Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Education Secretary in response to sexual assault of the girl child note reorganization

Changzhi, China Youth Network on October 12, a few days ago, reported China Youth Network "Shanxi Changzhi 8 suspected sexual assault of the girl child", a concern. 12th contact reporters on the matter involved schools to Changzhi city where City Education Bureau, the Bureau Director Wang Zhengqiang said previously to communicate with family members of the victims, and to overhaul the schools concerned and strengthening teachers ' moral education across the region. 68 college students in Henan province were loans

Previously reported, during the October 2015 to December, Changzhi city, Shanxi Dong elementary school first grade girl snow, too (not his real name), is the school's physical education teacher Yang several times "sexual assault". Snow guardians while communicating with the school, Ms LI, not by school principals, guidance Director, teacher responsible treatment.

Education Secretary in response to

Changzhi city in Shanxi Dong elementary school first grade girl snow, too, China Youth Network

Lee told reporters: "after hearing Li said some of the words, thought the child cannot continue to go to school in that school, just after the first month, the family would have to contact another elementary school several miles away from home. But the child's status, I have found them several times, school and Department of education has been to push not to go. Until recently, the child has only dealt with in the transfer formalities. "

Education Secretary in response to

Snow-written "sexual assault" notes. China Youth Network

On February 5, the Lee family had a light snow to transfer issues to the urban area of Changzhi City Education Bureau, in this regard, the Bureau Secretary Wang Zhengqiang said at that time I have had three parents said. "First of all, parents can make the alarm options, I admired, also supported this approach. Second, the injured party, an expression of sympathy. Regardless of the fact that verified or not, children are not in school there, guaranteed to keep kids in school to the new school, and designated officers responsible for liaison. Third, this behavior to his teacher, is angry. Regardless of whether it is true, we have to take this as a warning, the school made serious reorganization, and again within the scope of teachers ' morality education in the autonomous region. "

Wang Zhengqiang said, when parents are satisfied with this position.

Parents say "when handling the School Board to push", Wang Zhengqiang said the children are enrolled in the first time. However, the school management is the national network, had to wait until the back of the net, can transfer formalities can be handled.

Wang Zhengqiang told reporters, they often have moral education of school, when this happens, will also continue to strengthen!

At present, the event has been urban area of Changzhi City Government, Wang Zhengqiang said that "after seeing the report, we have reported the matter to the district, in a district where we write the whole story clearly, they turned to the criminal investigation authorities. On this matter, eventually there will be a result. We are waiting for the findings of the judiciary ".

"See this message, we feel very sad, and angry. "Shanxi youth voice, youth rights Center Director Zhang hua, Shanxi province, currently specifies that the Human Rights Commissioner for track events, and selected psychological and legal experts to provide professional assistance.

(Formerly titled aged 8, hand-written "sexual assault" notes Chief said the reorganization of the school of education)

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