual for other relatives in and China petrochemical business between in the provides convenience conditions; led personnel relatives in country (border) both inside and outside registered of company, and enterprise, holds its equity of non-listed company, and enterprise, employed in which served as senior positions of non-State-owned nature enterprise, Acts against China petrochemical interests and so on.

Irregularities, terminated by the leaders to persuade their relatives active business contacts with China petrochemical, stop the competition and other acts against China petrochemical interests, or leadership resign. Violations of the provisions of this leadership, depending on the seriousness, were given warning talk, out of job, demotion, dismissal or punishment imposed the party disciplines, all while reducing or withholding performance pay. Suspected criminals, transferred to judicial organs for handling.

Leaders did not report the family business to do business, without removal from Office under investigation, according to investigation and punishment imposed the party disciplines. Anonymous shareholders, other affiliated companies, camera operation for tunneling and other means of evading regulatory leadership, strictly from the handle. Leadership against the rules and is not corrected in a timely manner, in accordance with the relevant provisions, accountability for leadership and personnel responsibilities. Hot comments | stabbed the judge suspects the

Party and party committees at all levels to implement the provisions of the company bear the main responsibility, strengthen the education, management and supervision of leadership. The leaders implement the provisions as democratic meeting, debriefing and anti-corruption, examining the work of important content. Discipline inspection and supervision responsibility for implementing provisions of the supervisory authorities, to verify the relevant leads the masses of cadres, to investigate the violation problem.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Former Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission Liu mingkang research

Former Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission Liu mingkang, research and lecture in Kunming, also in Taiwan attended the event

On November 29, according to yabuli, China entrepreneurs Forum official letter about 12 o'clock noon on the day of the public push messages, CPPCC National Committee member, Deputy Director of the Economic Commission, China Banking Regulatory Commission Chairman, yabuli Forum Honorary Chairman Liu mingkang, 27th-29th in Kunming research enterprise management and titled the challenges and opportunities for China's economic speech.

According to Taiwan media reports, the former Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission Liu mingkang, the Chinese University Business School Professor Emeritus, November 26, attended the Taiwan Regent 2015 to be held in Taipei-Taiwan economic and trade cooperation forum. Liu mingkang referred in his speech, new opportunities in Taiwan is that cooperation "along the way" plan, but current layout has the biggest challenge is the security factor.

Yabuli, China entrepreneurs ' Forum was founded by a group of private entrepreneurs in China in November 2000, is one of China's most active entrepreneur platform for Exchange of ideas. Davos-China-Heilongjiang yabuli yabuli is the permanent site of the China entrepreneurs ' Forum, and each summer in yabuli, China entrepreneurs ' Forum will be held in other Chinese cities Summit.

Yabuli, China entrepreneurs Forum currently held by the former Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission Liu mingkang, served as Honorary President, Tian Yuan China International Futures founder to serve as President, global managing partner of Sequoia Capital Shen's Presidency, Taikang Chairman Chen dongsheng: take the Director-General, Beijing University Professor Zhang weiying, Chief Economist.

Former Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission Liu mingkang, research and lecture in Kunming, also in Taiwan attended the event Former Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission Liu mingkang, research and lecture in Kunming, also in Taiwan attended the event

Liu mingkang, resume

Liu mingkang, male, was born in 1946 in Shanghai, PhD, Member of the 17th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, Secretary of the

1985.1-1987.2 graduate school of the City University of London, master of Business Administration degree

2001.11 London City University honorary doctorate

1965.9-1976.1 Danyang city, Jiangsu Province, Yang Xiang river jump

1976.1-1979.6 Danyang city, Jiangsu Province, rolling mill technology

1979.6-1979.10 Danyang city, Jiangsu Province, China Trade Union cadres

1979.10-1984.7 Bank of China Jiangsu Branch staff

1984.7-1987.5 Bank of China London Branch Manager

1987.5-1988.9 General Manager of the Jiangsu provincial branch of Bank of China Trust and Investment Corporation

1988.9-1992.11 Deputy Governor of the Bank of China Fuzhou Branch

1992.11-1993.1 Governor of the Bank of China Fujian branch and Secretary of Ministry party group

1993.1-1994.1, Fujian province, Vice Premier and Minister of provincial Government Secretary General

1994.1-1998.3 State Bank Deputy Governor

1998.3-1999.3 Deputy Governor of the people's Bank of China

1999.3-1999.7 Deputy Governor of the people's Bank of China, and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee SAC informed 54 SOEs to eight provisions of typical

1999.7-2000.6, Chairman of China Everbright group limited company and Secretary of Ministry party group

2000.2-2003.3 Bank of China Board Chairman and President, Party Secretary

2002.11-2007.10 alternate member of the 16th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party

2003.3-2005.4 Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee

2005.4-2011.10 Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, Secretary of the

2012.2-Deputy Chairman of the Economic Committee of the CPPCC

Is a member of the 16th CPC Central Committee, 17.

(Source: people's daily, Xinhua net)

Friday, November 27, 2015

Governor of Sichuan to promote PPP projects insist that social capital at reasonable

Governor of Sichuan to promote PPP projects insist that social capital at reasonable and stable return

Photo: network

Sichuan province, held on November 26, "cooperation of the Government and social capital (PPP)" on the tour, released estimates of the province with a total investment of nearly 700 billion yuan of 756 investment projects for social capital to choose to participate.

Attention to, transportation construction project just as much as 280 billion yuan.

On a day tour, field signed 44 PPP projects, the total investment reached 158.815 billion yuan. Projects related to transportation, municipal utilities, environmental protection, affordable housing, education of 7 major areas of industry with mass production and living of the people is closely related to

Compared with the PPP projects Agency landed at the end of last year, the contracted number of Sichuan has increased from 28 to 44, field is also extended to transport, municipal utilities, environmental protection, affordable housing, education of 7 major industries.

In order to stimulate the participation of social capital to the enthusiasm of PPP projects in Sichuan, Sichuan Provincial Governor Wei also attended the seminar.

Wei said in his speech, Government and social capital in the public service have established a new partnership, PPP model has improved the supply of public services, stimulating market vitality, improve the performance of Government funds for major reforms.

Wei also stressed, especially in the economy under the new normal, application of PPP mode, for guiding leveraging social capital and new engine fostering economic growth, promote efficiency, effectiveness of public development and management level, is of great practical significance.

Wei said that the PPP model in the field of public services, but the Government is standing in the Commonweal and market thinking of the combination of, insisted that social capital has a reasonable stability in return. Acquisition talk continued efforts China and the

In order to enhance confidence in the participation of social capital, Wei has made three commitments: first is the market capable of balancing items to the market, followed by markets cannot balance items by price adjustments to balance or Government procurement; the third is some investment is large and can not guarantee the Basic project of reasonable returns, the Government can use a combination of resources to balance.

Director of the Research Institute of industrial economy development in Sichuan province Luo Ling interface news also believe that, under the current economic situation, social capital to participate in the local Government of PPP projects, most importantly the rules in terms of developing and supporting the implementation of policies must be confident.

Interface reporters learned from the Sichuan Provincial Government, in recent years, Sichuan has launched to encourage community investment in public services and promote the implementation of PPP, PPP promotion measures are formulated and clearly supporting policies such as taxation, finance, land.

On the investment funds in accordance with the market-oriented operation and management, Sichuan Provincial Financial Express first capital contribution of 1 billion yuan, the total is expected to reach 5 billion yuan more than through equity investment and debt investment, financing and other support to participate in PPP projects.

Interface news also noted that resources development, Sichuan province, innovation, comprehensive system of promoting PPP policies and existing industry access, price management, personnel support policies, convergence with the PPP projects.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Yantai Shandong province suffered a Blizzard attack passers by into Snowman

On November 26, 2015, Yantai City, Shandong province. Under the influence of strong cold air, suffered a Blizzard attack, Yantai, Shandong province, Yantai City meteorological station released 26th at 5 o'clock the blue alarm signal, launches and road icing and yellow and the yellow warning signal. Huanshan road, Yantai City, Shandong province, and public snow travel. Visual image of China, declined reprint

Yantai, Shandong province suffered a Blizzard attack passers-by into

On November 26, 2015, Yantai City, Shandong province. Under the influence of strong cold air, suffered a Blizzard attack, Yantai, Shandong province, Yantai City meteorological station released 26th at 5 o'clock the blue alarm signal, launches and road icing and yellow and the yellow warning signal. Huanshan road, Yantai City, Shandong province, and public snow travel. Visual image of China, declined reprint

Yantai, Shandong province suffered a Blizzard attack passers-by into

Picture shows two road, Yantai City, Shandong province, and public snow travel. Shanghai Kunming Expressway in Tan Shao crash

Yantai, Shandong province suffered a Blizzard attack passers-by into

Huanshan road, Yantai City, Shandong province, and public snow travel.

Yantai, Shandong province suffered a Blizzard attack passers-by into

Huanshan road, Yantai City, Shandong province, and public snow travel.

Yantai, Shandong province suffered a Blizzard attack passers-by into

Huanshan road, Yantai City, Shandong province, and public snow travel.

Yantai, Shandong province suffered a Blizzard attack passers-by into

Picture shows two road, Yantai City, Shandong province, and public snow travel.

Yantai, Shandong province suffered a Blizzard attack passers-by into

Huanshan road, Yantai City, Shandong province, and public snow travel.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The silent Queen Mali nimiai writing is my way to reconstruct memories

Having a celebrity father to so many people is a kind of lucky, France women writers Mali·nimiai, was lingering in "nightmare". Her father luojie·nimiai in modern France has an important role in the history, France the critics as "light cavalry" and Blondin, Laurent three in 1950 known France the three Musketeers in the literary world. However, in 1962, when Mary was 5, her father died in a car accident, car still sits on his mistress.

In 2004, the publication of the silence of Queen Mary, truth about his father's death and his mother's lies and his loneliness growing confidences, the novel won the French Academy Prize for best novel and the Medici Prize for literature, and was translated into Chinese in 2013. On November 22, the Yilin Publishing House, translated by Yuan Xiaoyi was launched again in translation. Book launch, Mary also told a surging news in an interview.

Mali·nimiai and the Queen of silence

After all these years return to the father, Mary speaks with a sense of alienation. "My father was a violent man, mother too roughly. "In the book, Mary keep questioning whether the father loved her, finally found the answer a letter from her father, when she was born, his father wrote:" I am (I wish) then immediately she drowned in the river Seine, so as not to hear people talking about her. "Once again talk about this letter, Mary was just indifferent to say," this is a humorous way of father, but still very special. "

Description of the mother in the book but is warm and positive, "in order to protect our mother wove lies, she said, ' you are the crystallization of the great love '. But in fact, when his father had an accident, parents have been separated for one year. "She says," people are warm, mother after his father's death and said, ' your father had an accident, and left. ' My brother and I were leaving meant was where to go, we did not attend his funeral, after no one took us to his grave. So never confirmed that death is real. "

These truths into Mary's body, rather than the brain, because the memory before the age of 5 she has forgotten. "Finished writing this book, I can better understand the father's pain. He often drive too fast, get drunk, I feel sad for him, rather than feeling sad for myself. His pride as a man he could not express his pain. " Feature articles Visit North Yen Ching Restaurant


Father died suddenly does not give Mary what, don't even have a picture, only a few postcards, one piece of writing on the back with "silent Queen says what? "This is the work the origin of the name.

"This is a paradox, a cruel Word. A little girl unable to answer. When I replied, I am no longer the silent Queen. If I don't, I would not have answered questions. "Mary is disappointed," this is a trick question. Grow up, this trap can be solved by writing. My favorite France writer Marguerite Duras was one of, she said, ' cries in the night is to speak in silence '. "

The Queen of silence in law was published, France media commented that this was "one of his autobiography". Strictly speaking, it is not a biography, it is more like a novel, Mary with a stream of consciousness approach to fiction woven into the memory. "Novel writing my inner truth and memory, not in the material sense, but emotionally it is absolutely true. With his father and partly related to the real, not fabricated. But I and the father are fictional, because I have no memory. "

Mary did not deliberately gather in order to write his father's information, she was very clear that it is not writing biographies, she would write as reconstruction and memory. "I do not wish this book had too much information, I really want to do is to express this silence. Writers to stay white, and let the readers do the work. No one really cares about me and who his father was, it's not important, what is important in the reader's mind the ability to trace the outlines. "

Mali·nimiai book launch

"I don't hate my father, indifferent at best"

Surging News: How do you think father missing in the works?

Nimiai: the book in 2001, writing for 4 years. When writing this book, I was separated from the boy's father, wrote of his childhood and a good story writer together, because this man, I thought of writing this book, I need his help. This is a period of transition, no longer as a daughter of Roger, but as his writing. The writer appeared in the first edition, but then I also broke, and the writer, so I re wrote another version, is now publishing this edition. The first version was not in the first person narrative, but faked his half-brother and sister to describe, and I'm just one of the characters in the novel.

Surging News: father want to drown you, you said in the book the father plays the Devil's role, you hate him?

Nimiai: it is said that he was the devil, is with the tone of a child, the father is very high, the little girl was tall, and my father has some violent temper, so I will say this, it's just child cognitive way. In my life, I hated my father, my father never hated, at best indifferent and cold. I believe that even if he lived, we can't get along.

Surging News: why not get along?

Nimiai: father is right, I'm left-wing cannot live in harmony. Also do not have to live together in peace, he is the father, not friends. Father's life is about speed, woman, male power and friendship between the two men. Father is a man of great force, which not only attacks to others, also attacked itself. Writing, I would not want to father, but being with my characters.

Surging News: grew up a man to father graves for the first time, is how it feels?

Nimiai: this is a very beautiful place, still water, first of all, very happy, he was able to find such a beautiful place to rest. Of course, there are things we did not do it in the right, never failed to come back. Just like a date, there is no good time, will never be able to recover. Have a certain intense feelings, of course, but so be it.

"I bring readers to the father"

Surging News: father's fame and influence on your writing has gone through?

Nimiai: today's readers are no longer read my father's works, his work is very famous in the last century those, and nor my father works a lot. In fact, after I finished this book, and inspire people to read my father's work. Somehow, my readers with her father. When I was born, his father to sign I am his child and I write my father, again recognized the existence of father.

Surging News: do you think you have the genetic traits of the father? Writing talent?

Nimiai: looks like, I don't think writing to a genetic father. I've read a lot of books, I grew up in reading.

Surging News: hear that father left your fear of driving?

Nimiai: without a license when he wrote this book, nor after the finish, I have been practicing for a long time, also got a driver's license four times, is now abandoned. My brother and I didn't have a license, presumably in order to avoid the so-called curse. Driving the plot like a scenes interspersed in the novel. Coach noticed that every time I shift will hold their breath death stopped breathing, speed every time, I slowly through a die.

"The writer's early fame is not a good thing"

Surging News: climber huaite·bonadi referenced in your book: "success can never get forgiven" metaphor for his father too early to go to the last step to fame, for a writer, do you think, fame too early is not good?

Nimiai: early fame is not too good. Father because the precocious success ten years later to write fiction again, but he is likely to miss the novel, fiction, after all, is a way of expressing himself, but later failed the abilities. And I hope to write down, there will be no retreat when you stop writing. I Medici prize was late, it was lucky, for a writer, later winning a prize is a good thing, so writing won't be disturbed. For me, writing and eating, sleeping, breathing, I don't stop, keep on writing.

Surging News: can you talk about current writing projects?

Nimiai: next January in France under my published a novel, ' the beach '. Third-person narrative novel, and the previous novel was different. Everything happens on the beach, a stranger, a giant, a dwarf, it's ten years since I revisited "paternity", the so-called giant is the father. I was thinking, what if little girls brought to the General Assembly by their father.

Surging News: before you, I am a man, a novel about domestic violence, the Queen of silence about his father, and the next book of the beach about father and daughter relationship, there is a correlation of the three did?

Nimiai: in France when published, no one noticed the silence of Queen and what is the relationship of the I am a man, the reader's memory is very short, the reader always lived in the present. But in China, found that Chinese readers to watch the few works from different, deeper, not the researcher perspective. These three books are in fact constitutes an association. The beach is more like the sequel to silence the Queen, but there are many folk tales.

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Beautiful round arms backward Tencent Alibaba wants to sell shares in the total

United States Mission and the public comments combined effect is.

On November 23, the Wall Street Journal quoted sources as saying, the company currently is considering selling its stake in group-public comment. Alibaba owns 7% shares of consolidated new company about. According to the United States Mission reviews the valuation of this round of financing, Alibaba's shares are valued at about $ 1 billion.

Alibaba is finally exiting the United States do? America has been surging on news that "there is no knowledge." Alibaba has not yet responded.

Ali sold the United States behind the shares, except Ali O2O platform to build their own (reputation), and is most likely due to the company in the United States say more, Ali can only be cashed out.

In fact, as the group grew up before, American managers have unintentionally expressing dissatisfaction with the Ali investment brought about by the restrictions.

US Mission in 2011 and 2012, respectively, take Alibaba to invest 50 million US dollars and 300 million dollars of investment. In May 2014, said meituan founder Wang XING publicly, Alibaba group network 10% to 15% ownership. But in January 2015, the Group conducted a round of financing, Ali's stake is not known.

Group says Ali Baba is a financial investment, rather than a strategic investment.

When Alibaba and their associated ants clothing after the injection of local lifestyle website 50% word of mouth network, reputation and the Group naturally the rivalry, somehow, Ali and the Group also forms the dark war.

On November 20, the media reported that the group currently PayPal merchants to implement a "Blitzkrieg", which is required and the cooperation of businesses do not continue to use PayPal for settlement, merchants are not allowed within the stores displaying PayPal posters and signs of payment. Group to push the team even tougher requirements of businesses shut down on PayPal opened online stores.

Beautiful round arms backward Tencent, Alibaba wants to sell shares in the total break up

Online merchants smashed PayPal items

US missions to respond to surging News said: on whether the Group battle with PayPal, completely untrue. About us mission to push online merchants to play hit the PayPal materials under team, simply push belongs to the individual employee behavior, there has been criticism of relevant staff.

Just a few days before November 17, reputation first held a business conference, Word of mouth network CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Fan Chi attacking the buying patterns, said buying patterns to suck blood. Fan Chi day a surging news interview, did not respond positively "with the blood of Ali's reputation and the group, how to handle the relationship" questions.

On November 23, settled in the reputation of the dumplings a salesperson tell aunt surging news group cannot order now, online prices are cheaper than store prices, "America Online price we couldn't sell, prices, there is nothing changed, if customers want to order in the us, the Group's system say it! "

Settled in the mouth of a surging on news that a staff member of the Burger King, Burger King promotions on a mission in the United States on November 15, off the shelf, off the shelf because, he declined. While Burger King reputation discounts.

But this may be a special case. DiCOS, KFC, McDonald's, a long time Ah, also settled in the reputation and the United States.

A surging group employees told news, group rival Baidu is the sticky rice and Ali's reputation, "it is. "

This competition is mainly reflected in the product dimension, and who invested in and there is no significant relationship. The employee said, such as the movie business, and micro-letters of group movie tickets and movie PK Taobao.

Told Wang entrepreneurial decade nine defeats wrote the book one win, from buying to O2O, facing opponents from the beautiful round NET lashou, litters, the mass comment nets, now the BAT (Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba) ... ... After winning the lightweight final, and beautiful round NET heavyweights iron hand melee. If the BAT straight to buy, war with the group, it is a good, they are not afraid of. Fear is, competitors from outside the group to cut. Beautiful round if we can win this race, it's a O2O giant; not just Premiers, with a "small warring feudal lords."

Internet analyst Wang Ruchen surging on news that Ali and Tencent's investment logic is essentially pursuing complementary. But in Ali, there is really no greater value and business overlap, only the size of the gain, not complementary. Although vertical industry group is also good, but Ali's vertical industry sector chain depth of play, and cannot be separated from Ali's own platform.

News that Tencent and Sequoia Capital is the main new merging of America Director. The combined group and public comments, the Group down to a certain extent to Tencent. Individual leadership of WISCO missions Gang gang,

Tencent partners they are not good at content in the hands to do it. Tencent Beijing e-commerce business to the East, to buy the business to the public comments. United States Mission and the public comments after the merger, the truth remains the same.

According to the Wall Street Journal on 23rd disclosure, group-public comments on a new round of financing provided to investors in a ratchet clause (Equity Ratchet), but did not enjoy this part of the shares held by Alibaba ratchet provisions.

If the signing of ratchet clauses, meaning that if the IPO (initial public offering) price is not up to a certain value, investors can earn extra compensation. (Ratchet anti-dilution instruments of the articles are good for investors, is the most commonly used anti-investor or diluted forms of protection. Dilution is resulting in decreased net book value per share after financing, anti-dilution means the readjustment of capital structure. )

The newspaper also said the group-public comments are engaging in a new round of funding, of which Tencent to invest $ 1 billion in public comments. A new round of financing amount up to us $ 3 billion, the company estimates could reach $ 20 billion. Officials did not comment on this news.

If the message is accurate, presents an interesting situation: on one side is a $ 1 billion company to sell the group-public comments, while Tencent-public comments to the United States an additional $ 1 billion investment.

As to whether Tencent Holdings? Because it is a non-listed company, the United States Mission and the public comments after the merger failed to disclose the latest ownership structure, cannot make guesses.

Take a look at public comments founder and CEO Zhang Tao's tragic departure.

Beautiful round arms backward Tencent, Alibaba wants to sell shares in the total break up Beautiful round arms backward Tencent, Alibaba wants to sell shares in the total break up

On November 13, held a public comment in Shanghai named "old boy" farewell, farewell mass reviews, co-founder, big promotion group leader Li Jing, public comments in early angel investor, one of the Chief services officer Wang Yu left office. On the Court, Zhang Tao of tears. Unable to keep back the tears, there is leaving public comments the team's reluctant, or unable to continue to experience O2O battlefield, who have no way of knowing.

Zhang has received the Tencent's strategic investment in 2014. Shortly after the merger, Zhang is no longer CEO of the new company, became Chairman. But there are rumours that Zhang's management will quit the company within six months.

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67 connected with corruption nest case of Sichuan energy system the project

Biogas projects, agricultural projects is the focus of Yibin city, Sichuan province, is to improve farmers ' production style, promote a virtuous cycle of agricultural ecological environment and sustainable development projects, they "explode" a series of rural energy systems in Yibin city corruption.

67 people involved, Department-level leading cadres and above 22, city and County (district) Agricultural Council of 13 members of the leading group;

Party disciplines dispose of more than 32 people, 5 people were transferred to judicial organs, the amount of money involved amounted to 5.46 million Yuan;


Municipal agricultural Office, nine counties (districts) can do fall of landslides. Although the case has been closed for almost a year, but bring our thinking in deepening and extension.

In December 2013, Yibin city, Sichuan province, discipline Inspection Commission received transferred to Yibin City Commission for discipline inspection can be done after the original director Zhang Binhong clues about the indiscipline, the clues the initial check immediately. In front of a lot of facts and evidence, Zhang Binhong confessed bribery to organization of 890,000 yuan, illegal business profits 1 million Yuan and accepting "red envelopes" gifts 99,000 yuan for violating the truth.

RIP Zhang Binhong corruption cases after the breakthrough, Yibin County Nong could soon ban former director Wang Xueming, changning County Nong Gan Yuanxin, who followed the original Director "Lok". Farming systems of the city some cadres abusing power for personal gain, accepting bribes from suppliers; private accounts, dividing up the money; fraud, virtual spending get cash problem surfaced ... ...

Case analysis: high interest has spawned corruption, community Ox employee benefits cakes back: business is bad,

"Unspoken rules" prevailed, taking "kickbacks" for ties to the Group of corruption. Driven by economic interests, many agricultural equipment manufacturers and construction units treat bribery as necessary means of marketing, higher rebates and other means of promotion, an agricultural system "unspoken rules" its way. Glass arch cover applied in this case are representative of the project. In 2011 and 2012, a company bidding yibindiqu digester after the sale of the glass arch cover, in order to allow the company smooth glass arch cover promotion, the company in accordance with the "practice" took out the bid price 8% of the rebates paid to farmers and related personnel. The company upon the receipt of each payment, are based on the standard 110/return to the municipal Agriculture Office staff Wu Changyong management appliance Sales Department to coordinate "management" relationship between the parties. Wu Changyong press "custom" 110/allocate 30 yuan/in your mouth as a service, the rest of the 80 yuan/in accordance with the "role" assigned to the different stakeholders as "Thanks".

In this way, the "unspoken rules" before, from the Director of the municipal agricultural Office, County (district) to Office staff, a total of 67 people, much of taking bribes of more than 800,000 yuan, leaving thousands of Yuan of bribery ... ... Collective fall of the entire agricultural system.

Collusion, to form a "project" for the benefit of the axis Alliance. Technique: trading power for money, tunneling "back channel" have arisen. In accordance with industry regulations, equipment procurement, business promotion must be an open bidding, but in practice enforcement, and a mere formality, become a breeding ground for an important part of trading power for money. 2007-2011 cooker material purchase, a dealer prior to pave the way for bribes, gets Zhang Binhong is highly recommended in the bidding process, successfully won the bid. Bidding procedure useless.

Technique two: cultivating "cronies" collusive benefit-sharing. Wu Changyong, Yibin city, Office personnel, Zhang Binhong full-time drivers. Because of its special relationship with Zhang Binhong, the associated companies to make their products more easily won the bid, competing service, operated business promotion to the Wu Changyong, thanked Zhang Binhong also when sending the money, are also achieved by Wu Changyong. Later becoming "successful entrepreneurs," Wu Changyong statement: "starting from business to business is getting better, it has been led by Zhang Binhong care and support, so took a considerable part of the profits every year to thank them. "In order to thank leaders all the way care, Wu Changyong from 2003 to 2013 a total gave Zhang Binhong 580,000 yuan, other relevant personnel to 50,000 to 60,000 yuan. They acted in collusion with, mutual protection of interests, gradually formed a community of interests.

Method three: illegal business to public rights in Exchange for personal gain. Central times stressed, ban leaders business do Enterprise, engaged in profit activities, can Zhang Binhong in served as city agricultural can do Director during, using terms, violations will City agricultural can do subordinates institutions Blu-ray environment energy design room restructuring into Blu-ray environment energy design limited responsibility company, and became the company of scenes manipulation who and actual operators, wantonly for positions range within associated trading, profit up to 1 million Yuan.

Out of accounts in the dark, and form a circle based on accounts of corruption. "Collective corruption" become a new form of corruption, its essence is the perpetrator attempts by so-called dispersing responsibility for making collective decisions in order to escape punishment. As changning County, agricultural can do original Director Gan Yuanxin in the county town life sewage biogas purification pool construction and rural energy project construction process in the, and Yibin Blu-ray environment energy design limited responsibility company, and Yibin Hi up burning with Business Department talks, agreed respectively to 10 Yuan/cubic metres of design returned points fee and 40 Yuan/mouth of "service fee" for two households Enterprise introduced recommended biogas purification pool design business and provides FRP arch cover transport custody, and publicity service, convenience, in account outside secretly received above two home Enterprise rebate paragraph amounted to more than 720,000 more than Yuan. Gan Yuanxin including more than 670,000 yuan in illegal granting employees ' benefits.

Means of covert, to form a "long-term investment" as the mode of trade groups. In agricultural systems of corruption, bribe-givers tend to choose the appropriate time to bribe, bribery has been out of the "no money in one hand and do" original mode of trading power for money and bribery, is turning into the "work without gifts, gifts do not do" long-term and stable business. In addition to the "Commission", "rebate", Festival "red envelopes," traditional means and forms, such as bribery, but there have been business unit through academic exchanges, visit activities, product launches, personnel into units of agricultural institutions, paving the way for prior, networking, tacit bribery and other more subtle forms. Zhang Binhong can do after the meeting of agriculture and other cities (States) of agricultural Office Director Wang Chi industries limited visits to Chengdu, met the company's legal representative, was appointed as Adviser to the company on its oral, during the period from 2005 to 2008 with consultancy fee was received on behalf of 30,000 yuan.

Deeper exploration of the causes of the crime: money lacking supervision, uncontrolled

Since 2003, the Central Treasury to support rural marsh gas construction, focus on household biogas is, from 2004 to 2011, the only national level input to Yibin city, county-wide project funding amounted to 300 million Yuan.

"Investment, but the corresponding regulatory lag. "The municipal discipline Inspection Commission disciplinary review said case occurs, the key is lack of supervision, to more uncontrolled.

Neglect cultivation in party spirit, impair expansion. Ideals and beliefs waver is the most dangerous of the shaken, conviction is the most dangerous of the landslide, landslide. Involved personnel relax learning, ignored party cultivation, was community variety of negative phenomenon by effect, thought first metamorphic, action Shang with of "blew out", face numerous of "rebate", and "red", and "service fee", involved of 67 people most by began of reluctantly to later of readily accept, even also to numerous of so-called "bonus" for name, collective be privately. Zhang Binhong admits, although himself Dang had youth, and eat had bitter, through efforts became recovery entrance Hou of first generation students, but in on led post Hou, contact of people more has, see those boss are deal or no deal, himself is stretched, mentality slowly imbalance, heart deep pursues of "people not for has been, himself" of philosophy began recovery, in life of road Shang gradually lost direction, eventually to has crime of abyss.

System failure to the device, the head of "a bully." System hangs on the wall, on paper regulations, lax enforcement system, mostly head shots. During the municipal agricultural Office Director Zhang Binhong term, work style bullying, a penchant for one-man, agriculture can do big and small is one person in charge, or collective decision on important matters. For example, in Blu-ray on the restructuring of environmental energy engineering design, his own affair, not, not, not reported, without making a liquidation case, the Studio converted into a Blu-ray energy environmental Corporation, being the actual control of the company, resulting in the loss of State assets.

Rejection of corruption defense once burst, greed will burst their banks flooding got out of hand. The case warns us that strengthening the supervision of the leading cadres of party members, education, strengthen their sense of discipline rules, is imminent. Grab early to grab the small, frequently blame, to make this kind of collapse less corruption occurs, does not take place.