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What is the black as with youth the film has no beginning and no end

October 14, black at has what released, director Wang Yichun had with this Department movie get 9th session China Xining FIRST youth movie exhibition race unit best director award, this is domestic currently most has forward sex of movie award one of, but as the this year released of other literary tablets (roadside picnic, and Yangtze River figure,) as, this Department movie still market response flat, know who is less.

I went to see, directing crowds, heard a man sitting next to himself: "what took a ghost, hastily without ending up. "

Yes, never ending, or rather, this is a youth movie with no points, no theme.

And the fine structure of the business

Different Yu has delicate structure of commercial tablets, commercial tablets about of is runs parallel to Shang of rhythm and logic, real of good commercial tablets can do front story in of details, and props even is a sentence lines are need has role, then in behind of story in one by one corresponds to, formed close of logic chain (sometimes is is logic ring), audience in story last moment suddenly hormones, and mood, all outbreak, reached climax of pleasure, story stopped and and memorable. For example, of the city of God, some time ago the surprise reversal can barely count.

But literary tablets not to so, many when it of image sex details, and props, and lines more, like roadside picnic in of poems, like "red white blue" trilogy in of movie tones, but these meaning like more is abstract sex of, its by refers to is fuzzy of, with to audience of often mood fluctuations is greater than rational logic, interpretation space big, like Yangtze River figure was interpretation for maternal and pregnancy body also can said have pass.

Another layer of interpretations is because people's emotions are complex, sometimes even we ourselves hard to accurately trace their immediate emotional trend at the moment, but traced not empathy is, the black what this movie actually provides the text of empathy.

Some people say black was a Chinese version of memories of murder, did not say whether overvalued, saying only that it is not appropriate. While the memories of murder was also art films, but is a book, it was more social propositions; and the black what the entire film gives the greatest feeling is "scattered" and "theme".

What is the black: as with youth, the film has no beginning and no end

So in a sense, this is a youth movie, but there are two sets of youth.

Youth takes on a story set first layer surface, 1991 rape nude female corpse was found on the small town and raised a lot of questions, starting with the story, described around the middle school students in Qujing around all sorts of small town people's reactions.

And such of times background also also through times unique of elements to rendering, and most youth tablets as, it selection of still is that times of Star, and songs and movie, not only has small tiger team combination, and Aaron, and Beyond band, also love color videos, and peach mature Shi, through 890 generation of star to marked times background, those years we with Chase of girl dry had, to we will lost of youth dry had, later of summer Charlotte troubles, and I of girls times are dry had.

But the nature of the film is a story of youth, in the first story, follows the path of commercial films, start with themes from the story, well, and get straight to the point, bad door in the subject.

What is the black: as with youth, the film has no beginning and no end

But the black what is the youth, only the background and no story theme, this is the second set. So a lot of people will read a little foggy, and took them to see a thriller or youth film ideas to look at it, get nothing.

Second, never is suspense

It is a suspense movie? From the clues, it has all the elements of a legitimate commercial thriller.

Stories rape murders from the beginning is the background. Meanwhile, women in Qujing forensic Qu Zhicheng's father is the police station, zhangshulin Qu Zhicheng colleagues along with him in charge of the case, Zhang Shulin Zhang Xue and Qujing is the daughter of classmates.

In the process of advancing the story, Qujing in nursing homes met a perverted old man, grandfather to Qujing read to her from the Golden Lotus, also covet the little girl, all of this was Grandpa and rape murder by Qujing doubts about later, she often went home, said Lai Ning doing good, but in reality is in order to spy on the old man's true situation. Even later also has a drama, Qujing and homes for the elderly woman is referred to the man, all this will reverse when we expected the old man again.

But Grandpa never appeared in the movie, so lost below this line.

There followed Jing and Zhang Xue, middle-aged fool, the fool always fart fart followed them, specially for him in several features, these features make the audience feel: the fool is meant, and what will happen next.

Then nothing happens, fools this line will soon no longer be filed.

Also there is Zhang Xue and Qujing tangtou Barber, Zhang Xue disappeared, due to Zhang Xue look hot body is straight hair, so Qu Zhicheng went in every shop from House to house asking if anyone had straightened hair, after Barber in the shop said no, the camera stays in the barbershop, Barber, hand cut knife, gently upturned mouth. This audience was confused, Barber what story?

Of course, and some images, like this line of Barber's story broke.

Just a few roles in the film once again in a different way.

Later Zhang Xue missing has, in everyone are think Zhang Xue also was rape Hou killed in shelter Shi, Qujing do has a dream, she dream metamorphosis grandfather, and fool and Barber, people and Zhang Xue grinned with station in shelter inside, metamorphosis grandfather and appeared has, fool this article line and was carrying up, Barber also occurred has he of story--these people with in Qujing of dream in the put Zhang Xue killed has.

What is the black: as with youth, the film has no beginning and no end

Zhang Xue covered in blood in a dream, Qujing woke up to my aunt for the first time in his life.

This several characters set of clever on in here, first they not to case service of, this Department movie also is not to case for theme, but through small girl of perspective to snooping this world, metamorphosis grandfather, and fool, and Barber and so on these people all and case itself has nothing to do, they is small girl heart think may is killer of people, from small girl of inside world, these people itself has not important has, they in small girl heart was designated to has with, then in dream in the met, in dream in the completed has all. Then the little girl has grown up.

That is what this "suspected" suspect "set of purposes.

Unlike the memories of murder in "suspected" suspects "were set is to better serve the plot, settings for these people is in the film in order to better serve the women inside. Want to name Li tie for domestic coach class super

Cases in the whole story just to thread a needle, in addition to outside approaching the audience to watch the thriller, and no one wanted to know how cases were broken.

Three, not the piece of youth

And youth are also different, the black what about youth itself is also not a complete logical line, like the story from beginning to end through a straw, with the wind blowing, formed the ripples.

What is the black: as with youth, the film has no beginning and no end

Straws in the wind are beautiful, make brush sound, but it is messy, here, for a while there, sometimes there are all kinds of people in the course of travel. Easily from the ground in waves.

I think, that was in the black what's great about the image of youth.

As said at the beginning, its first set of times props and town distribution are superficial background, able for the first time to make the audience feel the atmosphere of that era, but many movies to be tasted, only superficial without context.

The black what is setting a second youth, cluttered, curious about the world of emotions is youth.

Qujing meets a boy who likes her men recorded her first song, then followed her when she watched the film and then took her to a friend's House recording friends accidentally caught watching pornographic video tapes.

What is the black: as with youth, the film has no beginning and no end

And pervert old man above and others that some lines, this line has suddenly stopped, not agitated, no love and hate, not only explained the context of this line are not clear, and even the Qujing real ideas for boys did not say.

Perhaps not only the audience guessing Qujing mind, Qujing himself does not even know. Referred to above, the complexity of human emotion, sometimes even we ourselves hard to accurately trace their immediate emotional trend at the moment, so this is good.

Maybe it's just because of curiosity. Curiosity about the world, is a symbol of youth, later of Qujing alone into the video halls, timidly made three films on the first read of the peach ripe, round her, flirting is a group of young society man.

What is the black: as with youth, the film has no beginning and no end

Also no context of Qujing's friend Zhang Xue, Zhang Xue because personality so like the open sky in the distance, and father zhangshulin always fit, and teachers also there is discord, social hooligans Zhao Fei was her friend, Zhao Fei always wanted to be her boyfriend, but she didn't want to.

Zhang Xue in Qujing is significant.

Zhang Xue cycling, Qujing cycling; Zhang Xue applied Nail Polish, Qujing smear; Zhang Xue tangtou, Qujing tangtou.

But Zhang Xue is a girl riding a car riding, Qujing rode Qu Zhicheng carts; Zhang Xue ten fingers smearing; Qujing dares to apply only a little finger is still wavering; Zhang Xue hot head, egging Qujing, Qujing hesitated for a long time and choose a less dominant hairstyle, but the effect is very poor, and then she said to Zhang Xue:

"Don't you want me by your side you beautiful Bai! "

This is the charade of Qujing on Zhang Xue, Zhang Xue Jing in the film shows the story of the plot, Zhang Xue is the vigorous Wang Xifeng, escrow rongguo, Qujing is a servant girl for being late, on a character from Qujing is vulnerable, but Jing says:

"Boring, I don't want to play anymore. "

What is the black: as with youth, the film has no beginning and no end

Links above, now lets put Zhang Xue to carry this line up look from start to finish.

Zhang Xue in Qujing is strong, the effects of Qujing, Qujing imitate what she did. But Qujing youthful personality moods grew, she finally started under snow total of Karstens. And after the disappearance of Zhang Xue, Jing dreamed she was killed that night, Qujing menarche.

Zhang Xue, Qujing has finally grown up.

Then snow this line does not make sense, it had fulfilled its mission, she brings to Qujing straw in the wind ripples have fans to the Pacific Ocean.

Qujing in the youth's most important roles, in addition to Zhang Xue, and father.

Father Qu Zhicheng college students, after graduation, was assigned to the police station, but still not appreciated the leadership, stubborn. Story is he accepted people who sold skewers of pork mixed with water, then depressed volunteers at home, and neighbors cannot afford to lose the humbled at Chess psychology.

His father humbled, will be added to their daughters. Father daughter discipline was especially harsh. Prohibits not only daughters and any men, daughters are also strictly restricted lifestyle, such as bike to sit sideways, not allowed to apply Nail Polish.

His daughter but not to be mistaken for peeping at pornographic video tapes along with others, my father didn't give her a chance to explain, directly confronted cursed.

What is the black: as with youth, the film has no beginning and no end

Father Qu Zhicheng to daughter Qujing, is a superior image of family members. Even though, unlike the other characters, Qu Zhicheng persists from start to finish the film, and previous youth movie--this line of father and daughter did not reconcile.

Past youth, but adolescent children and parents when they give rise to contradictions and conflicts, usually first details suggest, again a big climax of the outbreak, and is the climax of mutual understanding, change each other finally get along with each other.

But here, the story father Qu Zhicheng said: "I don't love you. "With a cold attitude towards her daughter in Qujing.

Story end father Qu Zhicheng Qujing several questions asked his daughter, meaning simply: Daddy loves you, from small to large hurts you, so later on you earn money to support his father.

Appear to be from "love" to "love" changes, in fact, is still supposed to harmony-daughter affection give way to cold for insubordination over.

This line is still cluttered, mixed with young little emotion.

Conclusion: a few points

This film from beginning to end all lines not beginning or end.

Such a setting as well as youth.

Director said that several versions, the original line with the tone of the film version of the ending, "Zhao flew over the prison escape was shot, murderer did not arrest" was removed and put on the released version of "Zhao Fei acquitted murderer arrested 15".

This is the debut of director Wang Yichun, the effect is very good, way to look forward to in the future.

Su Xiaotong played the heroine Sophie in the Lebanon Director of the 49 days of offering little angels and the ominous childhood Zhang Shoufang, and Jiayi Zhang, Li xuejian teacher of drama or tension when she is youth, the road ahead is worth looking forward to.

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