Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Shenyang men wounded female NET friend robbed tens of thousands of Yuan was

Shenyang evening post on June 29, after meeting with female NET friend on the network know men Valley with a stick would be female NET friend wounded, also taking over more than 10,000 yuan. On June 28, Shenyang Shenyang evening news reporter was informed that the peaceful Valley of the Public Security Bureau of China police suspects have been arrested.

May 18 at 20 o'clock, with public alarm, saying that when a man and woman meet, female NET friend wounded with a stick, and stole more than 10,000 yuan in cash. Ms Zhang says the victims, met with male friends in their homes, injured by male netizens. Ms Cheung was pleading: "Please don't hurt me, I can give you your money. "Male netizens took over more than 10,000 yuan in cash, see Zhang was injured, and left her some money.

Worried about male netizens attack, Zhang pledged not to alarm, and obtain the trust of male netizens. Male netizens did a simple dressing for ladies with a towel, two people walked down the stairs. Go downstairs, women shouted: "Rob! "Male netizens in panic and fled the scene. Asked a neighbor called the police.

Chinese police and peace branch of Interpol set up a joint task force to investigate. According to Zhang describes surveillance video around, identified the suspects, and on May 24, the suspects Valley captures. Liaoning more than two years out of black radio

On June 28, the reporter interviewed Valley detention center in Heping District. Valley said, on May 17 and Zhang met in online chat, see beautiful photos from Zhang, will move up. After meeting unexpectedly with Zhang, found in the photo is not a person, feel cheated. Infuriated, beat Zhang he used to carry a stick. Valley said, wanted to bring a lady went to a health clinic to see a doctor, but she shouted for help, he turned to run away.

At present, the Valley has been the peace police detention.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Featured tonight Who dares underestimate Ronaldo Portugal Croatia is expected

Switzerland VS Poland

Color recommendations: Switzerland 3 1

Date: 25th 21:00

Prediction start:

Switzerland: Sommer/lixishitaina, and Chailly, Johan Djourou, and Ricardo Rodriguez/Valon Behrami, and Edward Zacca/meihemeidi, and zhemayili, and Sha Qili/Seferovic

Poland: fabianski/Piszczek, and Glick, and Pazdan, and yedeerzexike/blaszczykowskii, and keliqiaoweiyake, and maxinsiji, and geluosiji/Lewandowski Mariusz and the Milich

Switzerland in the Group showed a consistent defensive rigidity, which is why they can be based on the essential to European football.

Team offensive force in the game is poor, but their hardness is sufficient to ensure the team has excellent performance when it is in the face of the enemy.

In qualifying score very much of Poland in the European Cup is scored only two goals in the game, this defense of Switzerland again in scoring woes. Read chart is the mountain shadows drama express

Asia-pan the field out of the tie plate, on the comprehensive strength and fame Poland better, in this case even I am afraid that Poland does not occupy too much advantage, optimistic about the Switzerland game unbeaten.

Wales VS Northern Ireland

Color recommendations: Wales 3

Date: 26th 00:00

Prediction start:

Wales: Ward/Chester, and ashili·weilianmusi, and Benjamin Jay Davis/edmubd Gunter, Ramsey, Edwards, Joe Allen, nier·taile/Bell, luobusen·Kanu

Northern Ireland: maikegewen/Hughes and Cathcart, and Macaulay, and ward, and qiaoni·aiwensi/Keli·aiwensi, shidifen·daiweisi, Norwood, Dallas/Washington

Wales group match performance, Bell and Aaron Ramsey stars hold the case they had a lot of opportunities to go further. Bell has scored in three matches in the group stage, it also proves that he is very good.

Belong to the same United Kingdom Northern Ireland to enter the top 16 NET just because of goal difference over Turkey and Albania, because of their offensive game too simple, so Wales won't be afraid.

Asia-pan the make a hemisphere of out of Wales, in the knockout stage to be able to make a hemisphere is already a big advantage, this watch Wales beat the opponent.

Croatia VS Portugal

Color recommendations: Croatia 1 0

Date: 26th 03:00

Prediction start:

Croatia: subaxiqi/Srna Darijo, Wei tatsu, Corluka, Strinic/Luka modric, badeeryi/peilixiqi, and Ivan rakitic, and Brozovic/mandzukic

Portugal:/Patricio weiailiniya, and Pepe, and Ricardo Carvalho, and Eliseu/race horse, and weilian·kawalue of Fame, Moutinho, and ruoao·maliao/Ronaldo, Nani

Croatia in the group perform at a high level, the final round to beat Spain is definitely the highlight of their tournament.

Team midfielders Luka modric and Ivan rakitic binaries now hold, and the other player has a very good play of the team, it looks like they have the potential to be a dark horse.

Portugal stumbled in the group stage, they were able to qualify luck a lot, but you cannot look at any time, after all, Ronaldo has a miracle happen.

The Asian draw concessions seemed Croatia confident enough, after all, had just defeated Spain after they are in the top range, this optimistic about Portugal unbeaten.

Week Euro 6,037 Switzerland VS Poland

Let the ball WINS

(0) 2.88 2.65 2.41

(+1) 1.39 3.85 6.25

Week Euro 6,038 Wales VS Northern Ireland

(0) 1.80 2.75 4.55

(-1) 4.00 3.20 1.74

Week Euro 6,039 Croatia VS Portugal

(0) 2.43 2.72 2.78

(-1) 6.10 3.90 1.39

This column is official partner of the Shanghai sports lottery Center. Color, tie color of authority recommended, most timely lottery information, visit the guidance of experts.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Henan Hebi former Deputy Police Chief hanged when party patrol

Law later deep real time news on June 21, by late journalist (app ID:fzwb_52165216) from Hebi city, Henan province, the Public Security Bureau was informed that, on May 29 this year, the former Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee member, Zhang Wenyan hanged himself in an Office. Hebi city, Henan province, the Communist Party propaganda Department of the Commission for discipline inspection according to the information provided, events, Public Security Bureau of Hebi municipal inspection group is to conduct inspections. According to law later the reporter, Zhang Wenyan hanged himself has just been Commission for discipline inspection on the eve talking to investigators.

Hebi city, Henan provincial public security Department official website, government official website, Hebi City Public Security Bureau official public information displays, Zhang Wenyan, 59, from December 2005 to October 2013 as Hebi City Public Security Bureau, Member of the CPC Committee Deputy Secretary. From October 2013 County investigator, in charge of law and order. Before his death a colleague to act late, said Sunday, the day of the incident was, the four-floor Office at the Public Security Bureau around four o'clock in the afternoon and was found hanged in the Office. Although colleagues found immediately after calling 120 first aid, and eventually died. By late journalist on the scene saw, Zhang Wenyan 418 offices on the fifth day of the incident had been "sealed by the Criminal Division of the City Office" two seals affixed.

Publicity Bureau, Public Security Bureau of Hebi City staff later told law reporter, the event has been excluded from criminal cases, families of cremation has been on the third day of the incident.

Then by late journalist from the Hebi City Commission for discipline inspection department that, when this happens, Hebi municipal inspection team is to visit its public Security Bureau. Henan provincial public security Department, one source said, ahead of Zhang Wenyan died, just accept the discipline Committee for questioning. 3 requirements for public officials in Henan province

Henan provincial Commission for discipline inspection following a message displays: Hebi city, worked as Vice Mayor and police chief Zhou Liangen, Wang Dezhou on suspicion of seriously violating the Lok Ma.

As early as February 22, 2014, nine in Hebi city, Henan province, at its 40th meeting, the Standing Committee decided to accept the work Zhou Liangen change resigned as Hebi city Vice Mayor of requests, removed from Zhou Liangen Hebi City Public Security Bureau Office. Since then, Zhou Liangen worked in Kaifeng city, Henan province, the Deputy Mayor, the police chief. After 9 months, the Henan provincial Commission for discipline inspection official said, Vice Mayor and police Chief, Zhou Liangen, Kaifeng city, Henan province, on suspicion of a serious violation, currently under investigation.

In June this year, the Henan provincial Commission for discipline inspection issued a news release saying, Inspector of the Henan provincial public security Department, Member of the original party (Orchestra level) Wang Dezhou on suspicion of serious offenses, currently under investigation. According to public information, Wang Dezhou has qinyang, Henan province (county-level cities) Party Secretary, Deputy Mayor and municipal Public Security Bureau of Hebi, Henan Provincial Public Security Bureau Deputy Director. August 2014-present Inspector of the Henan Provincial Public Security Bureau and CPC.

It is worth mentioning that these two officials and "Lok" political and legal system of officials, and check the "Yu the Tiger" Qin Yuhai intersection.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Peking University Professor Peng Bing vanke and CR this math question what is

It is said that wanke and China resources as a primary sums last night tore open. This arithmetic is this: 11X2/3=?

My elementary school's daughter said will not divide, but obviously should be greater than 7. Accordingly, the CRC said wanke held on June 17, the Board of Directors, vote to issue shares to buy resolution assets of Shenzhen Metro, 11 directors, only 7 votes in favour, 3 votes against it, has not been more than two-thirds majority.

Vanke's algorithm is different. Vanke's announcement said 11 directors, 1 Directors withdraw from voting due to associated, so only 10 votes, 7 votes in favour, over two-thirds (10X2/3<7), the Board resolution adopted without a vote.

Obviously, who tore open on both sides is not bad arithmetic in primary school, who is with the sports teacher of arithmetic, but controversy in counting rules.

Peking University Professor Peng Bing: vanke and CR this math question what is?

Vanke, China resources and controversy in counting rules on both sides.

This math problem is exactly what to count?

In China, in accordance with the company law rules: the Board of Directors shall be approved by resolution adopted by a majority vote of all Directors (company law article 111th). Note that the calculations here are all the directors, not the directors attending the meeting, that is, regardless of whether the directors present will be counted towards the total. "More than half" must mean more than half of the Directors voting in favour. Abstain from voting and not voting results, and vote the same, because only the votes count "through", so only counts in their favour. Vanke, for example, the Board of Directors for 11 people, more than half must be 6 people have voted.

However, the majority vote principle there are two exceptions, and arithmetic relations.

One exception is the Constitution otherwise requires. Regulation was not required by the company law article 111th exceptions (48th and company law), but generally believe that association may provide a majority higher than the pass. Therefore, vanke's articles in the special provisions of article 137: two-thirds above some matters must be approved by the Board of Directors voted to be approved. Those issues include: (1) increase or reduction of the registered capital, issue bonds or other securities and listed programmes; (2) drafting plans for major acquisitions, the acquisition of the shares or merger, Division, dissolution and change of corporate form programmes; (3) in the context of this article, decide on external security matters (4) formulate regulations to amend the proposal.

Matters of the Board to issue shares to buy assets, regardless of whether they constitute major acquisitions, or at least increase the registered capital of the conditions are met and, therefore, whether a Board resolution passed, is not a majority, but more than two-thirds (generally considered "above" generally contains the number).

Another exception is the company law article 124th. The article says: if associated with the resolutions of the Board of Directors of a listed company, it shall not exercise the right to vote on the resolution. "The resolution made by the Board of Directors shall be passed by a majority of the directors not associated with relationship". In other words, according to this logic, when directors and vote on matters relating to the relationship between, the Director cannot vote, their votes are not included in the quorum. Vanke, for example, 11-person Board of Directors, would be a 6 votes in favour of the resolution adopted, but has 4 people with a vote now matters associated with relationship, these 4 people should be excluded from the vote, the remaining 7 only 4 votes in favour if it is passed.

Back to vanke's Board of Directors resolution. Vanke's articles section 152th nearly copying the Act article 124th. According to vanke of announcement, independent Director Liping Zhang to company Board written affirmed: on this times Conference by considered of 12 items motion, due to its I served of United States black stone group is and company contact sale in China of a large commercial property project, brings potential of associated and interests conflict, exists company articles 152th article 2nd paragraph by said of associated relationship, shall not on the, 12 items motion be vote, hereby avoided this times Conference 12 items motion of vote vote.

In other words, if Liping Zhang is because the relationships to avoid the vote, the official total vote of only 10 votes, 10X2/3<7, now has 7 votes in favour, vanke's Board of Directors resolution was adopted.

Why count?

Provisions of the company law of Association directors withdraw from voting, should be a mandatory provision. Vanke articles without the corresponding provisions must be complied with. Of course, the possible controversy is: 124th (or article 152th of the regulation) provisions are adopted by a majority vote, whether to apply two-thirds?

On this issue, there are two possible explanations:

One is explained in favour of vanke, the mechanical application of article 124th, as long as there is association between directors to avoid situations just in meets the "no relationship is understandable." This interpretation is clearly wide of the mark. 124th is the 111th of exceptions because company law, and the 111th article only provides a majority of the General, so 124th associated are the only a majority of the directors. Vanke regulations since a majority of the 111th on the exception limitation, application of the 124th article clearly should adjust accordingly also apply to limit this exception. Core logic is based on the 124th Associate Director shall withdraw from voting, and not included in the quorum, when two-thirds were calculated, of course, should also apply. Vanke 152th mechanical was a copy of the articles of the company law article 124th, so mechanical does not mean only to interpret the literal.

The other is explained in favour of CRC, vanke articles 152th only passed by a majority of cases, two-thirds vote is not provided, therefore, two-thirds special needs must, when article 152th does not apply. This interpretation is also obviously wrong. Vanke of the 137th of the Constitution says only the Board of Directors of the company take the form of a special resolution in certain matters, for how to calculate the two-thirds and there is no special agreement. In addition to these other matters, adopted Board resolution 152th provision adopted by a majority vote. Therefore, whether a majority is calculated or two-thirds, in the case of no special agreement, should apply uniform rules. 152th avoidance provisions of the second paragraph is a uniform application of the rules.

The corporate law article 124th (articles 152th) logic is simple: associated Director shall withdraw from voting, but avoid the consequences of a vote is the Board of Directors may not resolutions (because as we analyze: we only count votes). As Associate Director to avoid voting (not voting), but if you do not exclude outside its statutory votes, the effect is equivalent to vote (stated earlier: the basis for calculating the number of votes was plenary of the Board of Directors). Take the above example, the 11-Member Board, 4 people affiliated to avoid a vote, but if it is not to be excluded from the statutory vote, it must pass through the remaining 7 out of 6 people agree to meet a majority of all the directors. If 6 people have relationships, and the remaining 5 were simply unable to pass any resolution. Also so, company law 124th article also provides: in associated relationship Director avoided vote of situation Xia, the Board Conference by majority of no associated relationship Director attended can held (this is because China company law requirements must has majority Director attended to meeting); while, in the times Conference Shang, "Board Conference made resolution must by no associated relationship Director majority through" (that in calculation whether majority Shi, only calculation no associated relationship Director of total number). Of course, in order to prevent too much to avoid causing a handful of Directors resolution of the situation, the article also has a remedy: If there is no number less than 3 associate directors attending the meeting, the matter shall be submitted to the general meeting of shareholders to vote.

In fact, vanke also has a clause in the statutes of the company enhance article 152th we explained above. Vanke 126th article of the articles of Association of Directors shall disclose and voting has made provisions, which expressly refers to "not be counted in the quorum of the Board."

Peking University Professor Peng Bing: vanke and CR this math question what is?

Provisions of the company law of Association directors withdraw from voting, should be a mandatory provision. Vanke articles without the corresponding provisions must be complied with.

Relationships can be established?

Now anecdotal objections there: Liping Zhang is not a relationship? It is said that independent directors group of Liping Zhang is the black stone top, this transaction was China vanke and Shenzhen Metro, with black stone a dime has nothing, Liping Zhang is not at all related parties, there is no avoiding a vote situation. Therefore, Liping Zhang is not avoided, should not be excluded from the quorum and Liping Zhang didn't vote shall be abstaining. 11X2/3 should be greater than 7, the resolution failed.

This is the fundamental operation.

Relationship has always been more complicated, the Act say are vague, does leave the disputed space. Look, this resolution is vanke shares to buy assets of Shenzhen Metro with me on United States Blackstone did not directly related. According to vanke's announcement, Liping Zhang said 12 bills considered by this meeting, due to his studies of United States the Blackstone Group is consistent with the company selling a large commercial property projects in China, potentially associated with conflicts of interest. In other words: Blackstone intends to sell in the future real estate vanke and Shenzhen vanke, Metro sold real estate to, there is a competitive relationship, this is a conflict of interest.

This interpretation can be set up? Since we don't know the specific contents of the Blackstone deal with vanke, is difficult for outsiders to judge. Judging such things shall be delivered to the company's Board of Directors. Actually, vanke company articles 126th article on this has provides: "Director personal or its by served of other enterprise directly or indirect and company has some or plans in the of contract, and trading, and arrangements about joint relationship Shi (appointment contract except), regardless of about matters in general situation Xia whether need Board approved agreed, are should as soon as possible to board disclosure its associated relationship of nature and degree". Note that here "directly or indirectly", "contracts, transactions, arrangements in the plan" is a very broad concept, whether there is a relationship and needs after the disclosure by the Board of Directors to judge.

If the judgement of the Board are not satisfied, of course, objections or even sued. According to the corporate law article 22nd, if shareholders that the Board of voting violate laws, administrative regulations or the articles of Association, can make the decision within 60 days from the date of access to the courts. Therefore, whether China resources continue to tear, to see if they are filed within two months.

However, my personal judgment, even if the litigation, the effect will not be good. Two reasons: first, whether there is a relationship, was a business judgment, the Court will generally follow the Board's decision in good faith. Objection not be avoided here directors or stockholders-others actively avoided, not objects to the directors or shareholders withdraw from voting, persuasion is unlikely.

Second, even if the Court ruled that relationship is not established, Liping Zhang did not vote directly estimate cannot be considered abstain. Now that relationship a ground for disqualification cannot be established, Liping Zhang will be able to vote, so the matter should be allowed to vote again. From the disclosure of information about estimated Liping Zhang would have voted. So, 8 votes in favour, votes will be passed.

Vanke CR debate future predictions

Total idle boring personal speculation. I do not see the European Cup is not gambling, can only guess the play. The best analyst Ren Zeping hopping founder securities

Resumption of yesterday ripping process. I think Wang has took in addition to CR 8 directors, hence we have confidence to a Board meeting. CR look doomed, if 8 people have voted, CRC is not one play. CR began to find fault with certain directors eligible to vote. According to the new financial reporting, relationship to Liping Zhang, is China resources put forward. The reasons for far-fetched, but as we said before, relationships have been very complex, who can say. Vanke's thinking, if not identified relationships, were direct voting by Liping Zhang, China resources can get relations back to question, aggravating to litigation. And 152 of the Constitution to avoid rules that simply avoid it. CR did not expect that such an interpretation can only be dumbfounded. Well, enough still study for it. Arithmetic is no problem, but language and logic could be a sports teacher.

Future trend predictions: it now appears that Wang is not a small victory, I'm afraid to win.

Only preliminary adoption of the resolution of the Board, issue shares to buy assets must also pass resolutions of shareholders, which is two-thirds of the special majority. But this time, calculate the number of attending shareholders the right to vote. China resources holdings now not to 16%, if you want to stop the adoption of the resolution, only or in combination with other shareholders objected, vanke shareholders attended by or for small numbers of votes of the shareholders ' representative, as long as the number of shareholders ' voting rights participating in the vote under 45%, CR a person could veto the resolution (one-third).

Vanke shareholders ' attendance. Indeed, as dispersed ownership of listed companies, vanke shareholders ' attendance rates are consistently low. Most of the time, attendance is less than 40%. May 2015 and August meeting of these two extraordinary general meetings, attendance at only 34% and 38%, respectively. But we can imagine that, as a life and death fight the decisive battle, in this critically important shareholders ' general meeting, vanke will use all powers to mobilize up to shareholders to vote. It was said that Wang frequently away votes, probably is in order to prepare in advance. To Wang Dan's appeal, I expect that this general meeting attendance rate will not be lower.

In the case of attendance rate will not be lower, CR cannot be one check is successful, it is necessary to other shareholders. There are two possible: one is seeking the support of individual and institutional investors, or directly engage in proxy solicitation. CR statement last night that it was not opposed to cooperate with Shenzhen Metro only emphasized that additional price discount is larger, and diluted earnings per share, estimates are prepared for the fight for the hearts of minority shareholders. How to say. After all, shares of vanke 24 Yuan before the suspension was clearly too high, if there is no restructuring plan supported opening slump. Investors will not consider the veto the reorganization plan the adverse effect on share prices.

Another possibility, of course, is combined with Po. Treasure Holdings now exceed 24%, plus CR 16%, totals nearly 40% per cent, enough to veto any resolution. But vanke war treasure can even provoke war of "barbarians", its attitude has been to let people do not understand. Bao spent heavily in gaining the status of the first shareholder of China vanke, has control of the company without any touches. At vanke's shareholder meeting, which is not proposed to replace its own people to the Board, without amending the articles of association or any other action, did not even cast a vote against aggravating. Looks more like a financial investor.

If treasure without gaining control of the vanke determination, then I predict at the shareholders ' meeting, it would not jointly with the CRC check restructuring, because after all, it will have a negative effect on share prices. As a result, CRC will be lonely the last Knight, depends on a person's efforts to win support from minority shareholders.

However, the Po can cost so much effort, why vanke's control did not attempt? Also is used to attempt to now change his mind? Still there hidden behind a bigger game?

Commercial transactions, is really mysterious, people do not understand. Prior to opening, we can only guess and guess.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Shanghai Disney park fails on the first day the tourists were trapped

The evening of June 16, Shanghai Disneyland "Pirates of the Caribbean – battle of treasure shot down" project there was a mechanical failure due to seat bar cannot open, tourists were trapped on the ship, not down. Staff is repair, recovery time has not yet been known. Broadcast reminder time for staff, visitors lined up behind the unknown, is very anxious. Enteromorpha Lianyungang area and large area

Shanghai Disney park fails on the first day the tourists were trapped

The evening of June 16, Shanghai Disneyland "Pirates of the Caribbean – battle of treasure shot down" project there was a mechanical failure due to seat bar cannot open, tourists were trapped on the ship, not down. Staff is repair, recovery time has not yet been known. Broadcast reminder time for staff, visitors lined up behind the unknown, is very anxious.

Shanghai Disney park fails on the first day the tourists were trapped

Picture the scene.

Shanghai Disney park fails on the first day the tourists were trapped

Picture the scene.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Sichuan Chengdu bus after pick pocketing two suspects resisting arrest one of

Sichuan news network, integrated @ peace Jinjiang news, June 13, Chengdu, Sichuan, two plainclothes police in the process of chasing two thieves, one of them armed with a knife stabbed. Two police helped each other to hospital, now out of danger.

@ Peace Jinjiang publishing case reported in the afternoon, the morning of June 13, according to the municipal Public Security Bureau anti chop special operations deployments, Jinjiang Public Security Bureau deployed police forces, on the phenomenon of masses of pick-pocketing exists around road food market inspections have been supervised. A sexual assault by male teachers in primary schools

Sichuan Chengdu bus after pick-pocketing two suspects resisting arrest, one of them armed with a knife stabbed two plainclothes police Sichuan Chengdu bus after pick-pocketing two suspects resisting arrest, one of them armed with a knife stabbed two plainclothes police

Two police are currently out of danger.

At about 10 o'clock, in the Pilgrim's progress on food market near the bus station, two men steal an elderly man purse is ready on the bus, ready to flee by rickshaw. Police are patrolling to this Wei, Liu immediately stop. In the process, Wei Mou, Liu will be pick pocketing wallets back, but one of the suspects pulled out his portable tool, a, Liu Wei stabbed, two suspects then fled the scene.

After the incident, police reinforcements arrived, chasing the Jin hua Lu Shahe bridge knife assault suspect arrested, another suspect, is trying hard to catch.

Cases in which police Wei three stab wounds caused by hemorrhagic shock, police Liu from four stab wounds to the left arm tendon rupture. At present, two members of the police hospital, rescue, have been out of danger.

According to the Sichuan news network news, 12 o'clock noon, Chengdu city, Sichuan news net reporter came to the Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital. Within one room on the third floor outside the rescue, the injured are lying in a hospital bed rest. According to one victim's relatives described, the more serious injuries, arm had three stab wounds, scratches on his leg, the most serious is a cut below the eye, only two or three centimeters of distance from the eye, the current treatment is not life-threatening.

Sichuan Chengdu bus after pick-pocketing two suspects resisting arrest, one of them armed with a knife stabbed two plainclothes police

Blood in his police boots.

Due to the victim had just left the operating room, is resting, Sichuan news network could not be interviewed himself.

"10:20 A.M., two men help each other to go to the hospital, covered in blood, one of whom faces stained with blood. "A medical guide from Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital told Sichuan news net reporter, when she saw some scared, later learned that are undercover police officers (police). In accordance with the hospital medical claims, the two men did not call an ambulance, but helped his walking to the hospital. Sichuan news net reporter door exit from the hospital, found the middle of sidewalks and roads falling all around blood, the blood line has been connected to the crossroads of the some 300 meters away from the hospital.

"Arrest lasted nearly ten minutes, two police officers (police) who many scratches, but still hold on to the hunt for suspects. "Master showmanship at the intersection of tricycle Fu told the Sichuan news net reporter, when she witnessed the whole process. 9:35 A.M., two men beside her on a tricycle, tricycle at the start, two men came and stopped the car.

"They are not allowed to go, initially thought it was a fight until the car of two people took out his handcuffs, just know that plain clothes. "Pay ladies introduced, in learned that stopped car of two people is police (Association police) Hou, ride of two name men in the a people quickly fled, addition a people found too late fled, suddenly took has a put knife, tries to threat police to let he left, but two name police still desperate of on its for catch, in catch process in the, suspects has been kept brandished a, two name police body more at was designated injury, which a staff Department vascular was cut, blood flow more than, facial also was designated injury. Lady saw two civilian police officers chasing a suspect running away, immediately called the 110 emergency call.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Drivers in Chongqing to recruit hit several cars and self mutilation Police

Drivers in Chongqing to recruit hit several cars and self-mutilation, Police smashed the windscreen in control

BYD cars involved.

June 8 0 o'clock or so, in yuzhong district of Chongqing shibanpo interchange near the car accident a zhongxing road towards black BYD cars South Road, after seeing a police car set up checked posts on the front, and suddenly "out of control", and even hit a few cars.

The company "out of control" even hit a few cars

Drivers in Chongqing to recruit hit several cars and self-mutilation, Police smashed the windscreen in control

The scene of the accident.

June 8 when the 20 minutes or so, the Chongqing morning news reporters rushed to the scene of the accident. BYD, a black sedan parked car headlights in the reverse direction. Badly damaged body, large-area damage the windscreen, a folding bike from the windshield into the cab.

Drivers have been taken away by the police. Eyewitness Liu Yi witnessed the incident. "It's crazy! I was miserable! "Liu Yi said, when the patrol was set up checked posts on site checking for drink drivers, they are inspected, and suddenly heard a sound behind:" stop it! Stop it! He was not allowed to go! "

Liu Yi look back and saw a black BYD car coming toward him. Liu Yi said the BYD car did not line up for inspection, but simply want to going off. "I'm surrounded by cars, followed by several cars were hit. "Liu Yi BYD's car was car scratches.

BYD cars slipped for the first time following an unsuccessful immediately reversed, crashed into the isolated greenery. "He may want to drive to the other side, but no go. Just as out of control as the car, thrown around. "Witnesses said, after BYD cars continued to reverse reverse, walking down the road," s-shaped ".

Jiao Xun smashing Windows control

Drivers in Chongqing to recruit hit several cars and self-mutilation, Police smashed the windscreen in control

Police quickly brought a folding bike, BYD car windshield was smashed.

"Out of control" BYD car finally crashed head-on into a car, stuck in the road along the border. Police immediately surrounded the BYD car. "Getting off! Get off! "The policeman shouted. In-car driver did not respond, slammed on the accelerator, trying to open next to the car.

"He also use something to stab yourself, self-harm in the car. "Liu Yi said BYD car is driving a man about 30 years old, he was the only one in the car, seems perverse. Reporters at the scene saw some blood. Liu Yi said this self-mutilation or else is man's blood.

Other witnesses told reporters that the men inside the car extremely unstable, and the car has not stalled.

In order to subdue the driver, police quickly brought a folding bike, BYD car windshield was smashed. Eventually, the patrol driver control, and taken from the scene.

"I didn't smell the liquor on his body, and should not be drunk. "Liu Yi said everyone is guessing why men do such a crazy thing. Several cars were struck in the incident, some damage to vehicles is more serious. Jiao Xun on-site registration information for all damaged vehicles. At present, the event still further investigation. Occupational fraud bought expired goods claims

Drivers in Chongqing to recruit hit several cars and self-mutilation, Police smashed the windscreen in control

Drivers are traffic police uniforms.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Central the Nineth round of inspections feedback full disclosure of what old

Central the Nineth round of inspections feedback full disclosure of what

Photo: camera network.

Supervision of the Central Commission for discipline inspection, 8th announced this afternoon a group of 18 central feedback of the Nineth round of inspections. So far, this round of inspections feedback has been announced to the public.

8th announced feedback situation of units total 21 home, including: Central propaganda, and national development reform Board, and State Ethnic Affairs Commission, and Ministry of Civil Affairs, and human resources and Social Security Department, and business General, and quality General, and news published radio, and national religious Council, and national petition Council, and national grain, and national energy Council, and national defense section workers Council, and national tobacco monopoly Council, and National Bureau's, and civil servants Council, and national TCM authority, and National Union, and national FMC, and national marketing cooperation head office, and national ageing do.

This round of inspections covering the Central propaganda Department, national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Justice, the SASAC, including 32 units, while Liaoning, Anhui, Shandong, Hunan, 4 the first time out "second act".

Old problems

21 units were visited noted that what the problem? By combing can be found, these "four Consciousnesses" needs to be strengthened, primary responsibility for implementation of strictly administering the party in place, personnel selection work is not standard, such as "old issues" remained.

In addition, the head is pointed out that Central propaganda and cultural work to implement the decisions of disparity; media campaigns targeting, effectiveness is not strong; in ideology and leadership need to be further strengthened, and the party principles into new media there is a weak point in the field, and ideological and political work in colleges and universities is not vigorous enough. Administration of press and publication news leadership influence is not strong and the weakening of the party's leadership in the field of new media, eight moral issues ban on, film marketing, advertising, business, news, projects and other key areas of corruption problems.

Administration for industry and commerce in the area of trademark examination, evaluation and other administrative examination and approval the independent Commission against corruption risks, some officers privately with trademark agency links and gain benefits; bidding is not standard, large amounts of money management using loopholes. NTA appraisal standards recognition activity, some even rent the rent issue, tourism image and integrity risks of State-owned assets supervision, money management is not standard. Ministry of Civil Affairs of interest to public authorities, using the power of social organizations for cadre employment benefit, welfare Lottery issuing and management problems.

The NDRC accused some cadres and approval authority for personal gain, on projects, financial audits is not strict, and lack of accountability. National Energy Board is accused of abuse of a serious problem, some leading cadres discretionary space, supervision and control are not in place, lack of transparency, resulting in approval of ultra vires, abuse, deception.

State Bureau for letters and calls refer to cases of corruption Bureau lessons deep enough, there are still risks. State Bureau of foreign experts were accused of illegal cash funds and transfers of funds, embezzlement of State-owned assets and interests of enterprises and institutions, and so on. Circular of the State administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine was a grass-roots law enforcement officers to seize personal against violations, intervene in infrastructure projects and Government procurement projects, individual private companies attached to the Executive power for personal interests. Central deep reorganization meeting Beijing Guangdong

New description:

Comparing the previous eight rounds of inspections, the Nineth round of inspections came "to seize personal", "the ' sell ' charge" over more than 10 new expression.

The Nineth round of inspections to Liaoning, Anhui, Shandong and Hunan provinces launched a patrol "look". Hunan is pointed out that "grass-roots ' yanguobamao ' corruption-prone" Shandong pointed out that "tourism, illegal public money to purchase buses, spam problems occur such as subsidies, and newer" Anhui "Digest Super mix in the province cadre progress lagging, even change over." Among them, the "yanguobamao", "linked", "Super modified" is the new expression of Central inspection group for the first time.

In addition to Liaoning, Anhui, Shandong and Hunan provinces, the Nineth round of visits to inspect the 28 points, both units of Central Government. This 28 unit of the central organ was found to the independent Commission against corruption risks.

As customs minority units "posted with customs Fortune"; Ministry of agriculture "administrative approval field ' red top intermediary ', and roundabout type right money trading, power found rent problem highlight"; NTA was pointed out that "appraisals standard recognition activities too much, some even exists set rent found rent problem"; national TCM authority "leaders economic responsibility audit system implementation poor, should trial not trial, and trial and without, and trial and not modified phenomenon highlight"; quality General "some grass-roots law enforcement personnel to check still, violations meddling in infrastructure engineering and Government procurement project "National ageing" many companies ' selling ' charges, the credibility of the old benefit "; the Ministry of civil affairs" of interest to public authorities, using the power of social organizations for cadre job seekers benefit. "

Integrity risks identified above central inspection group, "close to the Customs a fortune", "circular trading power for money," "rent seeking", "and the trial judge, without trial, does not does not change" and "take checking personal", "the ' sell ' fees", "of interest to public authorities" were new expressions.

Discipline against each inspection point common problems, such as State-owned assets supervision "luxury pleasure convergence but not absolutely"; the State tobacco monopoly administration "public funds all beer and Skittles, by a dimmed." "Convergence is not unique" and "Ming turned dark by" is also a new description.

In addition, the central inspection group pointed out that the Justice Department "advance enough timely and effective reform initiatives in key areas", also used the "' zhonggengzu '" this new expression.

In view of the existing problems, the central inspection group of the patrol unit separately put forward rectification opinions.

After this round of inspections is part of 18, Central patrol conducted its first "look", the central inspection teams found no problems, "discovery", yet in-depth understanding of issues of "to know", reflecting the seriousness of the inner-party supervision.

Worth noting is that in these visits "look" in the four provinces, in addition to Hunan, 4 provincial and ministerial level officials in the three other Lok:, former Deputy Director of the NPC Standing Committee Wang Yang, Liaoning province, the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee, legal Committee Su Hongzhang, former Mayor of Jinan Yang luyu, Vice Governor of Anhui Province, Yang Zhenchao.

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Police respond to girls Beijing subway station into captivity real couples quarrel

Police respond to girls Beijing subway station into captivity: real couples quarrel the man away from his girlfriend

Beijing, June 6, Chaoyang branch, according to the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau official Micro-Blog messages, 5th at 21 o'clock, Chaoyang police received a report: a woman near the wangjing West station by two men forced into the car trunk before driving away. After receiving the alarm, the police start work immediately. The preliminary investigation, the woman and one of the men he (35 years, beijingers) relationship, when two people quarrel because of love disputes, where after a girlfriend drove away from their friends. At present, the police are at work. Hubei ridicule reviewed the old age allowance

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Interview with the tongue Director Chen Xiaoqing according to the Administrative

Said Chen Xiaoqing is the possibility that some people only know that he is a documentary film director of the bite of China, did not know before the shooting of the tongue, he has been writing the column. For Chen Xiaoqing, in fact, he prefers to write, when I'm writing "he is his own master, wrote what they wanted to write."

Interview with

Chen Xiaoqing Yang Ming photography

Recently, Chen Xiaoqing gourmet notes gathered in book form published for ten years, named to the world. "Initially wanted to name the best people, because I value the most are and who eat together. "Chen Xiaoqing, as compared to food connoisseurs, he is more like a bunch of old men sitting in the street-side eating, not spend money, but that security will remember with affection.

After the broadcast of the tongue on the China, there have been many "tongue restaurant", "tongue Street", Chen Xiaoqing even tried to speak for the restaurant. But Chen Xiaoqing think it is conflict with his ideas, "this restaurant is a specimen, the blood had drained the eating equivalent of going out with a mummy. How could eat everything around the country in one place? "But for those businesses created by the gastronomic culture, Chen Xiaoqing stresses" in the food, "precious," really enjoy is the place to eat is there is such a thing. "

In recent days, surging News (www.thepaper.CN) on issues such as the commercialization of Chinese food culture and cuisine interviewed Chen Xiaoqing.

Interview with

Surging News: between the bite of China and the world, one food, one is writing, for you, what is the biggest difference between the two? Which one do you prefer?

Chen Xiaoqing: here's the thing, to taste most of the content is in the book room of the tongue was written before, is the desk of the tongue of a preparation. In fact these two things, the feeling is completely different. TV is a collective creation, coordination, you need to consider all aspects of things, needs a lot of people. If photographers like this, directors like that, recording like this, it will be ruined. Even if drivers are not happy, you can't shoot. So the job more important compromises on television, real creative parts before you actually begin filming had finished.

What about if I had to choose, I prefer to write. Because of the time of writing, I was my own master, I wrote what I wanted to write. For example, I prefer to eat sweet, greasy foods, such as broth, I love to eat. But TV can't have pork intestines, because it needs to face the audience, for a lot of people to see, you take responsibility for other people. But article I can according to their own wishes to write this thing.

Surging News: your columns and your Director of this film have in common? Is there something you have been more insistent on the thing?

Chen Xiaoqing: I was boring myself, I think this should give readers and viewers to judge. In fact some people in my Twitter messages, or send me a direct message, said there are some qualities in common: food from the food level cognitive, not from food production level cognitive, more of a cultural awareness; care for the taste of the food, for example, is also concerned about a number of other keywords, such as home, family, and so on. Someone give me a message, saying only a small piece in my hometown, it's on my tongue. I met friends.

Surging News: because you come into contact with the country's gastronomic culture, can you summarize the characteristics of the Chinese food culture of some of the more centralized?

Chen Xiaoqing: I couldn't really summarize it, I don't even have to think. Why think about it? Why summarize it? Because the cuisine is very diverse, each food has its fresh vitality. Why summed up a total of a few? I think this is hurting food, like eight of items bound for fine food. Development of Chinese food is bad, is because there is an "eight cuisine" hoop that has been set. I feel that every dish has its own life, each family's food is different, each has its own characteristics.

Surging News: so you oppose our enhanced "items" concept?

Chen Xiaoqing: Yes. Items are fantastic, especially divided by administrative division. Items are not, eight items to be raised only after the liberation, this is a good thing. When I first took a bite, they said to me, "why don't you shoot eight episodes? Seven set is very sad! Eight-episode, eight items an take a set. "

But I think there are items there is a unified set of rules, it will tell you what to do is "wrong", even more delicious it is wrong, because fathers are not the same. This is so boring, some provinces such as Anhui, it is the difference between the North and the South are particularly high, with the "cuisine" to sum up it is very funny. Hubei is the same, very far removed from East and West. Hunan, Western Hunan Changsha, and very, very far away, but are unified "restaurant".

Surging News: but it seems like a lot of places now in pursuit of standardization of the diet, such as the development of a "fried rice" standards. What do you think?

Chen Xiaoqing: it's ridiculous. Yangzhou fried rice of Yangzhou have no relationship, just like Hainanese chicken rice, nothing to do with Hainan. We want to investigate the role of wives in wife cake how much you? Sliced beef with a relationship?! A food name have to the Government for research, it's just too absurd, sliding the large collection of the world. But for them, it is an industry, or what you say they do, they know nothing about, can only organize experts to engage in these wages to earn some money.

Surging News: now, big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, said bringing together the country's cuisine. But in Shanghai feel very authentic Cantonese cuisine. In your opinion, regional impact on diet is particularly large? For example there is a dish in this place is delicious, change flavor in other places?

Chen Xiaoqing: logistics now is changing everything. Because these things change, so "food" will be even more valuable. You see the tongue in more remote places, in fact, that is also the reason, found only in the most authentic food. Not that Shanghai won't get any good Cantonese food, I can recommend a few good Cantonese Restaurant, but you can take up to 20 times more than the Canton times the money, you will be able to enjoy, it's Economics said.

More importantly, I think also from culture to understand this thing. You go to a place to enjoy good food, not just a taste. You eat lamb kebabs and lamb kebabs you to Urumqi in Beijing, are lamb kebabs, the same form, even the taste difference is not particularly big, Grill damage to food have been larger, but you could hear people talk of ear sound, nose smell of Xinjiang's unique taste. Really enjoy is the place to eat something that belonged there.

After the broadcast of a bite, a lot of people did a lot of in the name of the tongue of the restaurant of the tongue, even someone who wanted me to help these restaurants represent. First of all, I said, and my ideas are conflict, I can not accept. Restaurant cuisine to the guests, just soaked specimen in formalin, it's blood had been drained, this is equivalent to going out with a mummy, how could eat everything around the country in one place? It is simply can't do a thing. Natural geographical or cultural geography of food, it is a root, blood, leaving the land, blood is blocked without a Foundation, it is frivolous. It's like folk singers in the National Park. Original folk songs was a boy sees a girl, saw a boy or a girl, they want to live together, so will be genuinely sing folk songs, it is from the heart. But now in the national garden, he sang folk songs mainly for the money. It's like not taking sex to have sex, only special occupations do. Actually unify the food in one place into another place, mainly commercial works.

Surging News: some say Sichuan cuisine can be a lot of people to accept because there were a lot of immigrants flocked to Sichuan, what do you think about this problem?

Chen Xiaoqing: polymerization of the food is birth place, that's for sure, since ancient times like this. Or a more topless cuisine, very loud food, is definitely in the port city. Terminal city of Chengdu is not particularly large because it populations of less intensive, but Chengdu is good. More typical like Chongqing, like Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, this large port city, after these cities as soon as the history of rings, it will have its own unique flavor of the city. For example, Changsha, Changsha knew it the instant you arrive is to Changsha, which were floating in the air that smell. You went to Shunde, Shunde, think it is, it has a special taste is waiting for you. Chengdu is the same.

But some cities, some vague taste of the city, because the very large fault happens in between. Shenzhen, Nanjing, for example is more mixed. I went to Nanjing two days before signing, many viewers have asked me, why the Nanjing section of the tongue a little. I say food is attached to the body, a place where people have a tradition, the city is fixed, and around Yangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Changzhou, Changshu, gaochun even compared, are vague, many of you readers agree.

Surging public information: to book in the world you wanted is named the best man, can you tell why?

Chen Xiaoqing: I would have liked to make funny. Because I used to have articles, and never heard from the collection, which I wrote in diary of a madman, which Lu said China's thousands of years of history, is read every page of "cannibalism" in two words. So I said "most delicious", it would be a little play on words meaning in it.

But for me personally, the three topics about food: where to eat, what to eat, and with whom to eat, I care more about or with whom to eat. Food is not only creating, but more importantly, it is a shared process. I think the worst thing is not the food did taste bad, but here are particularly annoying. I sometimes eat particularly nervous, like I did after the tongue will often participate in tasting, each will be very, very nervous, because people are not familiar with bad language, my English is poor, together with foreigners to eat, I don't even know what to say, such a case I would think nothing of good things. Only when after the familiar, slowly things become good. I prefer eating and a bunch of old men sitting in the street, not spend money, but that security will remember with affection.

Surging News: you said you like to watch most of Wang zengqi's writing articles about food, old article where Wang touched you?

Chen Xiaoqing: actually, I had a special love of food articles, the article I see a lot of other people, but my favorite is Wang. Summing up, I think it may be based on three points. First, taste of home and the closest I've been described by Wang Lao. Wang of gaoyou people and the North one, I'm from Huaibei, Anhui people, we call a lot of food, including lots of food, were very close. I also like to watch Wang Shixiang, like Tang Lu-sun, Zhu Zhenfan, Chua Lam. From the taste, I definitely prefer Wang, he ate what I have learned.

The second is, Mr Wang's written too well, his writing skills were too strong. And his most recent was Lu Wenfu, may he biwang know more about eating, but if you take literally, Wang lead too much than he was. I think Mr Wang is one of those has been the operation of various styles were very, very good at it. He was able to write a lot of metrical poetry, write texts, like the Sha Jia bang inside "built seven cookers, kettles boil in Sanjiang, spread out along, for 16. To all guests, all by mouth. Meet laugh, do not consider "the Lakes slang he is familiar with. He after the war, from high school to go to Southwest, tossing in the Middle for so long, and then after so many times of political struggle, nothing will. People like him in this category, such as yan Su wrote of the Jiang Jie (Opera), his sister Jiang not written well, you let him write Pu Zhi Gao and he wrote a very good--"political circles for many years is good or bad, who now is hard for who is busy. "You see Air Force Commander liuyalou said," it's too terrible, too negative, you can't use this. "People of their generation, are in fact such, influenced by the traditional education, and then there is new thinking, while and ordinary people live together in maximum, so the devil, strong hands. But Mr Wang is the choice of the most simple words to write about food. He did not even professional, System articles to food, are scattered around the text, and is often and travel together. For example he wrote Roberts Yang Wei: "I had Caramelized Apples, caramelized potatoes, caramelized banana, never eating caramelized Yang Wei, a pack of sheep tail is full of oil, almost all liquid caramel shell, much more greasy, oil, which can only be used in ancestor worship, people can not eat, because it was so delicious. "His skill was the last to see many things you see, you gasped. For example he experienced life with theatre people to Chongqing. Beijing Chongqing spicy are afraid, are said not to eat. Said's we eat dumplings tonight, and entered the hotel, said a repertoire reaches: "boss, I bowl of chili. "He will use this approach to narrative, the previous was the Setup, I think this is very, very good place.

Third, Mr Wang intellectuals of the scholar-officials. His life has gone through many hardships, several ups. On the Southwest, and participate in the "bidding" down to Federation in Beijing, and was labelled as a "right" to Zhangjiakou painting, farming, and later was transferred to Peking Opera melodrama, smash the "gang of four", Jiang Qing, was said to be after reds. Over the years he had seen everything, I think his mentality is particularly good. He knew the world was a rift, he said many times, he saw everything, including his novels, are clouds. He does not believe anything, but he just loves his hometown. He lived in Beijing for so many years, and never felt he was in Beijing. On this point I share, I did not think national security is my team, I feel that I am who I am, I live in this city, I was independent. Wang zengqi's writing as a child, he often eats puncture vine, but he does not like, as puncture vine always with salted vegetables cooked, there is no food, to drink the puncture vine pickle soup, so he will always remember to puncture vine that smell. Later, once he's in Shen Cong-Wen's home, seeing his wife Zhang puncture vine meat, he feels quite good, then go home to his family in also bought Sagittaria sagittifolia fried dishes, results agree with everybody, he was the only one to eat. The text he used was: "is one of my ' baoyuaner '. "" Baoyuaner "three words or quotes, meaning I am politely with Beijing to prove that they are not the people. He concluded by saying: "I miss my hometown of winter, I really want a bowl of Sagittaria sagittifolia pickle soup. "I feel this emotion of his hometown, for their loved ones, all from the heart. He said, "home for the exhibition shelf are" North winter indoor with a layer of French Windows, called exhibition shelf are children, are generally removed in Yenan, clean, winter cold paste white lattice paper, loaded and feeling separated from the cold outside. He used eight words, called "families sit, and amiable." I think something like that is called classic, these eight words to people power is the kind of quiet things. Mr Wang we learn for a lifetime, but not as we learn, that's why I like him.

Interview with

To taste in the world of book illustration

Surging News: everybody's definition of food is a very personal, but now there are so many food connoisseurs, this is a kind of commercial career?

Chen Xiaoqing: Yes. I don't like to be called gourmet, Gourmand is a commercial, he is going to make an unlimited number of comments. I want to be a writer like food, like old Wang. Lao Wang is not a gourmet, he and our authors like Lu Wenfu said a lot worse. But gourmet was (), write (), he wrote food as much as possible precisely. People want to know real writing and his heart against up and express not only the taste of food, but views on the world.

Surging News: that food in your opinion is the most important ground, rather than being appreciated as a work of art? Play Museum of the singer sentiment struck a chord

Chen Xiaoqing: can be used as a work of art to admire, none of this will stop. But for me, that is not the most important, this is not important to me. I want my food, I took pictures of food, everyone other than food, see life and death, love and hate, togetherness and separation.

Surging News: How do you see now that there are lots of bourgeois cuisine video, the picture looks very exquisite.

Chen Xiaoqing: delicious. Some "frigidity" (ingredients mix and serve very simple abstract style) the restaurant is delicious "frigidity" yucky "frigidity" disgusting "frigidity". Sex is not the problem, but innate. But some are regularly have orgasms, he to cold, it will look bad. I often eat cold food, I also have chef friends to do this kind of food, also has done very well.

(Intern Hu Hongjiao contributed to this article)