Saturday, April 30, 2016

Issued by the State Council camp to increase income distribution transition

Chinese Government Web on April 30 issued by the State Council on printing and distributing the full pilot projects to open camp increased adjusted Central and local government sales tax revenue Division issued the notice on the transition programme. Said programme implemented from May 1, tentative 2-3 year of the transition period. 2014 Central return approved for the base and turned over to the base, all enterprises to pay value added tax are set out in the Central and local shared scope. Central share 50% of sales tax, local tax share of VAT paid by 50%.

State Council on printing and distributing the full push adjustment after pilot projects to business increased sales tax revenues are divided into Central and local transition notice

(2016), 26th

All provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, ministries and departments under the:

Will now pilot projects to the comprehensive opened the camp increased adjusted Central and local tax revenues are divided into the transitional programme issued to you, please follow carefully.

The State Council

The April 29, 2016

Full push adjustment after pilot projects to business increased sales tax revenues are divided into Central and local transition programme

Pilot projects to full swing camp increase will be implemented on May 1, 2016. According to party of 18 session plenary session on "keep existing Central and place financial pattern General stable, combined tax reform, consider tax property, further straighten out central and place income divided" of requirements, while consider to tax reform not completely in place, advance Central and place powers and spending responsibility divided reform also has a process, State decided, developed full pushed camp modified increased pilot Hou adjustment Central and place VAT income divided of transition programme.

One, basic principles

(A) maintain current financial pattern does not change. Balancing local financial resources, does not affect the smooth operation of local financial, and maintain the current Central and local financial resources "55".

(B) focus on the mobilization of local enthusiasm. Appropriate local tax share of VAT paid in proportion to arouse the enthusiasm of local economic development and cultivate sources to ease current economic downward pressure.

(C) take into account the relationship between Eastern, Central and Western interests. By 2014 as the base, Central from local incomes through tax rebates on the way to the place, ensure that the existing financial resources intact. Adjusted incremental distribution of income to the Central and Western regions, focusing on efforts to increase support for underdeveloped areas, promoting the Equalization of basic public services.

Meanwhile, in accelerating the construction of local tax system, promoting Central and local powers and expenditure responsibilities in the reform process, completes the transition programme and further convergence of the fiscal and taxation system.

Second, main content

(A) the approved Central return for 2014 as the base and turned over to the base.

(B) all enterprises to pay value added tax are set out in the Central and local shared scope.

(C) the Central share of VAT 50%. Zuckerberg dialog MA first man machine war he

(D) local tax share of VAT paid by 50%.

(E) Central incomes through tax rebates on the way to the place to ensure that local resources unchanged.

(Vi) income of the centralized increases through the balance transfer payment to local, mainly used to increase its support to the Central and Western regions.

Third, implementation and transition period

The programme implemented in step with pilot projects to fully opened the camps increased, from May 1, 2016. Tentative 2-3 year of the transition period, when according to the Central and local powers and expenditure responsibilities and construction of local tax system reform progress, whether appropriate adjustments.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Enterprise real shot yan city playground activities prison construction who

Various discussions around the Yan city jail yesterday, reveal a variety of crowding the screen.

Although Yan Cheng prisons have long responded: never cancel playground activities of individual crew members. But, after all, who do not go off.

Since we care about, that, long An Jun (app ID:changan-j) look look for partners in the field. So yesterday afternoon, long An Jun came to the Yan city, Ministry of Justice prison in Hebei Yanjiao boundaries, exclusive for you uncover the true yan City prison –

First, answer several smaller partners care most about:

Jiangjin District 1, beds are not "abuse"? Answer: the standard bed. Ghost money high imitation of RMB rampant illegal

Chang an Grand, this is filmed, jiangjin district when the standard of the same prison beds (not the jiangjin slept in the same bed, as well). According to prison zombie introduced, this bed length 1.92 metres, width 90 cm. A room for 8 people, a bit like a college dorm. Chang an Grand Baidu at foreign prisons and use 60 cm wide bed. I this, fine.

In addition, about science: jiangjin 1.9 meters in height. From his point of view, is a little short. But simply made a bed for him? 也..... No specialization.

2, individual officers arrived, did really cancel playground activities? Answer: large playground has disabled 8 months for renovations, but every prison has a small playground, the normal use of duly completed.

This is Chang an Grand each prison is a small playground. Passed this afternoon, just in time for a prison inmates playing basketball, playing chess was also on the sidelines. Prison zombie introduced at 4 o'clock in the afternoon every day before dinner, inmates can come here for activities.

"Jiangjin district when three prison every day in the small playground activities are normal. He's tall, who likes to play basketball. Basketball court he often. "Zombie prison guards told Chang an Grand.

Therefore, Chang an Grand urged visiting basketball court –

Found that it is actually a smaller Hall, you can open the General Assembly, the organization focused on learning something. The catkins ... ... Was I caught unsuspecting ... ...

Large playground what happens? Prison zombie said during the October 2013 to June 2014, they are actually. Renovations.

Before renovations--


Chang an Grand is a curious baby, you must ask a question for small partners: "need to do renovations? Need renovation so long? Really excuses, right? "

Prison zombie replied: Yan Cheng prison since October 2002 after the playground has been using for a decade, turf seriously out of date. Normally, inmates could get hurt while playing football. This renovated, along with new peripheral ground, relatively large quantities. Most importantly, unusual nature of prison: every day, construction workers can only work in the prison supervision (the reason is easy to understand), so cannot be day and night. Add into a particularly strict, "forget a tool, one less workers to access security again. So, duration longer than general engineering ".

Look at this level of strict security, long An Jun said, I believe!

Separation of people and vehicles, n hurdle. Access not allowed to carry mobile phones, cash, cigarettes ... ... ↑↑↑

Strict registration, credit card at the door ↑↑↑

A variety of security, detect prohibited articles? Ruthless! Followed by a variety of vendors, PRISON BREAK? Wash your sleep ... ... ↑↑↑

Prison zombie said that despite renovation, held every fall on the big playground games, this is the "year after year does not fall".

3, Yan City prison, inmates doing every day? Answer: exercise, go, reading, learning improvement.

Sure friend curious, Yan city jail prisoners "special", their daily lives are special? Chang an Grand sorghum to prison officers had consulted "Yan city jail day". Found that is not unique, and special.

No special is that: the early exercises, running, work work, lunch breaks, weekday learning transformed ... ... A lot of it. For example, Jiang Jin said he worked in the prison is a kind of cabbage. His long working garden –

There are pear trees, peach trees, cherry trees, are prisoners worked hard to get to. Chang an Grand feel, allowing them to fully stand on their own feet, to give in Exchange for harvesting, would greatly benefit from them out of jail. ↑↑↑

Prison zombie tells Chang-June, each of the prisoners first entered the Yan city jail, police officers helped them develop "transformation plan". Everyday learning, adaptation towards the sentence according to law, and reunited with their families as soon as possible-the

This is a sentence "diary" "· · · · · See my family was very happy, I decided, I will return my family with a good reform achievements, I try to read, read some words, performed well this week, no violation. "↑↑↑

Prisoners to return to society, we must develop career skills-

At rest, the sentence can be read in the reading room "charge", the intranet-on-

Prison zombie tells Chang-June, per 19 o'clock in the evening, prisoners a "Ray" activity is watching the news. Next, is the undertaking of prisoners, want their daily "reflect on oneself three times"-

This is the dining hall (Changan Grand is also the first time I saw the prison's mess hall)-

This is a hospital, is unlikely. Prison zombie tells Chang-June, Yan city jails, mostly older, there are some foreigners. Set up the clinic for dealing with everyday ailments –

Family meeting area (seen in the film "meeting scene", this is true! )——

Up to three family members sitting outside the glass, prisoner access centrally by the door, guards followed. Yan City prison in this respect more stringent management, meeting time, family belongings and so on are a complete and strict provisions are put in place to prevent the meeting affect the order of prison administration. Yes, all the successful rehabilitation of offenders. ↑↑↑

All eight characters--

4, Yan City prison, individual prisoners have "privileges"? The answer: No.

Zombie answers the leverage of the prison officers.

Prison zombie tells Chang-June, management of prisoners in prisons, strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the Penitentiary Act, parole. Each of the prisoners, daily scores, public signs on the walls (relating to a specific name, Chang an Grand does not take pictures), if you feel "catch", not satisfied, inmates have 6 "monitoring artifact"-

Prison mail, prison warden mail, the public prosecutor's Office mail, complaints boxes, boxes and boxes of the Court reported ... ... These are "Super heads", "heads", the key lies in the hands of others, open once a week. Some small partnership brain repair "abuse" and "privileges" such as, it is estimated that did not survive the soil! ↑↑↑

5, Yan City prison there is nothing special about it, I do not believe in? Answer: Yes!

Chang an Grand Discovery, Yan City prison management, there are "not normal". It as "the demonstration of administration according to law, an important international judicial Exchange window, the plots, the Ministry of Justice, prison reform and innovation base for training cadres" in the management of human, do frontiers, to explore even more-

For example, pay attention to the psychological treatment of the prisoner. Map-on-

A series of psychological concepts in line with overseas standards and practices, in jail for the first time (like what's wrong ... ... ), Long An Jun was eye-opening.

This is emotional. You can yell, hit, run, catharsis after the policemen calmly dialogue with the prisoners--

This is the music channel, prisoners ' mastery of the instrument, cultivates the mind and relieving stress-

This is the sandbox in the treatment room (it is ... ... Very unexpected style). Specializing in psychological prison zombie introduced the sandbox therapy used most often for foreign prisoners. According to the theories of Freud and Jung's psychology, placed to set prisoners free sandbox, through his works to observe their mental state, understanding of psychological issues, developing healing programmes-

Also, collective healing room-

Yan city jail as a special Justice Department functional tasks straight to prison, is also a special focus on police officers ' team-building

This is yan city of prison police oath, "job and career related. Adhere to the objectives, uphold the rule, pouring love feelings and strict work ethic, try my loyalty mission, trying to get every person health life. "

I am visiting end of line

Mystery of Yan City prison, Chang an Grand show you visit is complete! Shortly before the end, estimated that friends will be the same as Chang an Grand, asked the question: "in the past we know too little about prison, prison is opening too small. Could allow more people to visit, monitor? "

In response, Justice Department head yan City prison, delegate Chang an Grand friends say such words: he admitted that he was "struggling".

"Prison-specific nature of the work, decided it must be ' open ' and ' closed ' to find a balance between. The particularity of the prison, decides the vast majority of people are unable to field visits, due to ignorance, many people only from the ancient novel, foreign film, to imagine various prison practices. Seen in the field--at least in the Yan City prison, tend to break that stereotype. Later, we will try to ensure ' security within the walls ' cases, searched for law and regulations to increase transparency. Want to make more public through new media to supervise our work! "

Do not say anything, above –

Prison zombie said that work on yan City prison, if the partners interested in the issue. Can directly message asked Chang June Oh! As long as he can answer, and welcome to Chang an Grand about it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Henan duck buried a 20 ton corruption caused by groundwater pollution in ambient

Luoyang authorities wide nets on April 26, according to voice of the central canton news reports, Luoyang City, Henan province, a man named "East poultry industry" food processing manufacturer, recently at a local can be described as "notorious", the enterprise has dozens of tons of duck meat in place of corruption have digged a pit to bury not only the enterprise wide range of foul-smelling, corporate reputation as notorious.

This is called "East poultry industry" enterprise is located in Chengguan town of luoning County in Luoyang, was originally a processing duck and duck entity of the subsidiary products production enterprises. Ms Wei with this company is right next door, she recently told reporters that her family can't stay, foul-smelling. Jiangxi Pingxiang 6 killed 1 injured in the collapse

Reporters from the "East poultry industry" areas, where everywhere can see the duck's body, and some have already withered, it is thick and fetid. Villagers said, "the business due to poor management, was shut down last year and has a 1-year period. Cold storage to store duck have also been halted for several months, began production this year, opens the door for trash, the stench is now duck nearly 20 tons of corruption caused by buried in the enterprise. "

Countries have strict safety procedures on food production, the company had 20 tons of corruption buried the duck, this is clearly an illegal act, present events progress?

Reporters saw in the enterprise, fencing 7, 8 metres into a deep pit, the currently scattered around the pit along with some dead duck without clean, workers carry a lime treatment stinks. Some villagers said not long ago in the village of under reporting, local environmental and agricultural authorities have ordered the enterprise corruption in dozens of tons of duck meat to the local landfill.

A Manager surnamed Li admitted in an interview, they operated properly buried the duck nearly 20 tons of corruption, they have realized their mistake and promised reform, and to minimize the impact. Duck although corruption has been taken away, but local environmental pollution, particularly ground water contamination and air pollution conflict remains unresolved.

Villagers told reporters that the buried is not a moment of this enterprise, but has always been so for a long time. Villagers now have no way to directly use underground water, many villagers were buying thousands of water filters are installed, one day before the villagers want most now is to be able to drink safe water.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Xinyang Henan 3 man kidnaps a company Executive after getting ransom came out

Kidnapping for ransom a company Manager, get the ransom came out and escape. On April 25, police in xinyang, Henan province, by a 65-hour fight, 3 suspects have been arrested. Man for people in Shanxi assigned marriage killings

25th, @ peace of xinyang released the latest progress report: April 21, 2016 at 20 o'clock, xinyang City police 110 command Center received a report said General Manager of a construction company in xinyang, Henan province's second branch on April 19 at 17 o'clock lost. Municipal Public Security Bureau immediately organized the police carried out investigations. Through careful investigation and promptly identify the three suspects. After 65 hours of intense investigation, along the lines of investigation to track, on April 24 at 13 o'clock in Fuzhou City, Fujian province, all three suspects captured most of the stolen money was chasing 繳.

Informed said, now preliminary identified: three name suspects (strict xxx, male, 25 age, xinyang urban Shihe District Wu home shop town Dr village people; horse xxx, male, 26 age, xinyang city pingqiao district PyeongChang shut town zhuzhuang village people; Liu a, male, 28 age, xinyang city Shihe District Wu home shop town Dr village people) Yu April 19 23 o'clock Xu will Zhang a kidnapping and extortion money, 20th late money succeeded Hou will its killed zhihou absconded. At present, the case is still under further investigation.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Henan Zhengzhou traders as light arm chopper cursed city the police

"The Zhengzhou light arms traders chopper standoff with city" event on April 22, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from the Zhengzhou City Administration confirmed that the incident raised traders operating illegal road, was abusive and violent city after captain of resisting police, traders were taken away by the police, public security organs have to initiate an investigation.

NET video show, a middle-aged bald man wearing a white t-shirt holding a kitchen knife, with a number of city-clad staff confrontation, bald men immediately took off my shirt, on which a Chengguan officer shouted insults; was called Chengguan times request for prohibition of abuse, but bald men still name-calling. Meanwhile, Chengguan in the video did not make verbal or physical response.

Zhengzhou city administration staff confirmed to the news the surging, erqi district, Songshan road, near the intersection of River Road, bald-headed man in the video is a shop of Hu merchants, because management is withholding by functionaries of erqi district administrative law enforcement Bureau and chairs and advertising.

Zhengzhou city administration official Micro-Blog released a copy of the Chengguan "counselling"?! Said in a briefing note, male trader surnamed Chen, about 40 years old. Were vendors refer to video the nose of abusive Chengguan erqi district law enforcement Office of huaihe road Squadron squadron leader Wang Guoqiang, 47 years old, an old pipe with 27 years of service.

Instructions say, as early as the 8th of this month, the male traders for twenty or thirty officers insulted more than 20 minutes, but no knives. Considering that at that time of the morning rush hour, traffic, Wang took the team.

April 19 at 9 o'clock in the morning after the morning rush hour, law enforcement officers came to the scene to law enforcement, and scenes in the video. "The curse is horrible. "Note quoting Wang Guoqiang said, his heart was wronged and not wronged," nearly 50 people, with the elder above and the youngsters below, are called such must upset, but traders as offences to be punished, individual grievances will not be wronged. " A baby boy died three hours after delivery in

These staff, light arm chopper male traders last year for "grilled wall shop", a knife had confrontations with area law enforcement officers, after the 7th District police station detention punishment.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Overthrow the pram Hangzhou woman voice Cesarean scar after being kicked on

"The iPad get knocked off, women to overthrow each other baby strollers" event, Hangzhou public security 19th afternoon held a news conference by video restored scene-

18th around 13 o'clock, passenger Wang (male, 36 years old) and his wife, Huang (female, 25) customers in Anho Road station of Metro line Line 1 Hu (female, 24), touch, leading Hu iPad falls in the hands of, and then spat.

Video can be seen, the two sides quickly from the mouth into a physical confrontation, subway workers have been fighting, and baby carriages pushed aside in advance.

Disputes, Wang right foot kicking to Hu abdomen, Hu clutching his stomach back against the post. We discourage the King at some point, she rushed to the three-step outside next to the stroller, baby carriage overturned.

Wang in the 17-month-old daughter in a stroller, the frightened cry, but no injuries. Metro staff immediately raised the baby carriages, Wang heard daughter crying, more angry, continued with his right foot kicking a belly, hands his wife Huang caught playing Hu left arm, causing a contusion of abdominal, arm.

, The two sides and has alarm by metro staff opened.

In the xianghu station of Hangzhou Metro station, after six or seven hours of mediation, the parties finally resolved the dispute, Wang Hu 4000 couples compensation bills, both apologize to each other. Asked to investigate doctoral students fail Tsinghua

19th afternoon, Hu said by Twitter, overturned the pram is a spur of the moment, has recognized the error and apologized several times afterwards, and now very guilty. Your caesarean scar was kicked, there is still need bed rest, unable to stand. It is understood that her last December caesarean section, gave birth to a son, returned to work a few days ago.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Couple stalls holding daughter missing intersection for more than 10 years

On April 18, daughter both adhere to a missing intersection for more than 10 years in Zhengzhou, Shack stalls.

Couple stalls holding daughter missing intersection for more than 10 years

On April 18, daughter both adhere to a missing intersection for more than 10 years in Zhengzhou, Shack stalls.

Couple stalls holding daughter missing intersection for more than 10 years

"Day noon at 12 o'clock, home relatives to drop, I urgent with to toilet, put girl left on out has......" 44 age of money love fen eye empty see with housing outside, seems inadvertently to tells with on December 8, 2003--a makes she unforgettable of days, "because days cold, girl has been in bed Shang play, so up than usually late; I deliberately to girl added has a article pink of small scarf, wearing has a Red Hat. "Qian Aifen does not realize it at that time, this was the last time her hand to one and half year old daughter Chen Beibei wear clothes; about 20 minutes later, two men and a woman were seen pushing an electric car, girl crying, sitting in the car, all the way to the East.

Couple stalls holding daughter missing intersection for more than 10 years

Zhengzhou East side of the square is less than 100 meters, Yan Ling Street, West Street and intersection, the child disappeared here. Today, Chen Daijun and Qian Aifen Chen Beibei parents still live here. More than 10 years, the couple moved with their two children 4 times, in the street, a radius not exceeding 50 meters, said Chen Daijun, are upstairs and downstairs, the Road East to move West. Now that a family of four people living in a building rented balconies below stamped with temporary housing. Less than 15 square meters, features both bedrooms, kitchen, bath. BeBe also has a sister, has high school campus, came back over the weekend had to live in makeshift structures on the attic.

Couple stalls holding daughter missing intersection for more than 10 years

"Because you want girl, wandering by car, had no choice but transfer their light trucks", worked at a transportation company to drive delivery of Chen Daijun told reporters: "these years this stall sells, spicy hot and sour powder. Don't make money, if it weren't for the girl, she would have gone. "Chen Daijun said their home in Nanyang Fang Cheng had a new House, but in order to find the girl, they cannot walk. "A few years ago, units had let me go back home the second jobs were also put me back. "Chen Daijun said. "My sister is a Spades! "The second sister to initiate have never met, a 12 year old brother Chen Chun Hing blurted out, a father a few years ago, the tracing of money involved in the production of playing cards, all impressions into his sister. Every day at 6 o'clock in the afternoon, West of intersection of main street and Yan Ling Jie, Chen Daijun and his wife pushed to the roadside stalls. When business is bad, the couple helped vehicles, just looking at the intersection, as if that Red Hat has never far away.

Couple stalls holding daughter missing intersection for more than 10 years

Chen Beibei, female, born on May 20, 2002, XI da Jie yan ling, Zhengzhou city, on December 8, 2003 at street intersections are missing. If you and the people around you have clues on missing persons, call by phone: 13633716868 Zhengzhou unique bridge built like the Ferris

Friday, April 15, 2016

China s new Yuan loans in the first quarter more than 4 6 trillion an all time

China's new Yuan loans in the first quarter more than 4.6 trillion, an all-time high

Credit, bounced, but slightly higher start, represented broad liquidity M2. Oriental IC data

With GDP (gross domestic product) synchronization, including new loans of Chinese financial data for the first quarter, due out April 15, at 10 o'clock in the morning.

People's Bank of China (PBoC), according to new data released, RMB loans increased by 4.61 trillion yuan in the first quarter of this year, compared with increased 930.1 billion yuan. By the end of March, outstanding foreign currency loans 103.79 trillion yuan, an increase of 13.4%. This is a record single-season highs in new loans after the top 2009 4.59 trillion yuan in the first quarter.

In, after falling more than expected in February, rose to 1.37 trillion yuan of new credit in March, compared with an increase of 188.3 billion yuan, the chain is nearly double. The first three months of this year, new Yuan loans were 251 million Yuan, 726.6 billion yuan and 1.37 trillion yuan.

Among them, the medium-and long-term loans increased significantly, including household sector medium and long-term loans increased by 1.1 trillion yuan in the first quarter, non-financial enterprises and organizations, medium-and long-term loans increased by 2.07 trillion yuan.

Bank of communications, senior fellow at the Center for financial studies Chen Ji believes that this is credit continued to support the real economy stabilizing, and "hot property market".

Credit, bounced, but slightly higher start, represented broad liquidity M2.

The end of March, outstanding broad money (M2) totaled 144.62 trillion yuan, an increase of 13.4%, growth higher than late last month and the same period last year, respectively 0.1 and 1.8%; narrow money (M1) totaled 41.16 trillion yuan, an increase of 22.1%, growth rate 4.7 higher than late last month and the same period last year, respectively, and 19.2%; money in circulation (M0) balance is 6.47 trillion yuan, an increase of 4.4%.

In 2016 the Government work report of Premier Li keqiang said in a prudent monetary policy to be flexible and moderate. Broad money supply M2 is expected to grow this year by about 13%.

Central Bank's Statistics Department Director Cheng Songcheng said today that integrate economic growth, prices and employment, general growth in M1, M2 are in line with the actual need, is in line with the expected target. Wang amplification vanke injected 60 billion assets

For M1 over 22.1% growth, Cheng Songcheng believes that M1 growth is a reflection of overall ample liquidity in the market, some also reflect the economic stabilisation of the trend.

Scale of Community financing, including trust loans in March, sharply higher.

Data showed March social scale increments of 2.34 trillion yuan, respectively, compared to the previous month and the same month last year to 1.51 trillion yuan and 1.09 trillion yuan.

Financing scale increments of 6.59 trillion yuan in the first quarter as a whole, 1.93 trillion yuan more than last year.

From the structure, the RMB loans still are the main force of Community financing. RMB lending to the real economy in the first quarter accounted for 70.8% of social financing, loans accounted for more than 8.3%, 2.4% trust loans, not discounted bank acceptance bills accounted for more than 3.3%, 18.8% per cent corporate bonds, non-financial enterprises in equity financing accounted for more than 4.3%.

"Economic data to good monetary easing the need for lower before easing again to be seen. "Shanghai Hongyuan, Economist Li Huiyong, analyst said.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Dr z sea Amoy brain hole in the head down the pig farmers in the

Dr z | sea Amoy brain hole in the head, down the pig farmers in the

2015, according to the report, according to the world tourism shopping in 2015, Chinese tourists to leave free 53.6% as the main purpose of shopping.

Circle of friends has recently been scouring the sea and tariffs to flood.

Said restoration of the tariff was protectionist and so on, I am afraid that slogans vague. To see the national tariff system, have obviously never world. Fly in a trip to Europe, customs dig three feet of spirit, will and Mona Lisa smile and tears like you are scratching their heads and impress. Please compose yourself, this is very common.

However, Haitao does not concern me, are scouring the sea "new deal" caused a large area are interested in response. One thing, could trigger a huge resonance, topped the headlines, should not be underestimated.

Hai Tao in the head, who in the end?

Echo behind, are the same people, which also took part in this matter, we are of the same party; compassion, that themselves do not necessarily participate in this thing, but have similar experiences, like the heart; empathy, although there is no similar experience, but can draw conclusions from the experiences and thinking, have similar views on this matter.

Hai Tao policy so valued, must have been scouring the sea it is booming, Hai Tao so prosperous, means everybody to go shopping abroad, and formed a considerable scale, and the scale will not be enough, that simply get through the channel, so that everyone in the country will be able to enjoy shopping in a foreign country "buy buy buy".

Imagine that the population of a State to a foreign country to strong consumption, what is this spirit?

Due to the country's fiscal revenue and employment levels remain beggar-thy-neighbour national problem, then consumption "flight" is definitely not a good spirit, and because of this phenomenon, if large-scale, long-term presence could mean the country's business faced a depression, economy shrank. In other words, do you think are cool now, but his money by making someone else go, jobs were taken away from me, you'll soon find that you have lost.

Such a simple truth, why Haitao so popular? And more and more fire? How to get to this point? This should only be the point.

Strong Yuan in the head

First, of course, is the continued strength of the Yuan.

2015, according to the report, according to the world tourism shopping in 2015, Chinese tourists to leave free 53.6% as the main purpose of shopping while each Chinese travelers on average will spend more than half of the travel expenses on shopping. Overseas shopping per capita spending of Chinese tourists 5830.

Why? Cost-effective Ah! Watch euro from 11:1 to less than 7, you say, France, and Italy, and Germany's world famous, does not mean simply discount it.

With the rapid development of China's economy, as well as the international status of the Yuan improved, China's people clearly feel the sense of the value of the Yuan's value. From Tokyo to New York, from Paris to Dubai, County Clerks became standard in order to adapt to the new global economic structure change of a number of emerging customer needs.

When a country's currency strong, while monetary growth also continued unabated, since M2 is still running at about 14%, there probably is not difficult to explain what this country wants to buy. After all, sometimes a State asset or they might have been able to buy other countries ' currencies.

However, this firm is not without a cost?

Pressure on the exchange rate at the other end

According to the most recent data reports generally showed good faith. Late March balance of the Central Bank's official foreign exchange reserves of US $ 3,212,580,000,000 per cent increase of 10.28 billion dollars, is the negative growth for four consecutive months.

However, this contribution is mainly denominated in the currency factors. The marvelling in dollars, currency diversification, some one-third is probably the euro, the yen-denominated assets, while the appreciation of the euro and Yen, respectively March and 0.1% resulting value gains around $ 30 billion. If so, the reserves are still falling. SDR-denominated reserves changes in or can be more objective, according to IMF calculations, in March, China's foreign exchange reserves to 2.28 trillion SDR, meter-37.8 billion SDR. Expected in March the Central Bank foreign exchange-100 billion yuan.

Of course, from now, the slowing pace of Fed rate hikes, the dollar index weakness, bringing emerging-market currencies and international cross-border capital flows. Stabilizing the domestic economy hit bottom for RMB exchange rate expectations of economic agents significantly improved.

However, the overall capital flow and pressure should not be underestimated in the currency market, and more importantly, under the current complicated international and domestic economic situation, monetary policy and exchange-rate cameras mobilize what best fits the growth pattern of the economy and the prospects for China's development? It is worth pondering.

Prices here

In fact, Haitao hot streak has gone beyond the past, we have an image of a single purchase of luxury goods. Haitao was hot, affecting the heart, because it's actually purchasing anything. In other words, we thought in the past, only because the luxury tax caused as a result of the price difference is huge overseas shopping "carry" theory does not explain how today's sea Amoy army phenomenon.

Now people, nothing panned. From the top of the world "name brand" with no family of the 30 's of the pores of the leather bag, the work will take care of every family may have intelligent people can sing and joke of rice cooker, toilet seat, the manpower can be a cure-all even more relief eye drops for Acne cream ulcer paste.

Someone also wrote the article, said, we all have! Xinhua News Agency read record national deficit

It's true, we all have.

Someone also said that this is because the domestic brand does not ring, lax inspection of product quality. Such as milk.

In fact, milk has its particularities. However, beyond the formula, think again.

If you are not sure, take a look at, and Chanel, Hermès, which isn't terrible, since Iphone Ipad, not terrible, terrible is that people buy brands, foreign public or even a low-end brand, buy items, are small no longer small things, buy price, very cheap.

That is, you buy, are everyday items, from hats to shoes, from lipstick to toothpaste.

Because, really cheap.

Currencies at the other end

March 2016 CPI growth of 2.3%, on the data with the previous flat is a very optimistic figures. Economic trends no deflation worries, is more appropriate than there is risk of inflation, allowing monetary policy to have more room.

Although high-frequency data show that overall pork prices in March than in February, but recorded CPI pork fell 1.3%. Of course, the Bureau has been given an explanation.

Well, if true. March hog 19.29 national average price per kilogram, up 57% over the last year. As a rule, this is not the climax. Climax is now is not reserved vegetables also rose. Famous Welsh onion gay more than 10 Yuan/kg, few become the treat of first class show off good helper, long beans, broccoli, cucumber and so on and so forth is not far behind. Great vegetarian feasts became new standard means.

It is said that it's all about seasonal periodicity.

Well, if true. Non-food in CPI factors also can not be ignored. Rebound in commodity prices brought more than CPI up slightly and bringing relief of PPI and the rebound of the PMI. Good news! However, the global economy still in the doldrums, United States admit its rate hikes must consider the negative impact of the World Economic Outlook is grim. Apparent lack of power correction in commodity prices. In particular, in the first quarter of 2016, occur a number of times against the phenomenon of price regulation in the past. For example, EIA inventory appears to peak reverse recovery and oil prices, and London copper stocks and prices to deviate from the conditions. Prove that the current traditional price factors have changed. So who affect prices now?

Or the answer is obvious. China more than 4.2 trillion yuan of new loans in the first quarter. High in the first quarter, in addition to commodities and food on the table, is there not a trading fiery paralyzed China's housing system to make it.

Purchasing power in the head, down the income gap in

Sounds like it's not bad to look at. The purchasing power of powerful people are drunk, cheap foreign goods, supply and demand are considerable satisfaction.

Currency, money many people money has no place to spend.

But this is not the case.

City 20% high income 20% income gap between low-income and urban by 3.6 to 5.5 times over the past 2000 years; internal 20% of the farmers higher incomes and 20% of the income of low-income earners is growing. In 2015, the high-income group and the low-income group in the 20% gap widened to 10.45 times times.

Gap between rich and poor widened.

When currency is not formed a relatively reasonable distribution in society, but forming a higher surplus of Hai Tao main, and income increasingly stretched pig farmers. More important is that the social wealth and not well within the market distribution and redistribution, Hai Tao consumer and does not become a source of pig farmers.

Currency a lot, but not in the real economy, there is no rational allocation.

Result, the overall Community consumption did not become more and more not only, but weaker.

Inflation in the first deflation in the first

08 years since the world economy and policy, it can probably be described: head of deflation, inflation to save; soon inflation, deflation and deflation does not walk, stagflation appeared.

The rapid rise of China's economic leverage in 08 after the outbreak of the global financial crisis. It is estimated that from 2008 to 2015, China's gross leverage ratio rose 105%. This is caused by extremely loose fiscal and monetary policies after the crisis.

But monetary policy too violent to fish until the.

Capacity to leverage is imperative.

But when China's economy is now in high speed to slow down of the growth process, and chronically depressed global morass, to avoid the appearance of a systemic crisis, they have to add leverage. Whether it is to stimulate the stock market, property market, like for enterprises and individuals to increase leverage.

According to huatai securities, estimates that by the end of 2015, China's real economy sector (excluding the financial sector) 's overall leverage ratio has reached 263.62%, of which non-financial enterprises sector leverage 166.3%. From the standard 90% of the Bank for international settlements, has gone far beyond.

Household leverage and China was 39.95%, although the numbers are fairly low, in the world's major powers are low, but takes into account household insurance protection, including education, health care, pensions, are still in a relatively weak position, I'm afraid people leverage the increased space is very limited.

March core rate of inflation, there is only 1.5%.

Currency pushing hands, only under brows, but our hearts. This time, how a deep sorrow.


Haitao was a small incident, but reflects several years of monetary policy in China's economic changes and the pros and cons.

One thing on this side, a lot of things at the other end.

Scouring the sea, love is not a tax, who really cares? However, Hai Tao isn't behind the pig people? Not like pig people swaying in the monetary policy? Not the structural change in the development of China? Not tens of thousands of real grassroots, bottom of society?

A policy on this, thousands of ups and downs at the other end.

We not only care about one thing, whether it is large or small is the new fashionable cliché, one thing's events tend to be more notable, one thing the former future generations tend to be more worthy of attention. One thing is society in miniature, policy corner, raised the reasons which involves heavy, that's really need to worry about China's economic development and the need to address the problem.

Policy makers must in this, look at the other end; in the head, at the other end.

Hai Tao and pig man just two sides of the coin, the ends of the rope, are in fact the same common fate makes the result under the same situation.

Hai Tao in the head, pig people at the other end. There is no difference, it's like, I'm on this side, you are at the other end.

We are all people with nostalgia.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Visitors questioned Guozijian Street door plaques are typos said related departments

Visitors questioned Guozijian Street door plaques are typos, said related departments will study how to deal with

Guozijian Street frontage of a plaque above the door of the compound traditional Chinese characters saying "Saints 鄰 's popular" four words.

Guozijian Street door plaque on the wrong word? In recent days, members of the public after Mr Yang Guozijian Street and found, vermilion Street courtyard doors hanging on a door plaque, on which traditional Chinese characters inscribed "Saints 鄰 's popular" four words. Mr YEUNG Kwong has a calligraphy industry experience extremely sensitive to words, he realized that "鄰" of "in" is wrong in order to "here" and "here"! Yesterday, the Beijing Youth daily reporter went to the Imperial College Avenue 49th and found that the plaque was still hanging. According to the unit to which it belongs, Andingmen Street introduced, established in 2007, the plaque is mainly to encourage people live together in harmony, and didn't research it is written correctly. Ancient Chinese experts confirmed that the words on the plaque is written wrong, and trace it to its source, is inscribed did not understand Chinese character change, misuse of "look no further". The disputed streets said that changes would be made in the near future.


Guozijian Street Board of typo

Visitors questions

Mr Yang, in traditional Chinese characters, the "in" and "look no further" ("here" to "there" and variants) are two of the meanings completely different words. "" Originally refers to the residents of the village settlement, later alleged the cities of neighbourhood associations, alley. Now that Beijing has many "in" naming names, such as peace, song Yu, Ahn, wing on, thrips, and so on. However, due to unknown character relationships, often "hometown" script error writing "here" or "here". 2008 Editorial Department over the release of the annual city most frequently occurring errors, the most extensive coverage of the top ten languages, fourth is: "hometown" erroneously "here".

"If the place also calculated, the alley adjacent to the Confucian temple and Imperial College's highest institution in ancient China, alley has numerous bustling tourists pass through every day. Especially familiar with traditional Chinese characters of Hong Kong and Macao visitors, they will inevitably make. "Mr Dr suggested units replace the Word as soon as possible, and to strengthen the popularization of ancient culture and knowledge, after all" does not understand traditional characters have no understanding of traditional Chinese culture. "

According to North Green newspaper reporter since 2007, Andingmen Street and the Imperial College community meet the concentration and control of Guozijian Street, Dongcheng District, in order to restore the original appearance of the history of the whole Street, and on the premise of monument restoration, street to a uniform finish the yard down the street, 49th, the plaque is now hanging at the door. "Neighbourhood on this Board are very welcome, after all, looks pretty stylish. "Aunt Wang lived here more than 30 years on North Green newspaper reporter said.

Imperial College community neighborhood Committee official said: "as many tourists for historical and cultural research, do have expressed different views, have asked, the last word is problematic. "However, for visitors to ask questions, the official said only to communicate with the Department concerned, after all, the establishment of the Board of community is not responsible for.

In response to

Establishment of the Board of the original in order to encourage neighbourhood harmony

Will study whether to withdraw or modify

As the plaque "owned" units, Andingmen, Dongcheng District streets, said hang this plaque is 9 years ago for the purpose of encouraging neighbourhood harmony, the Board was established by the independent, has not been more elegant.

Andingmen Street propaganda Minister tongying said in 2007 after the concentration and control, in order to promote solidarity among the various households within the hospital, street capital contribution in the establishment of such a simple arch, hanging above the "Saints 鄰 's popular" plaque. Questions as to why writing traditional characters, she said: "when taking into account the historical and cultural background of the Guozijian Street, probably writing way more consistent with the whole street style. "

Plaque font accuracy issues of concern for the outside world, she said, street has not made further study. Tongying said: "at first, when set up, did not find the relevant experts to make sure, ' explore ' word write is correct, there are questions. "

Tongying said, the recent meeting decided that "the next few days, head of the main street after the field trip, will meet to consider how to deal with. Sure is, this Board itself will change. "Shadow of bei Qing Tong Pao reporter said. Its removed or replaced Ying Tong said two possibilities exist. She said: "we will come up with a final proposal. "


Door plaques are made a mistake just failed to understand

The complexity of Chinese characters 61 year old Sichuan migrant workers oral administration

Institute of Beijing Normal University College of liberal arts of ancient Chinese Meng Zhuo Qing newspaper reporters, on the North, the Board's "look no further" is incorrect, and derived from a simplified multiple characters, using characters didn't make it clear to the origins of the word and change. In his view, using traditional Chinese characters inscribed above the "Saints 鄰 's popular" should make use of "in". In traditional Chinese characters, the "in" and "there" are two of the meanings completely different characters, but simplified when the two are "", people will often confuse.

Meng Zhuo introduced traditional Chinese characters "", refers to the places inhabited by people, also alleged the cities in the neighborhood, alley. "Here" to "there" and variants, namely "someday" by upper, middle and lower structure into a left-right structure, in its original sense refers to the inner layers of clothes, and people still lining of clothes called "(here)." "The Chinese, like a simplified characters actually corresponds to the phenomenon of multiple characters a lot, if you do not understand the complexity of Chinese characters, it is easy to make this mistake. "

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Dialog Mohan who founder of Blizzard Entertainment StarCraft Alpha Dog challenge

In March, global attention Google AI AlphaGo (Alpha Dog) and Korea player Li Shishi section of the man-machine war victory for artificial intelligence of the century came to an end. We have said, have is artificial intelligence, conquered the last bastion of human wisdom.

After the game, daimisi·hasabisi, founder of AlphaGo research and development team DeepMind (Demis Hassabis) suggests that producers and distributors of Blizzard Entertainment esports game of the StarCraft 2 is likely to be AlphaGo the next target.

Time masters of the StarCraft 2 began to itch, that would save face for mankind in the StarCraft 2, Google really is on the making of the StarCraft 2 release do this afternoon?

In this regard, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Blizzard Entertainment Maike·Mohan (Mike Morhaime) April 6 at Blizzard Entertainment headquarters in China surging News said: "Google and now we are still in the course of discussions, had not made any decision. If you really want to AlphaGo the game, that we should first determine a fair competitive environment for both of man-machine. Because we all know that people need a keyboard and mouse to operate, and computers can directly command command, this is manifestly unfair to human. "

As regards the environment, specifically how to set the fair, Mike said there is still uncertainty, need to consult both Blizzard and Google. But Mike thinks, at least in the APM (number of operations per minute) on a number of indicators, such as, you can restrict the computers. "After all, we want to see is a strategic and intellectual battle. In the case of completely fair, I guess humans will win. "

Dialog Mohan, who founder of Blizzard Entertainment: StarCraft Alpha Dog challenge, I guess humans win

On April 4, 2016, this is a capture of StarCraft 2 game information pictures and AlphaGO pictures. Oriental IC data

On behalf of the human and AlphaGo specific candidates for the StarCraft 2 game, surging Mike told the news, "selection mechanism of the player can be discussed again. But in any case, I think the candidate should have a sufficiently comprehensive techniques and tactics, he needed a specialty in various emergency situations, while trying to find the enemy's weaknesses, and this is the best place to play StarCraft. We believe that the selection process must be very interesting. "

Blizzard will own 25 years old birthday in 2016, in 25 years, Blizzard Entertainment StarCraft, and world of Warcraft Hearthstone legend came out with yet another classic game.

When a surging News asked in an interview with Mike in the reference to "Blizzard" when referring to specific, Mike was silent for a long time said: "the so-called Blizzard of quality, in fact, is a comprehensive concept. A Blizzard game, first easy to use, but also more difficult to master. Most importantly, allowing the player to have fun to keep playing. The repeat play fun and fresh, 5-10 hours is just starting to play, that's far from enough. We hope to reach the 100-hour or even longer. Continue to play at a time when players will find fun and feel the fun. This is not easy to do, because we have to take into account what fun things can happen, and, ultimately, a sense of accomplishment. "

It is this "Blizzard" game Blizzard canceled many projects has developed for a long time, one of the most widely known is that of the Titan (Titan), and StarCraft Ghost • (StarCraft:Ghost). This news explains the surging Mike, "StarCraft • Phantom and the Titans, both cases have one thing in common, at the halfway stage of game development process development team found that game they can see the finished product, is still unable to achieve our consistent quality and standard, so eventually can only deny. We feel that no matter what the game, it must meet the ' Blizzard '. Within the company had high hopes of the Titans, but the pattern of the Titans be so extensive, and we have no way to ensure the quality of the game in such a complex situation, to ensure it was still fun, so we finally put an end to the project for years. "

Mike said termination is not completely giving up, of course, the team, because of Blizzard's upcoming new games depicting pioneer's development team is born out of the Titans. Mike said: "we had decided to shelve the Titans when I made a request to the development team, they've split up to find out some new interesting projects, the watchman Herald is one of the team's work, from 2014 ' BlizzCon ' announced up to now, only after a period of less than two years. "

Dialog Mohan, who founder of Blizzard Entertainment: StarCraft Alpha Dog challenge, I guess humans win

Blizzard Entertainment's founder and CEO, Maike·Mohan (Mike Morhaime) Annual Lei millet address record last year are

As Blizzard 18 years to publish the contents of the first new series, as well as Blizzard's FPS (first person) game, depicting a pioneer is developed in such a short period of time, because Blizzard makes a "trade-off"

"We didn't let the game go players introduced their own background and plot, even if we had every hero were envisaged complete the story line. We continue to the positioning of the watchman Herald into a light game, and then through some other way outside the game, such as we have now released two short animated films, to let the players know the story. We do not have this game added single player campaign mode, if you are added to the game, the game will be developed for a long time. "

In addition to developing new games, Blizzard has not forgotten "old."

Surging Mike told the press: "we feel that every game is different, different games we offer a variety of resources to support it, we also set up a classic game teams in these two years, like StarCraft 1 and world of Warcraft 3 has been updated and maintained. In fact, the most important thing is to find the right resources and the right way, whether it is old or new games games, are timeless. "

And Blizzard of "change" is began attempts to more of possibilities, except watch pioneer, Mike to furnace stone legend for cases said: "for Blizzard for, furnace stone legend regardless of is in game of category, and style, and size also is content of rich degree, even is development team of scale are and other several Blizzard game not as, furnace stone legend obviously to small many, but this not most important of. The severity of a game, and not directly related to the degree of interest in it. A game can be epic. The success of Hearthstone legends opened a lot of doors for us, opens up more possibilities. "

And and legend pictures cooperation is in June released of Warcraft movie, can be described as is Blizzard of once new attempts to, although now and no the film can in China synchronization released of message, but according to Mike revealed, Blizzard participation has movie project of many part, Blizzard of team ensure has film by create of magic city and many players by known of impression match, while also to legend pictures and Director proposed has many recommends.

"When the movie came out, I believe the audience will see a ' world of Warcraft '. "Mike said. When a surging News asked Mike when samples or another, Mike immediately replied with a smile: "particular satisfaction, I feel very excited. "

For the future of e-sports, Mike says: "Blizzard has been convinced that electronic sports are sports games in the future. We are e-sports is now so prosperous, because with the advent of science and technology especially in broadcast platform, helping the game industry as a whole has increased a lot of heat and attention. "

Relative to foreign countries has occurred "leading" live broadcast platform, live platform market in China also compete fiercely, the esports pros and live platform will emerge in China "sky-high," one reason for signing bonuses.

Although technology companies are now in virtual reality (VR) technology, gaming and video known as the closest industry to VR, but Blizzard has not taken any action on the VR.

Mike says: "VR is a very exciting technology, we also keep a close eye on this, but how do we think games combined with VR, now is not clear. At least we are still not sure, what kind of game the most suitable VR, how can we ensure the best VR experience, so we are not eager to try. At a time when VR was so hot, there may be some bubbles. "

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

National development and Reform Commission issued a price exceeding the CPI

National development and Reform Commission issued a price exceeding the CPI this year is also expected to modestly

Photo: vision China

Today, the NDRC price monitoring center of China in the China Securities News issued the 2016 of price changes last year, the overall situation is good. Article 2016, "price changes in China last year, the overall situation is good, mainly is the CPI rises slightly expanded, PPI decline decrease, deflationary pressures eased. But the price decline today was still increasing, price decline continues to expand the range of goods, increased uncertainty and volatility of prices run. "

Articles from eight aspects are analyzed. In 2016, overall consumer price increases were slightly improved, partly from living necessities rising price rigidity, partly because of Government policy to strictly control overcapacity. PPI will maintain a clear declining trend, slump will be decreased, deflationary pressures will ease.

Prices of agricultural products will continue to shrink, a small number of agricultural products prices rose considerably, most agricultural prices is weak.

Rising real-estate prices overall, trends in different cities will continue to differentiate. Fund prices will decline in the future, from the real economy's demand for monetary credit decline, money supply growth is relatively fast, as well as industrial product prices continue to decline. Labour price inflation is slowing.

2016 Yuan may be devalued slightly, increased exchange rate fluctuation and RMB exchange rate fluctuation by weak global economic growth, the dollar is expected and the impact of factors such as China's foreign trade declined.

The article reads as follows:

2016, China's economy is facing a very complicated environment at home and abroad, economic development face unprecedented difficulties. Meanwhile, various factors affecting the economy there are large uncertainties, and prices run there are considerable uncertainties, price movement showed some different characteristic. On the whole, in 2016 will present China's current prices are mainly on the structural changes, but have different characteristics in different areas. Specifically, the 2016 will present eight basic trends of China's current price.

A general low moderate rise in consumer prices

At present, the differentiation of world economic trends, the overall trend than expected. United States economic recovery momentum slow, new starts project reduced, manufacturing needs lack power, manufacturing index continuous fell; European economic callback obviously, last year four quarter GDP chain has declined, retail index and import and export data struggling state do explicit; Japan core CPI compared growth fell, manufacturing, and retail consumption, and foreign trade data are different degree deterioration, overall economic still vulnerable; main emerging market national in the Russia, and Brazil economic are appeared recession and with serious inflation, South Africa is in recession and facing the threat of inflation. Overall, the external environment for China's economic growth this year will be more complex and more difficult. Domestically, China's economy is still in the discussion stages at the end of, with the domestic economy is in a crucial period of structural adjustment, to production capacity, inventory tasks, stress and other factors, economic growth continues to slow, consumer price increases are not exceeded. Meanwhile, as international trade continues to shrink, the dollar and other factors, and may continue to run low volatility in international commodity prices this year, the price level will be lower than last year, will also restrain domestic prices to a certain extent.

The other hand, domestic monetary conditions loose, pro-growth and productivity policy environment, as well as food, services, housing and other necessities the rigidity of price rises would push CPI rose modestly. China's M2 target this year increased to 13% from 12% last year, and indicators of social financing into the monetary policy for the first time, target is set to 13%, 12.4% than last year's growth rate has increased, showing support monetary policies on the real economy further, will help drive up prices overall. In addition, rising labour and land price rigidity, price factors such as speeding, will drive the food, service, housing prices. Taking into account the consumer price tail this year than last year, so judgment will remain mild consumer price rise this year, inflation will be slightly higher than last year. But the main reason for price increases is a necessity for food and services prices rise as well as the Government adjusted prices for public services, capacity, inventory and other policy factors of influence, not economic or fundamental changes in supply and demand.

Second, PPI remain significant declining trend will decline decrease

As of February 2016, PPI up fell for 48 consecutive months, the cumulative decline of 12.7%, 2015 PPI fell by 5.2%. From the formation, capital goods prices down 16.6%, 2015, 6.7%, PPI fell by 3.9 and 1.5%, respectively. While the rise in prices of the means of livelihood of 0.2% and-0.3%, and keep it running smoothly, explain the decline of PPI is the impact of falling prices of means of production.

From development, 2016 PPI trend remains down. The domestic situation, downward pressure on economic growth in China is still very large, sluggish growth of investment demand, export difficulties increased, excess capacity is an important factor affecting demand for means of production and PPI decline. From the view of the international situation, and repeated the slow economic recovery in developed countries, emerging economies were growing difficult, affected the growth in global demand, will restrict the rising prices of means of production; the dollar's trend to international markets and is also expected to decline in dollar-denominated commodities prices have a direct impact, thus affecting domestic PPI decline.

Although PPI and will show a downward trend, but the decline will be decreased, some expected by the market, seasonal changes, geopolitical and other factors will also experience some rebound in the short term. First of all, after a long, deep down, part of the commodity price has fallen below its lowest level since the financial crisis, price levels close to break-even operating production lines or even below the equilibrium line, international commodity prices continued to fall sharply during the year is very unlikely, PPI's impact on the domestic market was weaker than last year. Second, China take has some inhibit PPI especially bulk commodity price excessive fell of regulation measures, like set oil "floor price"; take merger restructuring, and bankruptcy liquidation, economic means, and strengthened environmental, and quality, and energy, and security, hard constraints measures, increased policy efforts guide capacity active exit; with 5 years time pressure reduction crude steel capacity 100 million-150 million tons, with 3-5 years time exit coal capacity 500 million tons around, and reduction volume restructuring 500 million tons around. These measures will ease the oversupply of contradictions, and improved market expectations and boost market confidence, suppress the PPI decline.

Although PPI and major declines in commodities prices will decrease, but the cumulative decline is still increasing, for other related products price transmission effects will continue to be strengthened. And because the contradiction between supply and demand at present don't ease, demand remains insufficient, PPI and hysteresis accumulated by the decline in commodity prices will accelerate to the processing industries, conduction of general household goods and durable consumer goods, price range of products increased, negative impact on the overall economy and the economic efficiency of enterprises will continue to increase.

Three per cent and GDP deflator will fall slightly decreased

2015 1-4-quarter decline in GDP deflator respectively 0.39%, 0.04%, 0.66% and 0.73%, by 0.45% for the year. As measured by the GDP deflator for the deflation of the standard patterns have emerged. From the formation, secondary industry 1-4 quarter deflator declined by 4.21%, 4.13%, 5.27% and 5.5%, 4.79% drop for the year and primary industry deflator year up 0.42%, the deflator of the tertiary industry rose 3.13%. GDP deflator declined, mainly under the influence of secondary industry decline in the deflator.

From future development trend view, by agricultural spending declined, and food inventory pressure larger, and part agricultural unsalable risk rose, aspects effect, agricultural price gains will is less than last year, so effect to primary flat reduction index gains may slightly has reduced; secondary due to supply and demand contradictions short-term within to ease, steel, and coal, and building materials, industry capacity excess still more highlight, to capacity need more long a time, is expected to secondary flat reduction index will continues to declined, but drop has reduced; by real estate price, and labor cost Effects of rising costs, logistics and service prices, deflator of the tertiary industry is expected to significantly rise. Analysis in General, slight decline in 2016, GDP deflator will drop will decrease.

Four, agricultural prices continued to decrease

Agricultural structure adjustment and agricultural commodities to stocks, international prices lower than the domestic prices of agricultural products, and other factors, 2016, China's agricultural price inflation will continue to shrink, few agricultural prices rose considerably, most agricultural prices weak, individual species or even a different degree of decline.

First of all, China's grain production has been 12 years and fully stocked, basically inhibiting prices from rising sharply. Country's 2016 minimum grain purchasing prices in 2015 compared to early Indica rice prices have come down, minimum purchase of late Indica rice and japonica rice and wheat prices were flat, this policy was reversed on guidance pattern of food prices rose slightly in consecutive years. 2016 will remain basically stable food prices, will lay the Foundation for the stability of the entire farm prices. Secondly, due to the excess supply, 2016 international markets soybeans, corn, cotton, and other major agricultural products prices will remain low, corresponding to the Chinese agricultural products the price difference exists, this price "upside down" will lead to increased imports of Chinese agricultural products, increase market supply, increasing the difficulty of agricultural marketing, downward pressure on prices of domestic agricultural products. Third, domestic energy, declines in agricultural production material prices and transportation costs are reduced, and labour cost increases and agricultural producer price inflation decrease, would lead to increase in costs for agricultural cultivation to slow or even decline, which would reduce the upward pressure on prices of agricultural products. But China due to arable land number of restricted, agricultural supply and demand relationship has been in General tight balance, and structure shortage of State, coupled with climate, and natural disasters, and outbreak factors, agricultural production of uncertainty effect, agricultural price General still will keep must range rose situation, but gains will continues to reduced, minority agricultural price may for structural factors appeared larger range of rose, most agricultural price rose weak, individual varieties even will appeared different degree of fell. The standard position is not called Deng Xiaoping

Five trends in different cities, rising real estate prices in General continue to differentiate

Since second half of 2015, continuous introduction of Central and local governments to adjust their housing loan policies and transactions of real estate taxes, business taxes and other policies and measures, further reducing the non-purchase of City set of personal housing loan and second-home payments, in particular local governments have launched targeted policies to promote real estate inventory. Meanwhile, the expectations have increased relatively loose monetary policy steady and adequate supply of funds, and real estate market and leverage policy contributed to the Fund's activity, marked increase in inflows into real estate funds. The good is produced the series of policies and measures on the real estate market, contributed to the recovery in the housing market. According to statistics statistics, December 2015 to February 2016, 70 a city new housing price compared declined of by 49 a reduced to 37 a, compared price rose of by 39 a increased to 47 a; 70 a city second-hand price compared declined of by 34 a reduced to 26 a, compared price rose of by 35 a increased to 41 a, this description housing price run rendering monthly rose of situation.

But the overall upward trend in the price at the same time, changes in housing prices vary widely in different cities, house prices have risen considerably even soaring, also have continued to decrease significantly. In 2015, since the end of the real estate market in first-tier cities and a handful of second-tier hot cities hot housing market transactions, rose is very large, and three or four cities is relatively low. December 2015-February 2016, new commercial housing months per cent respectively in first-tier cities Shenzhen 47.5%, 52.7% and 57.8%, respectively, and 3.2% and 3.6% per cent, showing trend of prices. Followed by Shanghai and Beijing, which rose although there is no da, but increases stamina enough; second-tier cities of Nanjing new commercial housing months per cent respectively over the same period was 7.9%, 10.8% and 14.1%, respectively, and 1.2% and 2.7% per cent, prices great catch-up potential. Belong to the second-tier cities of Shenyang and newly-built commercial housing months per cent respectively over the same period-0.9%,-0.5% and-0.4%, the chain-and-0.1%, and 0.3%, respectively, in no current hot hot one or two lines of the urban real estate market. Third-tier city of Dandong new commercial housing months per cent respectively-5.3%,-4.38% and-3.9%, chain-,-0.9% and-0.3%, respectively, is far from a bad real estate market recovered.

From development, as the multiple effects of good policy further, local real estate market demand and improving demand further releases, real estate prices form a powerful support, property prices rose significantly for the year, inflation will exceed that of last year. But due to around inventory, and added supply, and purchase capacity, situation different, so different regional price still rendering obviously of differentiation trend, is expected to North, and Shang, and deeply representative of line city and part hot second-tier city housing price short-term within will rendering sharply rose situation, but early gains larger of Shenzhen prices will appeared must range of adjustment; hot second-tier city housing price short-term within also will is obviously rose trend, and prices gains has expanded of may And urban real estate inventory pressure three or four line downward pressure on prices in the short term remains, but the decline is expected to be decreased, some three or four cities will have a different level of increase in housing prices.

Six, shows the small down the exchange rate of RMB exchange rate fluctuations increased

In 2015, "8·11 change" before, Yuan central parity against the dollar from 6.11 to 6.17 in range, smaller fluctuations. The currency "reform" 2% on a one-off devaluation since parity between 6.3 and 6.4 range. In late November by the Yuan joined the SDR News, again showed a significant depreciation of RMB. By the end of 2015, near the midpoint unchanged at 6.48, earlier devaluation of nearly 6%. In early 2016, the RMB exchange rate continue to slightly lower, about 2 months before parity rate unchanged at 6.50.

Weaker growth in the global economy, the dollar and fell under the influence of China's foreign trade is expected in 2016, shows a slight downward trend of RMB exchange rate and exchange rate fluctuations will increase frequency and amplitude. First, the dollar's strength and world monetary policy differentiation impact major advanced economies, spreads, or will expand globally, most emerging economies face currency devaluation and capital flow problems, in this case the Yuan there is some downward pressure. Secondly, due to the slowdown of China's economy, decline in exports may encounter greater difficulties in the short term, international speculators betting against the Yuan increase. While the Bank of China to keep the Yuan's exchange rate stable, in offshore markets and international contest bet against currency speculators, this can also lead to increase RMB exchange rate fluctuations. Third, with the accelerating the internationalisation process, the Central Bank intends to improve the middle price of RMB exchange rate fluctuation, the Yuan exchange rate fluctuations greater than in the past.

However, there is no continuous devaluation of RMB exchange rate basis. First, the current consumer price level basically stable, gains remain modest modestly, by 2015 only 1.4%, compared with the us, Japan and Europe 2% inflation target at a relatively low level, which is conducive to maintaining the stability of the Renminbi. Second, China's current foreign exchange reserves-rich, has the ability to respond to market speculation, and keep the RMB exchange rate basically stable at a reasonable and balanced level. Finally, from the perspective of trade balance in 2015, China's current account trade surplus of nearly 600 billion US dollars of goods, shows that China does not need to expand trade volume through competitive devaluations.

Seven, fund prices will show a downward trend

Price of money in recent two years showed declining trends. One is Bank lending and deposit rates fell to near 10-year low. Since November 2014, after 6 rate cut, banks 1-year deposit and loan interest rates from 3%, 6.15% to 1.5%, 4.75%, 5 years of medium-and long-term lending rates by 6.55% per cent to 4.9%, a cumulative decline of 1.5, and 1.65%, respectively, the lowest since 2005. Bis is a P2P NET loans, private lending showed a significant downward trend in interest rates. As of December 31, 2015, national P2P network credits the composite interest rate fell to an average of 11.09%, than it was in early fall 31.2%; January 2016 and further dropped to 10.81%, down 24.93% over the last year. Wenzhou private lending composite interest rate trends, December 2015, 18.65%, 5.76% lower than in January of that year in February 2016, continue to 18.61%, down 4.86% over the last year. TER is the inter-bank interest rate fall. Overnight late 2015, 7-day, 14-day, January issue of interest rates, 2.95%, 1.99%, and 3%, respectively, early fall that year, respectively, 49.14%, 45.3%, and 46.67%; in February 2016, interest rates, 2.65%, 1.99%, and 2.93%, respectively, decreased over the same period last year, respectively, 45.13%, 35.39%, and 42.09%.

Future development trends, fund prices will decline. First, the declining demand for monetary credit in the real economy. In recent years, China's economic growth slowing, business confidence on economic growth, worsening business environment, investment earnings decline, and therefore investment willingness is not strong, and sluggish demand for funds. Second, the relatively fast growth of the money supply. 2015, the Central Bank reduced several times and increase the intensity of open market operations end of February 2016, M2, M1 142.46 trillion balances respectively, 39.25 trillion yuan, compared with growth of 13.3%, 17.4%, growth accelerated 0.8, 11.8% over the previous year, respectively. Third, the ex-factory price of industrial products continued to fall, environment of increased downward pressure on economic growth will also provide basic conditions for falling price of money.

Eight, the higher labor costs will slow

A few years ago, rural effective labor in China continued to decline, to migrant workers as the main general transformational changes in the supply and demand of labour, percentage of the working-age population decrease, causing the continuous social and labor costs rose more quickly. 2011-2014 unit year wage increase employment in cities and towns are 26.8%, 18.3%, 31.2% and 10.4%; migrant workers ' monthly income growth, 11.8%, 21.2% and 9.8%, respectively, far more than growth in GDP over the same period. But seen from the trend, 2014 labor prices have significantly dropped in 2015 due to the continuous decline in economic growth, enterprises ' economic benefits reduced, labour wages have continued to fall, 2015 7.2% monthly income of migrant workers than the previous year, an increase of 2.6% lower than the previous year.

From the development trend, 2016 labor prices in China will slow down. First, the PPI prices decline for a long time, slowing the national economy, smaller gains in corporate profits and losses, more bankruptcies, failures, leading to decrease in labour demand and labour income growth. According to statistics, 2015 total profits of industrial enterprises above the designated size ratio for the year 2014 2.3%, which main activity profit fall by 4.5%, more mining, cement, electrolytic aluminum, shipbuilding and other industries profits drop more. Secondly, the country's steel and coal industries as a starting point, Quicken the step of closing, sale and merger, promotion to production capacity, inventory, promote supply-side structural reforms, resolve contradictions of excess capacity, increase in unemployment, employment more difficult. Preliminary estimates, this year just shunt placement in the coal and steel industry personnel will reach 1.8 million. Meanwhile, with the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry to deepen, and the general rise in labor costs for years, PRD increase in developed regions such as robots replace manual will further reduce demand. Reduction in jobs will restrain labor costs rise.

On the whole, 2016 price changes in China last year, the overall situation is good, mainly is the CPI rises slightly expanded, PPI decline decrease, deflationary pressures eased. But the price decline today was still increasing, price decline continues to expand the range of goods, increased uncertainty and volatility of prices run. The operation pattern of prices on production management and running a negative economic impact is likely to continue to expand, largely from corporate layoffs, layoffs, closures of pressure increases, corporate profit growth, and general revenue growth more difficult. Meanwhile, uncertainty and volatility of price movement will make harder to control prices, the risks increased. Therefore, we should see prices running on the bright side, also saw prices run potential problems and risks, in particular in the run against the current price should be highly concerned about the potential problems and risks.

(Author: Xu lianzhong, Shi Jie Wang Shuangzheng He Xiaoying Liu Manping)

Source: China Securities journal

Original title: 2016 price changes last year, the overall situation is good

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Authorities release what is vaccine preventable vaccination Which damages require

On April 3, the National Commission on health and family planning official website released a total of ten "suspected preventive vaccination (AEFI) monitoring of knowledge", which read as follows:

A, what is the suspected preventive vaccination (AEFI)? How to understand its meaning?

AEFI is after vaccination of suspected reactions or events associated with the vaccination. It main including three a aspects of meaning: ① must of time associated: reaction must is in prevention vaccination Hou must of time range within occurred; but has time associated sex, not is equal to has causal associated sex; II must of damage consequences: reaction must exists must of clinical damage consequences, as organization organ or function aspects of damage; ③ suspicious of causal associated: reaction and prevention vaccination of vaccine may exists causal associated, or temporarily cannot excluded both Zhijian of causal associated; has causal associated sex, must exists time associated sex.

Second, what is the abnormal reaction? What features does it have?

Abnormal reaction is practice for qualified vaccine inoculation process or implementation specification after inoculation caused by damage to body tissues and organs, function, adverse drug reactions of the relevant parties without fault. Unusual reaction characteristics: ① by the inherent properties of the vaccine caused ② low c clinical severe symptoms, usually requiring disposal about reaction can resume, few may have permanent damage; II vaccinations were qualified; ⑥ vaccination practice.

Three, what is abnormal clinical damage? How high is the incidence?

Exception reaction caused of clinical damage including allergy reaction, and nervous system reaction and other clinical damage three big class; which, allergy reaction main has allergy sex rash, and allergy sex shock, and throat edema, and vascular sex edema, and platelet reduced sex Purpura, and local allergy necrosis reaction,; nervous system reaction main has hot sex convulsions, and vaccine related paralysis type polio,; other clinical damage main has no bacteria sex abscess, and BCG caused of local abscess, and lymph nodes inflammatory or lymphatic inflammatory, and bone inflammatory, and spread sex BCG infection,.

Serious abnormal allergic reactions, including anaphylactic shock, laryngeal edema, allergic Purpura, thrombocytopenic purpura, necrosis, local allergic reactions, febrile seizures, brachial plexus neuritis, vaccine-associated paralytic polio, BCG Osteitis, disseminated BCG infection. Investigations a drugstore in Shanghai was selling

Different varieties of abnormal reaction rate is different. Who on part vaccine of exception reaction research displayed, BCG caused of lymph nodes inflammatory, and bone inflammatory, and spread sex infection occurred rate respectively for 1-10/million agent times, and 1-700/1 million agent times, and 0.19-1.56/100 million agent times; hepatitis b vaccine caused of allergy sex shock for 1.1/1 million agent times; Ridge gray reduction HIV live vaccine caused of vaccine related paralysis type polio first agent times for 1/750,000 agent times, follow-up agent times 1/5.1 million agent times; measles/leprosy/ Gill wind of anaphylactic shock caused by vaccines is 1/1 million doses.

Four abnormal reaction, which does not belong to?

The following circumstances don't belong to abnormal reaction:

General reaction: after the vaccination, inherent characteristics caused by the vaccine itself, the body will only lead to a dysfunction of physiological reactions, including fever and redness, and may be accompanied by a general malaise, fatigue, loss of appetite, weakness, the syndrome.

Vaccine quality accidents due to substandard vaccine after inoculation caused by damage to body tissues and organs, function.

Inoculation accident due to violation of vaccination in the vaccination process specifications, guiding principles for immunization programs, vaccine, vaccination programmes, caused by damage to body tissues and organs, function.

Coupling: the who at the time of vaccination in some disease incubation period or prodromal period, incidence of coincidence after vaccination. That vaccination or not, the couple will definitely happen, unrelated to the vaccine and vaccination.

Psychogenic reactions: in the implementation of vaccination after vaccination due to psychological factors or occurrence of individual or group responses.

Five, which AEFI reporting provisions?

AEFI report range according to occurred time is divided into following case: ① 24 hours within: as allergy sex shock, and not with shock of allergy reaction (urticaria, and spot papules, and throat edema,), and poisoning sex shock integrated levy, and syncope, and hysteria syndrome,; II 5 days within: as fever (axillary temperature ≥ 38.6 ℃), and vascular sex edema, and body fester sex infection (HIV blood syndrome, and sepsis, and pus HIV blood syndrome), and vaccination parts occurred of redness (diameter >2.5cm), and induration (diameter >2.5cm), and Local fester sex infection (local abscess, and lymphatic inflammatory and lymph nodes inflammatory, and cellular organization inflammatory),; ③ 15 days within: as measles sample or scarlet fever sample rash, and allergy sex Purpura, and local allergy necrosis reaction, and hot sex convulsions, and epilepsy, and multiple neural inflammatory, and brain disease, and encephalitis and meningitis,; II 6 week within: as platelet reduced sex Purpura, and Guillain-Barre integrated levy, and vaccine related paralysis type polio,; ⑤ 3 months within: as arm bundle neural inflammatory, and vaccination parts occurred of no bacteria sex abscess, ; F 1-12 months after BCG vaccination: lymphadenitis and Lymphangitis, Osteitis, disseminated BCG infection; sadly, other suspected other serious AEFI associated with vaccination.

Liu, who reported AEFI? When the AEFI report? AEFI reported to the who?

Medical institutions, vaccinations, disease prevention and control agencies, ADR monitoring institutions, vaccine manufacturers wholesale, vaccine companies and persons carrying out the functions the responsibility of AEFI reporting units and speakers. Species or their guardian may report to the responsibility of reporting units and speakers.

Responsibility report units and report people found belongs to report range of AEFI (including received by species who or its guardian of report), should timely to by species who location of county health family planning administrative sector, and drug supervision management sector report; found suspected and prevention vaccination about of death, and serious disability, and group AEFI, and on social has major effect of AEFI Shi, should in 2 hours within by species who location of county health family planning administrative sector, and drug supervision management sector report, county health family planning administrative sector, and Step by step up the drug regulatory agency health family planning administrative departments, reported the drug regulatory agency. AEFI reports by national AEFI information management system for direct reporting network.

Seven, what AEFI investigation? Who investigate AEFI? When the investigation?

In addition to definitive diagnosis of the general reaction (such as fever, redness, induration of the vaccination site alone), other AEFI reports require investigation. County-level disease prevention and control agencies need to investigate AEFI, organizations to carry out investigations within 48 hours after receipt of the report. Suspected deaths associated with vaccination, severe disability, group AEFI of AEFI, society has a significant impact, the municipal level or immediately after receiving the report, the provincial disease prevention and control institutions organized experts to investigate.

Eight AEFI investigation, who diagnosed? When the investigation concludes? Judging based on what?

Need for investigation and diagnosis of AEFI, investigated by the disease prevention and control institutions at the county level the Organization of expert diagnosis. Death, major disability, group AEFI, society has a major impact on AEFI, by municipal or provincial organizations for the prevention of disease prevention and control institutions for vaccination diagnosis expert group to investigate diagnostic investigations. Group of experts made up of epidemiological, clinical, pharmaceutical, and other experts.

AEFI investigation diagnosis within 30 days after the end of the investigation as soon as possible. Investigation diagnosis expert group in accordance with the law and administrative regulations, departmental rules and technical specifications, based on clinical symptoms, medical examination results and vaccine quality test results, analyze and conduct the investigation concludes.

When the species, inoculation, vaccine manufacturers to investigate the preventive vaccination diagnosis when there is a dispute, in accordance with the preventive vaccination and identification procedures of the relevant provisions.

Nine, which damage caused by abnormal reaction needs to be compensated? Compensation for costs borne by the who?

Preventive vaccination who caused death, severe disability or organ or tissue damage, per kind of one-time financial compensation should be given. Compensation for abnormal reaction immunized against first class by provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in vaccination funding arrangements in the financial sector; a second kind of vaccine adverse reaction compensation for costs borne by the relevant vaccine production company.

Ten, the release of national vaccination monitoring information

National vaccination surveillance information by the State Health Commission and the food and drug administration of China diseases prevention and control center and the National Center for adverse drug reaction monitoring joint press release. Information released each year for the previous year's total national vaccination report and the reported incidence of major adverse reaction reports, to monitor actual statistical data time shall prevail.