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Hunan man family was suspected to have killed the pig ban compensation reduced

Hunan man family was suspected to have killed the pig ban compensation reduced by taking poison, the town said no strict buckles

Gao Xusong in hospital after taking poison.

66 Pu JI town, Changsha, Hunan Liuyang Putai village of Gao Xusong, October 14, drank at home "paraquat" pesticides, invalid rescue died on October 18, at 7:53. His daughter-in-law Yuan Xiaohua surging on October 19 news (www.thepaper.CN) reflecting said Gao Xusong's death may be linked to town government for its pig-raising compensation standards-ban reduced, measurement methods change.

Gao Xusong surging team leader Gao Guoliang told the news on the same continent, before Gao Xusong suicide, town of high government officials several times to discuss about the contract failed. Putai village party branch secretaries Feng Shenggen told surging News October 20, compensation standards in publicity and mobilization stages known as 160 Yuan/square meter, policies will be reduced down to 100 Yuan/square meter.

Is responsible for Putai village Liuyang River basin environment integrated regulation work group of head, and Liuyang city general track town party do director Li Huiqi October 19 told surging news, in advance Liuyang River reorganization governance work in the, town government is strictly in accordance with program, and civilization peace advance of, on "160 Yuan down to 100 Yuan" of claims may is has villagers exists misunderstanding, Gao Xusong drink pesticide suicide a thing should and compensation contradictions contact is unlikely to.

Hunan man family was suspected to have killed the pig ban compensation reduced by taking poison, the town said no strict buckles

High home loans after the expansion of the pig.

Family members said banning compensation standards "less 60"

Surging Yuan Xiaohua told the news, his Ark, has been more than 30 years. Late last year, father Gao Xusong with home mortgages, with a hundred thousand of Yuan expanded the pig farming area extends to more than 800 square meters, also bought more than 200,000 pigs.

Who declined to be named neighbor confirmed that Kao did expansion in the second half of 2015 hundreds of square meters of the pig, and purchased a large number of pigs.

Gao Guoliang told the word news, retail culture of live pigs on the ground is a development of traditional industries for many years, but the full license in the town few. In addition, the animal husbandry Bureau also has benefits for farmers in Liuyang city, Gao Xusong domestic sows, the Government had to sow subsidies, subsidies are 100 yuan per head.

Yuan Xiaohua said that carrying out the Liuyang River in September this year that the Government crackdown, provided banks within 500 metres prohibiting farming, pig farms and father-in-law expansion at all right in this context. In early September, high House Putai village on the continent where Group Captain convened, village leaders said at the meeting, ban of farmers, 160 Yuan per square meter compensation, but when it comes to signing in late September, to 100 Yuan.

Putai village party branch secretaries Feng Shenggen news confirms the surging on October 20, end of August there is the reference to compensation of 160 Yuan per square meter, in the publicity and mobilization phase at that time, only leading 160 Yuan per square meter; but behind the policies decided, only bars leading 100 yuan per square meter.

Yuan Xiaohua said that the town government staff several times to measure farm area. Gao Xusong surging team leader Gao Guoliang told the press on the same continent, before Gao Xusong suicide, town government officials several times to discuss high about the contract failed.

Gao Xusong's family said, after Gao Xusong the body healthy, introverted, heard after the ban began depressed, sighs at home often, repeatedly complained to neighbors, "burden".

Gao Xusong gaojinbo understand the son of pressure in the father's heart "burden", he said, new sty infrastructure costs about 320 Yuan per square meter, farms with more than 800 square and buy pigs has invested 400,000 yuan for the construction, with infrastructure costs about 260,000 yuan, buy down the costs about 140,000 yuan. According to the initially announced the 160 Yuan subsidy standard split column, area, count on the roof, high pig farms should receive a grant of about 130,000, but subsidies after changing, you get only 50,000.

Yuan Xiaohua said that the pig is the only source of income. Gao Xusong has a son and a daughter, divorced daughter at home, with breast cancer; her mother-in-law had coronary heart disease, poor health; two grandchildren in high school, father-in-law recently the burden considerably.

One thought is, Gao Xusong, October 14, when at home, drank "paraquat" pesticides.

Hunan man family was suspected to have killed the pig ban compensation reduced by taking poison, the town said no strict buckles

Liuyang Liuyang River basin on the delimitation of the Government ban of advertisement.

Town government: that the compensation should be a standard drop misconceptions 

Liuyang City Government this year September 7 issued of on delineation Liuyang River basin animal farming ban raised district of notices (Liu political letter [2016]188,) displayed, for specification animal farming behavior, protection and improved Liuyang River basin ecological environment, according to related file spirit, municipal government provides Liuyang River basin on both sides of 500 meters range within for ban raised district, existing of the range within of animal farms to in October 31, 2016 Qian gradually exit and demolition.

Responsible for Putai village Liuyang River basin environmental comprehensive renovation work group head, Pu JI town in Liuyang city party Office Director Li Huiqi said, compensation standards are consistent in the Liuyang River basin as a whole, that is dismantle its functional facilities, including housing and farming equipment, 160 Yuan per square meter compensation, compensation for 100 yuan per square meter of the only bar, there is no carefully buckle in the town.

Villagers reflect subsidy levels before and after the changes, said Li Huiqi, probably in the village campaign, misunderstood "dismantle its functional facilities mean" some villagers mistakenly think that removal of functional facilities can just bar, split bar can subsidies of 160 Yuan per square meter. This is a misunderstanding.

Li Huiqi said for epidemic prevention, land and environmental protection, city construction procedures are sound of pig farmers, the Government gives higher compensation standards: removal of functional facilities and benefits 220 Yuan per square meter, of removing the bar grants 190 Yuan per square meter. However, the entire Pu JI Zhen four complete formalities of breeding unit consists of six homes. She said Pu JI town, starting in 2014, the Government propaganda is no longer advocated in the Liuyang River near livestock, which is a better ecological environment protection requirements, the Government has tightened since then farmers licenses issued.

After the ban, for what about livestock and poultry farmers are still farming, Li Huiqi said at the time signed agreements with farmers, there will be a supplementary contents, conditions of farmers and other livestock to slaughter and then removed, or transfer it to 500 metres away ... In addition, farmers signed said only bar, the Government allowed the pig used for other purposes.

Why measure area before and after the change. Li Huiqi said regulations have required is measured starting from wall. Due to the measure when it is thoroughly for the first time, starting from the eaves to measure areas are consideration of securing greater benefits for local people, but thoroughly after the investigation report was rejected, so on the basis of the original regulation. Hubei Chibi key projects owners 3 years less than

"In the work of advancing the Liuyang River clean up governance, the town government is strictly in accordance with the procedures, the peaceful advance of civilization, Gao Xusong drank pesticide and compensation should be no relationship between the suicide. "Li Huiqi said Gao Xusong committed suicide by taking poison, the town Government has repeatedly called for consultation and calm with their families. Government is also deeply saddened about it, Gao Xusong the old man's family, the Government will consider in the future

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