Monday, February 6, 2017

Yunnan Qujing a limousine driver was beaten into a coma by as traffickers police

Video shows February 5 12:15, streets shuicheng community in huize County, Qujing city, Yunnan province, they hit the "traffickers". Excited villagers and wounded people while the victim driving smashed and overturned vehicles, crowds or even prevent the police police officers away from the scene.

February 6 at 14 o'clock, huize County Public Security Bureau staff surging to the city police station (www.thepaper.CN) reported that this event for 4 minor reservation network about cars going to Kunming, the driver, who was beaten by villagers as human traffickers.

Yunnan Qujing a limousine driver was beaten into a coma by as traffickers, police are investigating

Angry villagers smashing vehicles and overturning

Micro letter public @ charm, Jing said, on February 5, the Watertown village villagers in huize County found a gang of "traffickers", driving a cloud a licence of a Volkswagen sedan, was discovered and surrounded by local villagers, abducted children family feelings briefly lost control of the conflict.

Videos of the incident showed that hundreds of people were gathered, next to a black car, several young men ignored police's block, repeatedly beating a man. Another excited woman, and kept pedaling with their feet kneel on the ground wearing a denim-clad men. Another man, dressed in black appears to be kneeling on the ground begging for mercy.

Netizen filmed the video, black Volkswagen sedan was a man used rocks to broken hood and front windshield, then emotion excited villagers opened the hood, to throw stones into the engine room. Then, about five or six men overturned cars, four tyres upwards.

The video also shows, as police prepared to the kneeling man in handcuffs is going to take away from the scene, was blocked by angry villagers.

App @ charm Qujing issued a call to the public, was beaten to the car driver had been in a coma, while villagers took turns beating, causing onlookers applauded, mobile phone and so on.

Driver and sister injured

On February 6, old town in huize County Public Security Bureau police station said the surging replies, and the incident was under investigation.

The same day, huize County Public Security Bureau reported, February 5, at 12:15, police 110 command Center received the area streets in huize County surplus warehouse community telephone alarm calls: "water village in huize County, where the trafficking of children, please get involved. " Membership to the Spring Festival jam business

Yunnan Qujing a limousine driver was beaten into a coma by as traffickers, police are investigating

Reported that city out of the police station after police arrived at the scene and discovered that some people are to beat the 3 officers, smashing the vehicles they drive and overturned, police police to control the situation, 3 cars on the playing staff, crowd block out civilian police officers from playing 3 away from the scene. Police police command center requesting support will be immediately reported to the County Council, County Public Security Bureau immediately organized police forces and, in conjunction with streets, community workers rushed to the scene to carry out mass work, diversion, exhortation, successfully bringing people to the police for investigation.

By check, February 5, 2017 9 o'clock in the morning around, network about taxi driver field a (male, 35 age, lived huize leye town) received Wu a (male, 16 age, lived huize city street), and Zhu a (female, 15 age, lived huize city street), and week a (female, 14 age, lived huize city street), and Lee a (female, 14 age, lived huize city street) four people Shang Kunming of appointment, and agreed per person 120 Yuan of fare. 11:13, location of Tian an appointment received a 4. Before leaving, Yin Zhou proposed going back to the Watertown community mothers in one coat. So, then drive took 4 people to the waterside community. Upon arrival, Zhou and Zhu then get off to get them back. Tian, Wu a, Lee is waiting in the car. Rushed to Zhou's father and Li of the Watertown community reach a suspicious vehicle parked in a questioning, Wu Zhou to where, during which, the surrounding crowd began arriving in question. In the course of questioning, onlookers to Tian and others suspected of abduction of a minor from Tian an, Wu and sister to a proof of a cell and beaten, resulting in field and its sister cell, Wu different degrees of injuries in a body, a driving licence car cloud a also overturned corruption.

At present, 4 take the network about the questioning of minors had been handed over to their parents back, huize, the police are intentionally damaging public or private property and beaten by the behavior of others to carry out investigation, the case is being further processed.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Qinghai Xining wonder years my house high iron over there and sit very

Qinghai Xining wonder years |: my house-high iron over there and sit very comfortable

Wonder and his mother.

"Editor's note"

"Xiao Shu top white hair is not full, guard round the fire spent sleeping. "During the Spring Festival family reunion around night to share the fun, share the pain. Shen monkey, the Chinese economy continues to dream great strides forward in the new normal, how are you people? Ding You cock the Spring Festival, and how they spend it? During the Spring Festival and what are the wishes and hopes of ordinary people? The Spring Festival, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) interviews with 35 families nationwide, through the same questions answered 10 questions, listen to them tell his stories of ordinary people. 7 days of the Spring Festival holiday, day, there will be 5 families have been surging in the sound.

Interlocutor: wonder, people in Xining city, Qinghai province, Tibetan, is for journalists, on duty in Beijing during the Spring Festival, new year chusi to reunite.

Surging News: family reunion this year plans?

Wonder: there are plans to reunite, but because of work reasons chusi home. First on call, so I have to stay late.

Surging News: do you have any plans to buy a House?

Wonder: there are. Currently there are only ideas, but not yet put into action, to look at the major real estate in spring this year. Would like to buy in the West of Beijing, because from work units near a point. In my hometown there's room without buying.

Surging News: largest harvest in 2016 and 2017 biggest wish?

Wonder: 2016, the largest reward is to get rid of single 2017 biggest wish is to properly manage this relationship, and also has a certain degree of progress in its work. Media secrets cosmetic crash course mutual enlargement

Surging News: ready to buy gifts for my parents?

Wonder: this year is the first time for so many years the new year not to go home, intending to take a scarf for my dad, because of his frequent business trips, to place at very high altitudes, and a little cold, so I want to give him a scarf, let him warm. For my mom are thinking to buy a jewelry, earrings, necklaces as well.

Surging News: a person stick to their posts, on new year's Eve, what to eat?

Wonder: Cook dumplings, what can I eat? (Laughing) mainly restaurants are closed, I have no place to go.

Surging News: on the Spring Festival Gala this year what do you expect?

Wonder: because my schedule this year is the first early morning shift, so I'm going to be the first day after eating dumplings to bed early in the morning, has no plans to watch it, maybe watch a replay.

Surging News: do you usually like to set off firecrackers? This year it?

Wonder: I'm not shooting from day 12, 13 years old, no shooting plans this year, not this.

Surging News: past his hometown this year what changes?

Wonder: my home-high iron the other side. I am the Qinghai people, learned from parents, Xining has been through the high-speed rail. While high-speed rail to Xining, Beijing has not opened, but from Xining to Xinjiang to Lanzhou is OK, and sitting very comfortable, my parents and they had been sitting.