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Former Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission Liu mingkang research

Former Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission Liu mingkang, research and lecture in Kunming, also in Taiwan attended the event

On November 29, according to yabuli, China entrepreneurs Forum official letter about 12 o'clock noon on the day of the public push messages, CPPCC National Committee member, Deputy Director of the Economic Commission, China Banking Regulatory Commission Chairman, yabuli Forum Honorary Chairman Liu mingkang, 27th-29th in Kunming research enterprise management and titled the challenges and opportunities for China's economic speech.

According to Taiwan media reports, the former Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission Liu mingkang, the Chinese University Business School Professor Emeritus, November 26, attended the Taiwan Regent 2015 to be held in Taipei-Taiwan economic and trade cooperation forum. Liu mingkang referred in his speech, new opportunities in Taiwan is that cooperation "along the way" plan, but current layout has the biggest challenge is the security factor.

Yabuli, China entrepreneurs ' Forum was founded by a group of private entrepreneurs in China in November 2000, is one of China's most active entrepreneur platform for Exchange of ideas. Davos-China-Heilongjiang yabuli yabuli is the permanent site of the China entrepreneurs ' Forum, and each summer in yabuli, China entrepreneurs ' Forum will be held in other Chinese cities Summit.

Yabuli, China entrepreneurs Forum currently held by the former Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission Liu mingkang, served as Honorary President, Tian Yuan China International Futures founder to serve as President, global managing partner of Sequoia Capital Shen's Presidency, Taikang Chairman Chen dongsheng: take the Director-General, Beijing University Professor Zhang weiying, Chief Economist.

Former Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission Liu mingkang, research and lecture in Kunming, also in Taiwan attended the event Former Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission Liu mingkang, research and lecture in Kunming, also in Taiwan attended the event

Liu mingkang, resume

Liu mingkang, male, was born in 1946 in Shanghai, PhD, Member of the 17th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, Secretary of the

1985.1-1987.2 graduate school of the City University of London, master of Business Administration degree

2001.11 London City University honorary doctorate

1965.9-1976.1 Danyang city, Jiangsu Province, Yang Xiang river jump

1976.1-1979.6 Danyang city, Jiangsu Province, rolling mill technology

1979.6-1979.10 Danyang city, Jiangsu Province, China Trade Union cadres

1979.10-1984.7 Bank of China Jiangsu Branch staff

1984.7-1987.5 Bank of China London Branch Manager

1987.5-1988.9 General Manager of the Jiangsu provincial branch of Bank of China Trust and Investment Corporation

1988.9-1992.11 Deputy Governor of the Bank of China Fuzhou Branch

1992.11-1993.1 Governor of the Bank of China Fujian branch and Secretary of Ministry party group

1993.1-1994.1, Fujian province, Vice Premier and Minister of provincial Government Secretary General

1994.1-1998.3 State Bank Deputy Governor

1998.3-1999.3 Deputy Governor of the people's Bank of China

1999.3-1999.7 Deputy Governor of the people's Bank of China, and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee SAC informed 54 SOEs to eight provisions of typical

1999.7-2000.6, Chairman of China Everbright group limited company and Secretary of Ministry party group

2000.2-2003.3 Bank of China Board Chairman and President, Party Secretary

2002.11-2007.10 alternate member of the 16th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party

2003.3-2005.4 Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee

2005.4-2011.10 Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, Secretary of the

2012.2-Deputy Chairman of the Economic Committee of the CPPCC

Is a member of the 16th CPC Central Committee, 17.

(Source: people's daily, Xinhua net)

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Governor of Sichuan to promote PPP projects insist that social capital at reasonable

Governor of Sichuan to promote PPP projects insist that social capital at reasonable and stable return

Photo: network

Sichuan province, held on November 26, "cooperation of the Government and social capital (PPP)" on the tour, released estimates of the province with a total investment of nearly 700 billion yuan of 756 investment projects for social capital to choose to participate.

Attention to, transportation construction project just as much as 280 billion yuan.

On a day tour, field signed 44 PPP projects, the total investment reached 158.815 billion yuan. Projects related to transportation, municipal utilities, environmental protection, affordable housing, education of 7 major areas of industry with mass production and living of the people is closely related to

Compared with the PPP projects Agency landed at the end of last year, the contracted number of Sichuan has increased from 28 to 44, field is also extended to transport, municipal utilities, environmental protection, affordable housing, education of 7 major industries.

In order to stimulate the participation of social capital to the enthusiasm of PPP projects in Sichuan, Sichuan Provincial Governor Wei also attended the seminar.

Wei said in his speech, Government and social capital in the public service have established a new partnership, PPP model has improved the supply of public services, stimulating market vitality, improve the performance of Government funds for major reforms.

Wei also stressed, especially in the economy under the new normal, application of PPP mode, for guiding leveraging social capital and new engine fostering economic growth, promote efficiency, effectiveness of public development and management level, is of great practical significance.

Wei said that the PPP model in the field of public services, but the Government is standing in the Commonweal and market thinking of the combination of, insisted that social capital has a reasonable stability in return. Acquisition talk continued efforts China and the

In order to enhance confidence in the participation of social capital, Wei has made three commitments: first is the market capable of balancing items to the market, followed by markets cannot balance items by price adjustments to balance or Government procurement; the third is some investment is large and can not guarantee the Basic project of reasonable returns, the Government can use a combination of resources to balance.

Director of the Research Institute of industrial economy development in Sichuan province Luo Ling interface news also believe that, under the current economic situation, social capital to participate in the local Government of PPP projects, most importantly the rules in terms of developing and supporting the implementation of policies must be confident.

Interface reporters learned from the Sichuan Provincial Government, in recent years, Sichuan has launched to encourage community investment in public services and promote the implementation of PPP, PPP promotion measures are formulated and clearly supporting policies such as taxation, finance, land.

On the investment funds in accordance with the market-oriented operation and management, Sichuan Provincial Financial Express first capital contribution of 1 billion yuan, the total is expected to reach 5 billion yuan more than through equity investment and debt investment, financing and other support to participate in PPP projects.

Interface news also noted that resources development, Sichuan province, innovation, comprehensive system of promoting PPP policies and existing industry access, price management, personnel support policies, convergence with the PPP projects.

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Yantai Shandong province suffered a Blizzard attack passers by into Snowman

On November 26, 2015, Yantai City, Shandong province. Under the influence of strong cold air, suffered a Blizzard attack, Yantai, Shandong province, Yantai City meteorological station released 26th at 5 o'clock the blue alarm signal, launches and road icing and yellow and the yellow warning signal. Huanshan road, Yantai City, Shandong province, and public snow travel. Visual image of China, declined reprint

Yantai, Shandong province suffered a Blizzard attack passers-by into

On November 26, 2015, Yantai City, Shandong province. Under the influence of strong cold air, suffered a Blizzard attack, Yantai, Shandong province, Yantai City meteorological station released 26th at 5 o'clock the blue alarm signal, launches and road icing and yellow and the yellow warning signal. Huanshan road, Yantai City, Shandong province, and public snow travel. Visual image of China, declined reprint

Yantai, Shandong province suffered a Blizzard attack passers-by into

Picture shows two road, Yantai City, Shandong province, and public snow travel. Shanghai Kunming Expressway in Tan Shao crash

Yantai, Shandong province suffered a Blizzard attack passers-by into

Huanshan road, Yantai City, Shandong province, and public snow travel.

Yantai, Shandong province suffered a Blizzard attack passers-by into

Huanshan road, Yantai City, Shandong province, and public snow travel.

Yantai, Shandong province suffered a Blizzard attack passers-by into

Huanshan road, Yantai City, Shandong province, and public snow travel.

Yantai, Shandong province suffered a Blizzard attack passers-by into

Picture shows two road, Yantai City, Shandong province, and public snow travel.

Yantai, Shandong province suffered a Blizzard attack passers-by into

Huanshan road, Yantai City, Shandong province, and public snow travel.

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The silent Queen Mali nimiai writing is my way to reconstruct memories

Having a celebrity father to so many people is a kind of lucky, France women writers Mali·nimiai, was lingering in "nightmare". Her father luojie·nimiai in modern France has an important role in the history, France the critics as "light cavalry" and Blondin, Laurent three in 1950 known France the three Musketeers in the literary world. However, in 1962, when Mary was 5, her father died in a car accident, car still sits on his mistress.

In 2004, the publication of the silence of Queen Mary, truth about his father's death and his mother's lies and his loneliness growing confidences, the novel won the French Academy Prize for best novel and the Medici Prize for literature, and was translated into Chinese in 2013. On November 22, the Yilin Publishing House, translated by Yuan Xiaoyi was launched again in translation. Book launch, Mary also told a surging news in an interview.

Mali·nimiai and the Queen of silence

After all these years return to the father, Mary speaks with a sense of alienation. "My father was a violent man, mother too roughly. "In the book, Mary keep questioning whether the father loved her, finally found the answer a letter from her father, when she was born, his father wrote:" I am (I wish) then immediately she drowned in the river Seine, so as not to hear people talking about her. "Once again talk about this letter, Mary was just indifferent to say," this is a humorous way of father, but still very special. "

Description of the mother in the book but is warm and positive, "in order to protect our mother wove lies, she said, ' you are the crystallization of the great love '. But in fact, when his father had an accident, parents have been separated for one year. "She says," people are warm, mother after his father's death and said, ' your father had an accident, and left. ' My brother and I were leaving meant was where to go, we did not attend his funeral, after no one took us to his grave. So never confirmed that death is real. "

These truths into Mary's body, rather than the brain, because the memory before the age of 5 she has forgotten. "Finished writing this book, I can better understand the father's pain. He often drive too fast, get drunk, I feel sad for him, rather than feeling sad for myself. His pride as a man he could not express his pain. " Feature articles Visit North Yen Ching Restaurant


Father died suddenly does not give Mary what, don't even have a picture, only a few postcards, one piece of writing on the back with "silent Queen says what? "This is the work the origin of the name.

"This is a paradox, a cruel Word. A little girl unable to answer. When I replied, I am no longer the silent Queen. If I don't, I would not have answered questions. "Mary is disappointed," this is a trick question. Grow up, this trap can be solved by writing. My favorite France writer Marguerite Duras was one of, she said, ' cries in the night is to speak in silence '. "

The Queen of silence in law was published, France media commented that this was "one of his autobiography". Strictly speaking, it is not a biography, it is more like a novel, Mary with a stream of consciousness approach to fiction woven into the memory. "Novel writing my inner truth and memory, not in the material sense, but emotionally it is absolutely true. With his father and partly related to the real, not fabricated. But I and the father are fictional, because I have no memory. "

Mary did not deliberately gather in order to write his father's information, she was very clear that it is not writing biographies, she would write as reconstruction and memory. "I do not wish this book had too much information, I really want to do is to express this silence. Writers to stay white, and let the readers do the work. No one really cares about me and who his father was, it's not important, what is important in the reader's mind the ability to trace the outlines. "

Mali·nimiai book launch

"I don't hate my father, indifferent at best"

Surging News: How do you think father missing in the works?

Nimiai: the book in 2001, writing for 4 years. When writing this book, I was separated from the boy's father, wrote of his childhood and a good story writer together, because this man, I thought of writing this book, I need his help. This is a period of transition, no longer as a daughter of Roger, but as his writing. The writer appeared in the first edition, but then I also broke, and the writer, so I re wrote another version, is now publishing this edition. The first version was not in the first person narrative, but faked his half-brother and sister to describe, and I'm just one of the characters in the novel.

Surging News: father want to drown you, you said in the book the father plays the Devil's role, you hate him?

Nimiai: it is said that he was the devil, is with the tone of a child, the father is very high, the little girl was tall, and my father has some violent temper, so I will say this, it's just child cognitive way. In my life, I hated my father, my father never hated, at best indifferent and cold. I believe that even if he lived, we can't get along.

Surging News: why not get along?

Nimiai: father is right, I'm left-wing cannot live in harmony. Also do not have to live together in peace, he is the father, not friends. Father's life is about speed, woman, male power and friendship between the two men. Father is a man of great force, which not only attacks to others, also attacked itself. Writing, I would not want to father, but being with my characters.

Surging News: grew up a man to father graves for the first time, is how it feels?

Nimiai: this is a very beautiful place, still water, first of all, very happy, he was able to find such a beautiful place to rest. Of course, there are things we did not do it in the right, never failed to come back. Just like a date, there is no good time, will never be able to recover. Have a certain intense feelings, of course, but so be it.

"I bring readers to the father"

Surging News: father's fame and influence on your writing has gone through?

Nimiai: today's readers are no longer read my father's works, his work is very famous in the last century those, and nor my father works a lot. In fact, after I finished this book, and inspire people to read my father's work. Somehow, my readers with her father. When I was born, his father to sign I am his child and I write my father, again recognized the existence of father.

Surging News: do you think you have the genetic traits of the father? Writing talent?

Nimiai: looks like, I don't think writing to a genetic father. I've read a lot of books, I grew up in reading.

Surging News: hear that father left your fear of driving?

Nimiai: without a license when he wrote this book, nor after the finish, I have been practicing for a long time, also got a driver's license four times, is now abandoned. My brother and I didn't have a license, presumably in order to avoid the so-called curse. Driving the plot like a scenes interspersed in the novel. Coach noticed that every time I shift will hold their breath death stopped breathing, speed every time, I slowly through a die.

"The writer's early fame is not a good thing"

Surging News: climber huaite·bonadi referenced in your book: "success can never get forgiven" metaphor for his father too early to go to the last step to fame, for a writer, do you think, fame too early is not good?

Nimiai: early fame is not too good. Father because the precocious success ten years later to write fiction again, but he is likely to miss the novel, fiction, after all, is a way of expressing himself, but later failed the abilities. And I hope to write down, there will be no retreat when you stop writing. I Medici prize was late, it was lucky, for a writer, later winning a prize is a good thing, so writing won't be disturbed. For me, writing and eating, sleeping, breathing, I don't stop, keep on writing.

Surging News: can you talk about current writing projects?

Nimiai: next January in France under my published a novel, ' the beach '. Third-person narrative novel, and the previous novel was different. Everything happens on the beach, a stranger, a giant, a dwarf, it's ten years since I revisited "paternity", the so-called giant is the father. I was thinking, what if little girls brought to the General Assembly by their father.

Surging News: before you, I am a man, a novel about domestic violence, the Queen of silence about his father, and the next book of the beach about father and daughter relationship, there is a correlation of the three did?

Nimiai: in France when published, no one noticed the silence of Queen and what is the relationship of the I am a man, the reader's memory is very short, the reader always lived in the present. But in China, found that Chinese readers to watch the few works from different, deeper, not the researcher perspective. These three books are in fact constitutes an association. The beach is more like the sequel to silence the Queen, but there are many folk tales.

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Beautiful round arms backward Tencent Alibaba wants to sell shares in the total

United States Mission and the public comments combined effect is.

On November 23, the Wall Street Journal quoted sources as saying, the company currently is considering selling its stake in group-public comment. Alibaba owns 7% shares of consolidated new company about. According to the United States Mission reviews the valuation of this round of financing, Alibaba's shares are valued at about $ 1 billion.

Alibaba is finally exiting the United States do? America has been surging on news that "there is no knowledge." Alibaba has not yet responded.

Ali sold the United States behind the shares, except Ali O2O platform to build their own (reputation), and is most likely due to the company in the United States say more, Ali can only be cashed out.

In fact, as the group grew up before, American managers have unintentionally expressing dissatisfaction with the Ali investment brought about by the restrictions.

US Mission in 2011 and 2012, respectively, take Alibaba to invest 50 million US dollars and 300 million dollars of investment. In May 2014, said meituan founder Wang XING publicly, Alibaba group network 10% to 15% ownership. But in January 2015, the Group conducted a round of financing, Ali's stake is not known.

Group says Ali Baba is a financial investment, rather than a strategic investment.

When Alibaba and their associated ants clothing after the injection of local lifestyle website 50% word of mouth network, reputation and the Group naturally the rivalry, somehow, Ali and the Group also forms the dark war.

On November 20, the media reported that the group currently PayPal merchants to implement a "Blitzkrieg", which is required and the cooperation of businesses do not continue to use PayPal for settlement, merchants are not allowed within the stores displaying PayPal posters and signs of payment. Group to push the team even tougher requirements of businesses shut down on PayPal opened online stores.

Beautiful round arms backward Tencent, Alibaba wants to sell shares in the total break up

Online merchants smashed PayPal items

US missions to respond to surging News said: on whether the Group battle with PayPal, completely untrue. About us mission to push online merchants to play hit the PayPal materials under team, simply push belongs to the individual employee behavior, there has been criticism of relevant staff.

Just a few days before November 17, reputation first held a business conference, Word of mouth network CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Fan Chi attacking the buying patterns, said buying patterns to suck blood. Fan Chi day a surging news interview, did not respond positively "with the blood of Ali's reputation and the group, how to handle the relationship" questions.

On November 23, settled in the reputation of the dumplings a salesperson tell aunt surging news group cannot order now, online prices are cheaper than store prices, "America Online price we couldn't sell, prices, there is nothing changed, if customers want to order in the us, the Group's system say it! "

Settled in the mouth of a surging on news that a staff member of the Burger King, Burger King promotions on a mission in the United States on November 15, off the shelf, off the shelf because, he declined. While Burger King reputation discounts.

But this may be a special case. DiCOS, KFC, McDonald's, a long time Ah, also settled in the reputation and the United States.

A surging group employees told news, group rival Baidu is the sticky rice and Ali's reputation, "it is. "

This competition is mainly reflected in the product dimension, and who invested in and there is no significant relationship. The employee said, such as the movie business, and micro-letters of group movie tickets and movie PK Taobao.

Told Wang entrepreneurial decade nine defeats wrote the book one win, from buying to O2O, facing opponents from the beautiful round NET lashou, litters, the mass comment nets, now the BAT (Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba) ... ... After winning the lightweight final, and beautiful round NET heavyweights iron hand melee. If the BAT straight to buy, war with the group, it is a good, they are not afraid of. Fear is, competitors from outside the group to cut. Beautiful round if we can win this race, it's a O2O giant; not just Premiers, with a "small warring feudal lords."

Internet analyst Wang Ruchen surging on news that Ali and Tencent's investment logic is essentially pursuing complementary. But in Ali, there is really no greater value and business overlap, only the size of the gain, not complementary. Although vertical industry group is also good, but Ali's vertical industry sector chain depth of play, and cannot be separated from Ali's own platform.

News that Tencent and Sequoia Capital is the main new merging of America Director. The combined group and public comments, the Group down to a certain extent to Tencent. Individual leadership of WISCO missions Gang gang,

Tencent partners they are not good at content in the hands to do it. Tencent Beijing e-commerce business to the East, to buy the business to the public comments. United States Mission and the public comments after the merger, the truth remains the same.

According to the Wall Street Journal on 23rd disclosure, group-public comments on a new round of financing provided to investors in a ratchet clause (Equity Ratchet), but did not enjoy this part of the shares held by Alibaba ratchet provisions.

If the signing of ratchet clauses, meaning that if the IPO (initial public offering) price is not up to a certain value, investors can earn extra compensation. (Ratchet anti-dilution instruments of the articles are good for investors, is the most commonly used anti-investor or diluted forms of protection. Dilution is resulting in decreased net book value per share after financing, anti-dilution means the readjustment of capital structure. )

The newspaper also said the group-public comments are engaging in a new round of funding, of which Tencent to invest $ 1 billion in public comments. A new round of financing amount up to us $ 3 billion, the company estimates could reach $ 20 billion. Officials did not comment on this news.

If the message is accurate, presents an interesting situation: on one side is a $ 1 billion company to sell the group-public comments, while Tencent-public comments to the United States an additional $ 1 billion investment.

As to whether Tencent Holdings? Because it is a non-listed company, the United States Mission and the public comments after the merger failed to disclose the latest ownership structure, cannot make guesses.

Take a look at public comments founder and CEO Zhang Tao's tragic departure.

Beautiful round arms backward Tencent, Alibaba wants to sell shares in the total break up Beautiful round arms backward Tencent, Alibaba wants to sell shares in the total break up

On November 13, held a public comment in Shanghai named "old boy" farewell, farewell mass reviews, co-founder, big promotion group leader Li Jing, public comments in early angel investor, one of the Chief services officer Wang Yu left office. On the Court, Zhang Tao of tears. Unable to keep back the tears, there is leaving public comments the team's reluctant, or unable to continue to experience O2O battlefield, who have no way of knowing.

Zhang has received the Tencent's strategic investment in 2014. Shortly after the merger, Zhang is no longer CEO of the new company, became Chairman. But there are rumours that Zhang's management will quit the company within six months.

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67 connected with corruption nest case of Sichuan energy system the project

Biogas projects, agricultural projects is the focus of Yibin city, Sichuan province, is to improve farmers ' production style, promote a virtuous cycle of agricultural ecological environment and sustainable development projects, they "explode" a series of rural energy systems in Yibin city corruption.

67 people involved, Department-level leading cadres and above 22, city and County (district) Agricultural Council of 13 members of the leading group;

Party disciplines dispose of more than 32 people, 5 people were transferred to judicial organs, the amount of money involved amounted to 5.46 million Yuan;


Municipal agricultural Office, nine counties (districts) can do fall of landslides. Although the case has been closed for almost a year, but bring our thinking in deepening and extension.

In December 2013, Yibin city, Sichuan province, discipline Inspection Commission received transferred to Yibin City Commission for discipline inspection can be done after the original director Zhang Binhong clues about the indiscipline, the clues the initial check immediately. In front of a lot of facts and evidence, Zhang Binhong confessed bribery to organization of 890,000 yuan, illegal business profits 1 million Yuan and accepting "red envelopes" gifts 99,000 yuan for violating the truth.

RIP Zhang Binhong corruption cases after the breakthrough, Yibin County Nong could soon ban former director Wang Xueming, changning County Nong Gan Yuanxin, who followed the original Director "Lok". Farming systems of the city some cadres abusing power for personal gain, accepting bribes from suppliers; private accounts, dividing up the money; fraud, virtual spending get cash problem surfaced ... ...

Case analysis: high interest has spawned corruption, community Ox employee benefits cakes back: business is bad,

"Unspoken rules" prevailed, taking "kickbacks" for ties to the Group of corruption. Driven by economic interests, many agricultural equipment manufacturers and construction units treat bribery as necessary means of marketing, higher rebates and other means of promotion, an agricultural system "unspoken rules" its way. Glass arch cover applied in this case are representative of the project. In 2011 and 2012, a company bidding yibindiqu digester after the sale of the glass arch cover, in order to allow the company smooth glass arch cover promotion, the company in accordance with the "practice" took out the bid price 8% of the rebates paid to farmers and related personnel. The company upon the receipt of each payment, are based on the standard 110/return to the municipal Agriculture Office staff Wu Changyong management appliance Sales Department to coordinate "management" relationship between the parties. Wu Changyong press "custom" 110/allocate 30 yuan/in your mouth as a service, the rest of the 80 yuan/in accordance with the "role" assigned to the different stakeholders as "Thanks".

In this way, the "unspoken rules" before, from the Director of the municipal agricultural Office, County (district) to Office staff, a total of 67 people, much of taking bribes of more than 800,000 yuan, leaving thousands of Yuan of bribery ... ... Collective fall of the entire agricultural system.

Collusion, to form a "project" for the benefit of the axis Alliance. Technique: trading power for money, tunneling "back channel" have arisen. In accordance with industry regulations, equipment procurement, business promotion must be an open bidding, but in practice enforcement, and a mere formality, become a breeding ground for an important part of trading power for money. 2007-2011 cooker material purchase, a dealer prior to pave the way for bribes, gets Zhang Binhong is highly recommended in the bidding process, successfully won the bid. Bidding procedure useless.

Technique two: cultivating "cronies" collusive benefit-sharing. Wu Changyong, Yibin city, Office personnel, Zhang Binhong full-time drivers. Because of its special relationship with Zhang Binhong, the associated companies to make their products more easily won the bid, competing service, operated business promotion to the Wu Changyong, thanked Zhang Binhong also when sending the money, are also achieved by Wu Changyong. Later becoming "successful entrepreneurs," Wu Changyong statement: "starting from business to business is getting better, it has been led by Zhang Binhong care and support, so took a considerable part of the profits every year to thank them. "In order to thank leaders all the way care, Wu Changyong from 2003 to 2013 a total gave Zhang Binhong 580,000 yuan, other relevant personnel to 50,000 to 60,000 yuan. They acted in collusion with, mutual protection of interests, gradually formed a community of interests.

Method three: illegal business to public rights in Exchange for personal gain. Central times stressed, ban leaders business do Enterprise, engaged in profit activities, can Zhang Binhong in served as city agricultural can do Director during, using terms, violations will City agricultural can do subordinates institutions Blu-ray environment energy design room restructuring into Blu-ray environment energy design limited responsibility company, and became the company of scenes manipulation who and actual operators, wantonly for positions range within associated trading, profit up to 1 million Yuan.

Out of accounts in the dark, and form a circle based on accounts of corruption. "Collective corruption" become a new form of corruption, its essence is the perpetrator attempts by so-called dispersing responsibility for making collective decisions in order to escape punishment. As changning County, agricultural can do original Director Gan Yuanxin in the county town life sewage biogas purification pool construction and rural energy project construction process in the, and Yibin Blu-ray environment energy design limited responsibility company, and Yibin Hi up burning with Business Department talks, agreed respectively to 10 Yuan/cubic metres of design returned points fee and 40 Yuan/mouth of "service fee" for two households Enterprise introduced recommended biogas purification pool design business and provides FRP arch cover transport custody, and publicity service, convenience, in account outside secretly received above two home Enterprise rebate paragraph amounted to more than 720,000 more than Yuan. Gan Yuanxin including more than 670,000 yuan in illegal granting employees ' benefits.

Means of covert, to form a "long-term investment" as the mode of trade groups. In agricultural systems of corruption, bribe-givers tend to choose the appropriate time to bribe, bribery has been out of the "no money in one hand and do" original mode of trading power for money and bribery, is turning into the "work without gifts, gifts do not do" long-term and stable business. In addition to the "Commission", "rebate", Festival "red envelopes," traditional means and forms, such as bribery, but there have been business unit through academic exchanges, visit activities, product launches, personnel into units of agricultural institutions, paving the way for prior, networking, tacit bribery and other more subtle forms. Zhang Binhong can do after the meeting of agriculture and other cities (States) of agricultural Office Director Wang Chi industries limited visits to Chengdu, met the company's legal representative, was appointed as Adviser to the company on its oral, during the period from 2005 to 2008 with consultancy fee was received on behalf of 30,000 yuan.

Deeper exploration of the causes of the crime: money lacking supervision, uncontrolled

Since 2003, the Central Treasury to support rural marsh gas construction, focus on household biogas is, from 2004 to 2011, the only national level input to Yibin city, county-wide project funding amounted to 300 million Yuan.

"Investment, but the corresponding regulatory lag. "The municipal discipline Inspection Commission disciplinary review said case occurs, the key is lack of supervision, to more uncontrolled.

Neglect cultivation in party spirit, impair expansion. Ideals and beliefs waver is the most dangerous of the shaken, conviction is the most dangerous of the landslide, landslide. Involved personnel relax learning, ignored party cultivation, was community variety of negative phenomenon by effect, thought first metamorphic, action Shang with of "blew out", face numerous of "rebate", and "red", and "service fee", involved of 67 people most by began of reluctantly to later of readily accept, even also to numerous of so-called "bonus" for name, collective be privately. Zhang Binhong admits, although himself Dang had youth, and eat had bitter, through efforts became recovery entrance Hou of first generation students, but in on led post Hou, contact of people more has, see those boss are deal or no deal, himself is stretched, mentality slowly imbalance, heart deep pursues of "people not for has been, himself" of philosophy began recovery, in life of road Shang gradually lost direction, eventually to has crime of abyss.

System failure to the device, the head of "a bully." System hangs on the wall, on paper regulations, lax enforcement system, mostly head shots. During the municipal agricultural Office Director Zhang Binhong term, work style bullying, a penchant for one-man, agriculture can do big and small is one person in charge, or collective decision on important matters. For example, in Blu-ray on the restructuring of environmental energy engineering design, his own affair, not, not, not reported, without making a liquidation case, the Studio converted into a Blu-ray energy environmental Corporation, being the actual control of the company, resulting in the loss of State assets.

Rejection of corruption defense once burst, greed will burst their banks flooding got out of hand. The case warns us that strengthening the supervision of the leading cadres of party members, education, strengthen their sense of discipline rules, is imminent. Grab early to grab the small, frequently blame, to make this kind of collapse less corruption occurs, does not take place.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

XI Jinping Asia investment banking is expected before the end of its variant

XI Jinping: Asia investment banking is expected before the end of its variant reserves have already started

Photo Source: Xinhua

23rd APEC economic leaders ' meeting held in Manila, Philippines, 19th. President XI Jinping attended and published, entitled the deepening of partnerships to promote Asia-Pacific prosperity for his important statement. Full text is as follows:

Deepening partnerships to promote Asia-Pacific prosperity

--23rd in APEC leaders ' informal meeting of the first session of speech

(November 19, 2015, Manila)

People's Republic of China President XI

Mr President, the Central deep restructuring of the Conference the

Dear colleagues,

In November last year, we gathered in Beijing, and draw a blueprint for the Asia-Pacific development. After one year, we come together again, goal is still to deepen cooperation in the Asia-Pacific to promote common development of the Asia-Pacific. In preparation for the informal meeting of APEC leaders in the Philippines doing a lot of work, and we are grateful for this.

Two days before the Group of 20 leaders gather in Antalya, together with the pulse of the world economy. It was widely felt that, the world economy still has many uncertainties, but we have reason for confidence in the future.

Asia-Pacific is the world in miniature. Trend of weakness, weak demand in the world economy recovery, differentiation of the situation, the Asia-Pacific economic growth without a sound foundation, old and new challenges such as power conversion, structural adjustment is not complete, but Asia-Pacific is still pulling the locomotive of the world economy. We should focus on the current situation and the future, using this important platform of APEC, advancing win-win cooperation, Asia-Pacific continues to lead global growth.

--We need to focus on the long term, improving Asia-Pacific strategy for medium-and long-term cooperation framework. Chinese ancient sages said, "has no State, there is no thing. "People can't do without ideal, cooperation cannot be a lack of direction. Asia-Pacific cooperation oriented to the future, future, plan big, shaping the pattern.

One time in the past, we have made efforts in this direction. Last year, we launched the Asia-Pacific free trade zone process, developing blueprints for interconnection. This year, we continue to develop a strategic framework and action plan in many areas. We want to maintain cooperation strategic, forward-looking and progressive nature of priority objectives, initiatives, timetables. China submitted to the meeting a progress report on the implementation of the outcome of the Beijing Conference, we want each Member to implement the consensus reached by the leaders at the priority of the work.

--We need to reform and innovation, and find a new engine of growth for the Asia-Pacific economic. At present, the face of the new situation and new challenges, only two hands together with the reform and innovation in order to twist the valve, releasing a powerful driving force of the Asia-Pacific economic.

We want to promote transformation of development mode and economic restructuring. To accelerate the pace of innovation, economy is the water of the River up stream flowing. China is in favour of the development and implementation of the cooperation framework for the services sector, supporting small and micro businesses in the global market. We have to implement the blueprint for global value chain development cooperation strategy, enhance economic growth value. Urbanization and the Internet economy, blue economy are potential areas of cooperation, expand and deepen cooperation, positive performance, to create new economic growth points. I would like to announce that China will next year host the first urbanization of APEC Forum, to set up exchanges and cooperation platform of urbanization in the Asia-Pacific cooperation.

--We need to promote the integration, build an open Asia-Pacific economy. APEC should play a leading and coordinating role, strengthening the mechanism for Exchange of information on regional trade agreements, promoting the coordinated development of regional trade agreements, build institutional platform for Asia-Pacific's open economy.

We want to speed up the process completed as soon as possible Asia-Pacific free trade area. To complete joint research, draw conclusions and recommendations of the long-term interests of all parties, sound ready for the carried over to the next phase of its work. Parties in the process of regional trade agreements, to maintain the open and inclusive and seek win-win cooperation, uphold the multilateral trading system. We will continue to provide strong guidance for the completion of the Doha Round negotiations, the tenth ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organization to strike a balance, meaningful, consistent with results of development connotation.

--We want to take action to turn consensus into results. "See if not know, don't know if the line of. "Blueprint for the interconnection of the Beijing Conference, to deal with Asia-Pacific development bottleneck problem has very important significance, we will continue to vigorously promote. Asia's infrastructure investment is an important platform for regional interconnection, China and relevant countries are stepping up their preparation, the Bank will be formally established by the end of this year, variant reserves work has started. China proposes Silk Road economic belt and the 21st century Silk Road on the sea is steadily advancing, the parties have established priority areas of cooperation with a focus on Economic Corridor, the Silk Road project funds operations have been launched.

China is ready to continue to contribute to APEC's capacity building. Last year, China announced that it would contribute $ 10 million to APEC and for developing members to provide 1500 training places. At present, the Chinese side had provided $ 2.8 million, thousands of training completed.

In the Asia-Pacific and the world closer together, increasing integration of interests under the new situation, strengthening APEC's cooperation with other international mechanisms is important. Last year, China host the APEC leaders ' meeting with leaders of the Group of 20 Summit host Australia in full coordination implements two mechanisms together. Next year, China and Peru, respectively, the Group of 20 Summit and the APEC leaders ' informal meeting of the host country. We wish to cooperate with Peru and enhance collaboration, ensure the success of these important meetings.

My colleagues!

The future belongs to the family of each Member of the Asia-Pacific. Last year, we initiated in Beijing, tolerance, cooperation, mutual trust and win-win, establishes the guiding principles of the Asia-Pacific partnership. This is a summary of past cooperation and solemn commitment to future cooperation, is of great significance.

China will deepen its mutually beneficial cooperation with Asia-Pacific countries and interconnection, maintaining peace and stable development environment. China has proposed a "Thirteen-Five" planning proposal, we will vigorously promote the development of innovation and harmonious development of open, green development, growth and shared development. China has the determination, confidence and ability to promote the sustained and healthy development of the economy, creating more opportunities for Asia-Pacific, bring more well-being.

Thank you very much.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Foreign tourists visiting China Korea beloved Zhangjiajie Americans like to

Foreign tourists visiting China: Korea beloved Zhangjiajie, Americans like to Jiuzhaigou

Zhangjiajie, Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou attractions appeared in the "most popular tourist destination of the year".

United States visitors like Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou, Japan tourists love to visit Shanghai, Beijing, and Korea Zhangjiajie visitors love most, Thailand tourists in Fenghuang.

Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from the recently held "tourism 2015 wisdom + large annual Conference" was informed that Zhangjiajie, Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou attractions appeared in the "most popular tourist destination of the year".

In this regard, insiders say, "Judging from the statistics data, different preferences for visitors on China's attractions, United States visitors like a leisurely vacation spots, Korea tourists favored strange, dangerous destinations, the Japanese prefer urban attractions, the Europeans advocating cultural attractions. "

Zhangjiajie: 60% overseas tourists from Korea

Large data analysis according to the 2014 national tourism industry, the Conference released a "most popular tourist destination of the year", "the most popular tourist destination outside of the year", "best online travel sites" and many other awards.

"The most popular tourist destination of the year" including Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou, Changsha, Zhangjiajie, Mount Huangshan, Phoenix, Zhuhai, Xiamen, Yichang, 10 attractions or cities such as Mount Emei was selected. For example, Phoenix and overseas tourists in Jiuzhaigou, two spots respectively about 50% from Hong Kong and Taiwan regions.

If tourists from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, like most overseas tourists in Jiuzhaigou is American, 13.71%, followed by Korea, and Malaysia, and Singapore and tourists favorite overseas tourists in Fenghuang is Thailand, and 10.53% per cent, followed by Singapore and tourists favorite Chengdu overseas tourists are Americans, 16.69% per cent.

In addition, Korea tourists like Zhangjiajie, 63.37% per cent of overseas tourists, far exceeding the second Taiwan visitors (21.66%). Shanghai is well received by Japan visitors of all ages, through 2014, to Shanghai, Japan tourists more than 828,000, 10.5% per cent of all visitors, more than Taiwan, the number of inbound tourists in Hong Kong. Statistics from the Beijing by September 2015, Korea more than 300,000 passengers over Hong Kong, ranked first; Japan the number of visitors to more than 190,000 passengers in the third row. In addition, 2014 in XI ' an, Shaanxi Province inbound tourism statistics, United States, and Japan, as well as tourists from European countries rank near the top.

"Judging from the statistics data, different preferences for visitors on China's attractions, United States visitors like a leisurely vacation spots, Korea tourists favored strange, dangerous destinations, the Japanese prefer urban attractions, the Europeans advocating cultural attractions. "Golden Palm enterprises said. The Conference recently held in Kunming, Yunnan province, by Expo travel resources after purchasing the Grand National Alliance, Golden Palm corporate institutions, and received strong support from institutions such as the China Association of travel agents. Chinese American woman student who was stabbed

Hong Kong: October the number of mainland visitors drop by 47% year

Outbound connection, October 2015, the number of Chinese mainland tourists to Hong Kong and Macao last year dropped significantly over the same period, among them, the 47% decline, Hong Kong, Macau 20%.

Palme enterprise, published in October, outbound data also show that outbound mainland tourists top 10 countries and regions, respectively, Korea, and Taiwan, and Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Viet Nam, Macao, France, and Italy, and Switzerland, accounting for 84% of the total Chinese outbound tourists. Among them, Korea, and Taiwan, and Japan respectively, and 20%, and 14%.

From the perspective of data, "11" holiday effect in October, outbound market rose to 7% compared with the previous year. Top 10 countries and regions in Chinese mainland tourists compared with rises and falls. Fell outside of Hong Kong and Macao, regional and national, ranked first of Korea also decreased from a year 3%. 7 other popular outbound destinations are on the rise last year. Among them, Japan grew 76%, number of Chinese visitors has been close to Taiwan and Korea; Europe, France, and Italy, and Switzerland rose, respectively, and 86%, and 83%; also, Viet Nam in October to receive Chinese visitors rose to 53%.

Per cent of mainland immigration Hong Kong visitors dropped significantly this situation, insiders predicted. There are at least two reasons: one is the Hong Kong "" event in October and "shadow" effect beaten to death for mainland tourists; the second is part of the mainland tourists are no longer satisfied with Hong Kong's shopping, more travelers are choosing to go to Japan, and Korea, and even Europe and the United States "buy buy buy".

Tourism sector of Hong Kong are clearly aware of the problems. On November 13 to the 15th China International tourism fair held in Kunming, Hong Kong was represented by a sales team.

The HKSAR Government Commissioner for tourism, Zhu Manling surging reporters, then Hong Kong will rectify tourism order, and strengthen the construction of cultural tourism, to attract visitors from the Mainland, "do not want the past unpleasant matter affecting the relationship between the Mainland and Hong Kong, we sincerely convey to mainland tourists ' Welcome to Hong Kong. "

Monday, November 16, 2015

Ridicule national Marathon organizations foreign competition more

For many runners, half marathon is the first step in the challenge. But have you ever thought, I participated in the 21.0975 km half horse, ran nearly 30 km in its finished?

Such a wonderful story happened on November 15 Bangkok Marathon, route misdirected because the organizers, the contestants ran 6.4 km, accidentally created the "world's longest half horse" record.

At home on the track, our software and services are not in place, but some "ridiculous" compared to the rare event, national Marathon is very reliable.

Ridicule national Marathon organizations, foreign competition more

Foreign media reports screenshots.

Misdirected, created "the longest" half horse

If you open the Bangkok Marathon face book, you'll find a myriad of ridicule, suspicion and even abusive, angry runner said, which is that they have never seen the "super".

According to the United Kingdom, the Guardian reported, on 15th of Thailand in Bangkok on the half marathon, ran the 21.0975-km race 6.4 km, reason was "competition staff member indicates an error, leading players in the wrong place to turn. "

As the marathon brand events in South East Asia, has a 10-year history of Thailand so low mistakes Marathon, runners really inexplicable. Many players in the tournament's official Facebook message said "this is ridiculous", "this is a marathon, one of the most ridiculous mistakes."

Ridicule national Marathon organizations, foreign competition more

Players participating in the Bangkok Marathon.

Even more frightening is that due to horses is one of many runners advanced events, many people did not have so much running, increasing 6.4 km will pose a significant health risk to players, knowing that even professional runners, about 30 km are full Marathon "the wall" period.

A runners message said: "I don't even have the strength to walk after the game, I will never go back. "More runner wrote:" running I can only choose a taxi fare of the Organizing Committee can I charge it? "

Of course, also took the opportunity to ridicule the next Bangkok Marathon entry fee prices: "this year we had more of an application fee, yet runs a few kilometers? "

Ridicule national Marathon organizations, foreign competition more

North of Marathon before the match packed.

Ridicule national Marathon organizations, foreign competition more

Game only one line.

Run run, the game was left alone

Netizens said Bangkok Marathon is "most ridiculous failure", but actually participating in a foreign country than this wonderful work there.

According to the daily mail of London reported, on April 28, 2013, held in Sunderland, United Kingdom North of Marathon, 5000 people signed up, but only finished one race. Because first ran too fast, running in second place behind the player with all the players have got the wrong way, less run 264 m ... ...

Although the Organizing Committee apologized after the game, and scheduling errors and pay a number of player registration fee. But this is by no means United Kingdom people doing with the Black Dragon for the first time.

In 2010, the weiershijiadifu half marathon, because through a site, changed course temporarily by the Organizing Committee, will shorten the track 322 meters. The pit is all 1500 participants. Because they become void.

Ridicule national Marathon organizations, foreign competition more

Citizens to give players water.

No water? People buy us

Of course, the more outrageous than mislead is without water.

8:30 A.M. April 6, 2014, United Kingdom thronged the streets of Sheffield, Sheffield half marathon at 9 in the morning fire starting. But strangely, almost 5,000 contestants until the Organizing Committee of the 9:30 is not running.

Amid suspicion of everyone, said the Organizing Committee was due to "technical reasons" delayed a game. In nearly 45 minutes later, many players from the Grapevine is the event there is a problem of the water supply, forced the cancellation of the game.

According to the daily mail, the Sun newspaper said the sudden accident, players in addition to angry decided spontaneously to continue the game. And after the players who start, local police also tried to shorten the players of Sheffield entry route.

Players out, Sheffield Marathon organizing Committee finally on Twitter said: "because of the water issue, we have been forced to cancel the event this year with regret that ... ... To events affecting each one of us to extend my sincere apologies. "The Organizing Committee said that this was due to the provision of water caused by the vehicles failed to arrive on time in the morning.

Ridicule national Marathon organizations, foreign competition more Ridicule national Marathon organizations, foreign competition more

People bought bottled water for athletes.

According to the Organizing Committee explained, the players laugh. One entrant to the United Kingdom, the mirror newspaper said: "we're not from side to side taking a bath! Besides, there are so many large supermarkets and convenience stores ".

A spectators on his Twitter, wrote: "this is my one of the most ridiculous, most lacking in execution of public events".

When I saw the players spontaneously start running, Sheffield residents spontaneously buy support players. A local construction site manager, said: "I went into a store and buy all bottled water, then standing outside the store, passing player fashui ... ... A contestant to thank me, and gave me 10 pounds (about 96.7), asked me to buy some water. "

Ridicule national Marathon organizations, foreign competition more

Ruinasi·akamande. Bai Yan put to death and epigenetic solo for strong

The end before inexplicably stopped by police

Responsible for the Organizing Committee of the event described above are, but have you ever heard of being stopped by the police in the course of the game?

According to the BBC report, the Moscow Marathon 10 km race on September 30, 2015, the police end "block title" scene.

Ruinasi·akamande is the Moscow Marathon 10 km race defending champion, in the 30th game, he still rides the dust, but at a distance of only 500 meters away from the finish line when akamandeyefu suddenly stopped by a police officer during the normal running path, after half a minute struggle on both sides, and he was able to start again.

For this matter, akamandeyefu said in an interview after the match he did not know what had happened: "they say I can't keep on running. I asked where they end, they repeatedly said you can't keep on running. "

However, while being blocked, but akamande is more than 1 minute behind leading rivals win.

More professionally run Fitness Watch weak signal of this column: sijiabenpao or search the public: private run.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Gansu business gold underwear show worth more than 3 million

On November 14, 2015, Pingliang city, Gansu province, organized by a business "the gold show", invites 5 young models to help show more than 20 years old. One size pretty young models wearing a solid gold "gold underwear", a total weight of more than 700 grams, worth more than 3 million Yuan, zero-distance contact with breasts, sore eye. 4 other models wore artisan master crafted gold jewellery, accompanied by a provocative chord music pose on the red carpet style, attracted onlookers taking pictures. China Visual

Gansu business

On November 14, 2015, Pingliang city, Gansu province, organized by a business "the gold show", invites 5 young models to help show more than 20 years old. One size pretty young models wearing a solid gold "gold underwear", a total weight of more than 700 grams, worth more than 3 million Yuan, zero-distance contact with breasts, sore eye. 4 other models wore artisan master crafted gold jewellery, accompanied by a provocative chord music pose on the red carpet style, attracted onlookers taking pictures. China Visual

Gansu business

On November 14, 2015, Pingliang city, Gansu province, organized by a business "the gold show" more than 3 million Yuan worth of "Golden underwear" zero-distance contact with young breasts, Bo people's eye. Zheng Bing

Gansu business

On November 14, 2015, Pingliang city, Gansu province, organized by a business "the gold show", invites 5 young models to help show more than 20 years old. One size pretty young models wearing a solid gold "gold underwear", a total weight of more than 700 grams, worth more than 3 million Yuan, zero-distance contact with breasts, sore eye. 4 other models wore artisan master crafted gold jewellery, accompanied by a provocative chord music pose on the red carpet style, attracted onlookers taking pictures. Zheng Bing

Gansu business

On November 14, 2015, Pingliang city, Gansu province, organized by a business "the gold show" more than 3 million Yuan worth of "Golden underwear" zero-distance contact with young breasts, Bo people's eye. Zheng Bing News Photos

Gansu business

On November 14, 2015, Pingliang city, Gansu province, organized by a business "the gold show", invites 5 young models to help show more than 20 years old. One size pretty young models wearing a solid gold "gold underwear", a total weight of more than 700 grams, worth more than 3 million Yuan, zero-distance contact with breasts, sore eye. 4 other models wore artisan master crafted gold jewellery, accompanied by a provocative chord music pose on the red carpet style, attracted onlookers taking pictures. Zheng Bing

Gansu business

On November 14, 2015, Pingliang city, Gansu province, organized by a business "the gold show" more than 3 million Yuan worth of "Golden underwear" zero-distance contact with young breasts, Bo people's eye. Zheng Bing

Gansu business

On November 14, 2015, Pingliang city, Gansu province, organized by a business "the gold show" more than 3 million Yuan worth of "Golden underwear" zero-distance contact with young breasts, Bo people's eye. Zheng Bing

Friday, November 13, 2015

Hit shows Mr Tsang misconduct of public officials case postponed 5 weeks before

Photo: Hong Kong's Oriental Daily News

Before the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Chief Executive Donald Tsang was charged with two counts of "misconduct of public officials" crime case again November 13 at the Hong Kong Eastern Magistracy hearing. Judge accepted the defence in court (that is, Mr Donald Tsang, and his lawyer) applications will be deferred for 5 weeks, until December 18 to re-open and Mr Tsang continues was released on bail.

Tsang is Hong Kong's first Chief of criminal prosecutions in history, attracting a large number of domestic and overseas reporters appear in interviews filmed. The case originally scheduled for the same day, at 2:30 P.M., and at 12 o'clock noon, hundreds of journalists at home and abroad, including the interface of journalists already waiting there have been reporters began arriving in court, to occupy the position.

Press photographers and television cameramen have put the camera on the gate of the Court, waiting for Mr Tsang appeared, nearly 30 officers of Hong Kong police officers to maintain order within the scope of the Court.

About 2 o'clock in the afternoon, Mr Tsang arrived in the Eastern Magistrates ' courts by private car, accompanied by his wife Bao xiaowei hand in hand into court. Tsang, wearing a dark suit and white shirt, wearing the trademark blue-red bow tie. Tsang, by a group of police wearing black suit "very important person protection unit" bodyguards escorted into court, an air of dignified, a reporter asked him "how? "Who did not respond to a reporter's question, straight into the Court building.

After entering the Court, Mr Tsang, was pressed by reporters on whether in the elevator deliberately to avoid the scene, Mr Tsang remained out with a Word, without a smile. Bodyguards then stopped the elevator doors, allowed journalists into the elevator.

Seventh, fourth floor courtroom in the Eastern Magistrates ' Court, he and his wife, the first two sat on the witness stand, nervous, interface reporter straight in the court hearing, sitting, Mr Donald Tsang, after the two rows. Tsang, full hand clenched, was very nervous. Inside the courtroom, all personnel shall not be photography and loudly, court personnel and police presence to maintain public order.

2:30, ref long Wen Shaoming entered the courtroom, a standing ovation, then the Court began hearing, full of English dialogue. The Court did not wish to reply, Mr Tsang.

Mr Tsang's lawyers first presented in court earlier this month, received court papers, study when you want, it will be deferred for 5 weeks, until December 18, for more time to process the file.

Wen Shaoming asked after the prosecution accepted the request and adjourned the case to next appear on December 18.

On behalf of the HKSAR Government's Deputy Director of public prosecutions public prosecutions made, 24 witnesses single list, eliminate 2 people, additional 4 witnesses, a total of 26 witnesses to be summoned.

According to Sing Tao daily reported that canceled two witnesses on the original list of witnesses for the prosecution were staff members of the Legislative Council.

In the defence and the prosecution agreed that the case, the hearing time is surprisingly short and lasted only about 5 minutes. Witnessed by the judges and the media, Mr Tsang, second after the bail order to be signed and later under the protection of police, first off the Court. Mr Tsang continues to associate with 100,000 yuan in cash bail, but are required to live in reported at Mount Butler apartments, but if the removal or departure is required to inform the ICAC 24 hours ago, and no direct or indirect contact with a prosecution witness.

Released and appear in court for the first time after "I'm innocent" speech is different, this time he remained silent.

Mr Tsang left the Court together with his wife Bao xiaowei 2:45 P.M., two people looking serious, stopped for more than 10 seconds at the main entrance of the Court, boarding cars left at the scene the reporter again asked "how? "Still don't answer and left by car. At about 3 o'clock in the afternoon, Mr Tsang said the drive to Mount Butler home. Wang, the first Chinese Communist Party "legitimacy":

For the future development of the case of Mr Tsang, has repeatedly exposed, Mr Donald Tsang, Hong Kong newspaper Oriental Daily News Analysis of the misconduct, the prosecution will formally refer the case to the High Court, and trial by jury. Tsang has the right to require in the Magistrates ' courts committal proceedings, by the magistrate, take a look at all the evidence, to determine whether there are sufficient surface evidence to a jury trial. If Mr Tsang does not request a preliminary inquiry, prosecution will start the program, arrange files will go directly the High Court hearing the case.

Previously, CE Donald Tsang was arrested before a series of misconduct by ICAC prosecution was charged with two counts, pleaded guilty to two counts were for the common law offence of misconduct of public officials, and jailed for a maximum of 7 years.

Pleaded guilty to the first points out that in November 2010 to January 2012, Chief Executive Donald Tsang, during the discussion and endorsement by the Executive Council hung broadcasting (later renamed the DBC digital broadcasting) broadcasting licence, suspected of concealing or failing to declare he was hung Huang Chubiao large shareholders to discuss the lease of a flat in Shenzhen Donghai garden. He has not declared his wife in November 2010 pay 800,000 yuan Xiang Donghai United Group of related funds.

Pleaded guilty to the second call, Mr Tsang during the period December 2010 to July 2011, and recommended by the honours and awards mechanism to consider nominating architect Barrie HO, but he allegedly concealed or not to then-Permanent Secretary, Chief Executive's Office, the SCMP Development Council or honours and non-official Justices of the peace selection Committee revealed that Barrie Ho was employed in the interior design project of residential flats above.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Traditional foreign trade province life difficult all imports and exports in

Traditional foreign trade province life difficult all imports and exports in the first three quarter negative growth

Photo: Oriental IC

The latest economic data showed that China's foreign trade situation is not optimistic.

Data from the General Administration of customs show 2015 the first three quarters, China's import and export volume of 17.87 trillion yuan, down 7.9% over the previous year. Sort out import and export can be found all over the first three quarters, except in Ningxia, Tibet data no external, there are 22 regional decline in import and export volume rose, 11 fell over the national average, traditional province of all negative.

Export as a troika of fueling economic growth in recent years seems to have encountered a lot of difficulties, not only difficult to pull the economy, are counterproductive. The first three quarters, the contribution of net exports to GDP growth rate is-1.8%. Contribution rate of consumption and fixed capital formation by 58.4% and 43.4%, respectively.

China economic net reporter cleared produced throughout the first three quarters of the export and import of tables, table it can be seen that the complexity and gravity of the situation of foreign trade, except between Ningxia and Tibet did not release data, have been published in 29 provinces, there are 22 provincial foreign trade import and export values are negative.

Heilongjiang is the worst, down 42% to the country last, Jilin fell 25.2% the second Xinjiang fell 23.7% the third. Three provinces in Northeast China in the context of overall economic malaise, adverse impact on import and export trade is also very obvious.

Most noteworthy is that traditional trade province in China-Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong's foreign trade declining significantly, all negative, and gradually expand the trend. Along the way and Eurasian Economic Union butt

Data show that Guangdong import and export decline throughout 2014 2.5%, the first three quarters of this year fell by 4.3%; 4.7% from Zhejiang import and export growth for the whole of last year, the first three quarters of this year fell by 2.6%; 1.3% in 2014, growth for the whole year, Jiangsu, the first three quarters of this year fell by 3.7%; 4% growth last year, Shandong, 16.2% decline in the first three quarters of this year.

On the foreign trade situation this year, the Ministry of Commerce has been vocal, most recently published recently by the Ministry of Commerce of China's foreign trade situation report (fall 2015) showed that integrated all factors, scale of Chinese exports in 2015 is expected to be essentially flat with a year ago.

However, exports to positive expectations are not high for the last two months.

International market research Department of the Ministry of Commerce Institute Deputy Director Bai said in an interview with the China Times, if you are looking only at the data, exports and flat or positive growth for the year is very difficult. "The full year, comparable with last year on the line, this rebound still exist.

Foreign trade situation of poor, high-rise is stepping up the formulation of relevant policies.

On October 20, the Ministry of Commerce held a regular press conference, Commerce Ministry spokesman Shen Danyang, made it clear that, this year, the Ministry of Commerce in support of cross-border electronic commerce, focuses on promoting the implementation of cross-border e-commerce integrated area, Hangzhou innovation initiatives, expanding the scope of comprehensive experimental area pilot. Second batch of cross-border e-commerce integrated area have become closer.

Held on November 9 the Central comprehensive reform adopted at the 18th meeting of the leading group for the promotion of innovation and development of processing trade in several opinions. Emphasized the need for innovation and opening up as the driving force in support of Interior border area industrial gradient shift, ordered to carry out international cooperation capacity, deepen the reform of institutional mechanisms for the processing trade, promote trade to trade power shift.

Of the 2015 autumn foreign trade report released by the Ministry of Commerce said as long as the powerful, Enterprise Active adjustment of foreign trade policy restructuring, 2016, China's foreign trade is expected to continue to be higher than the global trade growth, in the international market share will rise steadily.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hunan provincial Department of public security level across survey policemen

Hunan provincial Department of public security level across survey, policemen gu wen how serious is suspected of molesting a female?

Gu wen

Surging in the news (www.thepaper.CN) scoop 40 days after the Hunan provincial public security Department announced the formation of survey teams to investigate suspected unlawful detention and molesting female police gu wen.

Area Office of the police station, to the municipal Public Security Bureau set up a task force, to the provincial public Security Bureau have set up a joint investigation team, gu wen the Yueyang Public Security Bureau economic investigation team police for unlawful detention and molestation investigation of the female level, progressive layers.

On November 9, the Hunan Public Security Bureau publicity Office informed the official Micro-Blog @ Hunan public security propaganda: Party Committee of Hunan Province Public Security Bureau decided, by the Office of Commission for discipline inspection, an inspector Corps, legal team and other departments to set up a joint investigation team, gu wen of the Yueyang Public Security Bureau economic investigation team police for unlawful detention and carried out investigation into lewd women.

40 days ago on September 30, the surging news exclusive report the net exposure of Hunan police beating and sexually assaulting women, police: the woman had been reported but not yet filed: gu wen is accused of using bribes the police, false imprisonment and trying to rape women Zhao; Cho escaped police, Luo Wang, Yueyang city police station in a "public official can't handle" as grounds for refusing Office.

Surging through the news reports on this matter, as well as Cho continued complaints by the parties on October 9 (Cho reported 14-day) afternoon, surging to news of Yueyang city, Hunan province, police inspector detachment confirmed that gu wen has been grounded for 7 days, Luo Wang, Yueyang city has in its investigation of the police station.

With the sustained attention of media, on October 11, the network cultural construction in Yueyang city center informed the Chief Twitter official Twitter @ Yueyang: gu wen stopped performing after performing the closed position under investigation; Yueyang Public Security Bureau have set up a task force to carry out an investigation, and invited the NPC deputies and CPPCC members and supervisors involved in monitoring the wind.

However, this is not the party girl Zhao be convinced. On October 12, a surging news that Zhao, after its investigations that gu wen in the flats, staff's explanation is "reflection".

Surging news on again sent track reported Hou of 4th days, @ Yueyang Chief micro-Bo released has a copies relative full of informed: according to police organ finds, September 24 two people (Zhao a and gu wen) disputed process in the, gu wen no rape behavior; but gu wen of illegal limit liberty, and insult, and beat others, and deliberately damaged property behavior established, has violation People's Republic of China security management punishment method; police organ decided on gu wen of violations respectively ruling, and merged implementation administrative detention 20th and at fine one thousand round whole ; Gu wen on October 14 were detained by the Executive; by the provincial and municipal public security authorities to verify, so far, found no public security organs Act of using technical means to locate Cho, Cho referred to "police use technical means to locate" false speech.

Why a prefecture-level city of ordinary civilian police cases caused by provincial public security Department, formation of survey teams, what's inside of them?

Dean explains Wang Zhouhu of Northwest University of politics and law, such cross-level investigation of layer by layer, usually for cases particularly significant impact, particularly harsh nature, or things are unique cases after news media reports on this matter, events of fermentation influence expanded, organs for handling the pressure of public opinion is increasing. Breaking News

China University University Deputy Principal Ma Huaide think, Hunan Police Office made move can from following many consider: a is on police law enforcement process in the of behavior standardized, and high standards of reflected; II is police in law enforcement process in the suspected illegal disciplinary behavior, in place also is occurred, if from Police Office of angle stepped in processing, can displayed Province Police Office on this pieces thing of attention, while also can on around of police organ, and law enforcement personnel has must of alert role.

Ma Huaide said, similar this across level processing of situation yiqian also many see; if case caused has superior of attention, superior on will established supervising, and survey group, expand survey, certainly which also consider to place organ may exists shield, and cannot due diligence survey of situation; superior units once intervention, at least to public released a signal, can guarantee just processing, survey clear timely to social a account.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

New shares will enter a Lottery era the success rate could be as low as 0 01

On November 6, the issuance system for comments published, point three: contributions, small cap stocks after market placement, direct Internet pricing.

Netizens ridicule new into "the Lottery" era-as long as the circulation market value, money or not to participate in a new, winning has to pay.

In the view of the industry, the first bus tickets would greatly reduce the success rate of new shares.

Entering the national era

Shen Wan Lin Jin Hongyuan analyst opinion, after the reform, the current new low price, low earnings, low fundraising scale continue to exist, release rhythm is still not released, several trading after IPO will no doubt continue, while new capital threshold is significantly reduced, which will attract several times that of the original investors in the new.

Under the existing rules, to have a stock market value, the second to have cash in hand. In order to sell shares as many investors new shares ridicule: "for the new shares, so I sold the few trading Board."

Now the rules changed, stocks will be able to play new, check payment, it will become a full scratch events.

"Many weak before investors will be encouraged by the advances to the cancellation mechanism, is pleased to join the new force. "Lin Jin expects new shares purchase will greatly stimulate the enthusiasm of.

Sharp decline in the success rate

Each batch of new stock, not enough context, a success rate of decrease is very real question.

Lin Jin success rate online or offline placement ratio is expected to drop sharply: "in online market placement success rate, for example, in 2000-2004, almost entirely by market value, according to the Internet, and declining success rate, in 2004, has been reduced to only 0.07%, far less than the 2015 online an average success rate of 0.58% in the first half. "

Comparison of 2000-2004, Lin Jin expected the reform success rate will likely fall further, investors participating in the new surge in current market value has also increased significantly in 2015 compared to the market value of Shanghai and Shenzhen respectively in 2004 has increased by approximately 30 times and 27 times, which means that there is sufficient amount to participate in the new principal has increased substantially.

Assuming the release conditions following the reform, released rhythm is still controlled, and about average wholesale 10-20, Lin Jin expected new shares listing under network level will generally reduce the success rate, most are expected to be 0.01%~0.2%, while generally increased after the IPO gains will initially gain range is expected to be mostly 200%~500%.

What is this concept? So far, but with the lowest success rate under the new network 0.05% online is 0.01%, and only two--Hancock East Crystal electronic and medical.

According to Lin Jin figures, net new revenue generally as low as 0.5%.

Small Cap success rate or worse

Public offering of 20 million shares (inclusive) without transfer of new old stock in small-caps, all to the online offering, not under inquiry and placement.

This is a welfare to improve retail rates, but the reality may not be so optimistic.

Lin Jin worries and offline purchase opportunity for investors is unlikely to give up small stocks, its breakdown of the Internet will lead to potential online success rate of decline.

Card gold, Huijin will play the new you?

So here's the thing, who are the biggest beneficiaries of the new new deal?

Securities times statistics show that currently permit Huijin total gold holdings are valued at 2.62 trillion yuan, ranked first in the market value of all accounts. If Zheng Jin Huijin is to participate in the market placing new, they are certainly the new Big Mac on the market today.

At present it is not known, whether the national team will purchase new shares.

In addition, up to three quarterly reports, general corporate, funds, insurance and non-financial companies hold the highest market value, general corporate accounts holding a total of 2,614 of which eight stocks, equity market capitalisation of 17.35 trillion yuan, the largest by market capitalisation. In addition, funds, insurance and market value of listed non-financial companies was 863.785 billion yuan, 794.133 billion yuan and 291.297 billion yuan, and concerns the Social Security Fund's total market value was 198.464 billion yuan. The a share Thirteen Five planning the most comprehensive

Friday, November 6, 2015

XI met with Singapore President Tony Tan Keng Yam said being a good neighbor

XI met with Singapore President Tony Tan Keng Yam said being a good neighbor and partner

Photo Source: Xinhua Commission s own anti corruption clean house multiple

The afternoon of 6th President XI Jinping in Singapore met Singapore President Tony Tan. The two heads of State agreed to new relations for the times in all-round cooperation partnership and start the upgrade of the China-Singapore free trade agreement negotiations.

XI pointed out that nice new in occasion of the 25 anniversary of the establishment of Singapore for a State visit. Diplomatic ties 25 years ago, both sides carried out a broad, diverse levels, practical and innovative all-round cooperation. At present, the Sino-Singapore relations are in an important opportunity. We are ready to work together with the new and create a new relationship in the new future. Is a top level design, working closely to maintain high-level exchanges, strengthen strategic communication, continue to play leadership role leading, grasp the direction of development of bilateral relations. Second, develop pragmatic cooperation and push to the operation Center of Chongqing in the new third intergovernmental cooperation project, building it into the new demonstration project for mutually beneficial cooperation. Continued construction of the Suzhou Industrial Park and Tianjin eco-city two major cooperation projects. Maintain the upward momentum of bilateral economic and trade cooperation. Both sides can also explore their business combination "along the way" initiative to develop cooperation in third markets mode and tap the potential of financial cooperation within this framework. China is willing to work with New Zealand to strengthen environmental science and technology, education exchanges and cooperation in various fields such as Humanities, social governance, promoting bilateral pragmatic cooperation to develop in depth. Three is to strengthen coordination and cooperation in regional and international affairs. Singapore took over as coordinator of ASEAN-China relations this year. China is willing to join hands with the new focus on development cooperation, to build China-ASEAN common destiny. Both sides can strengthen the United Nations, APEC and other international and regional mechanisms for communication and coordination.

XI stressed that the refuge is surrounded by China, the Foundation for development and prosperity. China will unswervingly follow the road of peaceful development, adhere to and partnership good neighbor and partner of foreign policy, with Singapore and Asian countries to achieve common development.

Tony Tan said that welcome Chinese President in Singapore's 50 anniversary and the 25 anniversary of the establishment of double happiness in the new year to Singapore for a State visit and believe that this visit will enable a new cooperative partnership to a new level. In recent years, the new comprehensive development in the relations, maintain close exchanges of visits by leaders, following the Suzhou Industrial Park and Tianjin eco-city project, the third intergovernmental cooperation in the new projects will be launched. These will provide new impetus to the relations in the new. New cooperative relations is not only limited to economic and trade areas, but keeping pace with development. Singapore endorses China's infrastructure investment banking initiatives in Asia, that benefits the region's development and will actively participate in the cooperation. New Zealand believes that China is a force of peace and stability of the international community, is willing to strengthen cooperation with the Chinese side in the communication and coordination on major international and regional issues, also endorsed the ASEAN countries to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with China.

Prior to the meeting, Tan held a Grand welcoming ceremony at the Presidential Office Plaza. When XI Jinping and his wife, Peng Liyuan, arrival, Tony Tan Keng Yam and his wife to the car to greet. The two heads of State got on the podium, the military band played the national anthem of New Zealand. XI accompanied by Tony Tan Keng Yam inspected a guard of honour.

Wang huning, Li zhanshu, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi and other officials attended these activities.

XI met with Singapore President Tony Tan Keng Yam said being a good neighbor and partner

The afternoon of November 6, President, XI Jinping in Singapore met Singapore President Tony Tan. Rao Aimin Xinhua photo

XI met with Singapore President Tony Tan Keng Yam said being a good neighbor and partner

The afternoon of November 6, President, XI Jinping in Singapore met Singapore President Tony Tan. Prior to the meeting, Tan held a Grand welcoming ceremony at the Presidential Office Plaza. This is XI Jinping, accompanied by Tony Tan Keng Yam inspected a guard of honour. Xinhua News Agency Ma Zhancheng photography

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

XI Jinping visits today Viet Nam Singapore 7th meeting held at new leaders on

XI Jinping visits today Viet Nam Singapore 7th meeting held at new leaders on both sides

Photo: network

From November 5 to 7th, China XI Jinping respectively, Viet Nam and Singapore for a State visit, which is XI Jinping, China's Party and state leader's first visit to Viet Nam and Singapore.

XI's visit took 3rd, schedule is fairly full. Of course, the most-watched on November 7 at the Singapore leaders on both sides.

At a press briefing held in the Foreign Ministry, Assistant to the head of Li and XI Jinping, Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin disclose the visit to Viet Nam and Singapore trip.

Li introduced from November 5 to 6th, visit to Viet Nam during the XI Jinping respectively with the more General Secretary Nguyen Phu trong, Viet Nam's President, Zhang Jin invasion, Viet Nam held talks with Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung and President Nguyen SINH hung.

6th, at the end of the visit, XI will travel to Singapore visit. From 6th to 7th, visit Singapore during the XI Jinping will meet with Singapore President Tony Tan Keng Yam, attended the welcoming ceremony and welcome party President, met with Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. At the meetings and talks, the new leaders will exchange views on bilateral relations and pragmatic cooperation in various fields, to plan for the future development of bilateral relations. In addition, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs introduced, XI will also attend the inauguration ceremony of the Chinese Culture Center. How many people in China have financial dinner

Earlier, the CPC Central Committee Taiwan Affairs Office and State Council Taiwan Affairs Office Director Zhang zhijun announced on 4th, after interested parties consultations between the two sides, leaders on both sides will be held on November 7 at the Singapore meeting, exchanging views on the peaceful development of cross-straits relations.

Zhang stressed that the meeting with leaders on both sides on both sides identity and hold, call each other when they meet in the name of "Sir", was agreed upon by both parties. This is in the case of cross-strait political differences have not been completely solved practical arrangements made under the one-China principle, embodies the spirit of shelving disputes and mutual respect. All factors considered, the leaders arranged a meeting between the two sides in Singapore.

Zhang introduced, leaders on both sides of the meeting on Exchange of views on promoting the peaceful development of cross-strait relations, deepen exchanges in various fields between the two sides discussed cooperation, enhance the well-being of people on both sides of major issues in order to maintain and further promote the peaceful development of cross-strait relations. After the meeting, leaders on both sides will also have dinner.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Suspected drug users men detonate gas tanks jumped in Harbin 1 woman killed

Suspected drug users men detonate gas tanks jumped in Harbin: 1 woman killed 7 police burn

Picture the scene. This picture came from Beijing,

The morning of November 3, Acheng district, Harbin, Heilongjiang, yongtai Canton community, unit 4, building exploded, 1 man jump. Area residents told the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), village resident jumping men, ignite gas tanks exploded in the House jumped after being arrested, had a history of drug abuse.

3rd night, Acheng City Police confirmed that the incident led to burn 7 disposal of the police, another 1 woman was found dead inside the House, the cause is unknown; the investigation, men suspected of drug urine test was positive, currently under treatment. Breaking News

The report said: the 3rd 8:58, Acheng District Public Security Bureau command Center received the alarm: yongtai wide community on the 4 floor of a man armed with a knife threatened to cut people, also placed gas canisters around.

Upon the receipt of the alarm, the command center immediately launched an emergency plan, instructions ash river police stations, patrol brigades and auxiliary Police Brigade patrols, disposal of fire brigade rushed to the scene. Police and firefighters rushed to the scene, requiring indoor men opened the door to check was turned down, the man the police were abusive, patiently persuading the police. Then police found strong smell of gas inside to the corridor, the man emotionally pledged to immediately ignite the gas tank. To prevent the crime, the police immediately evacuated the surrounding crowd, firefighter from outside its Windows crushed in order to reduce the concentration of indoor gas while fire crowbars the door forced open, seven comrades gallantly rushed into the room, the man ignited the gas tank exploded, and seven comrades were burned. Then the man jumped from the third floor window, injured police Cui Guoguang fighting back pain downstairs with other civilian police forces captured it.

Surging above area residents to news, naked after the man jumped from the window, ready to escape when caught by the waiting police.

Suspected drug users men detonate gas tanks jumped in Harbin: 1 woman killed 7 police burn

Injured under treatment in Harbin Hospital v.

Reported that ash River caused by the explosion police Gong Chuanzhong, Yang Xuefeng, Cui Guoguang, Feng Jizhong, minor police Yang Weijia, Heilongjiang Province Police College in the area practice Participants Dong Guangzhong and firefighters Liang Deyin seven comrades 2 burn, burn area between 2% and 8%, currently injured, v, Harbin has been sent to a hospital for treatment in hospital. Suspect Lee was also burned, is currently in hospital for treatment.

According to the notification, suspect Katie drug urine test was positive. A preliminary investigation by the police, the crime scene also found the bodies of a woman (the cause of death of unknown origin), the case is further work.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Official PMI data showed China s manufacturing sector has three consecutive

Official PMI data showed China's manufacturing sector has three consecutive months contract

Photo: Oriental IC

Released on November 2 October caixin, China manufacturing purchasing managers ' index (PMI) 48.3, was the highest since June in September, representing 47.2 rebounded, but still contracting.

From caixin PMI data, output index, the new orders index and employment index both improved, with new export orders index for a change after three months of decline, back to the expanded range, led by rebound in the new orders index, but still in contraction interval, showing October should be improved, the main cause of a shortage of orders is weak domestic demand.

New financial Chief said he fan, an economist at think-tank, further contraction in new orders overall, led in October to continue to cut its production schedule. However, the slowdown in output contraction this month compared with September, the overall moderate. Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng China will systematically

Although the decline in manufacturing slowed, but he fan believes that total demand is still the main difficulties facing China's economy, commodity prices continued to fall in the risk of deflation concerns.

Just a day earlier, the national statistical office also released its official PMI data. In October, the official PMI is 49.8, with unchanged. Although the data unchanged, but still below 50, indicating that while the manufacturing sector has been stable, but manufacturing is shrinking.

China's National Bureau of investigation services, senior statisticians Zhao Qinghe Zhao Qinghe in reading for the day, said: "the downward pressure on export and import are still large. Due to the recent international economic recovery is weak and domestic economies continue to face downward pressure, manufactures and the situation is still grave. "

External notes that the official PMI was below 50 for three consecutive months.

Statistics released in August China manufacturing purchasing managers ' index (PMI) for 9.7%, lower than the July 0.3%. This is not only the data below point of 50% for the first time since after only six months, a record low since the August 2012. Official September PMI to 49.8, as in October.

Official data for three consecutive months below 50 United Kingdom considered the financial times is the latest proof of an economic slowdown in China.

While China's manufacturing activity is stabilising, but there are still downside risks to China's economy at present. According to the latest data released by the National Bureau of statistics earlier, the third quarter of this year, China's GDP grew 6.9%, below the 7% of the first two quarters of growth.

Market consensus forecasts, the high-rise will introduce more policies in the future stakes to stabilize economic growth.

In the past year, the Central Bank has cut interest rates six times in a row, with a view to boosting the economy and transport, water conservancy and other infrastructure projects as the leading investment has exceeded 2 trillion.